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Waiting in the Wings

The Twins & Lina

Anon request: Fanfic about Barba and his daughter (His daughter is in her school’s musical and is starring, and she told him about it and is worried he won’t be there to see her) please?

Lina took a deep breath and knocked on the door of her father’s study.

“Come in,” Rafael’s voice sounded weary on the other side.

Lina crept into the study, feeling a little apprehensive about the state of mind her father would be in that evening. It wasn’t always easy to be the daughter of an assistant district attorney of the city of New York. Today was one of those days.

“Hi, Papi.”

Rafael looked up at his youngest daughter and gave her a tired smile and closed the file he had in front of him. She shouldn’t be looking at photographs like those, not at the tender age of ten. “Mija,” he beckoned her over. “Everything alright?”

“Yes, Papi. Are you okay? You looked tired.”

Lina had always been a little wise for her years. She had started out life as a tiny infant, but this hadn’t stopped her trying to emulate and keep stride with her older sisters. In Rafael’s opinion, she was growing up faster than he cared to think about.

“It’s been busy at work, I’ve just had a lot of work to get through.”

“Defense attorney giving you grief, Papi?”

Rafael chuckled. “Mija, you know I like to wipe the floor with them, don’t you?”

“You sure do!” Lina smiled, her sparkling green eyes, matching his own.

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This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Expresses Their Emotions

Every individual personality expresses emotion in a different way. We all have our habits and coping mechanisms when things get tough, but did you know that your zodiac sign can reveal things you may not have known about how you express sadness?

Read on to find out what you can discover about your own emotional expression, based on your zodiac sign.


When Aries is deeply upset, they have a tendency to lash out at those around them. Because they have such a strong personality to start out with, they can become very antagonistic when under emotional duress.

Sadness and pretty much any other negative emotion come out looking more like anger and paranoia.


Taurus doesn’t like to be perceived as being particularly vulnerable, so when they’re dealing with strong emotions, they have a habit of isolating themselves and trying to deal with it alone.

They aren’t so much pragmatic about it as they are distraction-seeking.


The Gemini is overwhelmed quickly by sadness and will want to shut down and hide away from the world.

They tend to sit on their own and over analyze things to the point of crippling depression if left to their own devices.


Most Cancers are strong and can get through just about anything given time, but they need support and affection from partners and friends in order to do so.

When they get sad or overcome with emotion they crave physical touch as it’s the most comforting thing to them.


Leo can be quite the drama queen when confronted with sad or strong emotions. They will wear their heart on their sleeve and can come off as playing the victim because they’re so open with their feelings.

Sometimes they can be a little too myopic and lost in their own troubles, and they lose sight of reality.


When Virgo is upset, they don’t want to hear anything from anyone. They don’t want to be cheered up or helped, they want to be left alone to wallow in their sadness and frustration until they decide they’re ready to look for solutions.

It’s best to leave an emotional Virgo to themselves and give some space for a while, otherwise you’re just asking for a confrontation.


Libras don’t like to be forced to acknowledge the truth. They habitually shove their emotions down in an effort to pretend that everything is fine.

They will slap a fake smile on and do their best to fool the people around them into thinking they’re okay.

This might work for a short time, but in the end it always backfires when Libra finally loses control and erupts with all of those suppressed emotions, sometimes causing irreparable damage to personal relationships.


If there is one sign you should absolutely steer clear of when they’re sad or upset, it is Scorpio. Once Scorpio reaches a certain level of emotion they become extremely tender and sensitive and can fly off the handle violently with little to no provocation.

This sign has almost no control over their mood swings in this state and they will take their frustration out on anyone who gets in their way.


Sagittarius must be mindful when going through serious emotions, as they are the most prone to severe depression and can sink down to rock bottom with even the smallest push.

The moment they feel the sadness coming on they will want to withdraw and let it envelope them, but it’s important to resist this instinct because pulling them back up out of that hole is a long and exhausting process.


Here we have another over thinker, so much so that they can get totally lost in their thoughts and end up going through life in auto pilot while dwelling on all the negatives in their life, mentally.

Capricorn is smart but the downside of this is that they tend to see the glass as half empty rather than half full and hope is not a concept they’re good with. You should also watch out as they’re prone to issues with substance abuse.


When Aquarius is unhappy they start worrying about everyone but themselves, and tend to throw themselves into their friends, career or whatever else can work as a distraction from dealing with their feelings.

They don’t always blow up on the people around them, but holding the feelings in and ignoring the pain only hurts Aquarius more in the long run. Everybody’s gotta face the music eventually.


Pisces responds to pretty much all sadness/stress the same way, by turning into a giant ball of anxiety.

They can be a little on the neurotic side and they remember and sometimes obsess over every bad thing they’ve ever gone through, especially in times of emotional turmoil.

