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Request: BTS reaction when they at an variety Show with an female Idol and Start to have a crush her!?

AN: I made this kind of gender neutural. I hope that you’re okay w/ that anom! For this, you’re part of a girl group/boy group/coed group doesn’t matter tbh as long as your in a group and you’re group is on the show with BTS. 

SEOKJIN: Jin would probably try to get as much of your attention as often as possible. During tasks and games where a partner was needed, he’d definitely be the first person at your side asking to pair up. He’d probably be pretty obvious (intentionally), and would playfully flirt without you through the show. There would be so many fan theories after that episode aired, because his crush on you would be so blatant. Most of the scenes with him in it would be him flirting with you, because that’s what he did throughout the whole show; if they cut out every time that he flirted with you, he’d be on screen for maybe two seconds elapsed. That would be one of the cutest episodes of the show in existence because his flirting wouldn’t be gross, unwanted, and/or rude, but polite, playful, friendly, and adorable all in all. Probably makes awkward and horrible funny puns and pickup lines about/for you on the spot.

    “I can give you a lesson on how to perfectly blow the camera a kiss”

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YOONGI: Okay so I had a bit of trouble thinking of how Yoongi would react in this scenario, but I’ve figured it out! I feel like Yoongi would try to show off a lot. Like he’ll try super hard at any task there is; just go full out, and stop at nothing to win. Everytime that he succeeds, wins and/or answers correctly he looks at you like “hell yes I’m amazing”, but on the inside, he’s more like, “did I do good?”. Basically, I think that he would want your approval throughout the show, a bit like a puppy omggggg that's too cute to think about. The only problem with this is that he’s so    o b v i o u s. Unlike Jin, Yoongi thinks that he’s being inconspicuous, about his flirting. In fact, Yoongi doesn’t even know that he’s flirting. He would be showing off intentionally, but the little glance he would do at the end of everything would be out of his control. The show’s editing team would probably point all of this out every now and then, and like edit hearts and stuff, and make funny little comments

                                        *YOONGI ON THE OUTSIDE*

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                                          *YOONGI ON THE INSIDE*

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HOSEOK: Hoseok would probably be really upfront with everything. He would make his crush on you known to you, to your group members, the BTS members, the hosts, everyone! I feel like he’d act as he normally would during the show, albeit maybe a little more excited. Despite not trying to hide his crush, he wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable in any way shape or form, so he wouldn’t try to initiate too much skinship, or talk to you more than he would if he didn’t have a crush on you. Like I said before, he might be a bit more excited than usual during the show; this would mean that he would be visibly more happy (his smile would somehow get brighter. Can the sun even get brighter?). (the gif doesn’t really make sense, but i chose it for the text)

                                   “What would be your ideal type?”


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NAMJOON: To me, Namjoon (as the leader) would be the most diplomatic in this situation. He would want to keep everything professional so he wouldn’t flirt with you or anything do that would indicate him liking you. During his time spent with you, he would probably quickly fall for your natural charm. He would seem a bit distant throughout the show, but that would be because he was thinking about how to ask you out! After you guys finish filming the episode he would probably pull you aside and confess to you about his gigantic little crush on you, and who knows… maybe a relationship would bloom from this episode???!!! (c’mon we all know that if Namjoon asked any of us we would say yes so fast).

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JIMIN: I don’t really know why, but I feel like Jimin would accidentally tell everyone about his crush on you at the beginning of the show. Like he’d be zoning out and one of the hosts will ask him what he’s thinking about, and without thinking he’d respond with, “y’n” and then spend the next twenty minutes trying his best to cover for his slip up. He would be a little mochi the entire show because he’d be so embarrassed. And the other members would tease him so much!!! And your members would tease YOU so much!!! And overall it would be adorable???? He’d probably avoid you f o r e v e r  simply because he’d be so embarrassed (ik i already said that, stfu), so if you want a relationship (i know you do), then you’re going to have to approach him.

“I was just thinking about her smile! I mean how I can smile as nicely as                                                             her! Wait! I mean!”

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TAEHYUNG: Tae would probably be a mix of Jimin and Jin in this scenario. Maybe half way through the show, he would let it slip that he’s interested in you, but he’d probably just laugh it off and continue with his life. THe only thing is, now that you know that he likes you, he’s probably going to flirt SO MUCH omg. Just one hundred percent shameless flirting. He’ll constantly be looking in your direction, and like Jin, Tae’s flirting is playful and not rude. There’s not much to say, except good luck for Taehyung stans.

                                   “Aish we all know you love me too”

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JUNGKOOK: You already know that Jungkook, despite being Jungkook, is very awkward around girls (If you don’t identify as female and are in a boy group, he’s only awkward around you, and if you don’t identify as female and are in a coed group then he’s awkward around the girls in your group and you especially). So Jungkook would probably be an awkward mess around the other girls in your group, but YOU ESPECIALLY. His crush on you would be so obvious, and everyone knew it without him saying anything about it. His hyungs would definitely take the opportunity to tease and taunt him about his crush throughout the whole show. Even the editors would tpoint out his awkwardness around you when editing. 

