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hey! In your opinion what is the biggest larry proof we have gotten recently? Not about how fucked up louis's team is, or the fake girlfriends, or bg, but like actual evidence from harry and louis. I mean, it doesn't need to be something big, just what was the last thing that reminded you they are definitely together. Also, i'm loving your aimh fic :)

Anon it’s not you but tbh I’m starting to hate the word proof in here 😂😂 because what’s proof? Proof is different for everyone. For some people proof of rain is the dark blue ominous clouds and for some is being hit by the raindrops.

Something that’s forever? Like a tattoo? Or multiple tattoos? Or a Harry Styles smugly showing off he didn’t cover the rose tattoo when he was rumored to do so? That would be the first thing I did if I lost my lover, to get rid of them. So is that proof they never touched any of those tats? For some maybe it is.

Or are hints proof? Hints linking them yet again to their tattoos? Like a dagger/rose selfie, or a rose shirt?

Are colours proof? Blue and green lights during JHO and making the JHO video Larry? Colors being proof is the stupidest thing you ever heard and they aren’t proof they’re together. So we all know what blue and green means to them, THEY started it, they made their house key chains blue and green, their mics, their stuffed bears etc. So does it make me smile they still can’t not make anything blue and green? Of course it does. They also wouldn’t happen if they weren’t together in my opinion.

Or is disappearing and appearing at the same time proof? That’s going on pretty much since the hiatus started.

What’s proof? CSI research? That Louis posted an ig pic of him that was taken by Harry? Or two mismatched football shoes where one is Harry’s? Or a Dunkirk poster in the background of another ‘Larry’ shoe pic?

Is that Twitter follows, tweets? Is that proof for you? Him following the photographer who took a pic one of the most iconic AM picture was inspired by? Or how he keeps following the same acts that are linked to Harry or Harry memes? How he deliberately chooses Harry or Larry accounts when replying to their tweets for JHO promo?

What’s proof?

Sharing multiple homes and properties all over the world? The older twins taken home by Harry and Anne after TXF? Or the silent Snapchats? Or the videos taken so carefully and deliberately cutting off when certain shadows or shoes get in the picture? Harry’s growing collection of rings. Is that proof? Or all of his nails painted but his ring finger. That proof? Or is that proof that their friends keep considering Harry part of his life? Steve Aoki, anyone? His H follow and rainbow like? Steve still replying to tweeters w the AImH header? Or James saying how Harry and Louis came over?

65 court cases could’ve been won with the proof this fandom collected in 7 years but for some it’s still not enough to see them as gay while for some people one look, one lyric change, one jealous moment, one touch, one anything was enough.

I feel like this thing has to be proven over and over again while the opposite is never being asked to.

Here’s my take on it: the last time we saw them was the mitam promo. They showed how best of friends they stayed and how genuinely in love they are with each other, still, how they move to the same beat and are able to finish each other’s sentences. That's​ enough of proof to me.

Then comes the understanding of such level of commitment (I’m w Adam for ten yrs this year and we plan to have a forever sign tattooed on us. After 10!! Not 2 like they did. And not 6 tats or god know how much more complementary tattoos like they have)

Could they break up even after they were such a balanced out happy couple during mitam? Yes. They could. I just don’t believe they did. Don’t forget they assured us (although they weren’t ever supposed to, it’s not their job) for the umpteenth time in 2016 and 2017 as well.

Do I believe they would do that if they were broken up? No! I believe I know who they really are as people.

So if you take this out of the equation you have a very very happy and together HL during mitam. Then the bears. Then 2016 which we all know how it was. And 2017. They're​ still fighting for freedom, they’re still giving off hints they’re very much a thing and that’s a status quo to me.

Harry and Louis are in love and they’re such great men both that no one deserves Harry Styles more than Louis Tomlinson and no one deserves Louis Tomlinson more than Harry Styles.

