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Harry Potter and the Neural Network fan fiction

Or, what happens if you train a neural network on the titles and plot summaries of over 100,000 works of Harry Potter fan fiction.

In the decades since the Harry Potter books were published, fans have written literally hundreds of thousands of Harry Potter stories of their own, and shared them online. Can a neural network join in on the fun?

In a way, everything a recurrent neural network writes is fan fiction. A recurrent neural network looks at an example dataset (such as the complete Sherlock Holmes stories) and teaches itself the patterns and conventions that it sees. So, if it’s given Sherlock Holmes stories, it will become obsessed with Holmes and Watson, and if it’s given knock-knock jokes, it will spend all day telling awful knock-knock jokes of its own.

Thanks to an idea by a couple of readers, some heroic work by @b8horpet in scraping (with permission) hundreds of thousands of Harry Potter fan fiction titles and summaries from AO3, and a flexible new recurrent neural network implementation by Chen Liang, the neural network’s latest obsession is Harry Potter.

The Perfect Party by iamisaac
Draco has been left alone, and Ginny confused must learn and who has his best friend. They were breathed by a love that didn’t become his grounds and the flowers begin.

This is a typical example of the neural network’s fan fiction - romantic pairings of two or more Harry Potter characters (called “ships” in fan fiction-speak). In this case, it even has chosen a plausible author: iamisaac is a real and fairly prolific fan fiction author whose works do tend to be of the “romantic” variety. 

The Garden by perverse_idyll for lexigilite
Ron and Hermione move after a man party. What did her best things go and has to deal with people she loves? How many imperfect love really belonges them and needs to be a person? Or will they learn and more than the war?

Mirror Thing by Queen_Elexhan
“Are you there for a relationship? I was a sad future for your love.”  Harry and Ginny find out the meaning is.

Shatters by Kis [archived by TheHexFiles_archivist ]
Based on the Spot Are It Falls Into A Heir by NextrangeOnTheThree
Draco and Hermione share a whole indescribbening.

Again, “perverse_idyll” and “TheHexFiles_archivist” are fairly active authors. (Hi, if you’re reading! The neural network seems to like your writing, and is writing fan fiction of your fan fiction!) Those familiar with Harry Potter fan fiction will not be surprised to learn that the neural network really likes to generate ships; pretty much every combination of characters is represented (some of the more unusual combinations being “The Snow/Voldemort”, “The Ministry/Draco Malfoy”, and “Voldemort/Random Quidditch Child”).

By turning down the neural network’s creativity setting to near-zero, we arrive at its vision of what the quintessential Harry Potter fan fiction would be like - and we also learn its favorite ship:

Persuading by theladyblack
Harry and Draco are still a second chance at the end of the war.  Will they be able to do with the fairy tale of the first time they were a strange stranger to the street of the war and the war is over?

It turns out the neural network is obsessed with Harry/Draco, although in a pinch, Sirius/Remus will also do.

The neural network also seems to really like stories about Professor Snape trying to do rather ordinary things:

New Moon Boys by Dungoonke for Loki_Kukaka
Severus Snape comes back to a night’s politics.

In the Reason Is Blinders by LittleRoma
Severus has been through his lost remote.

In The Alteri Silence by Forest_of_Holly for roscreens41
Snape receives life after plants to do by work over whether they get into. Just Hell.

A Second Chance by DarkCorgi
Snape had a second thing, and that is better than anything for for the rest of his life.

Mirror by orphan_account
Severus Snape tries to get a lot of dragons and that was to be more than he didn’t expect to continue. He has always been a bit of an old and a baby to stay the way he’d been the brother at Hogwarts and he keeps the chance of meeting…

Deception by FlyingEyes
Snape is a British Robes of interesting things and worrys like a little fun and sees the pretty battle for a while.

