pretty much i already love this show

things i hope for in season 6:

-openly bisexual alison
-OPEN biSEXUAL alison

Naruto Gaiden Rant

SO I’ve been quiet the last few months because I just had nothing to say about the disaster that is the New Era project. Until the new chapter came out. 

I’ll be honest, some of the shit in the newest chapter was pretty cool, most? Not so much. 

First of all, let’s start with Orochimaru and Kabuto’s love child 

Isn’t he precious? Moving on…(I know who I’m shipping now..)

In the next panel, Sarada is wondering what the hell does it mean to be a ninja now, I don’t blame her. Peace will do that to military power and it seems this generation is more concerned with besting their shitty parents than having actual goals. Um, scratch that. My bitterness is showing. 

This is just adorable, look at them, besties already. 

Sarada desperately wants a relationship with her father, it shows when she tries to tell Chou-chou to spend more time with her own father and it’s actually pretty heartbreaking. No matter how much I hate SasuSaku and feel it doesn’t make sense, I still feel like the poor fans were cheated out of proper development. And then Kishimoto throws this bomb of a chapter and it’s just…it tanks. 

Anyway, we then see Boruto and Naruto training and this actually melts my iced heart a little. Because Boruto doesn’t seem as upset as he was in chapter 700. He seems to acknowledge the fact that his dad is busy but Naruto is at least making an effort by training him, even if it is a kage-bunshin. I don’t condone child abandonment or neglect but it seems Kishimoto is righting SOME wrongs in this chapter. This was one of them, so I’m glad. Especially since Naruto clearly knows where his son is hiding (For God’s sake he can’t STILL be that dumb, he did this professionally when he was his son’s age…plus, Boruto’s feet were kinda showing from under the gap in the sign), but it seemed he was prolonging the inevitable just to spend more time with his son. 

That panel is from Naruto’s POV. 

Side note, was also happy to see Shikamaru being basically annoyed with himself for being that lazy. Loved the father/son interaction. 

Let’s get to the bomb Kishimoto dropped shall we? 

Okay, so many things wrong with this picture. Let’s first attack the obvious…no wedding picture. Hell, they don’t even have a normal picture TOGETHER. Then, poor Sarada states she never actually MET Sasuke and my heart just shatters. Kishimoto realizes how much SS DON’T work he can’t even write a proper storyline for them that would fit their characters. So instead, he writes the only thing that would make sense, Sasuke having a child (possibly with some other woman) and abandons her and his ‘wife’, whom we are also unsure if she is actually married to him. 

This is bad guys, I mean, it makes more sense for Sasuke, but it also makes NO sense for Sasuke. Sasuke wouldn’t just abandon his child, not after everything, not after vowing to break the curse of hatred. Either she isn’t his child, or Kishimoto is fucking up my baby even more. Now, I don’t know what to believe at this point. I don’t know if she is Karin’s child (I don’t really think she is though). I don’t know if Sasuke is in his right mind, I don’t even know if Karin is alive at this point. IF she is Sarada’s mother…then what? She died and Sakura out of the goodness of her heart is taking care of her lovechild? If so, why would she keep Karin’s pic? I feel so horrible for the SS fandom because the ship they love so much just isn’t sailing. This is terrible development, Sakura honestly seems heartbroken and Sasuke hasn’t even visited for the last 12 years. That. breaks. my. heart. This isn’t what I wanted for my babies. I am not pro-SS, but I am pro-Sakura. I don’t hate her, I hate what Kishimoto made her. I am 100% sure that Sasuke has a good reason for not being around for the last 12 years, or at least I hope Kishimoto can WRITE a good reason for child abandonment/neglect, but I know that nothing he writes will justify this. This is going beyond abuse. Sakura is clearly unhappy, her child is unhappy, her husband isn’t even around (are they even married????? I sure hope so cuz Sakura is wearing the Uchiha symbol on her back) 

Sarada basically states what the entire fandom (outside of SS) think about SS: 

To me, the relationship feels 100% obligatory. There is no shared love, Kishimoto can’t even lie about it the same way he did with NH because SS just do. not. fit. You can’t spend 15 years writing a story where two characters have developed independently of each other and then expect the fandom to accept when they’re just thrown together for some cheap ass ending. Sakura and Sasuke just don’t work. They will never work and I will never condone this abusive and harmful relationship. I don’t care how Kishimoto is going to justify it (as I expect he will attempt in the coming chapters) I can never accept it. The relationship BUTCHERS both Sasuke’s character AND Sakura’s. 