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Do you have any fic recs that have to do with keith/Lance getting captured by the galra? I just read 'this is how you remind me' and I'm looking for more~~ thanks


Lost Paladins (complete+gen fic) is a fic in which evERYONe is captured by the galra, actually mainly haggar, and is promptly put through mind games of the draw-out-your-deepest-fears/insecurities kind, which they of course get out of!! :-D friendship

anyways, I’d also recommend flicking through the entire series, because there’s a few other fics in there that feature galra capture and/or other species’ animosity leading into capture- this is actually mainly keith whump! Pretty rare, and kinda cool to see

- speaking of the Lost Paladins series though, there’s a lance-centric one that’s been recc’d on this blog already, but hasn’t been noticed all that much–>Sapphire and Scarlet this is entirely unnecessary considering I already recommended scouring the series but I like this one ok leave me alo

Purple Marks and Bleeding Hearts (chaptered+klance; mature for violence), I haven’t seen this in forever :,-) it’s incomplete and hasn’t been updated in a while, but if you’d give it a chance it’s inspired off of an (in my opinion) iconic klance comic from The Golden Days! Lance is a sniper/hitman that’s supposed to kill Keith, a ~Galran Prince~, and ends up getting himself captured instead because he takes one look at the guy’s face and falls in love realizes Keith is Different. Rest assured there is hurt aplenty as well B,)

take a chance (oneshot+klance+pining langst)- well, this is a repeat, but hey, Lance is captured by the Galra and it’s well written and I like it a ton so //finger guns onto the next rec

Necessary (chaptered+complete+klance+whump) is of course one of the old legends- I haven’t read it in a while, so I’ll just leave it up to your memories bc I’m sure everyone knows this one already lmao-//shot

and that’s it! :’D happy reading!

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Sometimes do you ever wonder what would happen if sailor moon became a Kdrama would it be more of a melodrama if they don't use the fighting. I always wondered that!

We already have that and it’s called PGSM.

The live action series is really good and I don’t know why is so underrated by the fandom when it’s clearly better than Crystal.

The live action series combines the best of the 90s anime and the manga and the output couldn’t be better!. It also has elements that you’ll only find in PGSM:

 Reinako (Rei x Minako)

Dark Mercury

Princess Sailor Moon

And my favourite…

The iconic transformation of Tuxedo Mask.

This is so freaking hilarious when you first see it. You see all the girls transformations full of CGI, flashing backgrounds and stuff and then you have your poor sis Tuxedo Mask that is basically getting dressed like anyone of us would do in the morning lmaooooooo. ICONIC.

I’ve had better transformation sequences myself while getting dressed on a friday night while listening to the iconic Sailor Moon transformation music.

Anyway, there’s so much more to the series but I guess it’s better if you find out by yourselves.

Also, the series is not all about the fighting, it’s all about the relationship among all the different characters so it’s basically a jdrama that happens to have sentai elements. I really enjoyed it and it’s a must-watch in my opinion, so don’t hesitate!.


That booty tho 😍.

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wait why is 2.03 one of your favorites?

There are a lot of reasons as to why it is my favorite episode..
As you should know by now if you follow me, Noora & William are my faves and this is basically the ultimate ep of them without it being super intense and dramatic, it’s light-hearted, adorable and cute. So here it goes…
First of all, it contains that adorable bit of Eskild reveling in his post “birthday” hangover and bear hugging Noora. Bonus, Eva prying for information about Noora’s “tinder date.”
Second, it contains the slomo of The Penetrators getting out of William’s Porsche in the most dramatic fashion, which is pretty much an iconic SKAM scene, in my opinion. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched that sequence. Bonus Noora’s hair fluttering in the wind as they walk by? Plus the music is just freaking perfect.
Third, I LOVE Eva’s reaction when she pieces together that Noora went on a date with William, it always cracks me up the realization dawning on her. So many Gossip Girl references and SO little time.
And finally, the entire last clip of that is my favorite ever because Noora who doesn’t like William basically sets it up so she HAS to stay at William’s… because platonic sleepovers with the guy who is working really hard to win you over is a normal thing right?