Another thing that happened, which is pretty much my favorite thing ever, is that the neural network apparently encountered some fan fiction stories that were not in English. As a result, it learned to do this from time to time:

The Secretary Of the World 
Challenge inspired by GoF and la mating resigns de la mill colors per mereple beruit carteur la pelete el wert rardo completing and herillo intus den una a des rush sentines kelta an transoles… 

Between by Cheyangel13
A series of fivers are unexpectedly depressed and controlled by the bed, with least more from una perfemale erpensa de the maesse akai suidadium dela vida call de la los se terriuus do form en sou dies de fasurard il resisted de for dogs la sementu sein prong colors itu dee adte se sige natard…

The neural network has also learned to employ capital letters:

Les finds love by violet_quill for starstruck1986
Severus Snape wanted him to be more and she likes Draco.  The person he wants an energy to him.  WHALIDE NO GEATIRE SOURR INSPE AHARMANABLISH ALL SOME TO VERY THE RERIDE!!!!!!!

secret Quidditch by snapsleert
Collapse and find the second worst and very different. See Gain and Descent motivate surprising death. Unbusing one of the months: should make more bumo.choooshots. HUGULATED

And the neural network occasionally uses content warnings, although it seems to have a rather fuzzy idea about what to warn its readers about:

Better With The Broom Complicate by Margyn_Black
Tonks gets more than the best girl of creation. (Rated Maturisle, mark, a violence, contract) (slash] part of themes) ferret.

Art for the Sun a Scary by disillusionist9
A collection of warnings: characters and situations of silence.

Some of the neural network’s stories, though, are just plain weird.

Harry Potter and the Painful Eyes by dark_pook
A Birthday drabble about the problems and a woman who shows up a lot less than she checks at Hogwarts in the destiny to the infamous adventure of control of the Art of The Good Boy Kings With Hermione.

Harry and the Blue Special Delicious by apolavia_scg
An unexpected potions messaged in the world their lives are to find friendship following the day of different pagers. James and Lily come to the summer before the war.

The Perfect Cow by alafaye
Severus and Hermione start a horcruxes

Art: Let Draco roll the light of the moon, and means. by Dangelanne
What happens after the war. Not drawn to Draco Malfoy jumpers. Originally written in 2008.

Birds of a Saturday by SasuNarufan13
Harry Potter is drunk and discovers he is an alternate universe.

Holly theody by yesIpxdishoftlyGrinli
What would be dangerous! Side Voldemort Jones does all lord off the sunshine show.

Lily Evans and the Ravenclaw of a Christmas Surprise by ci
Severus angst the truth of a frighten situation for the wink.

Persuasion by Samanthian
The Sorting Hat is fighting in one of the houses.

lily’s family by sharkle
Harry woke up in searching after a werewolf Sherlock’s picnic. He is furious.

As a bonus, I leave you with some fairly-plausible screennames the neural network invented, which appear not to be taken (yet):



andymientus: 1 year down, Arden. It’s pretty on brand that we’re apart today because we are both making art- your art is the one thing you love more than me (well, maybe art and Papa Johns) and that is my absolute favorite thing about you. The way you see the world has changed the way I see the world. Your bravery to create, to take charge, to attempt the impossible is my bravery. I wouldn’t be opening this show tonight if not for your example. That’s so much better than a corny gift and a rich dinner. It’s not something every couple would understand, but it’s something we have always understood from day one, and even when things are hardest, that’s how I know this is it. Happy Anniversary xo

michaelarden: One year ago today I married my best friend and artistic partner. We don’t have a typical marriage in any sense and I am so grateful and proud of that fact. You inspire me and make me work, think and care harder than I ever imagined I could. I don’t know why you put up with me, my moods and my insanity. But God, am I lucky. And better. Because of you.

I haven’t seen alot about this immense flaw in Exclusionist rhetoric so I’m just gonna write;

Practically every exclusionist I’ve ever seen has suffered from a very nasty case of “omniscience”

Ya’ll literally think you know everything in the world.

Like how their favorite thing to claim is that “modern society is okay with a-specs, aphobia doesn’t exist” like

How do you… know??

Aren’t most of ya’ll LGBT?? You guys arent exactly a part of “Straight Society”

I find it hard to believe that you spend your free time going around and asking homophobic straight people their opinions on aros and aces.

