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Pairing: Bearded!Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Mature
Summary: Reader admires Steve shaving his beard and wants to finish the job herself.
Word Count: 1.8k
Genre: Fluff/NSFW-ish
Warnings: ambiguous relationship, Steve being a sarcastic bastard, flirting, innuendos/suggestive themes, sexual tension and light hair pulling.
Author’s Note: it’s inspired by a conversation with a friend about Bearded!Steve in Avengers: Infinity War. The second gif below is from the shaving scene between Moneypenney and Bond in Skyfall, which you all need to watch because… dayum!

   Verona, Italy

As you opened the door of your hotel room, you popped your head out; looking at either side of the corridor a little while after the breakfast had been served. Seeing no one on the perimeter, you tied your robe around your waist and closed the door behind you.

Tiptoeing, you went across the hall. You reached the door of the partner you’d been assigned for this mission and carefully knocked. As you distinguished the familiar sound of his footsteps in the room, you glanced behind you to make sure no one was watching you. The same move you’d been making for the last few days.

Steve opened the door enough for you to see him holding his shield. He let his guard down, smiling as he saw you. You took notice of the only towel he wore around his narrow waist, his hair damped and messy like he’d been drying them before you’d interrupted him.

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Across the Ages (3)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader (College AU)

Words: 1988

Warnings: More awkwardness and fluff. Heated makeout session. Nude Greek statues so I don’t know if you’re comfortable with that or not.

Prompt: We’re a part of a study group but everyone bailed so I guess it’s just the two of us.

A/N: I’m failing my final tomorrow but I really don’t give a fuck. And by the way, I’m a Hufflepuff. Just thought you should know. Expect smut next chapter peeps. @jurassicbarnes

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

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BTS reaction (NSFW)

Requested by anon: BTS reaction to their First Time undressing you ? ( and seeing you with just a sexy underwear (or naked))

Here it is. ;) /!\ CAUTION  A.R.M.Y.s, don’t you think they are undressing you ;) /!\



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I think his eyes wouldn’t get off of your naked body, his gaze would be so intense you wouldn’t be able to breathe for a moment. At first he would stare, then he would touch and kiss your body, making you moan.  I think he would be such a gentleman, always asking you if you’re ok and stuff.


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So this guy, would become totally crazy, being full of lust. I guess he would be calmer than Jin but he would also be more eagger to make you feel pleasure. So he would probably be staring at you for a few seconds, then you would be submited to him and his desire. He would probably make a comment such as “it feels so good to see, to feel, to touch your naked body.“

Rap Monster

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I think he may be pretty embarrassed by your body underneath his playboy side. He would be breathless, thanking god to give him such a gift. He would truly be thankful to have you as his girlfriend. I believe he could make such a comment “Oh my god, let’s catch up on all the time we’ve been wasting,, not exploring our bodies.”


Originally posted by aliceyinh

He would be shocked. Desire would take the total control of its body, because of the fact that he had been thinking how your body was looking like underneath your clothes and now he has finally the chance to get his questions solved. “Wait right here, I am gonna search for a condom.”/”Be prepared to scream.”


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I think chimchim would be pretty much the same as Rapmon actually. Maybe a little shier and insecure at first but ehn he would be genuinely confident.


Originally posted by btsdaddy

He wouldn’t believe his eyes. He wouldn’t believe that what he has right in front of him is his. He would get closer maybe to realize it’s his. And he would start to play with your breasts. And once he would have make you fall onto the matress, he would get on top of you, kiss them and appreciate your whole body with all of it’s warmth.


Originally posted by dream-bts

His cheecks would be completely red when he’ll stare at you. I guess you’ll have to be the confident one at first. Maybe he would be a little bit scared to touch you because he would think he may hurt you somehow. So you’ll have to start the thing. Then once you’ll be in underwears or naked, he’ll stare at you this way (gif) from your head to your toes, not believing what is about to come.


Here it is :) So of course, you may be wondering if I am just about NSFW reactions but I am absolutely not, it’s just that I decided to make these to reaction the same week end. I’d make the fluff ones I have in my ask box later~For the moment I just let you sip onto these. Don’t be shy to react :)

Love Don’t Change (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: stacyscarlet04 So it’s a song request and I was hoping that you could do it with Bucky so here’s the song: Love Don’t Change by Jeremih

Girl I still kiss your head, in the morning
Make you breakfast in bed, while your yawning
And I don’t do everything, how you want it
But you can’t say your man, don’t be on it

Cause I know true love ain’t easy
And girl I know it’s you, cause you complete me
And I just don’t want you to leavin’
Even though I give you reasons

“Dammit, man, just go talk to her.  We’re all fed up with this shit, okay?  It’s been six months.”

“Hmm?” Bucky murmured into his drink; he wasn’t actually taking any of the dark liquid into his mouth, but rather holding the glass to his lips with the intention, watching you sway back and forth on the dance floor next to Nat and Wanda.  It was Sam’s stupid idea to bring everyone out that night, after a battle that had stripped away their confidence.  No one really wanted to go, but the man was so insistent that it was easier to give in than to argue with him.  I can’t even get drunk, Bucky thought to himself as he finally took a grimaced swallow, wanting a greater burn in his throat and even just a small hint of a buzz, but he received neither.  

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CEO!Kang Daniel AU

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Genre;; ceo!au, business!au,, job!au are these things?? ++FLUFFFFF

Warnings;; none that i know of

Pairing;; Kang Daniel x reader

Requested?;; yes (by anon)

Summary;; Your first time talking to your boss, the one and only CEO Kang Daniel, went a little wrong, but oh so right…

Style;; bullet point….

Word Count; 1559

This is kind of inspired by a) a tv show i saw once and b) a video my mum showed me about the london olympics lol so yhh

