pretty much how i prepare for finals


72 > 75 > 38 > 24 > 16 > 14 > 6

Sparrow’s popularity is no joke right now. I really want him to maintain his spot in Top 11. He really wants to debut, his will is very strong (just like how he carried some trainees as if it’s nothing).

He is real Dark Horse for Produce 101 Season 2. Someone from the 70s to top 11 now, Woojin has already proved himself. He has shown his skills, his potentials. Since most of us know that, I really hope K-fans don’t let their guts down and just keep supporting and vote for our Sparrow Park Woojin!

(s/n: Finals is in less than 1 week, which means the show is going to end. Final 11 will be announced. I don’t know how to feel again but since I have slightly gone through Season 1′s announcement that time, I think I am pretty much prepared for the heartbreak. Many unexpected things will happen. Let’s just hope the best on 16 June 2017, 11 PM KST.)

When their idol gf wins an award and sees them in the crowd

The scene: This was the day!  It was THE day!  All your hard work had to come to something, right?  All the extra practicing, the last nights, the injuries, the perseverance!  It all came down to this.  The announcer pulls the tab of the envelop he’s holding and reads the name listed inside….announcing:  YOUR NAME!

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Pride, joy, happiness, a giant grin, and love, lots and lots of love in his eyes.  That’s what you see when you make eye contact with him.  If you weren’t crying already, you might be now.  Everything is happening so fast, but damn if it’s not effecting you to see your man out there in the crowd grinning like it was HIM who won the award.  The two of you might be separated by tons of other people, tables, etc, but you’ve never felt closer.  Giving your speech is easy, because he’s all you see in the crowd and boi when you say his name as a part of your thanks, he might just tear up a bit.  This is a proud moment for him.  He knows how hard you worked.  He knows the long nights.  He knows because he was right there with you the whole time.  He was the one who brought you food when you forgot to eat.  He was the one who bandaged up your ankle when you fell.  He was the one who held you when you were frustrated and wanted to give up.  You can expect a giant hug when the whole event is over.  “You did it, jagiyah!  I’m so proud of you!”

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He’s a quiet one, but that blank expressionless face everyone is used to will instantly melt into one of pride and happiness.  His gummy smile will make an appearance as he cheers for you.  When you make eye contact with him in the crowd, he’ll give you a look that clearly says ‘I told you, you could do it’, with that cheeky smirk and a raised eyebrow.  He’ll be the type to turn to the guy next to him and be like ‘that’s my girl’.  Just like his music he takes such pride in you and everything you do.  He sees the same ambition in you that he sees in himself.  He knows the struggles of getting lost in your work, both of you are guilty of it, but that’s what makes this win so much more gratifying.  You struggled to make it and all of that struggling was worth it.  He had told you that over and over again every time you felt discouraged or just wanted to give up entirely.  I hope you like celebrating, cuz you likely have a trip to Hong Kong coming up. ;)  “Prove them wrong, baby.  That’s what you have to do no matter what.  Make them eat their words.  That’s when all the shit they give you becomes worth it.  You proved them wrong and now they can go fuck themselves.”

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agelast- your choice! (if you could tag me that would be nice thanks -w-)

Agelast - A person who never laughs.
Summary: Patton is a mess, but at least it means he can hear his sweetheart’s gorgeous laughter. Logicality

Patton had never seen Logan smile, let alone laugh. Sure, he’d smirked before, smug from getting something right, or his lips curled at the very corners, but he had never truly smiled. Nor had he ever laughed. Even when they started dating (which, admittedly, was only last week) Logan still hadn’t smiled. Not properly

Until now.

It was a bright, sweet sound, and Morality found himself falling in love once more with his sweetheart. Low and warm, something about it made Patton’s heart flutter in his chest. He didn’t even mind that it was mostly himself that Logan was laughing at. Instead he moved away from the pizza base he had been preparing, and, still absolutely covered in flour, hugged the logical trait.

“How dare you.” Logan pretty much whined when Patton pulled away, but the pretty pout on his lips didn’t seem to last long as he took in Morality’s appearance. “My goodness, how did you even manage to get youself so covered in flour?”

“I was cooking for you. Homemade pizza.” Patton explained, and the answering smile he got made him absolutely melt inside. He was surprised by the sweet, if slightly awkward kiss to his lips, but happily returned the action.

Logan made a point to speak when they finally broke away. “Thank you, Patton.” He sounded breathless, but there was a warmth to his words that Morality could feel.

“For you? Anything.”

Why I Don't Think Cas Is Dead

So I have this theory, what if Alternate Universe Cas is the one Lucifer killed. And our Cas is still with Mary and Lucifer. Because sense when do we know Lucifer to just kill someone? As shown with Crowley, he loves to torture them, not kill them. And season 13 will start right where it left off. And I am pretty dead set that Cas is alive and never died. Alternate universe Cas did.

Another part of my reasoning is how most of the SPN cast ( Mark Pellegrino, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Ruth Connell and tons of others ) have been hinting for months the emotional trauma we would go through during the finale and how basically Lucifer would kill Cas or Crowley; Sense when do the actors want to prepare you for the emotional trauma instead of leaving it to shock you to death? The cast is nice and amazing but not that much to where they would want the surprise taken out of it. And we all knew that Cas or Crowley were going to die, i have been hearing that for months now. Though we weren’t prepared for both I dont think the cast would do that if they were really dead.