To keep this from turning into a vicious cycle of anxiety and obsession over the past, a pisces needs to get out of their own head and find something positive to focus on while they process what they’re feeling on a subconscious level.


“I mean us, you and me, a former CEO and his successor, trying to make things work in the midst of their crazy busy lives. Plus the whole superhero thing, which is his night job, though he works overtime occasionally and has to deal with worldwide threats for several days at a time,“ Tony says. "Pretty romantic-sounding, huh?”

Pepperony Week 2017, Day 4: Quote/lyrics

(also read on ao3 or ffn) // (read prev. pepperony week 2017 fics here!!!)

(takes place between im3 and aou)

“So you brought out the best of me—a part of me I’ve never seen. You took my soul and wiped it clean. Our love was made for movie screens.” —“All I Want” by Kodaline (featured in The Fault in Our Stars)

“I think,” Tony declares absentmindedly one day, Pepper curled into him as they lounge on the couch of his—their—recently renovated home in Malibu, “they should write a book about us.”

Us?” Pepper echoes, looking up at him from her place on his chest. “Not just Iron Man?”

“Iron Man’s just a plot device,” he says, dismissing it with his hand. “I mean us, you and me, a former CEO and his successor, trying to make things work in the midst of their crazy busy lives. Plus the whole superhero thing, which is his night job, though he works overtime occasionally and has to deal with worldwide threats for several days at a time. Pretty romantic-sounding, huh?”

“I suppose it could be turned into an epic romance,” she says, a small smile forming on her face. It’s been overcast throughout the day (a rarity in spring in Southern California), but sunlight finally breaks through the clouds, illuminating Pepper’s hair. “Where’s all of this coming from?”

“Well,” he shrugs, “I can’t be Iron Man or an Avenger forever, gotta plan for retirement, y’know? Maybe invest in the book industry a bit. Those tragic Y.A. romance novels sell like hotcakes these days. We could make bank on that.”

“I don’t think you have to worry too much about retiring comfortably,” she teases. “You have more than enough saved up for that.”

“It’d be a fun side project,” he says. “Maybe we’ll get bored in our retirement, who knows?”

“Now it’s our retirement?” She raises an eyebrow, sitting up.

“Uh, yeah. Unless something’s not working out…?”

He trails off, but she takes one of his hands into hers, holding it carefully. Her eyes twinkle with something akin to happiness. “I’m looking forward to our retirement.”

“Oh, good. You had me scared for a moment there.” He returns her soft smile. “Okay. Well, maybe not a book. How about a movie? We’d definitely be a big hit. Action-packed romance.”

“Maybe it should be a rom com,” she suggests.

“Please tell me you’re joking.”

“It’d attract a large female audience. We could even release it on Valentine’s Day!”

“I’m scrapping this idea now,” he says, admitting defeat with a shake of his head. She laughs.

“I’m just saying, our story could make a good rom com,” she says, relaxing against the couch. She lets go of his hand to run her fingers through her hair briefly, brushing it to the side.

“We’re one of the farthest things from a conventional couple.”

“Maybe because of the circumstances—our jobs and Iron Man and everything—but we still have our moments.”

(Tony hasn’t seen a lot of rom coms, and he’s never known Pepper to have an affinity for them, so she’s still probably partially joking, but she’s not wrong; the emotional aspects of their relationship have always hit him hard and fast, leaving him more dazed and windswept than a mission spent flying around in the suit.)

(Rom coms are pretty cheesy and cliche, though, right? Perhaps the way he feels whole when Pepper’s around, like a person changed for the better, just by her consistent presence and bold personality, is part of the whole rom com thing. He really has no idea.)

“I think it’s time for a third idea,” he finally says, leaning into her. He rests his head on her shoulder. “Maybe a podcast?”

“Why would we make a podcast?” she asks, amusement lining her words. “What would it even be about?”

“We could give out relationship advice,” he suggests, but then laughs at his own words just three seconds later. She’s giggling, too, shaking her head. “Yeah. Okay. Scrapped. Fourth idea?”

“Just enjoy retirement by traveling the world and doing whatever we want to, whenever we want to?” she suggests, pressing a kiss to his hair.

He grins. “I guess that doesn’t sound half bad.”

(In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter, because as long as Pepper’s there with him, anything would be an adventure.)

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(abt that smoke au) Please for the love of Laphicet write that I will dance at your wedding


Canon-divergent drabble in the Tintagel Ruins where the scene in which Sorey gets locked in the chamber happens just a little differently.

