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:deep breath: alright! So, I liked The Final Problem much more than I expected to. It helps that I’m a huge Mycroft fan.

Some things I liked:

- Mycroft…. pretty much every scene with him was perfect and I appreciate how much screen time he actually got.

- Mycroft’s umbrella, I love that it wasn’t just hiding a sword… oh no, it had to have a gun hiding in it too. I mean, why do things halfway when you can be utterly and ridiculously over prepared? (But more seriously, if he feels like he needs that… why doesn’t he have a bodyguard or two?).

- John, Rosie, and Sherlock at the end was cute. And if it is the end, I’m mostly satisfied with it.

- Molly’s sweater.

- Mystrade is basically canon, why else would Sherlock ask Greg to watch out for his brother? At the very least Mycroft has a goldfish now, whether it’s platonic or romantic, I don’t really care. It’s there.

- The scene where Sherlock has to choose who to shoot. Fantastic acting there by all three of them. And it showed very clearly who both Mycroft and John actually are (also, the ice man isn’t really very icy, is he?).

- I liked that John was the one who figured out the mind control bit. He is smart and I like it when they remember that.

- Moriarty’s entrance was just so… Moriarty.

- Sherlock being so kind to the “little girl on the plane”


Bits I didn’t like:


- I felt no sympathy for the sister, she was a killer and a hug from her brother doesn’t change that. And the end scenes with them playing together would have been more poignant if she’d been more likeable or better built up.

- The Holmes parents were understandably upset… but the things they were saying to Mycroft was too much. He didn’t actually deserve that from them.

- The plane thing didn’t work for me.

- I (and many others) guessed long before this ep aired that “Redbeard” meant something else like a friend or sibling that had died. So that was a bit anticlimactic for me.


Some other things:

- I do not like the Holmes parents! What the heck were they doing when they should’ve been watching, and taking care of, their kids? It really sounds like Mycroft took on a lot of responsibility as a child/teen, it explains a lot about him, and his relationship with Sherlock though.

- What’s up with the number 13 on Mycroft’s fridge? They didn’t explain that did they?

- I guess we’ll never know what that letter from John to Sherlock said.

- I really expected that when they were talking about mind control that John was going to end up being a puppet of Eurus. I mean it would’ve been an interesting scenario (I’m not complaining that they didn’t do that, but my mind couldn’t help but go there).

- I want some more episodes. I liked this season and I love the characters even more than I did before (which is hard to believe).

It’s that time of the year again. My finals are coming in 1 month, and since May is always full of holidays in my country, there really isn’t much time left.

So here’s an ultimate guide on how to get shit done.

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A New Beginning VIII

Dean x Reader

Warnings:none? idk language. smidgen of angst? fluff if you count Dean being a cheesy mofo

Word Count: 1.5k

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A/N: so I’m leaving for Nashville in three days and have nothing prepared I’m sorry if this seems short and shitty. currently, it is the Sunday before posting this (so like less than 24 hours) and it’s not even halfway done. love you all so much for dealing with my procrastinating ass.

Update A/N: its now TWELVE hours before uploading and im fully convinced i am trash. finally finished this chapter, but it’s unedited and pretty much unread because I havent reviewed it. It’s almost 1am, i have class tomorrow, im tired.

“How do you know my aunt Jody?” you asked your..whatever he was, spinning to face him.

“How do you know a Winchester?” your aunt asked you at the exact same time. Dean sighed and looked at the both of you.

“We all need to talk. Inside preferably,” he said, walking past you and your aunt into her house. The two of you stood on her front stoop, dumbfounded.

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Let’s talk fluid therapy:

I was never the math whiz in school but now that my patients lives depend on my math, I suddenly wish I had paid way more attention. Reviewing the calculations often is a good way to be prepared for emergency situations. So here goes.

Say I have a 4 day old Holstein calf with diarrhea and a progressive decrease in glucose. I want to add dextrose to her fluids to help supplement her so she doesn’t become hypoglycemic. Question is, how much dextrose do I add to my fluid bag?

The formula needed for this problem is:


Where C is concentration and V is volume. We can actually determine the answer pretty easily if we remember this formula: My final volume (V2) is a 1000mL bag of saline. The concentration of dextrose I want to end up with is a 12.5% solution so C2 is 0.125. The bottle of dextrose I have is a 50% solution, so my C1 is 0.50. To determine how much of that 50% dextrose solution to add to my bag, I simple need to plug in those numbers and solve for V1.


0.50 x V1 = 0.125 x 1000

0.50 x V1 = 125

V1 = 125/0.50

V1= 250mL of dextrose!

This calculations may seem easy but it can throw you for a loop if you’re not used to using it quickly and efficiently! Don’t forget to hone your math skills because not knowing the diagnosis for a patient may kill it eventually but miscalculating drugs or fluids can kill it a heck of a lot quicker. Practice good vet math!

i picked up inquisition yesterday and am preparing myself to fall head over heels for this mustachiod man


Here’s a few random selfies of me in my favorite dress and new favorite lip stick.  I don’t wear the dress very often as it, well, is pretty formal and frankly, isn’t very practical, haha.  One day I’ll wear it to a special event of perhaps when I start dating - who knows?  I’ve seen that many women own a little black dress, and this is mine.