So in conclusion, I dont think Cas is dead. I think that Lucifer and Cas fought, maybe Cas got knocked down. Alternate Universe Cas was somehow the one to go through the portal and Lucifer killed him. Because Lucifer wanted Cas to suffer as well as Sam and Dean, we know he loves torture. And the most torture would be for Cas to know that Sam and Dean think he is dead.

I think season 13 will start with the alternate universe and our real Cas inside of it. Not dead.

UPDATE: Sense when does Cas roll his eyes and get annoyed when he has to heal Dean? Never. What if If has been AU Cas the entire time sense Cas first went into the portal? UPDATE 2: What if when Cas said “you” he was seeing AU him?

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Do you write for Cindy? If so how about some dating Cindy headcanons? :D (great job on your writing and blog so far!)

I most certainly do! I love her so much 💖💖💖 (Also thank you so much!!)

Dating Cindy Aurum!

  • In all honesty, you should probably be prepared to take backseat (HA!).
  • Cindy’s job is pretty much her whole life. She takes it very seriously and it’s something she genuinely enjoys.
  • That’s not to say she isn’t fully devoted to you.
  • This girl loves with her whole heart.
  • Are you sure you’re prepared for the sheer intensity of her love?
  • She will absolutely spoil you rotten!
  • Date night every Saturday.
  • You guys always try to mix it up so you’re not doing the same thing over and over again
  • You make it a point to try something new at least twice a month.
  • She even got you to try Jing Leed once.
  • That’s fried grasshoppers!
  • Karaoke date?
  • Karaoke date!
  • All the duets and power ballads!
  • You guys ace Livin’ on a Prayer.
  • She finds herself getting genuinely excited when you get excited!!
  • Her favourite thing about you is that shy smile you get when she calls you a cutie.
  • Ya lil’ cutie!
  • She calls you by every pet name you can think of.
  • Baby, darling, sweetie, honey, love, babe.
  • A month into the relationship, you guys are already practically living together.
  • She likes falling asleep either with your hands in each others hair or in each others hand.
  • Ultra-supportive of anything you wanna do.
  • “Do it, baby! You own the world!”
  • Introducing her to your family was an experience.
  • Your mum opened with “So, you’re my new daughter?”
  • They love her btw (who wouldn’t?)
  • Cheek kisses!
  • She loves kissing your cheeks.
  • She won’t let you kiss her lips until she’s kissed both of your cheeks.
  • Also her kisses always taste faintly of bubblegum.
  • Woe betide anyone who dares mutter a bad word about you in her earshot!
  • She’s quite protective of you.
  • “You keep talking about my darling that way and I’m gonna have to diddly darn snap ya neck!”
  • I meant very protective.
  • It all comes from a place of love, but it can be quite terrifying to witness.
  • Also, if you take longer than usual to text back she worries like hell.
  • She really doesn’t want to stifle you, but she’s so scared that something will happen to you.
  • As if you guys weren’t already the cutest couple, she got you matching phone straps!
  • You guys are so in love, it’s so gross and cute, ugh!

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Hello! I know a lot of people have finals soon for school (mine are next week), so I was thinking... what would UT Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, and Alphys be like as study-buddies? How would they help their s/o - or just their good friend, if you prefer - prepare for all of those tests? Thank you, and have a good weekend!

My friend has finals next week too ~Mod God
UT Sans: He won’t help to much, but will try to explain something your confused about if you ask him. He’s pretty good at science and math. He will make sure you take breaks and get plenty of sleep before tests start.

UT Papyrus: He’s more then eager to help. You’ll be surprised at how good he is at math. He will make sure you eat healthy meals and get the proper amount of sleep so you don’t get worn out.

UT Undyne: Like Papyrus she’s eager to help. Unlike Papyrus she’s not a master at any subject, but music. In the end you’ll probably be teacher her what you’re suppose to be memorizing. Also don’t let her help with history. She’s still learning how anime isn’t history.

UT Alphys: She’s the type of person to wait till the last minute before studying. She won’t even think about how you have to study until the day before where she tries to help you cram all that information in. Luckily, if you’re confused about something in science she can help you no problem.

#06 Crush

the first time that i saw Luke Hemmings i could have sworn that the world stopped. all i could see was him, smiling my way and staring at me with those perfect blue eyes. he was the most perfect guy i’ve ever seen, and no one else could made me change my mind. 

it’s been already a year since the last time i properly talk to him, and today was going to be the day that i would see him again. 

i’ve been trying to avoid this day as much as possible. the last time we talked was a year ago and it was nothing but a couple of words and a passenger hug, that’s it. not that i don’t want to see the guy who used to be my neighbor, partner in crime and best friend for the last two years that he had before taking his big step in music. I am just not ready to have a reunion with the biggest crush i’ve ever had… on his engagement party. 

“Sammy i don’t feel good” i pout laying on the door frame of my bedroom door and holding my hands on my tummy, and rubbing it softly. 

“Oh honey” my best friend Sam looks at me from the sofa and puts his book aside “What’s wrong?” he gets up from the sofa, quickly fixing his tie while he walks to me. 

“i think i have food poisoning or something” i lay my head on his shoulder. “I don’t think i’ll make it to the party” i cough “I’m sick” 

“oh no” he sighs putting the back of his hand on my forehead “i know what you have, it’s called cowardly syndrome”he says giving me a light slap on the ass and turns around, walking towards the kitchen. 