Like I love so many things about it, Noora being ridiculous and giving very drunk Eva all her things to keep track of? That’s an insanely bad idea and she should have known that but she was SO concerned with going to talk to William about what happened with Vilde she did it anyways and thus loses all her stuff. Setting up the entire rest of the sequence of events. Then William’s dumb smile when he says “du kom?” when Noora finds him and the “hvem er du?” like this boy isn’t totally in love with her. And William just giving Noora her phone because she has to get her stuff back, with absolutely zero hesitation? (I mean I know Isak does the same thing but like wtf? Like I’d only give my phone to my best friend without question and no one else)
Noora finding Christoffer, being the fuckboy of all fuckboys, with not one but two girls after getting his ass kicked by the yakuza and William just rolling his eyes and telling him to go home and telling Noora about his family. Then of course William making Noora cocoa after she asks for it and admitting he let the lady at the grocery store pick it out for him… and “I just want to make sure I make it right” and the reach for the sugar over her.
Then of course the entire bit with Noora playing the guitar while William looks like he’s never seen anything better in his entire life and then Noora LYING about Eskild being out with friends and not at home at the apartment because she wants to stay at William’s and not go home?!
So then they end up sharing a bed despite the fact that William says he can go sleep on the couch and Noora insists it’s fine this will work. The “are you going to sleep with all your clothes on?” which always makes me laugh.
Then William asks her what she wants for breakfast? and then Noora calling him the biggest cliche she’s ever met and him repeating more or less what she said when she wrecked his shit in the schoolyard and saying “but you like me for it”
And then of course the nei from Noora which is confirmed as a lie so fast when Eskild texts and asks when she’s coming home because he’s tired of waiting. Which is GREAT because Noora is caught in her lie and they end up fighting over the phone and William figures out once and for all that she’s into him.

tldr; Noora gets caught in her lie and confirms she likes William despite her best efforts not to and I enjoy it A LOT. 

It’s basically the most light-hearted, fluffy bit of Noora and William before everything becomes super intense. It’s just a girl trying to hide her crush that she’s trying not to have and refuses to admit exists and failing epically and I love it a lot.

so um.. i hit 1k a few days ago is this even real?!?! & I’m still processing that one thousand of you actually follow me??
Thank you all so so much! You make my day by sending me cute messages & those tags underneath posts when you reblog something 😭💖

To all my mutuals, just thank you for always being there for me. Your thoughts & kindness is just so invigorating & amazing. idk wHAT I can do to thank y'all 💘

Every single one of you here are such amazing people & I hope that you all achieve everything you want in life.
Thanks for being such an amazing & helpful community <3

i thought it would be a fun idea to do some blogrates wow how original nidhi lols to celebrate this moment? ✨

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It seems like Kirumi is one of the savviest culprits to date. She revealed nothing during the investigation that could tie the crime to her, and the main piece of evidence linking her to the crime could have come from either of the two other main suspects. Really seems like it's the hardest case to solve pre-trial since Mikan, and in that trial, we specifically weren't shown Ibuki's body. (Komaeda was BS, but we could deduce a perfect locked room and Nanami's role)

She really is savvy, to be honest! I’ve thought so for a while now, but Chapter 2 of ndrv3 is likely one of the cases in which the culprit had the highest chance of getting away with it. Her plan was absolutely brilliant, she was extremely careful, and she’s a masterful actress, betraying almost nothing by her reactions until very late into the trial and capable of seeming sincere and heartfelt, even shedding tears on cue.

Really, if it weren’t for the rules of the mystery genre itself (i.e. “mysteries have to be solvable for the reader because clues have to be presented”), then realistically speaking she wouldn’t have left anything behind, not even the tire or the piece of fabric from her glove. The tire and fabric are there because the mystery would be entirely unsolvable and unfair without them.

