pretty much an improved version of the last one

anonymous asked:

You have mentioned in the past that Eridan needs a good caligulas partner. Who would that be you think?

There’s at least three options:

1. Jasprose (as improved version of Rose who could be up to the challenge)

cause all Amporas seem to have some sort of weak spot for cat trolls

and thus:

2. Davepeta

3. Equius

4. Possibly Sollux? He seems to be harboring pretty black feelings toward Eridan now that he is blinded and has to share body with him as Erisolsprite.

5. Maybe Caliborn?

The last one is based on the fact he is always on constant hunt for yet another archwhale and Caliborn actually somewhat fits the profile (even if this makes much less sense than when it comes to the mentioned previous others).

Whoever it will be tho, will have to be able to handle tantrums that can flip Eridan back into his most grim of moods.


The big three, finally done!

I spent forever on Usagi, I always get nervous when doing titular characters (for example I had such a hard time with making Princess Zelda). There’s just so much pressure to make it look perfect! 

Hopefully I managed to do that with Usagi. I think Mamoru and Chibiusa came out pretty well though! This version of Chibiusa is definitely an improvement from my last one XI

It probably seems like Chibiusa should be the Jack of Hearts, but her being the Jack of Spades actually works very well for my overall plan for the suits, I promise! :) 

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