Your viewpoint on this pretty much comes from “I personally haven’t witnessed or observed any anti-aspec actions in the small personal bubble I call my world”, which is the same ridiculous “if I don’t see it it’s not real” viewpoint that climate change deniers use.

And instead of being like “Wait a minute, I don’t know everything, it’s entirely possible that Aphobia is far far more common than I believe it is, the fact that aces and aros aren’t being hunted down like animals right in front of me doesn’t actually mean anything”, Ya’ll went and found a bunch of people with the same viewpoint and went “Oh well, herd mentality, if we all think the same, we must be right!”

And then it’s like, what do you base this “no oppression” thing on?? Did ya’ll just google “what laws oppress aceys” and when you got nothing, started screaming that Aphobia isn’t real??

Or is it that you aren’t seeing articles about violence against a-spec’s? Because every time a minority member gets attacked, they report it, straight away, and it always gets published in a big news story!! #Sarcasm

And then because of these preconceived notions, your bias allows you to reject every personal story about aphobia that crosses your dash.

I’ve literally told an Exclusionist that my partner, who is gay and trans, was physically assaulted for being Ace, and they went “Are you SURE it wasn’t because they were gay and trans?”

Like ?????? Yes I’m fucking sure???

Holy shit.

anonymous asked:

I have no idea if this was asked before- I don't think so But how do you draw bodies? I'm trying to develop my art style (but im honestly all over the place) so I figured I'd ask one of my favorite artists!!

first of all YELLS…THANK YOU DEAR,,

I DONT HAVE MUCH OF A PROCEDURE…. i just kinda do this (lets go w the most static thing in the world and also hide the hands bc i am a wreck today)

i either make it just shapes or just skeleton-y depending on my day,,and then u do it w the body type of ur character ig 

and then u put a pretty boy on top

et voila

A ‘Thank You’ to Timeless

I am deeply saddened and upset by the cancellation of my newfound favorite show, but you know what? I’m also feeling pretty thankful. So I’m going to say some thank yous!

Firstly, thank you to, of course, Eric Kripke. He created a seriously amazing show that was consistenly intelligent and entertaining with a perfect balance of action, emotion, and humor. He brought incredible stories and characters to our screens every week. Timeless wouldn’t exist without him! Thank you too much Eric for bringing such a beautiful thing into the world!

Thank you to Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett, Matt Lanter, and the rest of the cast. They worked so hard and had so much love for this show, and it’s evident. There was no weak link in the cast. A lot of times, sci-fi shows will have a solid lead cast and mediocre side characters, but not Timeless. Everyone was amazing. I have to give a special thank you to the Time Team themselves, though. Malcolm, Matt, and Abigail gave some of the most reliably high-quality performances this season, in my opinion. They gave their characters such depth and complexity. They handled the emotional scenes with such dexterity that it always felt real and never really melodramatic. They kept this show grounded when it so easily could have flew up into the cloud as science fiction so often does. Also, they are such a fun group of people who were so kind to fans. Malcolm’s Instagram live streams were plain-out legendary, and through them he along with other cast members interacted with fans so much and answered so many comments. I know other cast members were good about liking and replying to fans on twitter, as well. This means a lot! So many shows don’t have such an interactive cast! So thank you to them for everything.

Finally, thank you to you guys. The fandom. I view us as such a happy fandom. No big arguments or “ship wars” or whatever goes on in other communities. We truly are what a fandom should be- a place to come and talk about what we love. We are a devoted bunch, and we can’t say we went down without a fight. I love us! Thank you all for being so amazing and forming such a wonderful community!  

magicalspacedragon  asked:

quick shoutout for the fact that your sonic the hedgehog posts make me feel ok to unironically like it for the first time in years, i appreciate it

I think if anything one of the more harmful things that’s happened to the Sonic series is the inability to unironically like it?