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Ohhh I have a lot of characters for you lol. Spencer, Hanna, Caleb, Jason :)

thank you so much sarah!!!

spencer hastings

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: good lord how do i choose one??? but probably her determination and intellect 
worst quality: inability to tell toby she loves him straight to his face
ship them with: tobias cavanaugh
brotp them with: hanna marin
needs to stay away from: rosewood, pennsylvania
misc. thoughts: my favourite ever, i love her with my entire soul, has the most iconic lines in pll

hanna marin

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: loyal as heck to her friends 
worst quality: yelled and paced too much in season 7 tbh
ship them with: her career and being happy
brotp them with: MONA VANDERWAAL !!!!!!!!!
needs to stay away from: caleb the assrat
misc. thoughts: used to be one of my fave characters but then the whole spencer/caleb/hanna situation arose and i just kinda ehhhhhh

caleb rivers

general opinion: idc what happens to him he can burn in hell | fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff | doesn’t even deserve to go to hogwarts 
best quality: none
worst quality: everything
ship them with: whatever alex drake poisoned him with in 7x13
brotp them with: burning over an open flame
needs to stay away from: spencer hastings, rosewood (so i never have to see his ratty self again)
misc. thoughts: i literally hate him so fucking much. he treated spencer like crap and doesn’t deserve to be married and have kids with hanna marin because he sucks. 

jason dilaurentis

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang | GOOD LORD JESUS HE GORGEOUS AS HECK 
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: jesus hair
worst quality: never in rosewood so he’s never on my tv screen 
ship them with: aria just a little bit
brotp them with: spencer 
needs to stay away from: ngl his crazy family
misc. thoughts: he’s like…..crAZY HOT and his season 7 hair makes me cry because he’s so gorgeous, but his family’s real fucked up lmfao 

send me a character!

Unpopular Opinions

I actually like Lack-Two.

I like the B2W2 story so far since it keeps switching back and forth to comedic and serious when appropriate.

What I don’t like is the god awful release schedule and the fact that it has 2 years of misplaced hyped on the arc.

People tune into the chapter, skim through the raws and say: “no white or black, what a shit chapter” and I think that’s the wrong mindset.

People also hate on Lack-Two for being “Mr. Perfect,” but I think that’s his charm. Kusaka hasn’t made that character archetype yet, so he’s just having a blast with it. And it’s not demeaning in any way, he’s the protagonist! So things going his way is to be expected. I think we should just enjoy the ride.

I also think we haven’t given Whi-Two a fair chance because she was made to represent the “N fangirl,” but the arc only has 11 chapters. It’s too quick to judge her character because she doesn’t even really know who she is as a person yet. Chapter 6 at Pokestar Studios shows that she’s basically on a journey just like Platinum, learning and experiencing new things.

So I think it’s unfair that people constantly bash the arc. I get that it’s not what people wanted and I think it’s partly because of the development hell it has been in, but I think we should just take it for what it is.

I remember growing up with the Yellow arc hating it as a kid with all my elementary school friends who read Spe because it didn’t have Red. Years later down the line when DG “translated” it and avegaille’s potato scans came out, people appreciated the arc and consequently GSC showed that Yellow really does have a crush on Red and people started to like Specialshipping, including myself. So time really does change our perspective on an arc and how we appreciate it.

Before pretty much 2006-2008, pretty much everyone in the early 2000s who have read Spe hated Yellow in America because the anime still had Misty and there was this nice buildup for Red and Misty. But then years later, the Yellow arc is now an iconic and attached to the Spe legacy

So I think once B2W2 as an arc finishes, people will revisit it down the road years later and say “this isn’t really a bad arc.”

