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Sam x Reader (eventually)

Words: hair under 1,700

A/N: Once upon a time I had this little idea, next thing I know it turned into a multi-part monstrosity. It’s been in the works for a while now, and is pretty much done so I’ll be updating it on a pretty regular basis (probably twice a week). Thanks as per usual go out to my darling wifey Beka ( @impala-dreamer ) who has listened to me bang my head against the wall more than once and assured me I wasn’t bat shit crazy for putting this out there.  

P.S. this will shift POV’s periodically, hopefully it isn’t confusing (but please let me know if it is).

“Hey sweetheart. What’re you doing in here so late?”

“Hungry. AGAIN. And I swear I’m going to turn orange soon because carrots are the only thing I want to eat.”

“Well I’ll leave you to it, just came for some water. Don’t stay in here too late – that’s my niece you’re growing in there – you need your rest.”

“Goodnight. Dean.”

Dean shot up in bed, so confused by the dream he wasn’t really confident where he was.

What. In. The. Hell.

Dreaming about pretty girls wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary. Dreaming about pretty girls, pretty very-pregnant-carrot-eating-in-my-kitchen girls sure as shit was. Niece? Seriously. Did he drink last night? Wrong question. How much did he drink last night?

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Honestly Call the Midwife is such a special show. Every episode is so rich. It furthers the plot and main character arcs while also always having a pregnancy-of-the-week with real depth and poignancy, usually adding to the main characters’ plot both directly and through subtle parallels. It’s light and funny as well as dark and real. It’s one of the few shows that makes me sob pretty much every episode. It has wonderful characters, mostly women, each with flaws and pasts and hopes for the future. It also doesn’t use the time period in which it’s set as an excuse for a lack of diversity; it has characters from all walks of life and even a loving lesbian relationship between two main characters. I just can’t express my love for it enough. It’s always such a treat at the beginning of every year to get a new series.

Rolling Stone Interview
  • Rolling Stone: One thing that has people exasperated is the late show times. Why do you go on so late?
  • Axl: I pretty much follow my own internal clock, and I perform better later at night. Nothing seems to work out for me until later at night. And it is our show. I don't want to make people sit around and wait –– it drives me nuts. That hour-and-a-half or two-hour time period that I'm late going onstage is living hell, because I'm wishing there was any way on earth I could get out of where I am and knowing I'm not going to be able to make it. I'm late to everything. I've always wanted to have it written in my will that when I die, the coffin shows up a half-hour late and says on the side, like in gold, SORRY I'M LATE.
capital K;

aridante, fluff, unedited.

ari wants more. dante wants more. and they’ve pretty much established a mutual understanding and acceptance of what they have for each other. there is just one more roadblock left…and ari’s determined to sweep it away. note: great to read along with this beautiful song

We’re lying in comfortable silence when Dante shoots up and looks at me with a calm determination. I wait for whatever life-changing discovery he wants to announce. This guy just can’t stomach a good quiet period, can he?

Dante leans down, his fingers playing with my hair. He likes touching it, says it’s soft, feels good. And when’s close enough, I focus on his lips. They’re parted and I want to kiss them, slip my tongue through them. My stomach suddenly gets a bit hot and I try to calm it down while tuning into Dante.

“Do you know about the Aurora Borealis, Ari? It’s a light show, except it’s nature’s light show, born solely from the sun’s wind and our Earth’s atmosphere. And it looks like seeing river streams in the sky!”

Dante’s eyes shine in the dark, with the universe’s stars encased within and I think that I don’t need to keep searching anymore.

“They say you can sometimes hear stuff, like whistling or a low hum, or whispers,” says Dante. “Whispers of the universe’s secrets.”

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My dad told me a story about his college years today, apparently he had a class where on the first day the professor pretty much shouted at them the entire class period on not to be late, ever. Like if you are late just don’t even show up.
The next time he had that class he was biking his way there, and there is a couple biking in front of him on the road. The husband of the couple turns and keeps going but the wife apparently crashed and my dad was the first one there and pulled her over to safety so she wasn’t in the road, and she’s badly hurt, so there is my dad with other people helping him out in finding the husband, getting someone who knew medical aid, etc. By the time he was able to leave the scene, he was late for class.
He still biked the rest of the way and when he walked in the professor immediately looked at him and said “oh, oh no don’t worry just sit right down, don’t worry about being late.” and as my dad was sitting down he thought that it was odd that the professor was so strict about not being late before, and then just letting him slide.
Once he made it to his desk he finally looked down at his hands which were covered in blood from the injured woman earlier.
And my dad is convinced he just terrified his professor, that he just thought my dad killed a man before walking into class.