“Rude!” i exclaim, following him, doing my best to not fall out of my high heels. “Sammy, i’m serious, i can’t go to the party like this!, what if i throw up in the middle of the dance floor..? or pass out? or …?” 

“Seriously, (Y/n)?” he raises an eyebrow at me “you’ve been getting ready for this party for a month, literally. you’re not ill, you’re just fucking scared” 

“i mean, why wouldn’t i be?” i groan “Do i really have to do this?. Sammy, i really don’t want to see him with…her. ugh! c’mon!” 

he rolls his eyes at me “i bet she’s not that bad” he shrugs handing me a shot glass “maybe you guys could be friends…what was her name?” he says to himself “Arzee… Ash… Zar..” 

“Arzaylea” i complete watching how he fills my glass with tequila “And don’t mention her! we’re never going to be friends!” 

“(Y/n), you’ve never actually talked to her, maybe she’s nice” he fills his own glass “at least you should try to be friends with her, she’s going to be the one marrying Luke anyways, you can’t hate her forever” 

“I don’t know Sam..” i shrug looking at the ground “it still hurts, i’ve been waiting all this time for Luke to realize that i exist, i’m right there, and i’m in love with him!” i sigh “but i guess, this is all my fault. i should have gave the first step five years ago” i pout hiding my face between my hands and giving a soft cry. 

“no” he says quickly removing my hands from my face “it took me 30 minutes to do your makeup, don’t ruin my masterpiece” 

“Stop being so selfish!” i exclaim, pushing his hands away from my face “Samuel, i’m sad. don’t you see?” i whine “I am a 23 year old girl, who is still crying over her biggest crush, who stopped talking to her 3 years ago and had the balls to ask the one who loves to marry him, and all i can do is sit there and watch, while i contemplate who pathetic my life is, reminding myself that i’ve never had a boyfriend and that i’ll probably never have, because i can’t get over a boy who doesn’t give a shit about me” 

“Alright” Sam whispers, rubbing my back softly giving me a bit of moral support “i get it, and i hate being the only one telling you this but.. you need to get over him” he says fixing my hair a little bit “you know what?. you don’t need him, because tonight we’re going on a man hunt” 

i frown “a hunt?” i say “what about the party?” 

“we’re going there too” he shrugs “we go there, have a couple of drinks, give our ‘greatest’ wishes to the future groom and bride, and then… you are going to take that sexy shy lady from inside you, because we’re going to the greatest club in all Los Angeles, find the best men in there and have some fun. no more tears, or freaking crushes. We’re getting laid tonight!” 

“so graphic” i scoff giving Sammy a tight hug. “i guess that sounds good” 

“it’s going to be the best night ever!” he gives a small jump and then raises his shot glass “For the best night of our lives, Cheers” 

“Cheers” i repeat clicking my glass to his and swallowing the tequila. 

i furrow my nose at the taste of the tequila and feel how my body wakes up with the alcohol, and i feel so much prepared now. 

“Let’s get going” i finally say. 

“That’s my girl” he cheers and we get out of the apartment 

by the time we arrived at the party, the parking lot was full and the music was pretty loud. the party took place at a big salon lounge, the parking lot was already full, and from a long distance, it was easy to hear the music coming out of the lounge.that party was almost like the actual wedding. 

“Ready?” Sam says approaching to me, holding his hand out for me. 

i deeply sigh “Yeah” i nod taking his hand and letting him walk me to the lounge. 

“We won’t stay long, i promise” he whispers in my ear. 

We go into the lounge, and the first thing i notice is how big and bright that lounge was, they were spotlights everywhere and the tables were perfectly set around the dance floor, all of them having a beautiful red roses bouquet as decoration. this party was fancy as fuck. 

as soon as one of the security men walk us to our assigned table, i could already see some familiar faces, like some of my ex-partners who used to go to school with me back when i lived in Australia, some of Luke’s family and of course friends. 

 “this is so weird” i sigh “i feel like we shouldn’t be here” i say sitting on one of the chairs and pulling Sam on the sit beside me. 

“Hey, Don’t worry about it” he rubs my arm “As soon as we find him and congratulate him, we can get out of here” he smiles. 

“Thanks” i smile to him, laying my head on his arm. 

all i do is sit and observe people dancing around, thing that i would be doing, if i wasn’t feeling so weird, i would be dancing around and getting wasted, but tonight was definitely not my night, i wanted to be home, crying and not having to hear anything about this stupid party. or Luke. 

“oh my god” i hear a voice say at my back “are my eyes tricking me? (Y/n) is that you?” 

i curse on my inside and look back, there was this blond chubby woman behind me, with the biggest smile on her face, holding her arms out for me and waiting for me to give her a hug, of course i knew her, she was hard to forget . 

“Liz! Hi!” i smile getting up to hug her. “Long time no see!” 

“I know!” she smiles at me “It’s been weird not seeing you home this last years, i’ve talked to your mom a couple of times, you’re doing great here in LA Apparently” 

“yeah, it’s been a great year” i nod shyly looking at the floor.

“I’m glad you’re doing great dear” she smiles giving me a hug “I’m sorry we have to keep such a short conversation, but i need to help the to-be-groom run some quick tasks” she chuckles “it’s nice to see you” 

“Nice to see you too” i smile shyly returning the hug. 

as Liz left, i turn back to see Sam, he had a funny look on his face, but he didn’t said anything, he just turned back and walked to me, taking my hand and pulling me somewhere. 