 Yeah yeah, I am still feeling very self conscious about my weight, but I’m finally feeling a bit better with the weight loss, and I’m going to continue to shed the pounds in preparation for my eventual surgery in a couple years as most doctors who do GRS have a limit on how much one can weigh based on height and BMI.

 I’m sure the selfies will increase as both my weight drops and I eventually start laser hair removal and HRT and of course the brows will have to be tamed as well!  But until then, I’m just posting the occasional ones.

 Hope you’re all having a fabulous week so far, and may the rest of the work week pass by quickly for you!

 - Lana

Meeting the parents (IKON)

iKon meeting their gf’s parents reaction please?

Jinhwan would be nervous but wouldn’t show it. He’d dress nice and casual, he’d introduce himself by telling your parents about his past and his career. 

Yunhyeong would probably be the most prepared, he’d have a gift for them and know all about your family traditions and manners. 

Jiwon (Bobby) would be so excited to finally reveal your relationship to your parents for the first time, he’d talk the entire drive there and make sure to tell your parents how much he likes you. 

Hanbin (B.I) would be a little overwhelmed(?), he wants everyone to love him so I imagine he’d worry a lot. He’d probably ask you a million times if you think they’ll like him. 

Junhoe would be pretty awkward at first around you parents but with your help he’d become more comfortable and talk openly about himself and your relationship. 

Donghyuk would be similar to Junhoe, he’d be awkward at first but then find a common interest with your parents. 

Chanwoo,,, this poor baby, out of all the members I think he’d be the most shy and awkward. I think he’d use his acting skills to pretend he’s not nervous and that would eventually help him be more comfortable. 

undertale theory

so you know how papyrus is set on catching a human so he’ll “finally get everything [he] deserve[s]” ?  thats not the type of proclamation people make based on their own thoughts, somebody would have had to tell him that

and we know that flowey has been talking to papyrus in pretty much every save, and also that papyrus was fully prepared to capture a human despite having never seen one before (although he was too nice to actually catch frisk)

so i think that flowey had been bigging papyrus up to catch a human and save the underground, which also might have been the reason for flowey shooting at frisk in the beginning; to weaken them so that papyrus would be able to catch them Possibly because he’s done that before and thats how it turned out and also that pretty much everyone loves papyrus and even flowey is upset when you kill him,

Flowey was trying to make papyrus the hero of the underground again in the save where frisk showed up and frisk being the player ruined it

this is also made more valid by the fact that papyrus is upset that he’s not the hero when you get the true pacifist ending, but doesn’t hold it against you

papyrus is the real protagonist

Aria is A, and Ezra found out.

I’m a firm believer in the theory that Aria is A.
I’ve been rewatching old episodes to prepare for the finale… im in season 4b and i realized how hastily they ended the Ezra storyline. After season 4, why was the book never mentioned again??Ezra had been gathering information for years, and was trying to figure out the town’s secrets… He probably found out so much about A. He probably found out so much that could’ve answered the girls questions, so much that could’ve saved them. He thought he knew who A was. So… why didnt he ever tell the girls?  Because he found out that the girl he is in love with, Aria, is in fact A. 

That’s why Ezra started acting hella shady in 4b… he began putting the pieces together, realizing aria was A. He watched her and followed her, hoping to prove that his theory was wrong… but it was true. 

When aria finds Ezra’s notes, she is angry. (And with good reason… he lied to her.) But as she was reading the pages, she got angrier and angrier. Because Ezra had learned her secret. I think from Ezra’s research he found out Aria was A, but he didnt say anything because he loved her. However, Aria found his notes and was furious. 

After aria finds the book, she and the girls talk about it. They ask what she had found… Aria’s answer is important. “He thinks that one of us did it.”” Exactly which one of you, Aria? Why didnt she say “he thinks its Hanna” or “he thinks its Emily”. She doesnt go further into it… she is hiding the fact that Ezra found out that she is the one who did it. Sneaky.
Then aria and ezra made up that bullshit that Mrs Dilaurentis was A… to cover Aria’s tracks. 

So… i believe Ezra found out that Aria was A, Aria found his notes, and she either blackmailed him into not telling or she simply convinced him not to. Then she made him join the A-team with her. (Ezra loves Aria and would do anything for her…  “You know theres nothing i wouldnt do for you, right?” Even joining forces with A?) 

That is why Ezra never brings up the book again after 4b. its why Aria never asks him what clues he found in his research. Ezra knows that Aria is dangerous, but he loves her and he won’t tell on her because he doesn’t want to see her locked up. 

Now, in season 5b, Ezra starts having second thoughts about helping Aria. As she gets all her friends locked in prison, he realizes just how twisted she is. He walks away, refusing to help her anymore. But he still doesnt tell on her, he keeps protecting her. Aria recruits Andrew as her new minion to help her. 

i really believe Aria stole the A game from Mona. I really hope that Aria is A, or that we at least get an explanation as to why she’s always so shady.