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What's your opinion on The Looney Tunes show, though? :3

Hhhmmmmm…..I haven’t watched it since it ended. I remember liking it when first premiered, but I didn’t watch much of the second season, so after the show ended, I always found it pretty forgettable, tbh. I do like how different it was from the majority of the previous spin-offs and the original series itself, with the characters portrayed slightly different from their icon personalities and make occasional references/tributes to it as well, made me so happy :)  

And who can forget the Merrie Melodie musical segments in-between the episodes. 


The Killing Joke movie wasn’t very good in my humble opinion. Poor pacing, a lot of watered-down dialogue and drama, subpar animation in most parts, not to mention the “Barbara sleeping with Bruce” bullshit. I thought that giving Barbara a back story might make up for the comic’s misogynistic treatment of her character, but they actually made it worse…yikes.

The only redeeming aspect of the film was Mark Hamill, who was amazing as always. His delivery of some of the most iconic lines from the comic was great. I think a lot of his performance pretty much cemented him as the best Joker for me. Even though the rest of the creative team kind of let me down, Mark really shined through the mess. Kevin Conroy was great as well, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

So yeah, I’m kind of dissapointed by some parts of the movie, but there were a few great bits. Especially that musical number, because Mark Hamill has some pipes lol.

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*unpopular opinion symbol*

Send 🔥 for an unpopular opinion (bonus points for a topic as well) || ACCEPTING!!!

{ I absolutely HATE making icons. No really. As much as I enjoy making graphics, I honestly hate making icons. I usually make icons as needed for the thread since I don’t even use them 60% of the time. My hatred mostly stems from the fact that I get very tired of pretty much making the same thing 200 - 400 times. On top of that, I don’t even end up using 50 of them cause Manwe would never flip a guy off or Namo doesn’t really start yelling, etc. TBH, I find the process to be kinda taxing, & often consider just not doing icons in general. }

~:|||: @adunxphel :|||:~

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not to take sides in your controversial opinion but that suit was truly amazing! and the combination with dragon boots? iconic. 👀

I KNEW THAT I COULD COUNT ON YOU TO SUPPORT MY PROBLEMATIC OPINIONS! The pants fit perfectly, I was actually tearing up when I saw them for the first time. The suit was so elegant and sober, I loved how everyone stuck to pretty much the same theme but Harry wore those dragon shoes to kill us all. They made him stand out but not too much to overshadow everyone else and be /too/ eccentric, you know? I think it wouldn’t have been the right time for that, just my onion!

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i was replaying the 3ds version of another world recently, and the part when you have to pull the lever and let out all the creatures below you came up. and i noticed for the first time that Lester has to stand kind of up on his tippy toes to reach it, and really struggle with this lever that's probably a quick pull for the aliens, i thought it was super cute. its probably one of my favorite small details in the game, what are some of your favorite small things in another world?

anon, you just pointed out one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE things about the game - all the small, subtle details that you notice the more times you play it. and, as someone who’s played the game easily more than a hundred times, i’ve got a lot of favorite parts.

its incredible to me, the attention to detail in this game. the way lester interacts with this world he’s been dropped into gives you such enormous insight to his personality and traits without him speaking a single word. Buddy has a ton of such moments too. Their interactions with eachother speak volumes with no dialogue. it’ll always astound me, the sheer amount of story, world building, character insight and atmosphere that is jam packed into this approx. hour long game. By one single developer. all this stuff is so easily overlooked by people in the action of the game, but eric chahi put it in anyway. Its difficult to articulate into words how much respect i have for it.

But you asked what some of my favorite small moments are, and so i’ll divulge a few! 