  • Kang Daniel is the powerhouse of W1 advertising company (excuse me i’m terrible at coming up with names for things;;)
  • No kidding,, he managed to score official advertising for the Korean winter olympics like;; what?? How?? Persuasion king???
  • Not only is he talented as hell in the business sector
  • Hes also MAD good looking
  • He managed to rise to the top at a super young age because of his skills and he constantly has the older female office workers crowding around him and swooning,,
  • I mean who wouldn’t swoon over Kang Daniel???
  • The first time you see him is when you first join W1 as a sketch artist for the production sector
  • Daniel’s secretary Seongwoo is just showing you around the office when you notice Kang Daniel
  • Sitting in his office
  • Stuffing gummy bears into his mouth
  • Like woah hold up a second?? The professional CEO-god Kang Daniel is literally STUFFING himself with sweets??
  • You take a mental note of this like ok you can use it for blackmail if you need to
  • After a few months of working there the official sketches for the olympics adverts are needed
  • And boyyy is Daniel GRILLING your department
  • Everyones working themselves to the bone and Daniel just keeps on;; turning down every idea
  • So you decide to take matters into your own hands
  • And order him a personalised box of chocolates with ‘cheer up’ on them
  • Funny idea
  • Would’ve been even funnier if you hadn’t left the receipt in the bag when you placed it on his desk that morning
  • With your name on it.
  • It didn’t take long for a call to come through to your desk that was just daniel practically shouting into the speaker
  • ‘Come to my office now or you’re fired’
  • OHHH no you’re screwed sorry not sorry
  • As soon as you step foot in his office you just feel overwhelming dread like ohhhh my god
  • Dont go losing your job!!
  • But instead of screaming in your face he just calmly asks you to take a seat opposite him,,
  • ‘You’re y/n, yes?’
  • Well duh
  • ‘And you’ve been working here for 3 months right?’
  • ‘Yes, Mr Kang’
  • ‘Did Ong put you up to this??’
  • He asks holding up the box of chocolates
  • With half of them missing
  • Without even thinking you say,, in shock,,
  • ‘You ate half of them already?? It’s only been half an hour??’
  • He laughs that cute lil laugh and smiles so softly and you just feel your heart skip a beat like ohhh god why is he so charming???
  • ‘So you did it yourself. No need for the formalities, y/n, just call me Daniel.’
  • Excuse me
  • Your superior wants you to call him by his first name because;; you sent rude chocolates to his office
  • ‘Thanks for the chocolates by the way, I didn’t realise I was being that harsh to your department that it warranted a rude box of chocolates.’
  • Uh oh here comes the you’re fired
  • ‘I’m so sorry Mr Kang-’
  • ‘No, y/n, I told you to call me Daniel! And there’s no need to apologise because now you’re making the whole plan on your own’
  • It takes a second for you to process what he said
  • You, someone who has worked there for not even half a year, has been given the sole responsibility to create the plan for the OLYMPIC ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN WHAT
  • While you’re just drowning in your thoughts he shoos you out of the room with a quick
  • ‘I expect a basic plan in two days time, y/n. I’ll be waiting~’
  • He smiles that damn sweet smile and slams the door shut right in front of your shocked face
  • Oh my god
  • So much work
  • uHH tiny time skip
  • Its tomorrow basically;; and;; you’re nowhere near finished
  • The deadline for the basic plan is due at 9am tomorrow and it’s currently 7pm and you have absolutely no ideas
  • Daniel basically banned the rest of the department from talking to you so you couldn’t even ask them for ideas??
  • The office is almost empty except for you, and the light’s still on in Daniel’s office but nobody is in there so;; he probably left it on (don’t do that kids it’s bad for the environment)
  • The last person left besides you in your department is just leaving when Daniel returns from well,,, wherever he was
  • She turns to you, pats your shoulder and whispers
  • ‘Good luck, y/n, if you’re too stuck just ask Mr Kang, he’s not as bad as he seems.’
  • You nod to her and say goodbye and turn back to your blank computer screen
  • The minutes feel like hours as you rack your brain for ideas and it’s almost like you’re in a trance;;
  • That is, until, a voice by your ear whispers
  • ‘Y/n~ you should’ve asked me for help!!’
  • Of course its Kang Daniel uh oh
  • He plops himself down in the seat next to yours and begins to supply you with ideas
  • Before the clock even turns 9pm you’re finished!! And you’re so pleased you spin around on your spinny chair (i love those) and throw your arms around Daniel
  • He just laughs and hugs you back
  • ‘Well done, y/n’
  • Then you realise what you’ve done haha good one y/n real clever;;
  • And you quickly remove your arms apologising profusely while he just smiles at you and giggles lightly
  • And in the dim light of your computer screen you realise
  • God
  • You have a crush on your boss
  • He continues to help you with the project after everyone else has left until you have the perfect idea
  • The adverts are going to be interviewing the loved ones of the athletes and talking about supporting them and helping them to achieve their dream
  • By the end of the month all of your ideas are finalised and you’re ready to start filming
  • Both you and Daniel go to the filming, him as the CEO and you as the original creator
  • You both stay behind after the initial filming and mess around a bit with the camera
  • You manage to catch a video of him stuffing his face with gummy bears and he videos you dancing along to the songs they were playing for the photoshoots bless
  • And as you’re watching the various videos of Daniel back you just realise that damn;; you’ve fallen HARD
  • His smile just makes your chest ache because it’s so cute and you’re so in love!!
  • But no he’s your boss stop
  • After that initial filming he suddenly stops attending the filming sessions
  • That is, until the last session when he pulls aside the cameraman and well; who knows what he did you couldn’t hear
  • He still hasn’t spoken to you properly and you’re beginning to think he’s sussed out your mASSIVE crush on him oh dear
  • So you take the opportunity to leave early and go cry into some ice cream while on the phone to your best friend in your department
  • Who reassures you it’s all okay but what do they know ??
  • The next day you walk into work in a slump with bags under your eyes because boy that ice cream food baby made it hard to sleep comfortably
  • Not to mention you’re nearly an hour late because of traffic
  • As you log in to your computer you realise you have an email?? From Daniel??
  • Its subject is simply ‘completed’ and it has nothing inside except for a video attachment, which you assume is the final cuts of all of the videos from the past sessions
  • So you watch it but as you near the end you notice something is up
  • There’s an extra 3 minutes?? Why??
  • And boom a smiley Daniel appears onscreen (prepare for cheese)
  • ‘Y/n~~! It’s your favourite CEO!! I didn’t know how to confess to you so;; I planned this with help from Seongwoo so if this doesn’t work blame him’
  • Wait
  • Confess
  • ‘So… I’ve liked you pretty much since the first day you appeared and saw me eating all those gummy bears;; but since we’ve worked together on this project my feelings have grown and i’m proud to say that i love you, y/n!! I will support you until you can achieve your dream and even beyond! You complete me~’
  • Oh my god cheesY
  • ‘But i think you should take a look in your desk drawer…’
  • So of course uhh you open your drawer and there’s a pack of gummy bears with a post-it stuck to it that reads ‘come to the roof’
  • Then realisation sinks in
  • You’re an hour late the poor guy will have been waiting on that cold ass roof for an hour better get up those stairs quick
  • As you reach the top you notice Daniel standing in the middle of the roof with a small bouquet of flowers dressed up in this rEALLY NICE GREY SUIT (god even imagining it he looks handsome af)
  • He spots you, smiles and waves at you, thrusting the flowers towards you
  • ‘I thought you’d never come! I was beginning to think you’d rejected me!’
  • He laughs and scratches his neck, his cheeks BRIGHT red
  • ‘Ahh, Daniel I would never!’
  • He pulls you towards him and softly presses his lips against yours, confirming both of your feelings for one another
  • As he pulls back smiling he whispers
  • ‘That was a long time coming but it was so worth it’
  • And you smile because you would never have guessed that from the first time you spoke to him that it would end up like this
  • He really is the persuasion king lmao

ahhh second au first request!! hopefully you guys like it lmao it took me ages to think of a plotline ;; and its kind of short yikes


72 > 75 > 38 > 24 > 16 > 14 > 6

Sparrow’s popularity is no joke right now. I really want him to maintain his spot in Top 11. He really wants to debut, his will is very strong (just like how he carried some trainees as if it’s nothing).