“I’m guessing you need a drink” he says in my ear, walking me to the bar. 

i was feeling better on my third drink

the fourth was so much better

but when the sixth came, i couldn’t control the words that came out of my mouth.

that’s how much whisky affected me.

“Can you believe it though?” i tell the bar tender like he wanted to know my history “My best friend, just dumped me for another guy” i giggle swallowing more whiskey

“this is a sign” i sigh “maybe i shouldn’t even be here on this stupid party”

“We won’t stay long” I mock Sam “liar”

“Yeah” he says not caring and taking the glass away from me.

“Hey that’s mine!” i frown.

“You had enough, believe me” he winks at me leaving me alone
i hide my face between my hands and mumble

“Asshole” as i slide out of the chair, and search for my table so i could sit there.

I let my head rest on the table, letting a big sigh out of my lips and hearing the music bursting on my ears, non stop.

I want another whisky

I want to get out of here

I want another life

I want to get over this stupid situation

But most importantly, I want to forget everything about this

“Excuse me” I hear a masculine voice beside me, but not talking to me though “I need another bottle of champagne, how fast can you get it?”

“How fast is the speed of light?” He jokes, getting the back room to look for the bottle.

“Awesome” the voice chuckles.

Oh that laugh

That voice

I thought I would never hear it again.

I look up, and there he is.
He suits a very fancy black suit And a grey tie. He has the happiest expression on his face, which make him look ten times better than he usually looks.

I slide out of my seat, very carefully. Maybe if I just walk away he won’t notice me. Or maybe if I…

“For god’s sake” he says staring at me with a smile “I can’t believe it, you’re here !”

Before I could say anything, he hugs me, really tigh and I can’t do anything else than hug him back.

“I missed you!” He smiles at me “for real, I am so glad you’re here, I’ve been wanting to catch up with you all this time, how’ve you been?”

“I…um” I struggle “I’ve been okay” I shrugged hiding my shaky hands behind my back.

“Just okay? ” he chuckles “you look fantastic!”

“T-T-Thanks” i stutter “oh god” i cover my face with my hands. 

“Don’t hide” he says, pulling my hands away from my face “are you okay? you seem nervous” 

i struggle to find my next words “I am fine, i am just.. so..” i sigh looking down at the floor “Drunk” 

his smiles fades a little and he intermediately takes my hand, and guides me to the closest seat around us. he instructs the barman to take that bottle of champagne to his table as he stands beside me and touch my hair with his beautiful and soft hand. 

“Do you need water, a soda, anything?” he asks. 

he is so cool

i can feel his breathing on my face 

so i look right and there they are, those beautiful eyes staring at me with a worry look. 

“I..” i start. 

but my body follows it’s instinct. my mind says no but my body don’t give a shit. 

so i come just a little bit closer, and on my drunken state, i kiss him on the lips for a solid 3 Seconds. and all i can say is that those were the best 3 seconds of my entire existence. or at least it felt like it. 

he pulls apart, with wide eyes and touching his lips with the tips of his fingers. Speachless. 

“Bitch!” i hear a couple of tables away from me. 

and there she is. the crazy bride to be that i definitely did not wanted to see. and she is coming on my way. walking too fast on her heels and with the angriest expression. 

“I am so sorry!” i exclaim. walking away from the scene as fast as i can “I am not crazy! i swear!” 

i am crying by now. 

“I am so sorry!” i repeat.”Forget this happened. have a good night and a long happy life” i nervously yell. 

i run as fast as my heels let me. hearing all of the people talking about what just happening and making it the biggest deal ever. and it certainly was . 

when i spot Sam’s car, i look on my purse for the keys and open the car. getting there and driving home as fast as i can. 

this was crazy 

maybe i am going crazy. 

It’s that time of the year again. My finals are coming in 1 month, and since May is always full of holidays in my country, there really isn’t much time left.

So here’s an ultimate guide on how to get shit done.

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Let’s talk fluid therapy:

I was never the math whiz in school but now that my patients lives depend on my math, I suddenly wish I had paid way more attention. Reviewing the calculations often is a good way to be prepared for emergency situations. So here goes.

Say I have a 4 day old Holstein calf with diarrhea and a progressive decrease in glucose. I want to add dextrose to her fluids to help supplement her so she doesn’t become hypoglycemic. Question is, how much dextrose do I add to my fluid bag?

The formula needed for this problem is:


Where C is concentration and V is volume. We can actually determine the answer pretty easily if we remember this formula: My final volume (V2) is a 1000mL bag of saline. The concentration of dextrose I want to end up with is a 12.5% solution so C2 is 0.125. The bottle of dextrose I have is a 50% solution, so my C1 is 0.50. To determine how much of that 50% dextrose solution to add to my bag, I simple need to plug in those numbers and solve for V1.


0.50 x V1 = 0.125 x 1000

0.50 x V1 = 125

V1 = 125/0.50

V1= 250mL of dextrose!

This calculations may seem easy but it can throw you for a loop if you’re not used to using it quickly and efficiently! Don’t forget to hone your math skills because not knowing the diagnosis for a patient may kill it eventually but miscalculating drugs or fluids can kill it a heck of a lot quicker. Practice good vet math!

mid term results!

i honestly had no expectations on mid terms considering how occupied i was with sports day preparations. cheer took up pretty much most of my time especially the last 2 weeks before comp. (definitely hell week for me as cheer captain)

i could barely focus even when i tried to study. worse part was mid terms started two days after the competition. i sat for the exam feeling way underprepared. but all of my hard work finally paid off in the end.

cheer champions for 6 years in a row, straight As, first in class and my whole form again! also, my grade decreased from a 1 to 0.67 (the lower the better) and 0 is my target! im so happy and this will only keep me working harder and harder for the real deal, trials and spm x

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how would jimin/jungkook apologize to you/get you to forgive them after an argument where they were in the wrong?

