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LotR Challenge

Day 8 - Favorite Elf: LEGOLAS

“For the Elves the world moves, and it moves both very swift and very slow. Swift, because they themselves change little, and all else fleets by: it is a grief to them. Slow, because they do not count the running years, not for themselves. The passing seasons are but ripples ever repeated in the long long stream. Yet beneath the Sun all things must wear to an end at last.”

Hey Bitches, my parents were obsessed with the Beatles so my name is Penny Lane, you can call me P, Pen, P. Lane, I pretty much answer to everything. I am a model, who is covered in tats ( I decided to go with a selfie before bringing out the big guns ;)) my favorite thing is to travel the world and take photos. I am an 80′s rock junkie, who is too sarcastic for her own good. I love new friends and honestly will talk your fucking ear off.I will not lie I am a huge fan of bad-ass shenanigans and adventures that probably will give you a heart attack! I fucking love roses! So hey let’s be bad bitches and become friends: Cherrypielane89

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Just wanted to say that I love your art and the care you put into creating amazing new worlds for us through it. I can immediately tell when it's your work because there's something so unique about it. Thank you for sharing it with us! It honestly makes my day brighter :)

Thank you so much!! ;A; I know some people prefer just pretty pictures but I can’t draw without overthinking everything and world building is my favorite part of creating, so thank you so much for enjoying that instead of considering it just extra baggage ;A; I’m so glad I’ve created things that have made your days brighter, and I hope to continue to do so in the future! ;A;

trans day of visibility

so for trans visibility day let me take you through a fun little timeline

here ya got wee little kirby

skip forward i’m around 10 here, i was at my favorite place in the world, kiawah island south carolina

just look at that sass

i was pretty confident in myself i mean look at those hair extensions

skip forward to thanksgiving 2013, i was thirteen years old and wearing a dress. i had always wanted to look nice for things like this, important holidays and such. and i felt wearing a dress was the right thing to do so that’s what i did. 

now we are getting to the darker part

so during 8th grade i was dealing with so much, on top of that i was so confused about who i was. i was continually dealing with the stress of my depression, anxiety, and other mental issues plus all of this unsure of what the hell was going on in my mind

this is me near the end of march.

april 15th i tried to commit suicide and i ended up in hospital with a .42 BAC, i should’ve died.

i met this person, named dj. they told me how they were genderfluid and they showed me a whole new spectrum of genders. the fact i fell in love with them is so besides the point, because what they did for me is opened me up more and helped me show me who i was.

this was me about a week after i got out of the hospital, i stayed there for about 2 ½ weeks. 

so this is me at the beginning of ninth grade, i was still tryng to fit into what i thought i was supposed to be and wear even though i knew deep down something was off. 

this was homecoming, i remmeber how uncomfrotable i was in that dress, yet i just felt like i HAD to wear one, i HAD to be a girl

around winter of 2014 i began to identify as genderfluid, i told my first person, my friend maura and she was very accepting

i began to dress more masculine when i was home alone and tried to hide my hair because it was causing me dysphoria

yet somedays, like spirit week where i dressed up as carmilla, i still tried to put on a girly front. 


i hadn’t gotten my hair cut like ever, and it was so amazing. march 29th, 2015 was the first day i took a step towards accepting who i was

then we got my hair dyed ! major step forward. i was slowly feeling more comfortable with who i was. 

yet there was still apart of me who didn’t feel like what i was was right. so i still tried to do that girly front, wore a dress for homecoming 2015

i began getting really deprssed again and my only savior was band, this was me the last day of band at state finals. my eyes were stained from crying becuase i didn’t know what i would do. luckily i still had theatre

but then i got my first dress shirt

i finally felt like i had something that i could wear and feel comfortable in

then a mircale happened

i got a binder january 2nd 2016

i felt like i could finally breathe, ironic right

yet 2016 brought so many more struggles, a few suicide attempts, some relapses, etc. but this is also the year i’ve been most comfortable with my body

slowly but surely i am becomine more accepting and comfortable with myself. wheter i’m ftm or just non-binary, who the hell knows? ( i know i sure don’t)

right now i’m just working on loving myself for the gender confused messed i am

so in conclusion. i’m kirby. i’m non-binary. and my pronouns are they/them and maybe he/him who the fuck knows