(these are gifs i have made, btw. some are the original graphics and some are the remaster.)

first up will be the lever pull you mentioned. oh my gosh is it ever one of my favorite moments in the game.

this is just the cutest thing ever. like, eric could have easily made lester just pull the lever effortlessly as a matter of gameplay necessity, but no. there’s personality here. there’s like, this weight and realness to it. it really drives home the concept of lester being in a world that’s actually too big for his puny human body. you can see him try to pull it with one arm first, and then upon realizing that he isnt strong enough, he uses his entire body weight to pull the lever, and even stumbling a bit once its pulled. it really gives the player so much context to how big and heavy it really is, and how small and frankly not physically strong lester is. there’s a cinematic element here. this was something that no other game did at the time. stuff like this just takes a whole lot of thoughtfulness, and in games that was not common at all.

when lester uses the special teleporter after buddy.

look at this. look at this boy’s lovably awkward body language here. i love how he was given this moment of “not sure how this works exactly but ..uh.. ok here goes”. he even doesn’t get it quite right the first time and tries again!

i feel like so many games (and any media for that matter) that take place in otherwordly settings seem to forget that their human protagonist isnt exactly all knowing and is going to be unsure of things. they forget to separate the human experience from the alien one. eric doesn’t, and he nails it. this just makes lester seem incredibly human. its moments like these that really let you know that he’s his own character that’s not necessarily meant for the player to fully project themselves onto, but he’s still incredibly relatable. it also lets you know that lester is very perceptive, quick learning and smart and is willing to take chances with new things. it doesnt feel forced or too convenient.

lester will not shoot someone who is unarmed/not a threat.

this part of the game is incredibly overlooked as just “part of the puzzle/gameplay” but. think about it. if you kill this poor guy, youre boned. you can’t progress.

i feel like this was put here deliberately to show that lester will not kill anyone who is not an actual threat to his own life. again, it runs so seamlessly into the gameplay that the player does not feel like theyre being FORCED into making the pacifist choice, here, but still punishes them if they don’t. it just seems like the natural inclination. AS IT SHOULD BE. 

i cant stress enough how important it is to me that lester is, in these moments, painted as a guy just trying to survive, and not a trigger happy violent shoot man like most protags in action games. it humanizes him yet again, and it gives a very “living being” element to the aliens as well. there’s WAY more i could go on about in terms of the context of the aliens and how much world building there is for them, but that’ll be another post i think. 

one more for now - when lester is picked up by the guard and uses.. clever means to get him to let go

this is easily one of the most iconic scenes in the game. probably because it has this lighthearted comedic element to it - again, something that’s very very cinematic in approach, and was completely unheard of in games at the time. these moments were the alternative to cutscenes that rip the player out of the gameplay. the sudden loss of control of lester here adds to his helplessness in the situation, and the player’s inclination to press buttons pretty much perfectly reflects lester’s reaction. its frankly masterful genius in my opinion.

of course, we can’t ignore the elephant in the room of lester obviously realizing that there’s something there on that guard to kick. lmao. again, while being sort of a “dirty joke”, it really does add yet another moment of humanization to both lester AND the aliens. you kinda start to realize here that these big scary alien dudes have some humanlike vulnerabilities. i find it exceedingly interesting that this was included in the game. again, something very very overlooked by most action games of the time and even now. it creates something more complex than lester just being the “good guy” and the guards being the “bad guys”.

and i mean. lester doing his dramatic roll to grab his gun after getting out of that guard’s grip. what a huge nerd. you just know this scrawny string bean scientist saw that shit in a movie or something. again, just. another moment where we catch a glimpse of lester’s personality. but, we also see that he’s not totally helpless or weak either - throughout the game we see what lester lacks in strength, he makes up for in dexterity, and what he lacks in bravery, he makes up for in resourcefulness.

i just. i love lester so dang much. he’s such a good, solid character. 