But That’s My Favorite Shirt-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#21 Prompt:#50 Requested By: @loverofthosebands

Word Count: 652 (I’m sorry it’s so short)

Warnings: Periods, pain, icky feelings, emotional mess (pretty much me right now)

A/n: Periods suck, to anyone who has theirs currently (myself included) I hope all your cramps go away and you have someone to help take care of you. I get really horrible cramps to where I can’t move and I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy. Kinda wishing I had an Isaac to make me feel better right about now.


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fav blogs?

hi there! i have way too many, but here are a few from the top of my head:

@sentimental-studies one of the most aesthetic blogs i’ve seen??

@studytherin xiuting is so sweet + love her posts!

@getshitdonetbh the studyblr community’s adopted mom, u can tell aly anything

@studykouffee pretty much self-explanatory bc have you seen her bujo? and her photography @seigakun?

@fuckstudyblr the first friend i made on tumblr! annnd lu is sO NICE

@nocturnalstudyblr daria’s bujo + notes + personality = a follow from me!

@hufflepuffwannabe carolyn is such a qt (and also her succulents)

@einstetic i love her notes, period. and she always has something nice to say about other studyblr’s posts ♡

@tomi-letters from the handlettering to the bujo there isn’t anything you can dislike

@athenastudying meike’s desk space + notes + studyblr content are incredible ♡

@inteqrals lily gives the best advice + she’s understanding when it comes to answering asks + her posts are always so pretty!

@apollo-studies he’s so passionate about math like that alone is admirable

no but honestly these studyblrs are all goals  ♡

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sea fam, any advice for us period havers? my period is really heavy but i don't use tampons because i don't like touching... down there, but pads make me feel gross. is there an alternative, or can i lighten the flow somehow?? thanks

Try cloth pads, they might have a better feel than the disposable kinds. I’m also pretty sure there’s a brand of underwear that has absorption stuff built in? But I don’t know the name, you’ll have to research or check the replies. Cloth pads should be much easier to find.

-Lou the Lobster

The Way of the INTP

Is always best. Period.

Okay, whatever. It’s not always best. Even I know that. But for goodness’ sake, why does everyone always feel the need to tell me what I already know?

I have a great deal of respect for a lot of people in my life, but for some reason I am always irked when they tell me how to perform whatever task I am currently performing.

Take baking. I am a baker of some small talents, in that pretty much everything I bake comes out edible and provides no small joy to those fortunate enough to partake in it. But, I hate baking with anyone else in the house, because someone is sure to walk into the kitchen and critique my unorthodox baking methods and tell me how to do whatever I’m doing in a better way.

At these times I’m usually tempted to ask said people if what I have provided before was inadequate, that they think I should be instructed now? And I have a legitimate argument. I am better at baking than most, if not all, of the people in my family. I am not better at cooking, but I still enjoy that, too.

But here’s the thing. Am I so proud that I’ll never be able to accept advice from another person? Even someone who’s not as skilled as I am? Another perspective might be just the thing I need, and skill level has nothing to do with a different perspective in some cases.

Now, I pretty much just try to refrain from advising others. When asked for my opinion on many topics, I’ll just vacillate or decline to give my opinion. I try not to influence people through the spoken word, because my spoken words are not things of beauty.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t take advice. Just because someone can’t do something doesn’t mean they don’t know about how it should be done. Surely I can at least try a different way, and not be so stubborn about it just because someone has broken into my solitude to tell me about it. Perhaps a little more humility will help me see that my way is not always the best, even if I’m better at it.

I still hate baking when there are other people around, though.

