pretty much my whole summer right there

so uh. i hate to do this but i’m gonna do it anyway.

ariel and i are strapped for cash right now. after the summer, my hours at work got seriously cut back so i’m not bringing in a whole lot right now. ariel works a TON but i’ve made some mistakes, so now we owe more than what she’s making. we might be able to pay our bills for this month, but we’re pretty much out of food- we haven’t been grocery shopping in over a month and we don’t have the money to eat out, so we’re kind of barely scraping by right now.

I made a PATREON where you can support me making things. i’m going to start doing more stuff in my free time, so it’d mean so much if you could spare a dollar or two to help us out. i’m also always taking COMMISSIONS if anyone is interested.

i’m not asking for straight up donations. if you want to send just a dollar or anything to my paypal, the email is just include your tumblr url and i WILL draw something for you, even if it’s just a couple of doodles. i don’t want to take anyone’s money without compensating them for being so generous.

anyway! sorry for the mopey post. it’s just been a long couple of months. i really appreciate you all and everything you do for ariel and i, so thank you.