                          “Jungkook! Smile for your girlfriend/boyfriend!”

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Hey~~~~ could I please request some kinda angsty stuff? With the RFA learning that their s/o had a serious injury in the past? (Like for example: I used to be a huge skier but then I fell hard enough to get nerve damage in my shin and I haven't been able to ski since) like the s/o is kinda used to it but still I feel like the guys would make a fuss? (I've pretty much accepted it but it's still really upsetting at times) sorry if that's like too specific or something but thanks in advance!!

*rolls up sleeves*


  • surprise theme park date!!!
  • poor college kid Yoosung has been saving for months to snag two tickets to his favorite theme park
  • he is like an excited puppy all morning, he even wakes MC up with kisses!!
  • he packs a backpack with portable phone chargers, sandwiches, water bottles
  • he’s ready to make sure MC has the most funnest day ever
  • when they get to the park, Yoosung immediately snatches a park map and starts to plan out their day
  • “we can start with this roller coaster!”
  • he points to one of the rides on the map
  • “it’s one of the more popular ones, so we should do it early in the day to avoid a long line”
  • “Yoosung…”
  • “oh! and then we’ll head over to this ride, it’s one of my favorites”
  • “Yoosung…”
  • “and we can do whatever you want during the day, but the very last thing we do has to be this ride! it’s the fastest one in the whole park”
  • “Yoosung”
  • “Hmm? is there something wrong with that schedule?”
  • “no…it’s just”
  • “MC…is everything okay?”
  • “Yoosung I…”
  • MC’s face twists a bit as they struggle to choke back sobs
  • “hey now…what’s the matter?”
  • Yoosung’s tone is much softer now
  • “tell me whats wrong and ill fix it, i swear”
  • “I can’t go on all those rides with you, Yoosung. i’m sorry”
  • “don’t apologize, MC, please. we dont have to ride the roller coasters”
  • “i wish i could, Yoosung, but when i was younger i hurt my spine and roller coasters are too rough for my back to handle now…”
  • Yoosung leans down so that his gaze is level with MC’s
  • “don’t worry about it, okay?”
  • he smiles brightly at MC, attempting to cheer them up
  • “are you sure i’m not ruining your theme park day? you can go on the rides without me”
  • but Yoosung doesn’t want to do anything without MC
  • it won’t be fun at all without them
  • “MC, you arent ruining anything. you could never ruin anything”
  • Yoosung kisses MC’s forehead lightly
  • “I know today will be perfect no matter what because we’re spending it together, okay?”
  • MC looks up at him and nods, smiling a little now
  • “then lets go have some fun”


  • Zen goes jogging all the time
  • but ever since he started dating MC he wants to go absolutely everything together
  • so, naturally he invites MC to go jogging with him in the mornings
  • they look so cute in their sporty clothes
  • and Zen cant think of a better way to start off his day than with MC
  • he even chose his favorite park to go jogging in
  • “Good morning, cutie”
  • MC warns Zen that they should probably take it easy
  • so they start of slow, walking and jogging on and off
  • at one point while they’re jogging together, MC’s breathing gets noticeably ragged and broken
  • they suddenly stop jogging and grab Zen’s hand to sit on a bench
  • “is everything okay, sweetheart?”
  • MC doesn’t respond to Zen, but instead stares forward, their breathing quick and shallow
  • oh man
  • did he push them too hard? 
  • “MC, deep breaths”
  • he guides their breathing, coaxing MC to inhale and exhale slowly
  • tears start to stream down their face as MC struggles to fill their lungs with air
  • Zen continues to calmly guide their breathing even though he’s freaking out inside
  • in a couple minutes, MC’s breathing is stable again
  • “Sweetheart, i didn’t mean to-”
  • MC stands, cutting Zens apology short
  • “sorry about that. lets keep going”
  • they wipe a tear off their cheek 
  • Zen pulls MC back down onto the bench
  • “no. i’m not going to make you run anymore”
  • “Zen, im fine”
  • no, you're not. MC, you couldnt breathe for like a minute. thats not okay”
  • MC explains to Zen that they were in a small car accident that ended up hurting their lungs, so activities that can cause shortness of breath have a chance to give them serious breathing problems
  • “why didn’t you tell me?! why did you let me take you out jogging with breathing problems?!”
  • “Zen…I just want to be able to do everything with you…”
  • of course, Zen wants to do the same 
  • he wants to spend every moment possible with MC but
  • he can’t put them in harms way again, ever
  • so Zen gets a treadmill 
  • “Zen, you don’t have to do this because of me”
  • “nonsense! everything i do is because of you”
  • now Zen does his jogs with MC everyday