Jimin would feel like hell when he has finally calmed down, realizing how wrong he was.

I shouldn’t have yelled at her, he thought. Damn it!

You can be sure that he’d pretty much beat himself up over it and try to make it up to you. He’d probably prepare something nice: a dinner for the two of you or a surprise gift like a fragrant bouquet of your favorite flowers or a box of decadent chocolates. He’d definitely try to woo you with gifts, along with the words: “I’m sorry. I was a jerk. Please forgive me.” and a regretful expression, showing his sincerity. <3 And with that cute face of his, who wouldn’t forgive him?


Jungkook on the other hand would be a little problematic on how exactly he would apologize since he would have a hard time swallowing his own pride. He’d be waking back and forth thinking of how exactly he would approach you but in the end, he’d be so upset with himself that he’d just walk up straight to your door.

“Y/N?” he knocks. “It’s me—”

“Go away, Jungkook!” you yell from inside the moment you recognize his voice.

Jungkook winced at your reply. “Jagiya—I—” he sighs. “I’m sorry.” You were just about to tell him to leave again but his voice sounded so broken that you couldn’t help but listen.

“Look, I was a jerk. I shouldn’t have taken my anger on you. I’m a horrible boyfriend—” you open the door and stared at him with a slight glare. “Horrible is an understatement.”

He sighs and rubs his nape. “I’m sorry.”

Jungkook wasn’t one to admit his faults, not when he believes that he’s right most of the time. Looking at him now, shy and looking lost like a stray puppy, you knew how much strength and courage it took for him to say those words and you found yourself softening.

“Don’t mess this up, Jungkook.” you say as you open the door wider, inviting him in. “Next time, I won’t be as nice.”

Jungkook smiles and nods vigorously before he steps in and envelopes you in his arms. “I’ll work harder.”


Hope this was alright~ Feeling sick tonight so I’m not sure if this was a good answer :( Sorry guys, I’ll stop now before I ruin any other asks. XD


Meeting the parents (IKON)

iKon meeting their gf’s parents reaction please?

Jinhwan would be nervous but wouldn’t show it. He’d dress nice and casual, he’d introduce himself by telling your parents about his past and his career. 

Yunhyeong would probably be the most prepared, he’d have a gift for them and know all about your family traditions and manners. 

Jiwon (Bobby) would be so excited to finally reveal your relationship to your parents for the first time, he’d talk the entire drive there and make sure to tell your parents how much he likes you. 

Hanbin (B.I) would be a little overwhelmed(?), he wants everyone to love him so I imagine he’d worry a lot. He’d probably ask you a million times if you think they’ll like him. 

Junhoe would be pretty awkward at first around you parents but with your help he’d become more comfortable and talk openly about himself and your relationship. 

Donghyuk would be similar to Junhoe, he’d be awkward at first but then find a common interest with your parents. 

Chanwoo,,, this poor baby, out of all the members I think he’d be the most shy and awkward. I think he’d use his acting skills to pretend he’s not nervous and that would eventually help him be more comfortable. 

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Germany,England,Norway,Prussia and Romano helping their s/o study for their exams/finals,pleaseeee???BTW I adore your blog!

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Done. without even a second thought, he’d be right by your side to help. If there’s one thing Ludwig can do, it’s show up to pretty much anything completely prepared, and after years of dealing with a lot of people who.. maybe aren’t as concise and organized as he is, he’s learned how to prepare others as well. He’d sit you down across from him, and make sure you can memorize every detail, whipping out flashcards and notes and pretty much any form of studying there is in order to help you out. Sure, your attention drifted every now and then, but it wasn’t difficult for him to bring you back with some words of encouragement, a pat on the knee and a gentle smile, or something along those lines. It’s also very important to him that, in this stressful time, you stay healthy; you don’t overwork yourself, or stay up too late, etc. So, he’d map out every section of time for each subject, break, meal, and anything else you might need to do. Because of his extremely efficient tactics, you actually would end up finishing early, having a day to just relax. Together, the two of you did.. Well, pretty much nothing, in these final 24 or so hours before the exams started up the next day. Lazed around, watched TV, maybe took a break to walk his dogs once or twice. It was a little strange for him to not be doing anything productive, but he managed. He really enjoyed the time you two had spent together, though he didn’t verbalize this. With help like this, you aced nearly all your tests the next few days, easily.