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I'm 16 and I want to go on T and I told my mom about it and she said that she "supported me" but didn't want me to do any physical changes to my body because I'm a "teenager still finding out their identity" even though I have figured out and am very comfortable with my gender and dysphoria is having an extremely negative affect on my mental health. How do I convince her to let me do T?

Kai says:

She might not let you go on T, but you can talk to her about puberty blockers until you’re 18 maybe. They’re not going to ‘change’ your body in any permanent way, in fact your body would pretty much be the same, you just won’t have so much estrogen so you won’t get periods and your chest/hips, etc. wouldn’t develop more. then when you are 18 you can decide to go on T yourself.

possible ways to convince her to let you go on T is showing her transmasculine people who have gone on T when they are under 18 and have been really happy with the results - you can find these people on youtube usually, cause they make videos about it.

you could also come out to your doctor if they would be supportive and have them explain to your mom why starting T would be beneficial to you - maybe she will trust them.


I just saw Beauty and the Beast

Guys, seriously, don’t listen to the negative discourse surrounding. The majority of it (and when I say majority I mean 99.99% of it) is unfounded. It’s one of the most visually stunning movies I’ve ever seen. The clothes were pretty accurate for the time period, and the music was AMAZING. The ballroom scene was so stunning and beautiful with the set and the clothes and the music and effects that I started sobbing. Also I got some serious Feysand feels and wow did that make my crying worse. The whole thing was just amazing. There’s a song that the Beast sings called Evermore and it just reminds me so much of Rhys and I really wanted to punch Gaston because I was thinking of Tam the Tool the whole time……anyway. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. GO WATCH IT. IT’S AMAZING. DON’T WORRY ANOUT THE DRESS, IT ACTUALLY LOOKS AMAZING ONCE SHE STARTS DANCING.

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I don't need feminism because

• I’m not a victim.No “big bad white man” is out to get me.
•I don’t need to be lied to about a wage gap.
•I don’t need to feel bad for being white.
•if I’m overweight I’m told I’m beautiful even though I’m slowly killing my self.
•If I like feminine things like make up it’s because I was taught to be pretty for guys and I live in a patriarchy.
•I’m told to embrace my period and take pictures of me bleeding through my pants(I’ve seen that before)
•I don’t want to embrace a religion that Justifies beating/honor killing women.
•Abortion is horrible and should only be used in certain circumstances(rape,defects and Ect)
•I don’t hate straight people or cis people.
•pink tax myth.(you literally just pay extra for pink on it.If you hate it that much buy men’s stuff.Men’s razors are better anyway)
•When a man hits me he’s Hitler but if I hit a man it’s justified and feminist stay quiet.
•Women have it better in America then men in certain ways.Like less suicide rates,more shelters for women,less likely to get randomly attacked on the streets.
•Not everything is racist or sexist.

French songs

So this has probably definitely been done before, but I thought I might be able to bring something new to the table, so without further ado, here are some French songs and artists you can listen to!

Mika (Elle me dit is pretty much my jam)

Celine Dion y’all know her from Titanic. This Canadian has a ton of songs in French

Jean-Jaques Goldman remains mega popular in France. He’s been making music since, like, the 80s. If you go to France for an extended period of time at some point you will hear his songs

Stromae! What can I even say, if you don’t know him yet you should, my fave Belgian (I don’t know anyone from Belgium)

Johnny Hallyday an icon in France for bringing rock n roll to them or something. Actually wants to be Belgian. I’m not sure if he’s gotten his citizenship yet.

Coeur de pirate only from making this list did I find out she was a) one singular person and b) canadian. Kind of a Christina Perry-esque figure for francophones, from what I can tell.

Indochine Everyone in France knows their songs. Bob O’Malley?