He is real Dark Horse for Produce 101 Season 2. Someone from the 70s to top 11 now, Woojin has already proved himself. He has shown his skills, his potentials. Since most of us know that, I really hope K-fans don’t let their guts down and just keep supporting and vote for our Sparrow Park Woojin!

(s/n: Finals is in less than 1 week, which means the show is going to end. Final 11 will be announced. I don’t know how to feel again but since I have slightly gone through Season 1′s announcement that time, I think I am pretty much prepared for the heartbreak. Many unexpected things will happen. Let’s just hope the best on 16 June 2017, 11 PM KST.)

When their idol gf wins an award and sees them in the crowd

The scene: This was the day!  It was THE day!  All your hard work had to come to something, right?  All the extra practicing, the last nights, the injuries, the perseverance!  It all came down to this.  The announcer pulls the tab of the envelop he’s holding and reads the name listed inside….announcing:  YOUR NAME!

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Pride, joy, happiness, a giant grin, and love, lots and lots of love in his eyes.  That’s what you see when you make eye contact with him.  If you weren’t crying already, you might be now.  Everything is happening so fast, but damn if it’s not effecting you to see your man out there in the crowd grinning like it was HIM who won the award.  The two of you might be separated by tons of other people, tables, etc, but you’ve never felt closer.  Giving your speech is easy, because he’s all you see in the crowd and boi when you say his name as a part of your thanks, he might just tear up a bit.  This is a proud moment for him.  He knows how hard you worked.  He knows the long nights.  He knows because he was right there with you the whole time.  He was the one who brought you food when you forgot to eat.  He was the one who bandaged up your ankle when you fell.  He was the one who held you when you were frustrated and wanted to give up.  You can expect a giant hug when the whole event is over.  “You did it, jagiyah!  I’m so proud of you!”

Originally posted by bfjoonie


He’s a quiet one, but that blank expressionless face everyone is used to will instantly melt into one of pride and happiness.  His gummy smile will make an appearance as he cheers for you.  When you make eye contact with him in the crowd, he’ll give you a look that clearly says ‘I told you, you could do it’, with that cheeky smirk and a raised eyebrow.  He’ll be the type to turn to the guy next to him and be like ‘that’s my girl’.  Just like his music he takes such pride in you and everything you do.  He sees the same ambition in you that he sees in himself.  He knows the struggles of getting lost in your work, both of you are guilty of it, but that’s what makes this win so much more gratifying.  You struggled to make it and all of that struggling was worth it.  He had told you that over and over again every time you felt discouraged or just wanted to give up entirely.  I hope you like celebrating, cuz you likely have a trip to Hong Kong coming up. ;)  “Prove them wrong, baby.  That’s what you have to do no matter what.  Make them eat their words.  That’s when all the shit they give you becomes worth it.  You proved them wrong and now they can go fuck themselves.”

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I loved your captain cold alphabet thing! It was so cool! Could you do another captain cold imagine? Where reader is ray palmers bff and he gets a tad jealous? You are absolutely amazing!! 😘😘

A/N: Aw, thank you so much, I’m glad that you liked it and thank you for letting me know. Thank you that’s far too kind of you to say. I got a little carried away with this, but I hope that you enjoy it and that it kind of ended up how you were expecting.

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

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Bitches crying fatobhia need to shut up when it comes to jobs

Once upon a time when I was 15 and the year was 2006 we had people from Disney World come to visit my school to talk about the exciting opportunities we could have if we did well on our AP portfolios.

Now my high school was one of those art academies you had to audition for in addition of having great grades and merit. We were pretty much a hotbed for picking up new talent for Disney so each department (Music, Theatre, Dance and Visual Arts) had a different set of Disney informants on different days.

Music got some of the sound techs and musicians, Visual Arts (that’s my department) had graphic designers and story board artists, Dance had those dancing cast members and some people that did the Broadway musical ‘the Lion King’ and Theatre had the dressed up cast members.

I consider myself lucky that none of the guys in my class were willing to help bring some backdrops we painted for the theatre department’s next show that I was able to catch the character cast members in the flesh.

It was wonderful! They had Cinderella, Belle, and Aladdin telling them about the career options that they had once they were 18 and out of high school. Yes, I did kinda slow down the urgency to go back to the classroom to get the other panels but I desperately wanted to know how to become Snow White as a valid career.

It’s no secret that she happened to be my favorite as a child because she was the closes thing (at the time and still is) to looking like my Asian mom and what I found out by dressing like her for one Halloween that no one asked if she was really my mom, if I was adopted or her step child.

Dressing like her made me feel like I look more like the daughter I should have been for her and I know it makes my mom happy (more affectionate, less focused on how she can’t see any resemblance-she swears that if she hadn’t been awake for the whole thing she wouldn’t have believed I was her kid or why I’m the odd one out when it comes to the rest of her family) when I do it too. 

Plus being an actual Disney princess that could get my baby brothers tickets to Disney whenever they wanted AND get to hug small children without being seen as a potential threat were added bonuses.

With that in mind after they were done with their presentation (and everyone else got their photos because those lucky bastards had picture phones) I went to go ask Cinderella about how to go about qualifying to become a Disney princess.

Cinderella did a quick glance at me and gave me one of those smiles like the ones my mom would give me when she would talk about how much cuter I would be if I was in better shape. “In the magic kingdom we do have standards that have to be met but if you put your mind to it anything is possible,” she said sweetly.

Now you didn’t have to spell it out for me, I was a fat teen-nearly obese. I know that in Disney there are no fat princesses only fat villains. I know that in my current state I wasn’t going to become Snow White.

 So I’m like, “Okay then I’ll lose weight and be Snow White when there’s an opening.”

Cinderella although polite seems a bit skeptical and I really don’t blame her looking back at how big I was back then even though when we finally left to get the other panels my classmate was like, “wow, she was fucking rude.”

It took longer than 3 years to lose the weight and even longer to get rid of the flabby skin, discoloration, and put an impressive portfolio together to apply for the job if an opening occurred.

I ended up making my own Snow White dress and ordering a wig to do birthday parties for my god daughters who then got me more offers from other kids who wanted Snow White to visit. I was also branched out into Ariel and Belle (but not the big yellow dress :P ) which really padded it.

I even had some of my former musical theatre classmates to help me sing( I’m not really a singer but with help I could fake it)  somewhat like Snow White did in the film and knew the trivia/history behind the movie like it was my own story.

So while I’m doing this I’m waiting for Disney to need more character cast members when it finally happens! There’s a call for someone to play Snow White!