Like… this aggressively trying to be too cool for yourself. It’s one of the biggest things I don’t like about Boom, is how… sarcastic the whole thing feels. “oh, god, we’re a Sonic cartoon. But it’s okay, we’re just going to be like… completely unaffected”

I grew up with, and what are still my all time favorite games, Adventure and Adventure 2. And the Adventure games did some absolutely ridiculous things. Knuckles fought an indeterminate amount of ghosts to the single most unreasonably catchy song ever encountered. Sonic kicked open a helicopter door and escaped the police by surfing down an inhabited city street. Eggman’s interest in conquering the world was traced back to childhood-seated distrust of the government after some of his family members were massacred and then the whole incident was covered up. 

Pretty much every widely beloved work of fiction has, at its core, a ridiculous premise. Think about Transformers. The Ninja Turtles. Harry Potter. The Powerpuff Girls. Batman

Voltron? Voltron is an elaborate space epic about mechanical stacking cats, and as someone who’s watched the first five episodes of DotU, the thing reads like nothing so much as an elaborate-yet-dated shitpost.

And yet, we have Legendary Defender- this really, really cool thing- purely because someone held that weird shitpost deep in their heart in the purest possible manner, because people loved it, because people refused to apologize for loving it, because when given the opportunity, they wanted to give the people an imagining of that which reflected that purest affection.

There is so much grief and despair and terrifying things in the world that frankly people don’t have the time and energy to sink into apologizing or feeling guilty for things that make you happy. There’s no metric that things have to be a certain level of conceptually highbrow before you can get quality things out of them.

Unironically liking stuff is underrated. Find the stuff that makes you happy. There are way worse things in the world that people could be into than a franchise about a hedgehog in sneakers.

This, spoken as someone who has a squishy plastic Sanic on my desk. He is my beautiful wonky-eyed son who gazes peaceably over all of my works.

TL;DR: hell yeah.

Lily’s “Cute” Fic Recs

An anon asked if I had any good or cute fic recs and, well… I ended up with quite the list! It’s largely 2jae fluff, but there are a variety of ships and ratings included below, and you should all go and read these wonderful stories! 

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My dog is a 100 lb black lab who can basically do whatever he wants. And Cheetos are pretty much his favorite thing in the world.
You know why he’s not touching them?
Because I said no.

My dog understands the word no. And he listens when ANYONE says it.

So don’t you dare pull up some “boys will be boys” crap, or defend anyone’s act of rape. My dog understands the word no. You should too.

ID #85074

Name: Haley
Age: 16

Hi! I’m Haley.
I’m pretty awkward/anxious when it comes to introducing myself to other people and this is the first time I’m looking for a pen pal, so please be patient!

I live in Hawaii, but I’m Filipino. My native language is English, and I’m learning to speak/read/write Japanese (still fairly basic conversations). I’m a high school junior in the class of 2018. I’m a Hufflepuff, Libra, INFJ-T and bisexual. I also got a dog, his name is Snoopy.

I have a pretty well-rounded set of interests. But, I love art or anything that requires the use of the imagination.
My major hobby is Art (drawing, painting, digital art, animation, sculpting, diy crafts and stuff like that). But, I’m also an aspiring author (I’m currently writing a fantasy story that spans 7 novels). And I also like fashion design (pretty new to it, but I like it). I also like acting and I have performed in two productions for my school. And I also like film making and poetry writing. I love daydreaming.
I’m pretty artsy, and it’s my dream to become a Story Artist for Pixar Studios.
I also play Dungeons and Dragons and do other nerdy stuff (think anime conventions and cosplay.) I’m currently taking part in 3 different campaigns, soon to be 5 (I am the GM is one campaign.)
My favorite video games are: Pokémon (Pokemon Ranger especially), The Last Guardian, Nier: Automata, Final Fantasy 13, and Overwatch.
My favorite movies are: Kimi no na wa, Zootopia, Sing!, and Chicken Run.
My favorite anime are: Attack on Titan, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Assassination Classroom, Hetalia, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, and mostly slice-of-life kind of things.
My favorite books are Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, Truthwitch by Susan Dennard, and The Young Elites by Marie Lu.
My favorite songs/song artists are: various Nico Nico Chorus covers, Halsey, and YouTube artists.
I’m pretty much in love with fantasy-related things. And I’m also dabbling a bit in magick and astral traveling.
But, I seriously love dragons. I could literally talk to you for days about dragons.
I like learning about the world and the different cultures that make it up. But, I also like talking about existential philosophy, the multiverse theory, and other profound topics. I also like watching documentaries and cooking shows.
I also like dank memes. The trashier, the better.
But, in all seriousness, the reason why I want a pen pal is just so that I can talk to someone about life, which I can’t always do in my normal life. It would be nice to talk to someone who I can talk to without any apprehension. And, I also want to get over my anxiety of just talking to new people in general. It would be nice to just meet new people who share the same interests and are just willing to be friendly in general.