Daniel Balavoine the only song I know of his is “tous les cris les SOS” which is not at all similar to the smash hit anthem by the Jonas Brothers “SOS”

Grégoire I only know his song “Toi + moi” but it’s a banger

Indila apparently also has a song called “SOS” which still bears no resemblance to the Jonas Brothers’ version :,( Anyway her song “dernière danse” got super popular, even making the German top 100 in 2014

Carla Bruni is married to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Zaz the name sounds vaguely familiar but I don’t really know any of her songs. anyway she seems cool

Les Enfoirés–I couldn’t find a mix or a channel for them so you’re just going to have to get yourself over to Youtube and search it yourself. These guys are a bunch of French musicians and singers who raise money for the poor or something. I don’t remember. It’s a good cause

Les Choristes soundtrack I believe the movie is on Netflix if you want to see it

Ella Elle L’a–a French song that everybody knows and apparently everybody also sings. I’m not sure who wrote it or who sang it first but yeah

N’oubliez pas les paroles–French game show where contestants win if they sing songs correctly. I know we have something like that here in the US but I don’t watch game shows very often so I don’t know what it’s called or how similar it is to this truly award worthy game show. It’s hosted by Nagui (sp?) who hosts at least half of all French game shows, I reckon.

Now that I did this I’ve reminded myself of all the kickass French songs out there so I’m gonna go listen to some now. Please add any song or artist I’ve missed!!

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how can i explain to my (straight) that she can't call me a dyke??? i guess she heard one of my friends call me it (i have two gay guy friends and i'm fine w them calling me it) and so she thought she could, but coming from her mouth it just felt really bad??? like coming from my other friends it's just like.. normal and slightly endearing tbh? but idk it just really made me uncomfortable when she said it but she said i can't get mad since i let my other friends say it and i'm so frustrated

You tell her (not ask her) to stop, point blank, and you don’t budge on it. Period. A friend who refuses to get it into her head that you don’t want them to call you a dyke is a shitty friend. If she doesn’t stop I’d say you should either limit your interaction with her or just pretty much cut her off- that’s not the sort of thing a decent straight person should consider just not a big deal, and even if she thought it was silly and stupid and wanted to express that privately, if she was a friend worth keeping she’d just stop doing it, especially because it’s something she is calling you directly! To your face! That’s not normal or decent.

I don’t mess around with basic boundary stuff like that. It’s disrespectful, I don’t tolerate it, and I don’t think you should either. It’s your life and your call, so if you wanna keep being her friend then that’s up to you.

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Hey. I'm a girl who took testosterone at 17 years old. I was on testosterone for about 5-6 months. I have been off of testosterone for 8 months, now nearly 9. I'm pretty depressed about how much testosterone affected me during the relatively short period of time I was on it. My voice is now very deep, and my face still remains very male in appearance. given time, is it possible my voice will get higher? Will I start actually looking female again? I'm only 17 and in hopes I didn't ruin my life.;(

Hi anon,

A lot of things are possible; I don’t think your life is ruined, but then, I don’t think any life is ruined as long as a person can love and create in some form. You asked about whether you will “change back” any more–nobody can say that for sure, since it’s very individual, but I have seen changes keep going indefinitely after stopping, very often after the first year off. Mine’s continued to change over many years. Bodies change; it’s what they do. Many of us have noted our voices keep changing after we stop T, even though that’s supposedly irreversible. It is in the sense that they are always deeper and never the same as before T, but in a lot of cases, especially when someone didn’t take T for very long, it does seem to shift again. No promises, but 5-6 months is not that long and there’s probably a good chance you could experience more shifts.

But honestly there’s something else that can change that’s far more important, and that is how you feel about things. A lot of times there’s the social issue of passing as male when you no longer want to, but there’s also a lot of emotional weight put on the changes to appearance, because of how those changes happened. With time and support, your feelings about both things can shift, even in the case where your voice and face stay how they are now.

One thing you might keep in mind, too, is that your assessment of how “male” you appear may be distorted. Most of us have significant distortions in self-image. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met a woman who is just stopping transition who is absolutely convinced that everyone can tell, and to me, she looks unremarkably female.

Some of that is also that I have a lesbian feminist lens on the world, and it’s not like what you will see if you allow dominant culture to dictate for you about what a woman looks like. Check out the Wanted Project for more of a sense of what I mean. If you’d ever walked around at Michfest, you would have seen thousands of women with every kind of trait imaginable–tall women, broad-shouldered women, women with facial hair who never took T, fat butch women, flat-chested women, women with mastectomy scars from breast cancer treatments, women with copious body hair, women with strong, deep voices who never took T, and yeah, some women with bodies altered by exogenous testosterone and transition surgeries. Being somewhere like that, you get a very different idea of what “female” means and what it means to “look female.”