Sigh, moving on. I’ll admit, I laughed pretty hard at Sakura destroying her own house…but can someone please explain this to me????

Kishimoto knows he’s writing Sakura right…? Not Hinata…? I can’t seem to remember Sakura ever passing out except that one time during the bell exam. Even when she was beaten up pretty badly…she was still pretty damn awake during the Chuunin exam…Is Kishimoto drunk or something? Was he high while he wrote this? 

Man…so many continuity errors and horrible mistakes and twisted plotlines that don’t even make sense anymore. 

I can’t wait to see how he justifies this disaster of a project. LOL. 

Honestly, I just don’t give a flying fuck about what happens from now on. As far as I’m concerned, Naruto ended at 699.

P.S. Maybe Sasuke is outside the village having a super secret sex meeting with the love of his life…the 7th hokage. Maybe that’s where the real Naruto is…stuck in his office my ass.  

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Just found ben j Pierce (cause he's such a tronnor shipper) and i think he deserves much more than 50000 subscribers! He puts so much effort in his videos, hes funny and i think one day he will become very important in the YouTube new generation. And he is also my same age, im like a week younger, so it's pretty cool to finally find a 16 years old nice youtuber

i honestly love benjpierce, he’ so underappreciated (at least subscriber wise) and you’re right, he’s definitely a new generation youtuber and he will go very far, especially because he is so young and has so much passion and talent. it’s exciting to see where youtube is heading for the next generation, this is all so new and unprecedented so these guys are paving the way and can make it what they want. everyone go show him so love if you haven’t already! subscribe/ twitter / tumblr 

(and yes he follows me on tumblr so he’s gotta have love for some tronnor, but who doesn’t ammirite)

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so, since tsubasa is the clamp-verse crossover galore, do you have any characters that you really want to see show up?

Oh this is a really good question! I’ve thought about this a lot in my spare time, and pretty much any crossover is a good crossover, but off the top of my head I think the people I most want the TRC family to meet would be people like Tomoyo (which I’m 100% sure actually happens anyway, so this is good with me) and other people from CCS (though we already have Toya and Yukito, so I’m actually pretty satisfied on that front). 

I would love for a few more X/1999 characters to show up, but preferably in non-heartbreaking ways? For example Subaru is precious and I feel like he would have some pretty good AU options, but if that also comes with Seishirou showing up and extended suffering on Subaru’s behalf then I would just feel bad all over again. I think I would really love to see the Magic Knight Rayearth girls again, but with both Mokona and the Kudan thing so prominent at the start of the plot I feel it would be quite unlikely. I would also LOVE to see Kero or Yue or any of the cards from CCS, but again, I suspect that they might be world specific, so I’m not really hopeful for that option.

I’m kind of interested in whether or not characters that die in one universe are considered dead in every universe. Like we know for a fact that Clow Reed is dead in both CCS and in TRC!Sakura’s homeworld, but does that every incarnation of Clow is dead? Do they share the same fate, or are there still versions of Clow out there screwing with everything and being a troll in general? That’d be interesting to see. Alternate versions of Yuko might be even more fun, now that I think about it. 

Actually if any of the TRC family ran into alternate versions of themselves I would be ridiculously happy. I absolutely want to explore things like how growing up in different worlds makes them different, but also how they’re essentially the same person at their core. There are so many options there. What if they ran into AU!Not-a-ninja-at-all Kurogane, and how would TRC!Kurogane react? Or an AU!Fai that was completely serious and never told any jokes? Or AU!Syaoran and Sakura that were totally together and would that trigger anything in Sakura’s memory? Would Syaoran say anything? Oh god he would be miserable. I kind of want to see it. Oh, or if they ran into any AU!versions of themselves that were EVIL?