  • Jaehee really thinks MC should learn some Judo i mean
  • who couldnt use a few simple self defense tips and tricks?
  • so one day on Jaehee’s break she calls MC
  • “hey, MC! i trust you had lunch?”
  • “just for you, Jaehee”
  • Jaehee giggles a little
  • MC is good about taking care of themselves, but Jaehee still feels she needs to make sure they’re eating right
  • “so i was thinking, and I want you to come to my Judo class with me next time”
  • “hmmm…I dont know about that, Jaehee. can’t i just take you along everywhere i go?”
  • Jaehee laughs again
  • MC is so good at making her day brighter
  • “i would like to say yes, but im afraid my work schedule doesn’t allow it. please join me?”
  • MC really would love to accompany Jaehee to her Judo lessons, but they have a shoulder injury that never quite healed properly
  • “Jaehee, i really can’t i’ve got…a bad shoulder”
  • “oh…”
  • when MC hurt they’re shoulder, it was a point in their life when they couldnt afford a physical therapist
  • “it just…never healed fully. i dont think i can do judo with you”
  • “I see…i should return to my work, now”
  • Jaehee hangs up the phone, but continues to think about MC throughout the day
  • it’s not right that they still have to suffer just because they could never afford physical therapy…
  • so Jaehee decides to take matters into her own hands
  • “Umm…Jaehee? what are you doing here?”
  • MC wasn’t expecting a visit from her that night
  • “I’m going to be your physical therapist”
  • “…what?”
  • “it won’t be an easy or quick process but i want to help heal you, MC”
  • “i still dont know if ill be able to do judo with you…”
  • but for Jaehee this isn’t about judo anymore
  • it’s about MC’s health


  • everyone knows that Jumin is like a fancy business man
  • but even fancy business men have to have fun sometimes
  • the way Jumin has fun
  • is by playing tennis 
  • but now that MC is a part of his life
  • he wants to enjoy tennis with them
  • he wants to enjoy everything with them!!!!
  • so one morning while Jumin and MC are having breakfast together
  • he invited them to play a game of tennis with him
  • “i dont know if you’d like that sort of thing, but…”
  • Jumin reaches across the table to grab MC’s hands
  • “i’d love for it to be something we do together, now”
  • Jumin watches as MC’s face darkens
  • “Jumin…I’m sorry, I can’t play tennis”
  • Jumin tilts his head in confusion
  • he would have understood if maybe MC said “i dont want to play tennis” or something along those lines
  • but…they can’t play tennis?
  • “is something wrong?”
  • a few years back MC took a nasty fall and injured their dominant wrist. it doesnt affect their everyday life but…playing tennis is just something they can’t do anymore
  • “i’m…i’m sorry i let you down”
  • let him down?
  • “MC, I didn’t ask you to play tennis with me because i love tennis”
  • he stands up and walks to the other side of the table to sit down next to MC and puts an arm around them
  • “i asked because i like you”
  • MC blushes!!
  • ever since MC’s accident they’ve always hated the fact that there are some things they just can’t do
  • but with Jumin…
  • it feels like they can do anything


  • “MC! look what i got!”
  • MC didn’t even know Seven had woken up yet that morning
  • much less that he went out and bought a soccer ball
  • MC sits up, rubbing their eyes, still groggy
  • they watch as Seven attempts to juggle the ball on his knees, dropping it after hitting it with his knee once
  • MC wants to ask why he bought a soccer ball at 8 AM but lets be honest
  • is there even an answer to that question?
  • “Thats great, Seven. maybe you and Vanderwood can play together”
  • MC flops back down, not yet ready to wake up
  • but Seven needs attention now
  • he throws himself onto the bed next to them
  • MC turns away from Seven, pulling the blanket over their head
  • “but i wanna play with youuuu!”
  • “well i dont wanna play”
  • “will you wanna play later?”
  • “no”
  • …..
  • ………..
  • “how about now?”
  • “Seven, i dont wanna play soccer with you”
  • “wwhyyyyyyyy?”
  • MC throws the covers off of themselves and sits up suddenly
  • because i can’t! okay, Seven?!” 
  • Seven’s caught off guard by MC’s sudden hostility
  • they throw the covers back over themselves and lay down again
  • “I used to play soccer a lot…but i tore my ACL during a game years ago. i havent played since”
  • MC’s voice is muffled from under the covers
  • Seven thinks hard for a moment
  • it’s clear that MC’s very distressed about not being able to play soccer
  • he has to make them laugh
  • “MC! look at this!”
  • “Seven, please let me sleep”
  • “look!”
  • MC reluctantly tosses the covers off of themselves and looks at Seven
  • he’s spinning the soccer ball on his pointer finger, balancing it
  • “see? you don’t need your ACL to have fun with a soccer ball!”
  • MC stares at him twirling the soccer ball around, and starts to laugh
  • mission accomplished
  • “Seven, will you teach me how to do that?”
  • “Of course!”
  • he stops the spinning, grabbing the ball with both hands, and quickly kisses MC
  • “you’re cute when you get frustrated, yknow that?”


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