Excited and hopeful I put in my application and portfolio including pictures and video of me singing to see if I get a bite. Lo and behold I got a call back and was asked to come down to do an interview.

Nervous as I was I drove down to the casting building ( I only got a little lost looking for the right room) but ended up being there an hour ahead of my scheduled time.

In the room there were six other women. There was this tall thin blonde that had those cheekbones who would make a pretty good Aurora or Cinderella but her face too angular for Snow White so I wasn’t worried.

Two girls (Hispanic and dark) were talking a few chairs down. There had been call for Pocahontas so definitely not going to be Snow White.

Another girl a seat to my left was Taiwanese (yeah she could have been Vietnamese but idk she was a bit more yellow than what I was used to seeing) but also too dark for Snow White.

And then in the far, far left corner huddled together were these two fat women; the one with the super short blue hair was fat like I was back in high school but her friend  with the obscenely long ‘curly’ hair was obese.

I remember thinking 'what the hell are they doing here?’ Disney had a strict code about having character cast members being in good health because the job demands that you be outside, on your feet, and be a good role model for the other kids while looking like the princess in question.

But you know, I didn’t want to dwell on it too much because I was really trying to keep my eye on the prize and more importantly I needed to get my nerves in check so I decide to talk with some of the other women.

The Cinderella chick wasn’t interested in talking, the Hispanic girls kept to themselves but the other Asian girl who seemed to be silently panicking in her chair was willing to talk with me.

We talked about our families, school, traffic, what princess we wanted to be (around this time Cinderella had already went in for her interview and the Hispanic girls wanted in on the conversation) and you know we were all getting less jittery and more relaxed. It was good.

The Hispanic girl closest to me had traveled from Kentucky to audition, the one next to her was a native like me but farther down the state, and the Asian had moved here two years prior.

The room had become more lively and it was definitely a plus in our favor if we were able to show that we could be friendly and inviting to anyone we could meet.

Everything was good even when Cinderella came out looking very satisfied. The other girls were kinda of nervous about it but I was trying to stay positive by saying it was a good sign.

Hispanic girl from Kentucky was next, followed by the other Asian and the Hispanic from my state before it was my turn.

I’m used to being last because of my last name but it didn’t help my nerves.

When they finally called me I was ready to burst. Almost six years of my life preparing for this moment when the two tall hogs that I was pretty much ignoring decided to get up and try to rush into the interview room.

Being so hyped up on nerves I was slow to ask what the hell they were doing but security got them by the flabby arms and wrestle out of the room.

They were screeching about how it was unfair that they wouldn’t interview them to be character cast members and it was discrimination of the worst kind while I’m staring at them like they’re some kind of spectacle.

The website SAYS that you can’t be overweight to play a Disney princess. No one wants a fat Ariel or Sleeping Beauty and we certainly don’t want kids to grow up thinking that its healthy to be that size.

It took a while to get them out of the room as they’re screaming about police brutality and shit that when they do finally get out any nerves I had are gone because holy hell what nut jobs! They came all the way here just to stalk into one of the interviews and picked me because I was the last one.

I figure that things could only get better from here until I walked in the room and saw how my interviewer went from smiling to that one where you’re disappointed but have to look happy anyway.

He conducted the interview with what I thought was a bit quick and then told me that despite my portfolio and talents that I was too short to be any of the Disney princesses as they had to be at least 5'5ft and above.

I’m only 5 foot. I can’t be Snow White because of 5 inches.

The guy assures me that I could instead be one of the dressed up masked characters, Wendy Darling or Alice but at the moment they didn’t have openings for either of them and we’ll call you when we need one.

I just wanted to cry. I really did however, I kept it together, thanked him for the chance and that I would love that. Doing my best to walk with my head held high I left the building hoping to have a nice cry in my car when I was accosted in the parking lot by the fat interlopers.

They cornered me.

They were yelling about how fucking 'privileged’ I was to be considered for a Disney princess because I was 'naturally’ thin and what a piece of shit I was to 'full figured’ women like themselves that should play the role of Disney princesses for fat little girls, fuck you, I hope you die, and I fucking snap in the damn parking lot in front of the security guards that were attracted by the noise they were making.

I was telling them to fuck off because I used to be fat and I worked hard to get in shape and the fact that I can’t ever be an official Disney princess because of my height while all they had to lose weight to get the job wasn’t fair.  It’s not fair that I worked so hard to get to this point only to be denied by something I can’t control and to take their whiny lard asses to someone that gives a damn.

I was just spitting venom and I did it in front of the guards that came to separate us and make them move away from each other but oh how I wanted to beat their caked in faces in because I was so fucking mad.

For the two that had to handle them there was three keeping a barrier from me and I just lashed out.  I know that it (probably) what made it so I wouldn’t get another interview again because screaming curses in the cast member parking lot? Not very family friendly.

Mickey Mouse doesn’t want any of that but I was so mad. So I went home crying and without the job because of my height.

While I have been looking out for an opening for the other character cast members I’m still sad that my dream of becoming Disney’s Snow White (and more importantly that they’ll remember me as the chick screaming in the parking lot) so  I haven’t reapplied yet.

I just want fat people to fucking stop bitching about 'size-ism’ and 'fatphobia’ keep people from jobs. You can ALWAYS change your weight but you can’t change your height.

gene-zane-strider  asked:

agelast- your choice! (if you could tag me that would be nice thanks -w-)

Agelast - A person who never laughs.
Summary: Patton is a mess, but at least it means he can hear his sweetheart’s gorgeous laughter. Logicality

Patton had never seen Logan smile, let alone laugh. Sure, he’d smirked before, smug from getting something right, or his lips curled at the very corners, but he had never truly smiled. Nor had he ever laughed. Even when they started dating (which, admittedly, was only last week) Logan still hadn’t smiled. Not properly

Until now.

It was a bright, sweet sound, and Morality found himself falling in love once more with his sweetheart. Low and warm, something about it made Patton’s heart flutter in his chest. He didn’t even mind that it was mostly himself that Logan was laughing at. Instead he moved away from the pizza base he had been preparing, and, still absolutely covered in flour, hugged the logical trait.

“How dare you.” Logan pretty much whined when Patton pulled away, but the pretty pout on his lips didn’t seem to last long as he took in Morality’s appearance. “My goodness, how did you even manage to get youself so covered in flour?”

“I was cooking for you. Homemade pizza.” Patton explained, and the answering smile he got made him absolutely melt inside. He was surprised by the sweet, if slightly awkward kiss to his lips, but happily returned the action.

Logan made a point to speak when they finally broke away. “Thank you, Patton.” He sounded breathless, but there was a warmth to his words that Morality could feel.

“For you? Anything.”

Ducktales issue 2

(( I love Della with all my heart.

• she is almost exactly like Scrooge. (He says so himself)

• girl has skills when it comes to fighting.

• Scrooge clearly loves her dearly and appreciates her much more than he does Donald when I’m adventures.

