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Everyone says when doing some research on the Greek Gods to read things such as the odyssey or the like, but we all know the some versions of classic writing like that can be better than others... So, these are the questions that I put forth. What are your favorite versions of some of the classics? And what are some versions that are accurate, easy reading for newbies? Feel free to phone a friend.

You know, honestly, I am a HUGE fan of Robert Fitzgerald, and his translation of the Odyssey will always have a place in my heart, but Martin Hammond’s 2000 translation is good too. Fitzgerald structured it into unrhymed poetry with irregular stanza and line lengths. It’s pretty easy to read. Hammond kept some of the structure of poetry, with strong sentence structure, flowery prose, and plenty of repetitive expressive statements. Samuel Butler may have produced one of the easiest reads, since his is basically prose, and his version is available pretty much everywhere. Richmond Lattimore is probably one of the most faithful translations though, and he manages to keep it in hexameter, but it can be a difficult read. Fitzgerald is probably my favorite though.