Steve Companion Piece

Captain America Ever After AU because I’m Stucky trash and I woke up with this idea and just…had to make it happen especially with all this hydracap bullshit today. This is one of my all time favorite movie scenes, not gonna lie, and it’s just SUCH a Steve thing to do. Pretty sure Danielle is just him under cover in a dress.

So, yes, have some Buck and Steve as Prince Henry and Danielle on me X’D (spent friggin 7 hours on this??? what is life even…)

Side note, Sebastian Stan has THE HARDEST FACE IN THE WORLD to draw. No joke :/ I have so much respect for people that can draw him and actually have him look like himself. I am halfway happy with ONE of my drawings of him in this damn comic >__>

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Share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favorite followers

  1. I like plants! I have a whole table full of them and I take good care of them. (I dont name all of them, but I do have nicknames for the species of plant.)

  2. I used to never draw, like ever? I was much more into carving and making wax figures (which are scattered around my house), but drawing is much faster and more enjoyable to me.

  3. I love! Mugs! I have alot of really old ones that I’ll use when I drink coffee and theyre some of my favorite things in the world.

  4. OLD VIDEO GAMES! I have an original Sega Genesis and two arcade games! (One is Samurai showdown and the other is the gaming station with over 60 games on it!! I play it alot.)

  5. I may appear sweet online, but I can be pretty mean and blunt, don’t let me fool you.

  6. I’m really into sports! I love watching them and get really hype! (Haha, no more “every artist hates football.”)

  7. I live in Texas, and my accent is thicker than pecan pie. (Ya’ll dont even know how hard it is to not let the accent run wild in my text posts/fic X3)

  8. Animals are very drawn to me for some reason. Whenever we go on vacation some animal will attack me! (I have been stung by jelly fish and bitten by coyote.)

  9. I love wearing comfy clothes ;u; Whenever I’m not working, I will be in a Tshirt and leggings if its not too hot.

  10.  I wear rings everyday! I’ll switch them out, but I have one I wear the most my parents got for me when I graduated highschool. Its my favorite.

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Getting to know me?

I was tagged by the Mother of Kittehs, @jeeno2.  ILY!

Rules: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… And most importantly, have fun!

a - age: 34

b - biggest fear: Cancer. It’s my thing.

c - current time: 18.45

d - drink you last had: Water. I’m boring that way.

e - every day starts with: My alarm going off at 6.00am and me pretty much ignore it BECAUSE MY BED OMG.

f - favorite song: It changes every week! At the moment I’m on an Ed Sheeran high. But “The One” by Kodaline and “Already Home” by A Great Big World will always fill me with feels.

g - ghosts, are they real: I think so… I don’t know. I hope not but …

h - hometown: I come from a tiny tiny tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. My little Malta <3.

i - in love with: Carbs and Cheese?

j - jealous of: People who seem to have had their life sorted out so very very easily and quickly. But then again, everyone has issues I guess. Some people hide it better than other I guess!

k - killed someone: No! I’m scared of prison peeps. And like … hell. #catholicyays

l - last time you cried: While watching a video of a little toddler crying because she didn’t want to eat animals anymore. It was meant to be funny I guess, but my uterus doesn’t handle crying toddlers.

m - middle name: I don’t have one! It’s not really a thing in my culture. But I have 2 Baptism names, and one given my Parish and it’s the ultra exotic “Carmen”, for the Holy Mary of Mount Carmel #2ndcatholicyay

n - number of siblings:. One. We started getting along as soon as we stopped seeing each other regularly.