• a reminder that Dewey is so much like his mother that I could cry at the amount of times I went “that’s so Dewey”

• also Scrooge calls Donald nephew but never calls Della niece. Not that it bothers me, Della continuously says Uncle Scrooge and I- it’s just cute.


So anyway, this comic really got me thinking. It also got me hurting I’m not going to lie.

First off, how. How can Scrooge turn away and pretend that she never existed??? Like she and Donald pretty much went everywhere with him. He was clearly so proud of her. So how can he happily look at her sons and adventure with his sons all while hiding all evidence of her existence in the mansion?? Also does he ever go into the secret room that he clearly had built just for her..?

Secondly, I highly doubt we’ll get anything on Della until like the season finale?? Then in season two we’ll get the truth, the angst and he heart break that we have been preparing for since the pilot..

Why I Don't Think Cas Is Dead

So I have this theory, what if Alternate Universe Cas is the one Lucifer killed. And our Cas is still with Mary and Lucifer. Because sense when do we know Lucifer to just kill someone? As shown with Crowley, he loves to torture them, not kill them. And season 13 will start right where it left off. And I am pretty dead set that Cas is alive and never died. Alternate universe Cas did.

Another part of my reasoning is how most of the SPN cast ( Mark Pellegrino, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Ruth Connell and tons of others ) have been hinting for months the emotional trauma we would go through during the finale and how basically Lucifer would kill Cas or Crowley; Sense when do the actors want to prepare you for the emotional trauma instead of leaving it to shock you to death? The cast is nice and amazing but not that much to where they would want the surprise taken out of it. And we all knew that Cas or Crowley were going to die, i have been hearing that for months now. Though we weren’t prepared for both I dont think the cast would do that if they were really dead.

So in conclusion, I dont think Cas is dead. I think that Lucifer and Cas fought, maybe Cas got knocked down. Alternate Universe Cas was somehow the one to go through the portal and Lucifer killed him. Because Lucifer wanted Cas to suffer as well as Sam and Dean, we know he loves torture. And the most torture would be for Cas to know that Sam and Dean think he is dead.

I think season 13 will start with the alternate universe and our real Cas inside of it. Not dead.

UPDATE: Sense when does Cas roll his eyes and get annoyed when he has to heal Dean? Never. What if If has been AU Cas the entire time sense Cas first went into the portal? UPDATE 2: What if when Cas said “you” he was seeing AU him?

anonymous asked:

Yeah, I don't think Destiel is endgame sadly. The Sam/Eileen story made be believe a new is possible, but no, and they arent go have only one brother find love. I think the show isnt ever going to change, and thats its biggest problem. In the series finale Cas will be placed where Kevin, Charlie, Eileen were before him (the big finale death, for the biggest character after Sam and Dean) and Sam n Dean will drive off in the Impala like at the end of every ep; All quiet on the Western front.

THEY KILLED EILEEN. WHAT. THE. HELL. I saw your post, and I have to ask–does this seriously hurt your expectations of Dabb and where SPN is going

Ack! More asks that I totally missed. Sorry. I am gonna address these both in one post as they are similar themes and I guess I should start with a disclaimer here:

***these are my opinions only and do not reflect the views of other meta writers - seriously if you want positivity and hope please reach out to @tinkdw and @mittensmorgul who are doing a top notch job of controlling the fandom fire and who you should probably listen to more than me because I have become a grumpy old cow recently and am not doing the best job of controlling my cynicism and negativity.***

I should also mention that I have not, and will not, watch 12x21. I don’t need to feel more crappy and I couldn’t give a damn about Mary being brainwashed or Ketch becoming a stereotypical bond villain (or in fact, a stereotype of a parody of a Bond villain since his last act was closer to something Dr Evil from Austin Powers would do than an actual Bond Villain or so I’ve read) So I can’t comment on specifics from that episode.

“Yeah, I don’t think Destiel is endgame sadly. The Sam/Eileen story made be believe a new is possible, but no, and they arent go have only one brother find love.”

Nonny I feel your pain, however I do still think Destiel is endgame. its funny, but I have thought about it a lot over the past few days and I cannot possibly see any way this show will end without destiel being part of it somehow. It does all depend on how you view ‘endgame’ though. 

Because if you mean endgame as in ‘Dean and Cas kiss and confess their love and settle down with a house’ happy ending then no, I don’t think they will get ‘endgame’, but if you mean ‘destiel will be canon on the show’ then yeah I still think its true. 

Sam and Eileen was the difference between Dean and Cas getting a moment of hand holding or a kiss before a big fight in which they die and its a tragedy, and Dean and Cas getting to live and settle down Jesse and Cesar style. Either way, Destiel goes Canon, but Eileen made the difference to how

Other meta writers are gonna disagree with this. But if Eileen remains dead then I do not see a happy ending to this show. Because they will not bring in another love interest for Sam at this late stage. Therefore, as you rightly say, they won’t give Dean a romantic story that ends in a ‘and they lived happily ever after’ kind of way. Saileen mirrored Destiel and the way I see it, without a mirror romantic arc for Sam, I don’t see how we will get any sort of romance for Dean either (unless they actually do decide to just end on a repeat of Swan Song though I KNOW that will piss off a lot of people). 

And yes I know that you can have endgames that don’t include romance, and that romance isn’t everything. I agree with that, but I am convinced that Sam and Dean’s endgames will be in balance with one another. Having Dean and Cas settle down together doesn’t make sense in this story if Sam is left alone. It is unbalanced and goes against a lot of what this show is about: two brothers and their lives hunting together.

(oh god I really don’t mean to sound like a bibro there but you know what I mean. balance is key. The fundamental core of this show is family and found family and it is so much more than just ‘two brothers’ but basically what I am trying to say is that you cannot round up one brothers story and leave the others open ended. It won’t work for the format this show uses.)

“I think the show isnt ever going to change, and thats its biggest problem.” 

I think if Bucklemming keep writing for them, and Bob Singer keeps his grubby little hands on the story, then yeah its not likely to change. This show will always have majorly flawed episodes. The thing is, I still believe Dabb is trying to make this show better. He has already come quite far in doing that. The season 11 finale showed us that, and Dean’s character arc this season is superb. 

The problem is more that Dabb seems to have a case of tunnel vision on Dean’s character arc. He is spending a lot of time chipping away at Dean’s mask and forgetting Sam, somewhat forgetting Cas, and pretty much completely forgetting to give us a coherent mytharc plot. 

Whether the whole Dean focus is to prepare the GA for his eventual coming out of the closet I can’t truly say (though I believe this is the case). It really annoys me how much Sam has been left behind. The one person who Sam had bonded with, who was a character that we, as an audience, could use to gain better insight into Sam outside of his brothers POV was killed off by incompetent buffoons. Dabb would have had to sign off on this terrible decision. Does he just not care about Sam’s development? 