England/Arthur Kirkland: Arthur was ecstatic when you even mentioned that you were having troubles retaining all this information. No, not because the idea of you struggling brought him joy. The opposite of that, actually. Being able to help you get out of a tight or unpleasant situation was what sounded appealing to him, and he was confident in his tutoring skills, so this was a golden opportunity. Also, he’s get to spend a lot more time with you this way. He hid it the first time, hinting “subtly” that a tutor might help you keep some of it in your head, but the next time he immediately offered to be the person to assist you in your studies. He thought you saw him as cool and collected when he asked, but you could tell how eager he was, practically melting into a pool of hope and anticipation. You couldn’t say no. And besides, he knew what he was doing, it’s not like you were accepting his offer blindly. He always had a hand on your shoulder or was as close to you as possible. Part of it was simply because he liked it there, and part of it was because he wanted to make absolutely sure that you nailed your tests, and he was ready to do really whatever it took to get you there. He also wanted make sure you were comfortable. He would make you tea, or gently rub your back on nights you felt like giving up, and if you made a mistake, he was never harsh or condescending. You were in the safest environment possible with him as your tutor. It was very rare for him to lose his focus, but it happened a few times, when studying near the time he usually went to bed, his mind would wander, but it didn’t take long for him to reign it in again. He managed to help you score high grades on all your tests, and took an immense pride in knowing that was his doing. Well, partly. You’d done an amazing job.

Norway/Lukas Thomassen: Honestly, neither of you desperately needed this. There were some things you were able to help each other out with, but for the most part, you had it down. This had really just been an excuse to hang out together and spend more time with each other. You would go to one of your houses, and study for.. Maybe a few hours? Going over the basics, maybe branching out and going over something new occasionally, spending a little bit of time reviewing each subject you had, whether it was in the same class as him or not. Four or five hours at the very most. After that you both just.. talked. Though Lukas wasn’t always the most chatty person in normal public conversation, he could really discuss things one on one with someone for the longest time, deep into the night, and into the early hours of the morning. In fact, this is exactly what you did, most nights. It could be talking about the universe, social situations and outlooks, society’s pros and cons and unfair things. A few times, you’d just complain about things to each other, bitch about common dislikes or people, but that never lasted long. No matter what you were doing, whether it was just talking, or even studying the subject you have the most trouble with, it was always calm. The talking especially, but he just had this air about him that was incredibly relaxing, and very soothing. Without him, sure you would have done fine on all of your tests, but you would have been a hell of a lot more anxious about them.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: You didn’t ask Gilbert to help you study. You didn’t ask anyone to help you study, actually. He just happened to notice how overburdened you were, and decided he’d step in. He knew he wasn’t anyone’s first choice in matters like this. He has tendencies to goof off and get distracted easily, and doesn’t always take these things seriously. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good student, just maybe doesn’t work as hard as he needs to. He even knows the material well enough, he just isn’t always willing to put the effort into the work. With you, however, he was serious. Sure, he offered a lot more breaks than his brother would have, and maybe they went a lot longer than intended by mistake a few times, but he was still determined. Throughout this, he discovered, it actually felt rather nice when you learned something or answered a question correctly thanks to his help. It was like a swell of pride, but not the kind he would have wanted to brag about, as uncharacteristic as that sounds. The two of you got sidetracked often, and even fell asleep on each other one time (which was easy since he insisted on sitting directly beside you), but after a while, you really had learned a lot, thanks to his help. He had too, actually, but he wanted to uphold the status of tutor/savior, so he didn’t mention it. Thanks to how easily you both lost focus, the last day (and few hours) before exams consisted of a lot of cramming, and staying up a little later than either of you probably should have, but your finals went pretty well, actually, and his did too.

Romano/Lovino Vargas: Okay, here’s the deal: Lovino wasn’t really the one in charge here, even though it was unspoken. He had tried to help you, being a heroic and generous tutor, but ended up being wrong about a lot of things. No, hold on. He was fine in other subjects, but he had about the same knowledge as you did in all of them. Except for physics. He hated physics, despised it with all his being, but you were pretty good with it. However in turn, you were terrible with your mathematics class. He actually had a knack for this sort of thing. What ended up happening was you kind of tutored each other. He helped you with math, and you helped him with physics. You even put up with his grumbly complaints as he shoved the information into his head, obviously disgruntled. He would have been more upset, had it been anyone else, but you were an exception.

So, when I say he wasn’t in charge, I mean it was kind of a fifty fifty effort, though if he were to hear that he’d protest wildly, claiming that he had control the whole time, and he was probably doing a better job than those lousy, idiot teachers ever could. Either way, whether he was willing to admit it or not, you helped him learn a lot. Enough to pass his physics exam with an A-. He helped you learn just as much, you passing math with an A. That was stubborn little Lovino’s saving grace, and though he didn’t openly gloat, he felt enormous (and completely over blown) pride at having been a great tutor, enough to give you “A better grade than even he had gotten.”


Here’s a few random selfies of me in my favorite dress and new favorite lip stick.  I don’t wear the dress very often as it, well, is pretty formal and frankly, isn’t very practical, haha.  One day I’ll wear it to a special event of perhaps when I start dating - who knows?  I’ve seen that many women own a little black dress, and this is mine.

 Yeah yeah, I am still feeling very self conscious about my weight, but I’m finally feeling a bit better with the weight loss, and I’m going to continue to shed the pounds in preparation for my eventual surgery in a couple years as most doctors who do GRS have a limit on how much one can weigh based on height and BMI.

 I’m sure the selfies will increase as both my weight drops and I eventually start laser hair removal and HRT and of course the brows will have to be tamed as well!  But until then, I’m just posting the occasional ones.

 Hope you’re all having a fabulous week so far, and may the rest of the work week pass by quickly for you!

 - Lana

:deep breath: alright! So, I liked The Final Problem much more than I expected to. It helps that I’m a huge Mycroft fan.

Some things I liked:

- Mycroft…. pretty much every scene with him was perfect and I appreciate how much screen time he actually got.