(which is why it kind of irks me real bad when a vast majority of players totally ignore this in order to fully project themselves onto him as if he is them… as gamers tend to do. 

i find too many older “fans” of another world are too busy always praising this game’s technical achievements and completely overlook its creative ones. so i’m here to pick up that slack. lol)

i sincerely apologize for this post being so long, but that isnt even a fraction of all the moments of the game i absolutely adore. that was mostly the moments that show lester’s side of things - but there are so many more. i’ll probably make more posts about it if anyone’s curious. lmao.

thanks for indulging me on this, anon. everyone knows by now i can’t shut the fuck up about this game so i’m so happy when people enable me. rofl

Wonder Woman will get her own movie if Gail Simone writes it but the character will now be a cis ablebodied straight male

I have a problem and she’s called Gail Simone. Here’s the story:

As far as tumblr blogs go fuckyesdeadpool is relatively popular and because of that I try to be conscious of what and how I advertise things on it; as I think anyone should be if what they’re posting goes out to tens of thousands of people. Some really exciting issues of Deadpool are coming up that involve a lot of the series past writers, Gail Simone being one of them, but I don’t want to support her in any way after she what she did to Barbara Gordon in the New 52. I was mulling over my conundrum when I impulsively decided to tweet her and she responded:

A little presumptuous to assume that someone not looking forward to her future work must not know for past work… But okay.

I obviously thought the opinion she was referring to was about the eraser of disability since literally nothing else I said was a matter of opinion, so I said this:

My feeling dread is not an opinion, I felt dread. No one is allowed to disregard someone’s feelings as being a matter of opinion; especially when it’s about being a part of a marginalized group… But okay.

She is so confident in her work the she insists that I must not have read any in order to be judgmental about it… But oka–

Hit the brakes.

cupcakepunk had a great response to that by saying, “This girl is upset at losing representation via such an iconic character, and Gail Simone’s response is pretty much, “You just want to fight,” and “If you did read my work you’d know about this other character in a wheelchair I write,” which basically is saying, “Unless you read everything I write, I don’t give a shit about your opinion,” and also, “You already HAVE this other character, isn’t that enough?” No. No it’s not. There is a big difference between not having media representation, and having it taken from you. Not being widely represented is shitty, but to have a minority-group character transformed into a majority-group character is a slap in the face. It’s literally erasing people: they were there, now they’re not.”

I wanted to say all that and more but I literally didn’t have time or the space so this was a response I came up with to demonstrate how ridiculous she sounded:

Identical? No. But certainly they’re comparable; especially given intersectionality. Why is my question so easily dismissed?

Because POC representation is important? So is disability representation.

Because being POC isn’t undesirable? Neither is disability; I and many other disabled people don’t want to be able bodied, we don’t want to be “cured”

Because it’s unrealistic for POC to become white suddenly? Barbara Gordon’s circumstances definitely aren’t realistic, nor is anything else in that genre.

But I understand that as an able-bodied white woman Gail Simone can’t really understand the types of marginalization POC, disabled people, and especially disabled POC go through.

That being said:

Instead of using her celebrity and huge platform to renounce what DC was doing to Barbara Gordon, Gail Simone decided she would be the savior of disabled people to step in and make it not so bad for us. We should feel lucky that she was there to save us from what could’ve been.

Instead of being an ally to disabled people she decided to take a leading role as an oppressor simply because she believed she would step on our necks more gently than her peer oppressors.

We shouldn’t be mad at her, it was going to happen anyway! Given the high statistics of forced sterilization among disabled people we shouldn’t be upset about it because it’s bound to happen. Given the high statistics of abuse and murder of disabled people we shouldn’t be upset because it’s bound to happen. Given the high statistics of rape of disabled people we shouldn’t be upset because it’s bound to happen.

If our representation is going to be removed anyway why bother? Let’s just relax and enjoy our mutilation, rape and murder.

But Gail Simone cares, she asked me (kinda) what she could do?