The other major issue is representation. I thought season 12 was doing so well. Then they killed off three POC ladies and a disabled character in the second half of the season. Yet Lucifer gets an absurd plot when frankly, he should have been back in the cage or dead after episode 8. Why were the BMOL two freaking white guys? Why didn’t Lady Toni get Mick’s story line from the start? Why couldn’t either Mick or Ketch be black? or Asian? or Gay? or a Woman? or ALL of those things or ANYTHING other than a straight white guy?!? BRITAIN IS EXTREMELY MULTICULTURAL AND 51% OF US ARE WOMEN. USE IT!!! 

So yeah, its never gonna change. My advice? Don’t watch Bucklemming episodes.

“In the series finale Cas will be placed where Kevin, Charlie, Eileen were before him (the big finale death, for the biggest character after Sam and Dean) and Sam n Dean will drive off in the Impala like at the end of every ep; All quiet on the Western front.” 

Now this I don’t believe, because this would just be a major regression and would be the biggest mistake a finale could make since How I Met Your Mother. In the finale episode of the finale season, I reckon they are all gonna die. Then perhaps they will reunite in heaven with all their previous friends and family. I do NOT think that the series will end with Cas separated from the brothers. This is something I still have faith in. Cas IS a Winchester. He belongs with them. Whether they live or die in the end, he will be with them. Either they all die, or none of them will. Unless by that point Bucklemming are showrunners *shudder*can you imagine that?!? In that instance I would quit the show on principle.

I don’t think the show will end with the Winchesters alone in the world, living on whilst everyone they love is dead and the world is a burnt wasteland… you might as well put them back in hell… its not romantic or poetic no matter what your average bibro may think. I actually don’t think even Bucklemming would give us an ending like that. 

“Does this seriously hurt your expectations of Dabb and where SPN is going?”

On to Nonny No2′s excellent question which well, I probably answered above. But to use this as a summary. Yes. 

Eileen’s death hurt my expectations because it was the cherry on top of a lot of things this season that have slowly been chipping away at my positivity. 

Look, I think some of you may have noticed that I haven’t really been as active as I once was on here. I have struggled to answer asks and when I do, my tone has changed from the optimistic, enthusiastic tone I used to have. 

Honestly, SPN has been upsetting me for a while. The mytharc plot isn’t engaging me. Mary’s story doesn’t interest me because I don’t think they have done her emotional story justice. They instead chose to purposely make her unlikable to the point where a lot of fandom hopes she’ll be killed off. Do you have any idea how disappointing that is? I was so excited for Mary to be brought back, along with everything she symbolised for the show. I don’t think her character has been done justice. 

I felt this way with Amara. I wanted to love her so much but they ruined her and turned her into a sexual predator. I wanted to love Lady Toni as a fully rounded character - a strong British woman having to fight for her voice in an ancient organisation run by old men. The made her into a one dimensional psychopathic rapist. Sometimes I think these writers just arn’t very good at writing female characters outside of ‘sexy twenty something waitress’ for Dean to screw around with to prove his heterosexuality.

The whole Lucifer storyline is driving me crazy. He is so boring and my god I miss season 5 Lucifer. Hell, even Casifer, but Pellegrino is just being absurd now and the joke got old quick. I don’t care about the Nephilim, even now that it has its hooks in Cas. 

What happened to the Grand Coven? Couldn’t we have got a war between BMOL and Grand Coven? I want more witches. More spells. Witch!Sam and Human!Cas. That’s the story they should be telling. I haven’t liked how they’ve handled the British Men of Letters because they don’t seem like a real enough threat to me. Plus I don’t like all the dumb British jokes like seriously these writers have no idea what British people are like. 

This season for me has been saved by 12x06,12x10,12x11, and 12x12. But I have been disappointed overall. Unlike many of my fellow meta writers, I am not all that enthusiastic about the finale. I want so very much to be excited about it and join in with the speculation and theories but I just can’t force it anymore. 

The one thing I have faith in is that we will get canon destiel before series end. Even if its just a shot of them interlinking their fingers and smiling at each other before they go off to their deaths. I am convinced that Dabb will give us that. My problem isn’t about destiel anymore. Its whether the destiel subplot is enough to keep me engaged whilst the main plot goes down the drain. Its whether the destiel subplot is going to keep me going whilst I have to watch them continuously butcher every female character on the show.

I’m not sure I can do it anymore. My faith in Dabb is at a record low after 12x21 and I dunno what it will take to bring me back up.

Well, actually I do know. Eileen. Bring her back, right the wrong and put the story back on track. Then pull your shit together and get some more original characters into the show who arn’t all generic white guy clones. Bring back Charlie. Put Cas in more episodes. Kill Lucifer off for good and make Rowena a series regular. Put Cas in the same fucking episodes as Claire Novak FFS. Give Sam a goddamn story outside of his brother. Witch!Sam!! Or Man of Letters Sam. And finally, bring Dean out of that fucking closet once and for all.

Do all that and I will kiss the ground Dabb walks on. Untill then? well, I dunno if you’ll be hearing much from me in the future that’s all. I may just well and truly be done with this show.



So yesterday I was in a drawpile with @nyehehehe pretty much all day as she was celebrating 500 followers I think it was? anyhow I was in it anyhow and it was so much fun, and here is two of the pics I made <: the first is my warm up which turned into Papyrus, because I am drawing that boy allot currently because look at him, too cute, and then angry Red or he prolly heard you talking shit about his bro so prepare to get beaten up to a pulp pfft, both of these turned out pretty good actually, and the little extra doodle on Papyrus is made by Rain, because it is cute af

the-littlest-nanobot  asked:

Hello! I know a lot of people have finals soon for school (mine are next week), so I was thinking... what would UT Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, and Alphys be like as study-buddies? How would they help their s/o - or just their good friend, if you prefer - prepare for all of those tests? Thank you, and have a good weekend!

My friend has finals next week too ~Mod God
UT Sans: He won’t help to much, but will try to explain something your confused about if you ask him. He’s pretty good at science and math. He will make sure you take breaks and get plenty of sleep before tests start.

UT Papyrus: He’s more then eager to help. You’ll be surprised at how good he is at math. He will make sure you eat healthy meals and get the proper amount of sleep so you don’t get worn out.

UT Undyne: Like Papyrus she’s eager to help. Unlike Papyrus she’s not a master at any subject, but music. In the end you’ll probably be teacher her what you’re suppose to be memorizing. Also don’t let her help with history. She’s still learning how anime isn’t history.

UT Alphys: She’s the type of person to wait till the last minute before studying. She won’t even think about how you have to study until the day before where she tries to help you cram all that information in. Luckily, if you’re confused about something in science she can help you no problem.

nautiscarader  asked:

Wendip, 48

48. Kiss Me “Thanks for the ride Dipper,” Wendy said woozily as Dipper parked in front of her house. “It would not have been a good idea for me to drive home after all the drinks I had tonight.” 