I love spicy ahi poke btw.
Also, I’d prefer to talk by email, text, or Tumblr, if that’s cool with you (shipping from/to HI is stupid expensive). But, I would like to send snail mail for only really special occasions.
Also, the closer we get, the more swearing I do and the weirder I get.

I look forward to making new friends!

Preferences: - I prefer someone between the ages 15—18, just so we can relate a little bit more.
- Also an English speaker preferably
- Also, preferably email or text or Messenger!
- Preferably in the US area, but this isn’t that important.
- gender does not matter!
- Pls be patient and nice and open minded!
- pls no small talk, it gets really boring. Let’s just talk about our passions and stuff like that.
- Long-term friendships!!! :D

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What are some of your favorite zines/zinesters?

i’m gonna need a min to properly cite and link my favorite zines, but lemme shoutout some of my favorite zine bubs <3

@bettersituation - one time i felt into an existential pit of sad, and i ended up pulling out my laptop at this bar in brooklyn. i stumbled onto mehrin’s zines, and all of the sudden the sad felt v human and so v okay. and ever since, she’s been a very grounding presence to me. 

@llleighsmith - leigh has such incredible timing, and her work finds you when you need it. leigh and her words are very important and soothing to me.

@girlfrolicking - safiya is my girl and bub, and she’s made me cry a couple of times bc her work is all heart and i’m forever proud. 

@ishanijasmin ishani has this mind/heart that wont stop and she is so creative, and fuck im so here for it!  

@subtleceiling - carolina is one of my favorite artists ever. i be thinking of her work when i gotta chill the f out, and when i want to build something out of this.

@pretty-corny stephanie’s supportive energy is truly one of my favorite things ever. steph is doing her, and she makes my being asjhgfjfg feel okay. 

@demiiwhiffin - demi’s work is forever killing me!!! she is such an incredibly artist and bless tumblr for letting me stumble onto her work! 

@nnvl - anna is an amazing writer, and such a supportive and beautiful gem.  

@arabellesicardi - arabelle’s ‘survival’ zine reminded me why i wanted to deep dive in the world of zines, and i’m very grateful for that !!!!!!!!!!! moment. 

@sulacollective - sula journals are tender and powerful and thank you v much.

@colectivacosmica - they are so talented and their work is pure magic!!

Ninette Week Day 7 - AU

Hanahaki Disease and Miraculous Wielder! Nino AU

The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals. It can be cured without side effects only when the feelings are returned.


“Give us three reasons why.” Alix grins wickedly as the car bumps through the road to the mall, passing through the questions of hell.

Nino gulps, hopefully dislodging the daffodils from exiting his throat as he thinks of a way out. He’s already mentioned a bit of her name—'Ma’ and honestly he will never say her whole name. Not when she’s right beside him. She’s staring at him like he has the biggest secret in the world and she can’t seem to wait for him to spill it out, poking his knee repeatedly.

“She’s uh, talented, sweet, and pretty.”

“Easily dishing out the compliments, huh?” Kim teases and Adrien scoffs and shoots Nino a knowing look— “If only he knew how to speak to her.”


The rest of the class laughs, despite being squeezed in a van, and Nino’s hot seat ends.

But a new one begins quickly.

“Marinette! Who’s your crush and give us five reasons why!”

“Five?!” She sputters out, a knee-jerk reaction and Nino pats her back a little, hopefully calming her.