o - one wish: having a peak of my future, just for 2 minutes, to see whether I’ll be ok.

p - person you last called/texted: my papa!

q - questions you’re always asked: I don’t really know…but lately “you were in Luxembourg right?” Yeah, fuck that really.

r - reasons to smile:  Not being in Luxembourg anymore!

s - song last sang: Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran.

t - time you woke up: 7.00 I think?

u - underwear color: White with blue flowers (unsexy AF)

v - vacation destination: I want to go somewhere outside Europe. New Zealand or New York even though I know that doesn’t make sense.

w - worst habit: PROCRASTINATION (taking this from @jeeno2) omg.

x - x-rays you’ve had: Once because my toe got inflamed and swollen and painful AF.

y - your favorite food: Pasta, cheese, pizza. All the Fattening Food.

z - zodiac sign: Leo.

Thanks for the tag and sorry for the delay!! I tag @whitefluffyflower @muttatedcity  @jennagill @sponsormusings @whoswhatsitwhich @am2c @mathgirl24 @madamemarquise @shesasurvivor



NAME.    kat valentine
PRONOUNS.    she/her
SEXUALITY.    i’m a huge homo
TAKEN OR SINGLE.   i’m very much in love and it’s disgusting. i’m even repulsed with myself


ONE.     i love documentaries a lot but mostly i love sharkumentaries
TWO.     i’m really recently learning this thing where i like myself and i’m even beginning to like myself physically and it’s pretty weird tbh
THREE.   i have TREMENDOUS social anxiety but i LOVE people


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?).    i think sixteen?
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED.     winmx, tumblr, skype, multiple message boards, aim, msn
BEST EXPERIENCE.   headcanon jam sessions are my favorite thing in the world


FEMALE OR MALE.    females. i just like writing them more than dudes
MULTI OR SINGLE.    multiship. singleship is righteous but i like having a range of options


FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT.    all three but angst with a fluff cocktail is a fave, as is emotional smut
PLOTS OR MEMES.     plooooooooooooooots
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES.    oh my god please medium or short i’m so tired
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S).     we’re both pretty unstable to be totally honest but she’s definitely better at getting her shit together than i am

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Lavender, vinyl, and paintbrushes for the lovely asks thing?

Thank you for the ask! <3

Lavender: Name something that relaxes you.

I’m like, never really relaxed except for when I’m at the beach! I have to be far away from the waves though, or else I’ll get super anxious.

Vinyl: What is some of your favorite music?

I absolutely adore indie music. Death Cab for Cutie and Of Monsters and Men are my two favorite bands.

Paintbrushes: Do you have a creative past-time?

I do! I love to draw, write, and photograph things. I have my own worlds and characters that I draw and write, along with some poetry. I used to run a pretty successful poetry blog but I left it on hiatus because I had too much going on and I haven’t returned to it. I also love photography but I haven’t gone out much to take new photos.

Alphabetical Question Tag ❄️

Tagged by my friend @princess-of-crepes! Ty :3 saw this going around yesterday and I kinda wanted to do it ! Since she tagged this blog, I will do it on this one instead of my main one, so you can take this as a “Know this mayor” kind of thing 😅

Age- 22! 
Biggest fear- loneliness… but also spiders & claustrophobic.

Current Time- 4;15pm

Drink you had last time- Keurig coffee named rhum something…
Every day starts with- a snuggle with my furr baby that stayed with me

Favorite song- right now it has to be scars to your beautiful from Alyssia Cara
Ghosts, real or not- absolutely! Only thing I do believe in.

Hometown- a small town in the north of New-Brunswick, Canada. Pretty much unknown to the rest of the world x)

In love with- my dachshunds ! Only loyal things alive.

Jealous of- people that knows where they are going with their lifes? :/

Killed someone- only in sims … we all did it, dont lie 😏

Last time you cried- errrrh.. last week?