I don’t know she saw that because she immediately announced that she was signing off and I didn’t see any mention of her concern for disabled people today as I went back through her twitter to find these posts; she was busy talking about wanting to see Katie Couric’s genitalia. That isn’t a joke, go ahead and look.

kingofcomedy  asked:

omg congrats on 1k teddii you deserve it!! my fav movie (probably of all time which is a big statement) is moulin rouge, i just !! love it so much!!

thank caoil!! i really like that movie!!! and tbh the movie is so much better than the actual moulin rougie (unpopular opinion probably)

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personal comment: i love you and your blog!! also i’m envious of your username,,,,i love it a lot <3

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normally i would be rolling my eyes and thinking “stop making every LGBT issue about some white boy ship” but to be honest cap is one of the biggest, most popular, most visible, and most iconic characters marvel have ever created and if they suddenly revealed he was bi and in love with another popular character who has been established as someone he’d pretty much do anything for then not only would it make sense narratively but it would also be a huge goddamn boost for LGBT visibility in the superhero genre

dragonthorku  asked:

Saw your Anime Avengers slot and I agree pretty much but how come no Toriko, No Yusuke, No Edward Elric. Those guys are pretty iconic anime heroes so why dont they make the main cut?

For starters lemme say. I THINK THEY ALL QUALIFY for an Anime Avengers team lol Its just these five

Son Goku (Dragonball franchise)

Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto franchise)

Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece franchise)

Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach Franchise)

and Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail Franchise)

ARE THE POSTER BOYS for The Anime Avengers lol

Well its like this, the Characters you mentioned are great as well and I love em too but the way I see it in my personal opinion these five have these 5 Awesome powers that just STICK OUT at ya

Goku: Super Strength, Super Speed, Ki Blasts, Flight, teleportation etc
Naruto: Ninja Demon Fox/Toad/Sage Powers etc
Luffy: Stretching, Haki, super strength and speed
Ichigo: I’m not even going to list all of his -_-
Natsu: Fire powers and Dragon Slaying abilities

They all have these pretty unique abilities that the others just cannot mimic.

When ya get down to it, Again I’m not bashing these characters cause I love em but for Toriko. Okay his Gourmet Cells give him incredible ablities but when it comes down to it. the main thing is Super Strength, Yes I know he can do other incredible things but thats his Main thing He’s incredibly strong but so are  Goku and Luffy and I don’t think he’d stand out as one of the main ones. He’s still badass with his Blue demon though

Yusuke is from my second favorite anime of all time and I think he’s a great badass as well but again His powers are pretty damn close to Goku’s. Strength, Speed, Energy blasts and transformations that make your hair grow but he can’t fly. Its just one of those things thats just too similar

and Edward Elric. Yes he is the most intelligent, YES, he has a unique ability the others cannot do…….BUT he’s still just a human, I mean seriously Ed I love you and your bro but having them fight against one of the Top 5 physically is not gonna end well for em so passed.

Again I love all the characters here and those guys would be great additions but for the main show ground it has to be these five in my honest opinion

anonymous asked:

Hi! I am just discovering the yume kawaii fashion and I was just wondering ,if you haven't already, possibly throw out some outfit inspiration? I tried going onto Google and looking some up but it's a bit hard to find solely coords. I hope asking this isn't too much. Thank you for your super helpful blog and time!

You have asked the right person ♡

Yumekawaii has (in my opinion) evolved from AMO’s style, so she’s a great icon to look at for inspo! It can be casual or OTT, as long as it is super dreamy and fairytale-ish~


Now here is some current “Yume Kawaii” for reference:

image source

image source

image source coordisnap

image source WEGO

You can see it’s pretty influenced by her style, and a lot of yume kawaii fans have a similar haircut to AMO even now! Check out my other posts on yume kawaii here

Also for future reference, I recommend checking Instagram and Twitter using the tags ゆめかわいい or amoちゃん for AMO images~

I hope that helps!

khairusweet  asked:

Hey your art is really cool and pretty and I was wondering if you could do Jade in front of the lesbian flag/and or demiromantic flag? Please and thank you!

thank you very much dude! here you go:

after these two, guys,  im going to draw all of them (HUMANS) on my headcanons.(alot of which are popular opinion) after that, if you dont have the one you want yet- please pm me so i can send it to you! please dont ask on anon! :) if you want a troll, or a cherub persay,(any character not a kid) please consider commissioning me! for one of these icons i charge 3 dollars!