“Well I’m just glad you decided to bring me to the bar with you.” Dipper said. “Though I’m not sure how you were able to handle all those drinks. I pretty much passed out when Grunkle Stan gave me a cup of vodka on my 18th birthday.” 

“That’s because you didn’t build up your resistance for the stuff like I did,” Wendy pointed out. “When my dad wasn’t looking, I would drink about an ounce of one his liquors once every two to three weeks in order to prepare my body when I finally became 21 and could go into a bar.” 

“Wow Wendy,” Dipper exclaimed. “That was a pretty smart idea.” 

Wendy gave Dipper a playful smirk. “You aren’t the only brainiac in Gravity Falls.” As Dipper laughed, Wendy couldn’t help but stare at him. She didn’t know how, but somewhere down the line, Dipper has grown up to be a pretty handsome dude. He was finally as tall as her, has developed a little bit of muscles, and was even sporting a scruffy little beard that look cute on him. 

Dipper caught Wendy staring at him weirdly. “Um Wendy, why are you staring weirdly at me like that. It’s kind of creepy.” 

“Kiss me.” Wendy said bluntly.

Dipper felt his face heating up as he stared at Wendy in surprise. ‘Wh-wh-what did you say?”  

“I said kiss me dude,” Wendy said as she leaned forward while all Dipper could do was stare back and get more flustered. 

“Wendy, think about this,” Dipper said hastily. “You are only saying this because you are dr-mmmmmmmmmm!” Dipper sentence was cut off as Wendy pressed her lips against his. While at first Dipper was startled and freaking out, he soon found himself slowly relaxing as he started to kiss back. After a couple more seconds, Wendy finally pulled away. Dipper just let out a sigh of wonder. 

“Wow,” Dipper said. “That was just…wow.” 

Wendy chuckled at Dipper reaction. “Man, even after all these years, you are still an adorable dork.” 

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#06 Crush

the first time that i saw Luke Hemmings i could have sworn that the world stopped. all i could see was him, smiling my way and staring at me with those perfect blue eyes. he was the most perfect guy i’ve ever seen, and no one else could made me change my mind. 

it’s been already a year since the last time i properly talk to him, and today was going to be the day that i would see him again. 

i’ve been trying to avoid this day as much as possible. the last time we talked was a year ago and it was nothing but a couple of words and a passenger hug, that’s it. not that i don’t want to see the guy who used to be my neighbor, partner in crime and best friend for the last two years that he had before taking his big step in music. I am just not ready to have a reunion with the biggest crush i’ve ever had… on his engagement party. 

“Sammy i don’t feel good” i pout laying on the door frame of my bedroom door and holding my hands on my tummy, and rubbing it softly. 

“Oh honey” my best friend Sam looks at me from the sofa and puts his book aside “What’s wrong?” he gets up from the sofa, quickly fixing his tie while he walks to me. 

“i think i have food poisoning or something” i lay my head on his shoulder. “I don’t think i’ll make it to the party” i cough “I’m sick” 

“oh no” he sighs putting the back of his hand on my forehead “i know what you have, it’s called cowardly syndrome”he says giving me a light slap on the ass and turns around, walking towards the kitchen. 

“Rude!” i exclaim, following him, doing my best to not fall out of my high heels. “Sammy, i’m serious, i can’t go to the party like this!, what if i throw up in the middle of the dance floor..? or pass out? or …?” 

“Seriously, (Y/n)?” he raises an eyebrow at me “you’ve been getting ready for this party for a month, literally. you’re not ill, you’re just fucking scared” 

“i mean, why wouldn’t i be?” i groan “Do i really have to do this?. Sammy, i really don’t want to see him with…her. ugh! c’mon!” 

he rolls his eyes at me “i bet she’s not that bad” he shrugs handing me a shot glass “maybe you guys could be friends…what was her name?” he says to himself “Arzee… Ash… Zar..” 

“Arzaylea” i complete watching how he fills my glass with tequila “And don’t mention her! we’re never going to be friends!” 

“(Y/n), you’ve never actually talked to her, maybe she’s nice” he fills his own glass “at least you should try to be friends with her, she’s going to be the one marrying Luke anyways, you can’t hate her forever” 

“I don’t know Sam..” i shrug looking at the ground “it still hurts, i’ve been waiting all this time for Luke to realize that i exist, i’m right there, and i’m in love with him!” i sigh “but i guess, this is all my fault. i should have gave the first step five years ago” i pout hiding my face between my hands and giving a soft cry. 

“no” he says quickly removing my hands from my face “it took me 30 minutes to do your makeup, don’t ruin my masterpiece” 

“Stop being so selfish!” i exclaim, pushing his hands away from my face “Samuel, i’m sad. don’t you see?” i whine “I am a 23 year old girl, who is still crying over her biggest crush, who stopped talking to her 3 years ago and had the balls to ask the one who loves to marry him, and all i can do is sit there and watch, while i contemplate who pathetic my life is, reminding myself that i’ve never had a boyfriend and that i’ll probably never have, because i can’t get over a boy who doesn’t give a shit about me” 

“Alright” Sam whispers, rubbing my back softly giving me a bit of moral support “i get it, and i hate being the only one telling you this but.. you need to get over him” he says fixing my hair a little bit “you know what?. you don’t need him, because tonight we’re going on a man hunt” 

i frown “a hunt?” i say “what about the party?” 

“we’re going there too” he shrugs “we go there, have a couple of drinks, give our ‘greatest’ wishes to the future groom and bride, and then… you are going to take that sexy shy lady from inside you, because we’re going to the greatest club in all Los Angeles, find the best men in there and have some fun. no more tears, or freaking crushes. We’re getting laid tonight!” 

“so graphic” i scoff giving Sammy a tight hug. “i guess that sounds good” 

“it’s going to be the best night ever!” he gives a small jump and then raises his shot glass “For the best night of our lives, Cheers” 

“Cheers” i repeat clicking my glass to his and swallowing the tequila. 

i furrow my nose at the taste of the tequila and feel how my body wakes up with the alcohol, and i feel so much prepared now. 

“Let’s get going” i finally say. 

“That’s my girl” he cheers and we get out of the apartment 

by the time we arrived at the party, the parking lot was full and the music was pretty loud. the party took place at a big salon lounge, the parking lot was already full, and from a long distance, it was easy to hear the music coming out of the lounge.that party was almost like the actual wedding. 

“Ready?” Sam says approaching to me, holding his hand out for me. 

i deeply sigh “Yeah” i nod taking his hand and letting him walk me to the lounge. 

“We won’t stay long, i promise” he whispers in my ear. 

We go into the lounge, and the first thing i notice is how big and bright that lounge was, they were spotlights everywhere and the tables were perfectly set around the dance floor, all of them having a beautiful red roses bouquet as decoration. this party was fancy as fuck. 

as soon as one of the security men walk us to our assigned table, i could already see some familiar faces, like some of my ex-partners who used to go to school with me back when i lived in Australia, some of Luke’s family and of course friends. 