Middle name- my parents didnt gave me any. Ik, wierd eh?

Number of siblings- none.

One wish - cliché, but to be truly happy…

Person you last texted- Jackie! 😘 aka @jax-xing / @mayorjaxspersonalblogQuestions you’re always asked- are you being serious?! (About me telling my age / saying I have a diploma in accounting)
Reasons to smile- my babies. (Yes, still talking of my dogs 😂🙊)

Song last sang- something on the radio yesterday… idk… dont remember it
Time you woke up- noon 🙄

Underwear color- leopard.

Vacation destination- my hometown rofl we dont have our passport sadly.
Worst habit- …. too naive. Also keep trusting a person more than I should after they gave me reasons not to.

X-rays- too many. Last one was my brain.

Your favorite food- Sushiiiis!

Zodiac sign- Capricorn 💁🏽

Hmmm idk who hasnt done it yet… but imma taaag @settecrossing and @jax-xing. Aswell as anyone who feels like it !

hi there everyone! my name is cam; it’s lovely to meet you all! i use they/them pronouns, i’m from New England, and i’ve been roleplaying for over five years. i’m a huge fan of boy bands, 5sos, disney, theatre, power rangers, and mattel doll lines. aus are my favorite thing in the entire world, so if you ever have any ideas, come message me and i’ll probably love it!

so, anyway. eden. my shy little sunflower. he’s smiley, sunny, sappy, super affectionate, and selfless, but also self-sacrificing a little too much of the time. he’s generally the happiest bean on the planet, though! there’s a bio and stats page up on my blog if you’re interested in learning more. (quick note: the bio has descriptions of bullying, self-harm, and suicide, so please be careful!)

if your character has a plot with mine (which is pretty likely), just follow me and shoot an im or message my way. i can’t wait to meet and write with you all! 💛☀️

i was tagged in a “get to know you meme” by @futureboymcflyy (who has a beautiful blog, btw)

nickname: aaron bear (by my close friends, no i didnt choose that name) ayayron (mostly as a joke by some of my friends) aaron jones (because its ‘catchy’ or sometimes just jones)

star sign: aquarius :)

height: 5'4 (a single emasculated tear rolls down my face)

time right now: 11:05 am

last thing you googled: major bar chord (guitar hoe)

favorite music artist: i’ve really been bouncing between genres of music lately but mostly prince, a lot of beyonce because i’ll love 4 until the day i die, and newsies pretty much every waking moment (jeremy jordan has such a beautiful voice ok,,)

song stuck in your head: the world will know

last movie i watched: back to the future 2 like yesterday, what a surprise

when i created this blog: like in december? right around when rogue one came out, i had a tumbr blog forever but i just wanted a new one

what im wearing right now: sweatpants, vans, & a ron jon surf shop t shirt

kind of stuff i post: recently lots of newsies & bttf, michael j fox too but if you dig a little deeper there’s a bunch of star wars & marvel shit too, maybe some hamilton & random 80’s movies. also stranger things !!

why did i choose my url: made this blog probably 3 days after i saw rogue one, and fell in love with chirrut îmwe the moment i saw him, hes rad

gender: male

hogwarts house: slytherin?? i think

pokémon team: regarding pokémon go?? valor even though i havent played it in like months :/

favorite color: blue !!!

favorite characters: marty mcfly, chirrut îmwe, jack kelly, luke skywalker, peggy carter, eleven, bucky barnes, doc brown, jonathan byers, katherine plumber, poussay washington, jerome valeska, finn, poe dameron, rey, baze malbus, steve rogers, joey tribbiani, frank castle, claire temple

dream job: ah okay,,, most likely something to do with working at nasa as an engineer or like a comic book artist would be cool, & an actor would be cool

number of blankets: all the blankets

followers: 14

tagged: @killjoy-png @saintalia @rookbodhi @spydoor-man & pretty much anyone else that wants to do it 💗