She glances back at him for a moment and then sighs. “It’s…someone in this car.”

“Oohhhh!” Everyone choruses and the tingle of an itch emerges in his throat. Oh no.

“Tell us!” Maybe no—

“Don’t be a killjoy!” She won’t be but—

She flusters and her mind seems to be racing, looking for a way out. While Nino tries to look for a way in, a way to…

She’s turned red like this before.

Nino coughs and he covers it immediately with a towel and Marinette visibly stops flustering and eyes him. He doesn’t dare look into her eyes.

“Are you okay?” She whispers and did they really have to go round and round when in the first place, Nino would always end up going down.

He shakes his head and tries to breathe instead avoiding her eyes, “Because I have a feeling.” It’s a crack into his lungs, a branch that grew too fast, too much that he can’t control. Like Narcissus couldn’t help but stare at himself for ages.

“Is it…is it Adrien?” He asks and she gapes and he sees a little flower near her pearl white teeth. Cherry blossoms, the flower of spring. It’s over, isn’t it?



“Be careful!” She takes his hand and squeezes it tightly, leading him forward. He tries not to slip anymore as they skim through the ice rink and run away—from the ice skating virus known as Ivan. He’s already caught Alix, somehow tagging her first and is chasing down Kim. Her hand is warm and slightly sweaty but she never lets go (a far cry from kinda avoiding Adrien today). If only she’d be careful with her own heart.

But could he really say anything about that? So he laughs and struggles to match her pace, “Slow down!”

And he gets caught.


She finally gives out her reasons and the coughing in him just won’t stop— “1) because he’s kind and nice, 2) because…because Nino is like my brother and—” He hears everything perfectly clear and it’s hard to laugh because he knows that it’s somewhat true and yet her constant flustering makes it even harder because afterwards, she keeps denying him. Not on purpose, he supposes, but he knows deep inside that it’s his fate.

He can never touch the sky when all he keeps doing is looking down.


The coughing doesn’t stop, not through the week, and by Tuesday he’s forced to skip out on their patrols. It’s guilt-filled as he leaves Ladybug and Chat Noir.


By Wednesday, she’s tracked him down, wandering down gardens.

“I miss you.” Ladybug says.

“Really?” He almost chokes, a weird flutter coming to him.

Ah, wait.

He covers his mouth and coughs, hiding away the daffodils that rise up and fall in him.

She looks bothered—even disgusted but somehow, she doesn’t stop gazing at him. That makes sense, she still seems like the type to not fall into unrequited love because by the end everything would have connected miraculously.

“It’s not blood, right?“


“No,” he laughs a bit, the only one finding humor in this situation. She sighs with relief and she moves to the nearby purple lilacs. It’s totally her aesthetic.

“It would suit you,” he offers but she shakes her head and points at him.

“The person is kind?”

He wasn’t leaving the hot seat soon.


“Do you hate her?”

He closes his eyes and the passing wind blows over quickly. It’s cold and honestly, he wishes that that would stop the daffodils from growing, from running out of his mouth because it’s painful and it’s hard to like someone this way, especially when sometimes it feels like they barely know each other when they’ve been friends with each other for years.

A small cold touch is on his hair. He jolts and Ladybug laughs quietly, white tulips on her hands.

“Does it feel as cold as the tulips?”

She cares about this. About him.

“You know it all,” he swallows down a barrage of daffodils, “you’re my best friend.”

She flinches for a moment before smiling.

“Yeah.” And then it slips into a frown.

“You’d find out.” His immediate response to her frowning. And the smile that she shows him is new and alarming—did he not make the right decision?

“As long as your flower isn’t a daffodil, then I won’t bug you anymore.”

“Why did you have to do this?” She smiles as he takes her hand to his throat and lets her touch it.

“I…I can’t run away anymore.”

he admits, the loneliness too much, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’m just worried for you. And—” she leaves her mouth open, her eyes fierce with compassion. It’s this time that she averts her eyes from him, blushing.

She’s blushed like this before.


He stands up, almost falling to the ground and runs to her, who has a sight wandering away from him.