- Mycroft’s umbrella, I love that it wasn’t just hiding a sword… oh no, it had to have a gun hiding in it too. I mean, why do things halfway when you can be utterly and ridiculously over prepared? (But more seriously, if he feels like he needs that… why doesn’t he have a bodyguard or two?).

- John, Rosie, and Sherlock at the end was cute. And if it is the end, I’m mostly satisfied with it.

- Molly’s sweater.

- Mystrade is basically canon, why else would Sherlock ask Greg to watch out for his brother? At the very least Mycroft has a goldfish now, whether it’s platonic or romantic, I don’t really care. It’s there.

- The scene where Sherlock has to choose who to shoot. Fantastic acting there by all three of them. And it showed very clearly who both Mycroft and John actually are (also, the ice man isn’t really very icy, is he?).

- I liked that John was the one who figured out the mind control bit. He is smart and I like it when they remember that.

- Moriarty’s entrance was just so… Moriarty.

- Sherlock being so kind to the “little girl on the plane”


Bits I didn’t like:


- I felt no sympathy for the sister, she was a killer and a hug from her brother doesn’t change that. And the end scenes with them playing together would have been more poignant if she’d been more likeable or better built up.

- The Holmes parents were understandably upset… but the things they were saying to Mycroft was too much. He didn’t actually deserve that from them.

- The plane thing didn’t work for me.

- I (and many others) guessed long before this ep aired that “Redbeard” meant something else like a friend or sibling that had died. So that was a bit anticlimactic for me.


Some other things:

- I do not like the Holmes parents! What the heck were they doing when they should’ve been watching, and taking care of, their kids? It really sounds like Mycroft took on a lot of responsibility as a child/teen, it explains a lot about him, and his relationship with Sherlock though.

- What’s up with the number 13 on Mycroft’s fridge? They didn’t explain that did they?

- I guess we’ll never know what that letter from John to Sherlock said.

- I really expected that when they were talking about mind control that John was going to end up being a puppet of Eurus. I mean it would’ve been an interesting scenario (I’m not complaining that they didn’t do that, but my mind couldn’t help but go there).

- I want some more episodes. I liked this season and I love the characters even more than I did before (which is hard to believe).

riahchan  asked:

Sansa is HAPPY for Jon being acclaimed king and TEASES him about it and tries to get him to take the nice bedroom again. And there is INAPPROPRIATE CHEMISTRY like they have had all season!

okay let’s see if the alcohol amount in my body lets me go at least until ‘this isn’t full gen’

Jon’s still not sure it’s really happening.

If he woke up a moment from now still at the Wall and found out he dreamed all of this, he wouldn’t be surprised at all. Except that -

Except that he’s not, if he were dreaming he still wouldn’t be feeling wounds hurting from that battle, and he wouldn’t be feeling - well, it’s not that he’s unhappy about it, but he can only think, what would Robb say, and -

“He’d have been glad of it,” Sansa says all of a sudden, showing up at his side.

He can’t hide that he’s startled by it - the feast hasn’t been over long and he had thought no one had noticed him sneaking out before all left the room, but then again Sansa would have. She was sitting next to him, wasn’t she.

“What -”

“You were speaking out loud.”

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Every Breath You Tikka Masala Burger
Season 2, Episode 9: Beefsquatch

India may not consume much beef, but this all beef patty topped with masala basmati and thai basil is as delicious as it sounds and then some.  Comes with a side of soft sweet and spicy masala covered potatoes.  Recipe’s below!

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                                     Trip to Barcelona Part 10


“You have everything ?” Rafaella asked you.

Towels, sunscreen, sunglasses ? Yep, you had everything. Today, you, Rafa, Neymar and some friends decided to go to the beach. It was a sunny and hot day for it. You caught your bag, and went downstairs .

“Let’s go !” Neymar said, grabbing his keys.

You all jumped in the car heading to Barcelona’s beach. You were so excited, you felt this day was going to be great !

“This is my song guys !” your boyfriend informed turning up the volume

You all sang and danced along:

Nossa, nossa.. Assim você me mata ! Ai se eu te pego, Ai Ai se eu te pego ! ♪

                                                                                          * * *

After Neymar parked the car, you walked on the beach, feeling the warm sand under your feet:

“Ah ! Here they are !” Rafa said pointing at the others.

Dani, Rafinha (Neymar’s team mate) and Julia were waving at you.

“Hey guys ! What’s up ?” Julia greeted

You installed yourself, lying on a deckchair with the girls while the boys ran to the water.

You were talking about everything and nothing. The sound of waves, of children’s laughter, of this music playing in background were so comfortable to hear. These were holidays ! Cold droplets falling on your naked belly made you wake up. Neymar was above you, showing a big smile on his face. He had something in his mind..

“Why are you smiling like th-” he didn’t let you finish. He took your body on his shoulder, going straight to the water.

“OMG ! Ney ! No, please ! Nooo !”  you both fell in the fresh water.

“I hate you !!” you yelled

He was dying of laughter: “Oh no you don’t”

“I do !”

He put his hands on your waist, putting sweet kisses on your neck.

“You’re sure… ?”

It made you chuckle: “Mmh.. No…stop it…”

“See ? You can’t be mad at me”

You rolled your eyes before he gives you a passionate kiss.

“Eu te amo” he whispered with his sexy accent.

“Eu te amo também” you answered, Rafaella taught you how to say it.

On your way back on the sand, some random boys were standing there. One of them spoke nervously:
“N-Neymar..? Would you mind doing a little match with us ?”