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Pretty good myself! I just wanted you to know that you have gotten me addicted to Farscape. :) In the last week you posted a bunch of pictures/gifs of aeryn and john and it got me interested… I mean I already love ben and claudia so it just made sense to start watching it but not I can't stop binge watching lol :D

Oh, yay! I love Farscape so much, and I’m constantly trying to get people to watch it, but always with disclaimers, because I know that kind of show is pretty intense and nuts and isn’t really for everyone even though it’s amazing. But when someone does watch it and loves it, I AM SO HAPPY. :-D So thank you for telling me!

okay, hello there folks. since i’ve been losing my followers on my main blog just bc apparently people do not enjoy the same tv series or movies as i do.. so i decided to make a new side blog (which is ridiculous since i already have one but whatever) and dedicate this one to all the actors and quality tv shows i personally enjoy very (too) much. 

just recently i really fell in love with OUAT and Captain Swan and of course mr. O’Donoghue so i’ll be posting that stuff.. a lot. 

o and i love The Fall and the pretty Jamie Dornan so he’ll also be showing up around here at times. 

but yeah idk, just wanted to inform anyone who -in some weird way- find themselves on this blog and also wanted to tell people that I’m proudly joining the OUAT fandom (or should i say crew) and will happily be part of it. 

cheers. :D  


I got tagged by melolontha for the “20 beautiful people challenge” thank youu? it would be so much better when you would post 20 pictures of yourself.. but aaanyway i’ll tag randomly persons i follow ‘cause the ARE beautiful, i know that. when you don’t want to post anything or already got ignore this post. (who needs selfies to feel like a king or queeny.)

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I am perfectly fine with Kathy Bates in AHS: Hotel. I don't really mind that AHS: Hotel may have mix of really good yet underused actors from seasons so it is exciting for me to see Chloe Sevigny and Kathy Bates together in understated way. I also hope that Finn Wittrock and Lizzie Brochere are back too. Although I am glad that FX love Lizzie so much that they want her on other shows and that I am perfectly fine with.

I’m pretty excited about Bates and hope that she’s our actual anchor character, not Gaga or Bomer. It isn’t because I dislike either of them - that’s clearly not the case as I’m outspoken about my admiration for both - but rather because Bates is both iconic and already a staple member of the franchise. It’s a natural progression for her to step into Jessica’s shoes for a few reasons: she’s equally famous, equally talented, and it makes sense both for the trend of AHS (strong women as central arc) and how each season Bates becomes more and more of a critical player (compare her presences in Coven and Freak Show). Will that happen? Who knows. I hope so. I’m pretty stoked for this cast as a whole, tbqh.

I’ll always be biased in favor of Brochere and Wittrock. In my perfect world, they’re on a season together and working together somehow. Frankly, however, I think it’s incredibly unlikely we’ll ever see Brochere on the show again but I’d bet hard cash that Wittrock will show up in Hotel, especially after commentary like this:

“He’s kept a lot of actors in the dark so far,” Finn Wittrock says. The 30-year-old actor was Freak Show’s breakout star, playing the murder-obsessed Dandy Mott. But he fully admits he’s been sucked into creator Ryan Murphy’s AHS world. “I’m stuck! [Laughs] Like I say, Ryan’s very loyal,” he adds with a promise that he just might, oh so possibly, may be back. (x)

it’s been a while since i wanted to start faking it, and today i’ve finally been watching the entire show for a day straight and WOW it blew my mind!!! this show is awesome, there’s lot of drama but honestly i had so much fun, i’ve laughed so hard and cried too and wowww this is such a feel-good show idk i’m usually pretty annoyed when everyone is so perfectly beautiful-in-an-american-way and can’t stop kissing and make me believe in love harder than i already do (which is not a good thing at all) but hey i caN’T help, i’m in love with these characters and even if their life is way too much fantasist, i needed this and it came at the right time


I’ve sent this once already, but I only got 1 friend, so

Hi everyone, my name is Mariana, but you can call me Mari. I’m 16, I live in Brazil, but I hate samba and soccer and carnaval. I can speak portuguese, english, basic french and spanish. I love learning new languages

I love music and tv shows, pretty much everything about that, so we’ll mostly have something in common

I’m looking for a pen pal, someone to write cute letters and exchange things from our countries. I don’t care about what you are, or what you like, I just want to meet new people and cultures, and just make friends

email me: mari.suarez29 (no space)


I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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4. Science is my favorite subject. In college I want to study forensics or marine biology. I started liking forensics through the show Bones. But seriously I love that show
5. My favorite place to be is the BEACH I LOVE THE BEACH

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Hey Liv I love your account so much! I was just wondering your opinions on Cersei Lannister and what type you think she is and why?

i love cersei.  book cersei at least, since show cersei is a different story.  it’s pretty rare to see a well-written, complex female villain who isn’t reduced to a part of someone else’s plot line.  

i’ve already typed most of the main characters (see #got mbti) but cersei is an ESFJ

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You have some luck nice getting on stage with ATL but why all the hate :( i love your nice responses tho very classyYou are extremely pretty as well :P but you already new that. I Hope you keep getting to talk to them at every show because people who see random people everyday all year love seeing familiar faces from time to time so keep enjoying it.