 “this is so weird” i sigh “i feel like we shouldn’t be here” i say sitting on one of the chairs and pulling Sam on the sit beside me. 

“Hey, Don’t worry about it” he rubs my arm “As soon as we find him and congratulate him, we can get out of here” he smiles. 

“Thanks” i smile to him, laying my head on his arm. 

all i do is sit and observe people dancing around, thing that i would be doing, if i wasn’t feeling so weird, i would be dancing around and getting wasted, but tonight was definitely not my night, i wanted to be home, crying and not having to hear anything about this stupid party. or Luke. 

“oh my god” i hear a voice say at my back “are my eyes tricking me? (Y/n) is that you?” 

i curse on my inside and look back, there was this blond chubby woman behind me, with the biggest smile on her face, holding her arms out for me and waiting for me to give her a hug, of course i knew her, she was hard to forget . 

“Liz! Hi!” i smile getting up to hug her. “Long time no see!” 

“I know!” she smiles at me “It’s been weird not seeing you home this last years, i’ve talked to your mom a couple of times, you’re doing great here in LA Apparently” 

“yeah, it’s been a great year” i nod shyly looking at the floor.

“I’m glad you’re doing great dear” she smiles giving me a hug “I’m sorry we have to keep such a short conversation, but i need to help the to-be-groom run some quick tasks” she chuckles “it’s nice to see you” 

“Nice to see you too” i smile shyly returning the hug. 

as Liz left, i turn back to see Sam, he had a funny look on his face, but he didn’t said anything, he just turned back and walked to me, taking my hand and pulling me somewhere. 

“I’m guessing you need a drink” he says in my ear, walking me to the bar. 

i was feeling better on my third drink

the fourth was so much better

but when the sixth came, i couldn’t control the words that came out of my mouth.

that’s how much whisky affected me.

“Can you believe it though?” i tell the bar tender like he wanted to know my history “My best friend, just dumped me for another guy” i giggle swallowing more whiskey

“this is a sign” i sigh “maybe i shouldn’t even be here on this stupid party”

“We won’t stay long” I mock Sam “liar”

“Yeah” he says not caring and taking the glass away from me.

“Hey that’s mine!” i frown.

“You had enough, believe me” he winks at me leaving me alone
i hide my face between my hands and mumble

“Asshole” as i slide out of the chair, and search for my table so i could sit there.

I let my head rest on the table, letting a big sigh out of my lips and hearing the music bursting on my ears, non stop.

I want another whisky

I want to get out of here

I want another life

I want to get over this stupid situation

But most importantly, I want to forget everything about this

“Excuse me” I hear a masculine voice beside me, but not talking to me though “I need another bottle of champagne, how fast can you get it?”

“How fast is the speed of light?” He jokes, getting the back room to look for the bottle.

“Awesome” the voice chuckles.

Oh that laugh

That voice

I thought I would never hear it again.

I look up, and there he is.
He suits a very fancy black suit And a grey tie. He has the happiest expression on his face, which make him look ten times better than he usually looks.

I slide out of my seat, very carefully. Maybe if I just walk away he won’t notice me. Or maybe if I…

“For god’s sake” he says staring at me with a smile “I can’t believe it, you’re here !”

Before I could say anything, he hugs me, really tigh and I can’t do anything else than hug him back.

“I missed you!” He smiles at me “for real, I am so glad you’re here, I’ve been wanting to catch up with you all this time, how’ve you been?”

“I…um” I struggle “I’ve been okay” I shrugged hiding my shaky hands behind my back.

“Just okay? ” he chuckles “you look fantastic!”

“T-T-Thanks” i stutter “oh god” i cover my face with my hands. 

“Don’t hide” he says, pulling my hands away from my face “are you okay? you seem nervous” 

i struggle to find my next words “I am fine, i am just.. so..” i sigh looking down at the floor “Drunk” 

his smiles fades a little and he intermediately takes my hand, and guides me to the closest seat around us. he instructs the barman to take that bottle of champagne to his table as he stands beside me and touch my hair with his beautiful and soft hand. 

“Do you need water, a soda, anything?” he asks. 

he is so cool

i can feel his breathing on my face 

so i look right and there they are, those beautiful eyes staring at me with a worry look. 

“I..” i start. 

but my body follows it’s instinct. my mind says no but my body don’t give a shit. 

so i come just a little bit closer, and on my drunken state, i kiss him on the lips for a solid 3 Seconds. and all i can say is that those were the best 3 seconds of my entire existence. or at least it felt like it. 

he pulls apart, with wide eyes and touching his lips with the tips of his fingers. Speachless. 

“Bitch!” i hear a couple of tables away from me. 

and there she is. the crazy bride to be that i definitely did not wanted to see. and she is coming on my way. walking too fast on her heels and with the angriest expression. 

“I am so sorry!” i exclaim. walking away from the scene as fast as i can “I am not crazy! i swear!” 

i am crying by now. 

“I am so sorry!” i repeat.”Forget this happened. have a good night and a long happy life” i nervously yell. 

i run as fast as my heels let me. hearing all of the people talking about what just happening and making it the biggest deal ever. and it certainly was . 

when i spot Sam’s car, i look on my purse for the keys and open the car. getting there and driving home as fast as i can. 

this was crazy 

maybe i am going crazy. 

Let’s talk fluid therapy:

I was never the math whiz in school but now that my patients lives depend on my math, I suddenly wish I had paid way more attention. Reviewing the calculations often is a good way to be prepared for emergency situations. So here goes.

Say I have a 4 day old Holstein calf with diarrhea and a progressive decrease in glucose. I want to add dextrose to her fluids to help supplement her so she doesn’t become hypoglycemic. Question is, how much dextrose do I add to my fluid bag?

The formula needed for this problem is:


Where C is concentration and V is volume. We can actually determine the answer pretty easily if we remember this formula: My final volume (V2) is a 1000mL bag of saline. The concentration of dextrose I want to end up with is a 12.5% solution so C2 is 0.125. The bottle of dextrose I have is a 50% solution, so my C1 is 0.50. To determine how much of that 50% dextrose solution to add to my bag, I simple need to plug in those numbers and solve for V1.


0.50 x V1 = 0.125 x 1000

0.50 x V1 = 125

V1 = 125/0.50

V1= 250mL of dextrose!

This calculations may seem easy but it can throw you for a loop if you’re not used to using it quickly and efficiently! Don’t forget to hone your math skills because not knowing the diagnosis for a patient may kill it eventually but miscalculating drugs or fluids can kill it a heck of a lot quicker. Practice good vet math!

It’s that time of the year again. My finals are coming in 1 month, and since May is always full of holidays in my country, there really isn’t much time left.

So here’s an ultimate guide on how to get shit done.

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