“It was me? B-but…but—”

“The answer is you. It was months of two types of flowers and then you kept coughing and…” she falters, covering her mouth as she coughs. Nino completely melts and it’s a small kiss but it’s finally warm. And in a flash, he spots a certain pink spring flower slipping out of her mouth.

“You’re too sweet,“ he coughs out and for the first time, daffodils don’t fall out.

“It’s cherry blossoms!” He laughs and hugs her tightly. Her heart seems to be racing and she buries her face to his shoulder.

“It’s pretty stereotypical, I know…” she mutters, her face bright red.

“It’s beautiful! Much better than daffodils, the flowers of Narcissus.”

And she laughs before abruptly stopping and suddenly she gazes at him like he’s her world.

“Daffodils are pretty strange but they also mean that after all the winter, spring is coming. And cherry blossoms symbolize spring.” Oh!

It’s their truth.

“Spring has come.”


Kinda a culmination on the whole week I did, thank you so much for reading and especially thank you @miraculous-weeks for making the whole thing!

ID #58799

Name: Alice
Age: 17
Country: France

Hi ! I’m Alice. So i’ve wanted to have a penpal for a long time now and here seems the right place to find one.
I live in Brittany, in France. I can speak english and a little bit of spanish. I’m very open minded, accept all sexualities and gender. I love to discover new cultures and see how people live in other parts of the world ! I would be thrilled if you wanted to learn French, and i would gladly help you if you do. I like dramas (It’s Okay It’s Love is my all-time favorite ♥) & tv shows, especially Shadowhunters, Sherlock, Doctor Who and i plan on looking at Stranger Things. I absolutely love listening to music, and i can listen to pretty much everything : Kpop, pop, classic, oriental, jazz… If fanfics count as books, then i’m reading A LOT. I also read books of course, but i really have to be interested in it. I love photography, especially landscapes and my friend’s beautiful smiles.

Preferences: Any nationality, gender, sexuality, skin color, hair color… Whatever ! Just maybe someone around my age ;)

badass mermaid gangs who demand a stop to ocean pollution and warn ships about imminent storms

faeries of the forest jamming out to heavy metal in the dead of night and sighing because there are literally no band shirts in their size

wizards that travel with play groups and preform the special effects 

friendly people reading ghosts’ favorite books aloud to them since they can’t always affect the living world when they want to

dragons that allow little children ride on their backs and roast marshmallows for them if they ask politely

immortal elves obsessed with medical science because human lives are already too short

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Hi Cancerian Queen! So, I see alot that people typically talk about harmonious Venus-Ascendant aspects but not really the "negative" ones in terms of both looks and personalities so I was wondering what your take on Venus square Ascendant would be? Thank you!

I have this aspect (Venus square Ascendant) so I could provide my firsthand experience/perspective of this placement! It’s one of my least favorite aspects in my chart, because it affected me for years. It’s not an easy placement to deal with. There is an unhealthy focus on physical appearance, and the individual places way too much emphasis on that. It mostly leads to a low self-esteem. I thought I was the ugliest person in the world, and many people with this aspect go through similar things, similar thoughts and similar worries/concerns. They look at everybody else and wonder “They are so pretty/beautiful/attractive/good-looking, it’s not fair that I am so much worse than them” - they compare themselves to people, and that’s not a good thing to do. Lots of comparisons; and they miss out on recognizing their own positive qualities because they beat themselves up over their beliefs that they are much worse than the rest. They pick apart their flaws (especially physically), analyze their flaws, has irrational fears that everybody will notice their flaws and will feel repulsed, etc. And these individuals may feel that they are unworthy or undeserving of love or affection, and will find it weird/odd when others compliment them, and will not believe those compliments. They are so critical of themselves that they just have a hard time accepting genuine sentiments.