April 13th: The Buddies: Take a day to celebrate Sonic’s friends and other supporting characters in the series who have had an impact on you or who mean something to you one way or another. Which characters do you want to become playable in future games? So my favorite characters (and i’m keeping it just from the game universe) are Silver, Amy, Tails, and Rouge. Silver: I’ve always had a liking for Silver and his personality is what i truly like about his character, although he has been wrong he has always just wanted to be able to save his world even if meant to kill. His powers are also pretty darn cool especially in the Comics, I hope that one day we can see Silver playable again and that we can control his powers like they are used in the comics. Amy: ahh Amy, she seriously has to be like my favorite female character in the whole entire series, the one thing that does sometimes annoys me is her obsession for Sonic but she’s so much more than just that, she is strong and brave and won’t let anyone stand in her way. You see way more of this in the Comics (as shown above) when she is fighting the Iron King even though he is huge compared to her and she seriously isn’t afraid at all and is ready to kick some ass!!! Lmaoo. That’s Why I love her so much. Tails: Tails is a really strong fighter too and I like that about him, everyone thinks he’s a pushover when in reality he’s just as strong as everyone else i would love to see Tails in Future games and I would absolutely love to see him in Super Smash Bros!! Who agrees? Rouge: Super Secret Agent Rouge the Bat, Top Agent for Spy, Rouge acts like she doesn’t honestly care for others but she does especially Knuckles and Shadow, which you can See in the Knuckles v.s. Shadow arc of Sonic Universe, she fights hard and defends herself when needed which is why I love her

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Pretty much u answer these 11 questions and then make up your own 11 for your buddies to answer!
1. What is your favorite fizzy drink (soda pop and stuff)? 
Sprite probably or Mountain Dew
2. Out of all the places in the world, where do you wish you were right now?
Not living with my dad lol
3. What’s your favorite color? 
Purple and Orange
4. Do you like blood?
Yes 😍😍😍
5. What’s the craziest thing in your mind that you’ve done? 
Oh god my sex life in general
6. What’s your favorite season?
7. Do you believe in aliens? 
8. Do you trust easily?
9. Do you have a favorite holiday? What is it?
Halloween and Christmas
10. What toppings do you get on your pizza? 
Pepperoni, jalapeños
11. Could you go a day without talking (including writing and texting)? 
Hmmm probs not
My 11 questions are:
1. Toilet paper under or over
2. Favourite animal
Otters and cats 
3. How long have you been friends with your bestie
Don’t have one anymore lol 
4. Favourite type of underwear
Lace g string 
5. Eyes or lips
6. Favourite movie
Back to the future 
7. Favourite band/artist
Tooo many I have a list on my blog
8. How old are you
18 19 very soon 
9. How tall are you
5 ft 7 
10. Incense or candles
11. Day or night

Finally finished my Mirari mermaid! Out of the possible lays in Cute Demon Crashers, I think Mirari might be my favorite, so she gets the mermaid treatment! I like to place her as the kind of mermaid who finds pretty girls (hint: all girls are pretty) who feel rejected by the world, and brings them to become a part of her world

Honestly, this is the most I’ve enjoyed drawing/making something in a while. A couple years back, I had a mental breakdown that made me drop out of art school, and since thing drawing has become more of a burden than anything when I try and do it. I just focus so much on how right it all is, and usually end up not finishing it. This though? I started it, I inked it, I nitpicked the lines digitally, I colored it, and I didn’t hate myself even a little! I think some of it might have to do with the fact that I LOVE thick swirly lines and chunky patterns that suggest textures, and culled most of that in art school for the sake of realism, so this kind of style doesn’t make me hit my head against the wall, as well as offers a nostalgia.

I’m hoping this is going to help me draw again. I tried doing an art improvement challenge (got sick a few days in and threw in the towel) but what I really need is a “like drawing shit again” challenge.

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