You winked at him, and left before he could answer anything. He kindly accepted.

The game had began, it was Rafinha and Neymar against the 6 teenagers. Neymar made it look easy with his awesome skills. You immediately grabbed your phone, trying to catch the action.

After the game, he came and sat next to you with his sweaty body.

“Guys, you want to come over tonight ?” Dani requested you all.

“Sorry.. Y/N and I have plans for tonight” Neymar declared putting his arm around your shoulder.

You got confused: “We do ?”

“Yes baby. Tonight, I’m taking you out to dinner” he replied happily

This made you instantly smile. You’ve never been to the restaurant with him. And you can’t wait to see how it looks like !


*At home*

You went to shower, and started smoothing your hair. Neymar came up to the bathroom, complaining:

“Oh god. Why do girls take so much time to prepare ?!”

“We want to be pretty for you ”

“But you know that you’re already perfect to me” he kissed your cheek

He stayed a little and finally left. Your phone vibrated : *Instagram notification*.
You opened it. Neymar had posted a pic of you smoothing your hair, with the caption : ‘Why are you so long ? Kkkkkk 1h30 drying her mane ! Love u @Y/insta/N’

“I HATE YOU !” you yelled

“NO YOU DON’T !” he yelled back.

                                                                                          * * *

You were wearing a black dress with gold accents and sweet gold heels. You stepped outside where Neymar was waiting :

“Ah you’re finally r-”

When he saw you, his eyes widened.

“What ?” you questioned

“Y-You’re absolutely gorgeous..”

“You see why we take time to get ready now ?”

He laughed and opened the car door as a gentleman: “After you my lady”    


*Few minutes later*

You arrived at the restaurant. It was a fancy one, it was embarrassing ; you were not used to this kind of restaurant. A waiter led you to the table Neymar had reserved. It was in another part of the restaurant where was an orchestra playing slow music in front of a magnificent view.

“You like it ?” your boyfriend asked

“I love it ! But Ney, you didn’t have t-”

“I wanted to, I would do anything for you” he caressed your cheek before peering at the view.

You kept staring at him, completely in love. You’d never have thought finding a man as wonderful as him.

Everything was going well, dinner was delicious and the atmosphere was excellent.

“Want to dance ?” he offered

“Oh .. No, I don’t dance”

“Please ” he begged with his puppy dog-eyes. How could you resist ?

He held your hand, and made you both slowly dancing. People were looking at you. You heard some of them were murmuring: “Isn’t that this famous footballer ?”, “What a cute couple”, “Why aren’t you romantic like him !” Neymar and you giggled quietly.

“I want this moment to last forever” he whispered, bringing you closer.

Your heart melted. You hugged him: “Me too..”

At the exit of the restaurant, a woman wanted an autograph of Neymar. Apparently her son was a big fan of him. You suggested Neymar to do a video for her son. He thought it was a good idea and did so. The woman thanked you 1000 times. She couldn’t believe it.

When you got back in the car, he demanded you to put a scarf on your eyes, so you don’t see the next step. But what next step ?

                                                                                       * * *  

“Where are you taking me mysterious Prince ?” you questionned

The car stopped and the door opened. He helped you standing up to make you walk carefully.

“Now you can open” he said as he put off the scarf

When you opened your eyes, a breathtaking view arise in front of you. Barcelona by night.

“Oh-Oh my.. God !” you said open-mouthed

“This is my favorite place in Barcelona after the Camp Nou” he mentioned putting his arms around you “I promess you that I’ll do my best to make you remember your last days in this city.. ”

You turned to face him: “I know you will”

You gave him a long and soft kiss. You stayed like this, watching the view in each other’s arms for a while.

                                                                                           * * *

“Ready for the final part of our night ?” he added

“Wait.. There’s another part ?!” you questioned, amazed. What else did he plan ? He winked at you and started the car.


*A moment later*

It was so dark, you couldn’t see where he was taking you, but it scared you. Lights appeared not far from you. It was a little football training stadium. He saw that you noticed it, a sly smile slipped his lips. It didn’t inspire confidence..

“Remember our last Fifa game…?” he inquired.
Oh man… Of course you remembered. The deal was that the winner could make the loser do anything he wants. You won. So you made him do embarrassing things. Memorable things.

“You want your revenge I guess ?” you asked

He nodded and took a ball from the trunk of the car.

“But I can’t play, I have heels on…”

“So what ?”

You frowned at him and put your heels off.

“Ladies first” he smirked

You fake smiled before runing with the ball. It was difficult at first, but then it all went good. His shadow appeared behind you ! In a second, he had taken the ball of you.

“You run fast, surprising for a girl” he teased

You tried to take the ball from him, but he didn’t let you. You got it at last and quickly ran away from him to shoot !

“Yaaaay !”

The game continued, you had the ball again, but suddenly, you felt his strong arms taking you in the air:

“You’re cheating ! That’s not fair” you screamed

He was holding you tight: “I make the rules princess”

At the end, you sat on the car’s hood, both trying to catch your breath, totally exhausted. You turned to him:

“Thank you for this amazing night.. I will never forget it.”

He smiled and kissed your head: “I hope you won’t. I love you ”

“I love you more than you could imagine..”


*In the car, going back home*

You were really satisfied about this day. Everything was perfect. You lay your head on his shoulder, watching the road before your eyes closed…


Here it is ! Hope you like it guys :D tell me what you think of it ♥