It’s not this extreme for me anymore, but I still suffer (sometimes) from finding it crazy that my partner loves me, or when people compliment me I just think “What? That’s strange…”

trans day of visibility

so for trans visibility day let me take you through a fun little timeline

here ya got wee little kirby

skip forward i’m around 10 here, i was at my favorite place in the world, kiawah island south carolina

just look at that sass

i was pretty confident in myself i mean look at those hair extensions

skip forward to thanksgiving 2013, i was thirteen years old and wearing a dress. i had always wanted to look nice for things like this, important holidays and such. and i felt wearing a dress was the right thing to do so that’s what i did. 

now we are getting to the darker part

so during 8th grade i was dealing with so much, on top of that i was so confused about who i was. i was continually dealing with the stress of my depression, anxiety, and other mental issues plus all of this unsure of what the hell was going on in my mind

this is me near the end of march.

april 15th i tried to commit suicide and i ended up in hospital with a .42 BAC, i should’ve died.

i met this person, named dj. they told me how they were genderfluid and they showed me a whole new spectrum of genders. the fact i fell in love with them is so besides the point, because what they did for me is opened me up more and helped me show me who i was.

this was me about a week after i got out of the hospital, i stayed there for about 2 ½ weeks. 

so this is me at the beginning of ninth grade, i was still tryng to fit into what i thought i was supposed to be and wear even though i knew deep down something was off. 

this was homecoming, i remmeber how uncomfrotable i was in that dress, yet i just felt like i HAD to wear one, i HAD to be a girl

around winter of 2014 i began to identify as genderfluid, i told my first person, my friend maura and she was very accepting

i began to dress more masculine when i was home alone and tried to hide my hair because it was causing me dysphoria

yet somedays, like spirit week where i dressed up as carmilla, i still tried to put on a girly front. 


i hadn’t gotten my hair cut like ever, and it was so amazing. march 29th, 2015 was the first day i took a step towards accepting who i was

then we got my hair dyed ! major step forward. i was slowly feeling more comfortable with who i was. 

yet there was still apart of me who didn’t feel like what i was was right. so i still tried to do that girly front, wore a dress for homecoming 2015

i began getting really deprssed again and my only savior was band, this was me the last day of band at state finals. my eyes were stained from crying becuase i didn’t know what i would do. luckily i still had theatre

but then i got my first dress shirt

i finally felt like i had something that i could wear and feel comfortable in

then a mircale happened

i got a binder january 2nd 2016

i felt like i could finally breathe, ironic right

yet 2016 brought so many more struggles, a few suicide attempts, some relapses, etc. but this is also the year i’ve been most comfortable with my body

slowly but surely i am becomine more accepting and comfortable with myself. wheter i’m ftm or just non-binary, who the hell knows? ( i know i sure don’t)

right now i’m just working on loving myself for the gender confused messed i am

so in conclusion. i’m kirby. i’m non-binary. and my pronouns are they/them and maybe he/him who the fuck knows

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Who would you recommend to follow?

@cooperbettycooper is a Riverdale and b99 blog and one of my best friends on this hellsite

@youngsamberg is pretty much Andy and Johanna’s offspring

@the-pontiac-bandit writes really sad b99 stuff that makes me want to love her and choke her at the same time

@sergeant-santiago loves Broadway musicals and b99, two of my favorite things in the world

@full-santiago loves Dua Lipa and b99, two more of my favorite things in the world

@captainnotamurderer is really funny and is like the irl Jake Peralta, you can always go to him if you need advice on committing murder

@elsaclack legit writes some of the best fics that I’ve ever read

@feministperalta has literally the best b99 url ever, plus her blog is dope

@hotelsweet writes amazing Peraltiago fan fiction and Snapchats with me a lot so shoutout to her for that

@iwantyoutochooseme writes amazing Rucas fanfics and I love her blog aesthetic, she’s also my friend soulmate

@stardustsantiago writes good headcanons, is really funny, and puts up with my many rants

@brookeallyson stans b99, Fifth Harmony, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and so many of the things that I stan, I’m convinced we’re the same person

@onyourleftbooob is literally my favorite blog on this hellsite, I can scroll through her blog for hours a day

@portiallin is a huge Victorious stan and she always has my back whenever I need to fight a bigot

Anyways hope this gets you started, go follow all of these amazing people!