Awe thank you so much. You’re great. Love to you :-)

jelazakazone said

It makes me so happy that people are still working through their headcanons for this show. <3

tbh, even though i’ve sorta been present in the fandom as a consumer for a long time, i’ve only started making my own headcanons and writing my own fic pretty recently. so my creativity is nowhere near exhausted :D

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h ELLO person i think you're very wonderful and here's a question for you: if you were to cast Book of Mormon (or any of your other fave shows) who would you cast in it? doesn't necessarily have to be anyone from tumblr or on broadway, just, who would you pick? c:

Oh gosh, thank you so much, hon! ♥️

I love this question… okay so most of these people may have already been in BOM but this is pretty much my dream cast.

Price: Jake Emmerling (odd, but I’ve always felt he would make a good price for some reason??) or David Larsen (because he was phenomenal)

Cunningham: Ben Platt

McKinley: Daxton Bloomquist

Naba: Candace Quarrels 

Mafala: James V. Meredith

Poptarts: Eric Huffman

And John Pinto Jr. needs to be in there somewhere.

Idk this is probably a really odd casting. luckily I’m not in charge of casting.

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Okay so I recently started to like this guy and I don't want to like him because a lot of people like him and he's out of my league and I know it won't go anywhere. But I can't help it. He's nice, tall, smart pretty much the kind of guy I'm looking for. I don't know how to show signs that I like him without being too obvious. We are working on this project together. Any advice?

I’m not a love expert by any means, friend, but I guess if you guys aren’t good friends already, I’d start by getting to know him better and have him get to know you. You could strike up a conversation while you’re working on the project. Start with what you know and then try to find some common interests by what he responds. Or you could debate. That’s fun too. Either way you’re communicating that you want to know him better.

If he seems to be responding pretty positively, you could try your hand at some subtle flirting. I’m not talking like curling your finger around your hair and batting your lashes, but flashing a flirty smile here and there when he says something funny or nice might work. If it seems like he’s flirting back you could even ask for his number at the end of your project meeting! You might be surprised where that takes you.

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i'm a little worried about cas now, jared and jensen were still filming and misha did the voice over + blood and hes at home now and not on set with j2? or am i just reading too much into that hes not still filming with them, then again they film stuff out of order right? god just dont kill cas pls ;-;

don’t worry about that! they film without misha all the time, maybe they did the scenes with him already and that’s why he’s home. they do it all the time. 

misha loves the show too much to leave, and the show runners are not so stupid to kill the favorite of like 2/3 of the fans. besides, i’m pretty sure there would be world war III if castiel died. 


I just saw a Jake the Snake DDT in person. This dude was practically dying a few years ago. To a lot of people, he pretty much already was. He was a victim of addiction and depression and with the help of #DDPYoga and the drive to do so, he got himself on track to getting better and recovering and now he’s in the ring as a hall of famer and legend doing what he loves. Just goes to show that it’s never out of anyone’s hands to conquer their demons. #JaketheSnake #DDT

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what do you feel about elena leaving the show?? when i read what nina wrote, i thought "thank God this show is going to stop. hopefully we could meet paul in other awesome works!" but sadly that wasn't the case. i mean, elena leaving?? isn't the whole story revolves around her though?? urghhh, are they going to make love triangle with caroline then?? this is so stupid. i hope they would just stop already. too much damage though.

I’m disappointed more than anything tbh, pretty surprised too. I don’t really understand it either.. but whatever Nina thinks is best, I guess. The main problem I have is that the writers knew this (right?) and yet have done nothing with Elena. She will never get that redemption arc we’ve all been waiting for, she’ll just go out as this mess of a character she is now because the writers left her in this state and never ever did anything about it. The way Elena has been since S4 is not how she is supposed to be and is definitely not how she is supposed to leave the show.. and the writers have had this season (and last tbh) to start developing her again, but they didn’t bother. Instead they just wasted their time, again, with other pointless crap. As for what’s going to happen in the show in the future.. I have no idea, and honestly I’m done with the show so I couldn’t care less anymore. It should have ended a long time ago and I can bet it’s just going to get worse and worse (if that’s even possible). There’s no incentive for me anymore, so I’m going to watch shows I actually enjoy instead of holding out waiting for TVD to get better. :)