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What if Dark Rukia replaced Rukia?

As requested by anon. :)

Today, we’re imagining that Rukia gets replaced by Dark Rukia (the hollow, destroy-all-shinigami version of Rukia created in Fade to Black) sometime before the events of Bleach. How would that change things?

Oh, and just for the record - I’m basically ignoring the whole memory erasure power so that this doesn’t turn into the actual movie. More like - what if Rukia were evil and also hollow?

1. Rukia is sent to the human world because of how…weird she’s been acting.

We’re not going to worry about how or why Rukia became Dark Rukia…but I will make the editorial decision that the change happened soon before Rukia was sent to the human world at the beginning of Bleach. Recently she’d begun to act…strange. Wearing goth clothing, talking about wanting to kill all shinigami, suddenly having a scythe - that sort of thing. Ukitake thought maybe sending her to the human world would help.

Ukitake: Rukia, you’ve been acting out lately. I can only assume it’s because of how tough things have been with your brother at home.

Ukitake: I thought a new mission might help! So I’m sending you to the human world.

Dark Rukia: I hate you and I’m going to kill you and all the other shinigami when I bring Soul Society to destruction and ruin.

Ukitake: I’ll, uh, say goodbye to your brother for you.

2. Rukia still gives Ichigo her powers, but for different reasons.

In canon, Rukia stabbed Ichigo so as to transfer some of her power to him so that he could save his family. In this reality, Rukia stabs Ichigo because, well, she wants to murder him. But instead…

Ichigo: Wow! Thank you for lending me your power!

Dark Rukia: WAIT WHAT

3. Rukia would try to convince Ichigo that shinigami are the enemy.

Rukia would assume a mentoring position over Ichigo, as in canon, only in this case her goal would be to use Ichigo as a weapon to bring down Soul Society.

Dark Rukia: Hollows are generally nice. The true enemy are the shinigami, who must be destroyed.

Ichigo: Hollows eat people though.

Dark Rukia: And the shinigami happily LET them do it, and don’t care about the pain and destruction they cause!

Dark Rukia: It’s an institutional problem thing.

Dark Rukia: Which is why we need to bring down Soul Society.

Ichigo: …

Dark Rukia: How about I just tell who what to hit with your giant sword?

Ichigo: Yeah, okay, that works!

4. Rukia’s arrest would be less shocking.

When the shingami come to arrest Rukia, well, it’s just no wonder really. She’s been fomenting rebellion for real. And she’s kinda hollow. The real surprise is that it took Soul Society so long to arrest her.

Aizen: I finally had to leak footage of Rukia clearly stating that she was hollow and wanted to destroy Soul Society.

Aizen: I swear to the empty throne in the sky, getting Soul Society to do ANYTHING is like herding cats.

5. Ichigo would still go to rescue her.

And being Ichigo, would happily make shinigami friends along the way, despite Rukia’s explicit instructions to bring down Soul Society.

Renji (whispering to Rukia in jail): There’s an unconfirmed report of a ryoka…with bright orange hair.

Dark Rukia: Killing the shinigami as he goes and raining destruction down on all?

Renji: Uh, well, mostly he’s beating people up and then becoming their friends.

Dark Rukia: WHAT?!

Renji: Yeah that was pretty much my reaction too.

6. Hitsugaya would still be suspicious of Rukia’s execution.

Albeit for slightly different reasons.

Hitsugaya: Since when is the Sokyoku used to execute a hollow?

Hitsugaya: Even when that hollow is partly a shinigami?

Hitsugaya: Also since when can someone be both shinigami and hollow? That doesn’t seem real.

Hitsugaya: This is all super weird. 

7. Aizen’s death would be immediately pinned on the ryoka.

The ryoka were suspected in canon, of course. But only in a “meh, maybe we should talk to them or something” sort of way. The evidence against them in this reality would be far more…compelling.

Hitsugaya: Let’s see…who could have killed Aizen?

Hitsugaya: Captain Ichimaru, who’s always seemed kinda shady, or the ryoka who are working for evil Rukia who keeps saying how much she wants to kill all shinigami?

Gin: Me. I am the suspicious one.

Hitsugaya: Nah it seems like it’s gotta be Rukia’s fault.

8. But in the end, Rukia’s execution would be stopped.

Of course, in this reality Rukai kinda is guilty of stuff. But nevertheless, upon realizing that Rukia’s execution was being orchestrated by Aizen, Yamamoto calls it off.

Yamamoto: Ichigo…you have saved Soul Society.


Ichigo: Uh…

Yamamoto: Yeah okay maybe we should do something about that.

9. Rukia would return with Ichigo to the human world.

Because exiling hollow-shinigami is what Soul Society likes to do.

Dark Rukia: Well I guess I’ll just live in your closet until I destroy Soul Society.

Ichigo: I mean, I apparently have an inner hollow so I guess I can’t judge.

Dark Rukia: Yeah, you should turn into that guy more often. He’s more fun.

Ichigo: D-don’t encourage him!!

10. Rukia would continue to plot against Soul Society.

And thus Bleach would have two early villains - Aizen and Dark Rukia. Personally, I’d be more afraid of Dark Rukia.

Ichigo: What are you drawing now?

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: Are those indecipherable blobs building a device to blow up Soul Society?

Dark Rukia: They’re BUNNIES!


Stupid Details - Jupiter Ascending

One of my favorite stupid details in Jupiter Ascending is Caine Wise’s space skating shoes. 

As someone who roller skates pretty much like three-four times a week I was the squeeingest nerd in the theater over it.

Why, you ask?

Because Channing Tatum clearly, at some point, either in his life or in prep for the movie, trained in speed skating.

And, to my eyes (others are welcome to disagree!), it looked specifically like quad speed skating. I see quad and inline speed skaters in action at least once a week. The differences in the pushes for quads rather than inline is visible to those familiar with them. And C-Tates (h/t pointlessarguments101) was absolutely skating with a quad skate stride. 

Also, the design of the space skate shoes just looked like quad skates. 

I could not stop grinning every time he was using them.

joshversus pointed out that given the Wachowski’s ages, they probably grew up on shitty movies written around skating, inspiring this element of Caine Wise’s character.

Much like pretty much everything else in the movie, my reaction is DON’T CARE. TOO BUSY *CHINHANDS*ING.

You’re gonna be an uncle

@hysterical-for-joshifer said: Prompt: “Wait, say that again?” “You heard me. You’re going to be an uncle.”

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“Wait, say that again?”

“You heard me. You’re going to be an uncle.”

“I already am an uncle.”

“You know what I mean, John! You are going to be an uncle again.”

“Wow! Again… really?”

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