Feel free to write again or email if you’d like to be connected to support networks of detransitioning women.

You have a lot of life ahead of you, anon, and what you look like–while it can have heavy social consequences–is just not the most important thing about you or the sole factor determining your chances for a satisfying future.

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gay anon here, another thing that makes me not want to come out is, what if it changes? what if this really IS a phase?

are you sure you’re ‘gay anon’

are you sure you’re not me nine years ago

OKAY like. a general trend, observed pretty much within the confines of my own life is that straight girls have a tendency to know they’re straight? like i personally have never…met a girl who was seriously considering that they are bi/gay who later went ‘oh nope lol totes all dick all the time now’

BUT. even if that were the case? fuck it tbh. if you have a period on your life where you are attracted to women, and then you later find that attraction fades or changes, that is fine. that is totally okay. there is nothing wrong with that, or with you. sexuality is malleable as fuck, and rarely stays static for someone’s entire life.

like here is the thing - you aren’t faking anything right now. you’re not pretending to have same sex attraction, you aren’t making it up, you’re just figuring things out. you are allowed to not be 100% about this stuff. you are allowed to change your mind later or discover something new later.

your experiences later will not invalidate the experiences you are having now. you can’t predict the future - you can only determine the extent of the feelings and experiences you are having now, and do your best to judge want you want to do and where you want to be moving forward from those. my best advice is to focus a little less on a ‘what if’ situation that is both exceedingly rare and may not even come to pass with you, and concentrate more on how you are feeling now and figuring out where you want to go with those feelings.

My Peak Trans Moment

I had a few problems with liberal feminism for a long time, but due to the cult like nature of liberal feminism, I couldn’t ask questions without being called transphobic or without fear of being ostracized. This is the moment that really made me think “fuck you” to the movement.

I was raped when I was 15. Being on tumblr, I looked for support blogs, I knew there would be some. I found a couple I thought were helpful and well run and checked in regularly.

At the time, I was also unsure of my sexuality. I identified as bi for pretty much all of high school, lesbian for a short period because I was repulsed my males (because I was assaulted), and that was around the same time I reached peak trans. (Eventually I figured out I’m straight, but that’s besides the point.)

There was one anonymous message from a lesbian who was repulsed my male genitalia due to being raped. She found a girlfriend who turned out to be a GNC male (i.e. a transwoman). Because her partner was male, she, as a lesbian, did not want to have sex with him or continue to be in a relationship. She also said she did not want to be transphobic, but she was not comfortable at all with the situation and did not know what to do.

The response (keep in mind, this blog was dedicated solely to helping rape survivors) was that she was transphobic. This poor girl was raped and literally couldn’t bear to have any sort of intercourse with a man. She reached out for advice, and then was told that she was obligated to have sex with her male partner.

The post blew up, liberal feminists spewing everything and, in hindsight, radical feminists probably trying to get a word in somewhere.

The blog eventually backpedaled and was like oh no nobody is obligated to have sex with anyone, if they were raped, I’m so sorry blah blah blah. 

I was repulsed by male anatomy at the time and just thought it was disgusting that a survivor support blog would say such a thing. I stopped looking for help on tumblr at that point. It took another year for being raped to stop fucking with my thoughts, which happened through the help of my sister. (If anyone wants, I’m happy to tell that story too, it ties in with another reason why I hate liberal feminism.)

TL;DR: I was raped as a teenager and was repulsed by male anatomy. I went to tumblr and saw someone else in my position being told they were obligated to have sex with a male, or else they were transphobic.

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Hi^^ How was your day so far and how are you feeling?^-^ Pretty random question and I'm not sure if you have answered this before but: What are your favorite animals and do you own any pets? <3 ~Moon Anon Ps: In what time zone are you? Just so I know when to write you^^ (I'm in the Central European time zone (GMT +1) btw^-^)

 eh my day is alright hahha i had to go back to school and i slept in first period…. oops I HOPE YOURS IS SO MUCH BETTER!!! I am CST Central Time Zone :) you can write me when ever! but I usually reply when i get home from school or in the evenings because i have my computer then :)

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