[also for Sormik Week 2017 - Day 8: Katz’ Korner, Free Day since I could write whatever I wanted to my heart’s content so heRE HAVE SOME REQUESTED DR A MA and a little fluff at the end cuz i love these two]

When Rose first said, “Whoops,” Sorey should have known that wouldn’t be a good sign. “Don’t you ‘whoops’ me!” he had cried, fumbling for the gap in the wall to the left. Rose just laughed. When she said, “Whoops,” again for the second time, Mikleo beside him grumbled with his arms crossed over his chest, “What does she mean by that?” and Sorey wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

The third time she made some sort of surprised sound was the moment it all went downhill.

Steam hissed into the room from a corner Sorey couldn’t identify, though he tried to find it.

Edna whistled long and low. She lifted her closed parasol to her slender shoulder and tapped it once, twice. “Well. Things just got interesting,” she mused.

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Steve, talk to Bucky already. He's about to be a daddy and he needs the love and support of his best friend/brother. His little girl needs her Uncle Steve.

Tony: I haven’t seen these two be so quiet around each other like this.

Bucky: I ain’t speakin’ to him until he apologises.

Tony: Bucky, you’re both being kind of childish. You should be talking this out.

Bucky: Tony you didn’t hear what he said to me!

Tony: Hey, honey, c'mon. It’s alright. What exactly did he say?

Bucky: That I’m not ready to be a parent, that’s pretty much how he said it…

Tony: …I’m going to talk to him.

Bucky: It’s fine, I can talk to him, sweetheart. Gotta’ do it sooner or later to ask for an apology. 

Tony: No, I’m going to go talk to him. What does he know about opyou being ready or not. You just stay here and take your mind off all of this. Don’t worry I won’t punch him or anything, even though I really want to. 

Sentence Meme: Catching A Tiger
  • "Can you hear me?"
  • "Can’t you stay through the night, please?"
  • "Danger will follow me everywhere I go."
  • "For the last four years of my life I've thought about you pretty much every fifteen seconds."
  • "He has left me such a mess."
  • "Humour me this one last time."
  • "I asked nicely, please get out of my face."
  • "I can't change you."
  • "I gotta lotta love in my heart."
  • "I know it's frusrating."
  • "I know your heart's been broken."
  • "I lay awake at night and pray not to see the light of day."
  • "I thought you said that you were single."
  • "I wanna try it all without regret."
  • "I will go gently."
  • "I'm starting to think that I've been here before."
  • "I'm too worried 'bout what you're doing."
  • "In sleep is the only place I get to see him, get to love him."
  • "It kills me to think that you never did care."
  • "Next time you leave, don't go without me."
  • "No one does it better than you."
  • "Please take my hand."
  • "Tell me all that I should know."
  • "Think I've just made up my mind."
  • "Was this my idea?"
  • "We are so damn proud of you."
  • "Why did you take me here?"
  • "You're not the kind of man that I want to give my love."

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Hullo! It's the anon who can't remember if the bad thing happened to them. I am seeing a therapist atm for an eating disorder, but I'm really scared to open up to them about this. ;-; I was wondering if you have any tips to open up? I get urges to physically and mentally hurt myself quite often. I'm pretty good about controling the physical ones, but the mental ones... I always give in. I'll obsess over other people's csa stories until I can't function or visit bad blogs. Any tips here? Thanks!

Hey love. I’m really proud and happy that you’re seeing a therapist. The big step has already been taken. All you gotta do now is tell them that you’re struggling with something but you’re not quite sure how to explain it. I’m sure they will know how to get to the root cause of it. Don’t worry too much about the process, just mention it and they’ll do the rest. Remember that they’re there to help. Good luck & feel free to keep me updated. I’d love to hear how it goes.

Witch Tip

Okay so I know not all witches support/worship any deities but here’s a little tip for those who do -

You don’t have to be all reverent and afraid when you approach your deities. I promise you being super chill with your deities makes it so much easier to connect with them. I find its a lot easier on my personal spirit when I approach my deities in a friendly manner like “Hey, so I gotta few things we should talk about.” Instead of “oh goddess please do have mercy on my soul as I have some prayers for you etc.” I mean, if that’s your thing, COOL GO FOR IT, but if it’s not, don’t worry. I’m pretty sure your deities aren’t gonna cast you away because you take a friendlier approach over a reverent one. Do your craft the way you want. Stay lovely and blessed.

I Love You

A/N- If you don’t know about the tragedy that is Gabriel’s life then please don’t read! This idea occurred to me a while ago and well… I’m sorry… Tell me what you think! x)

Prompt- The reader has an unspecified incurable disease. Their boyfriend, Gabriel, though he can’t cure them, finds a way to keep them alive for as long as he is alive. One day he meets the Winchester and faces his brother Lucifer.

Gabriel x Reader

Word Count- 1411

Warning- Characters death

It was dark. All around you was pitch black. Your entire body was illuminated by a soft light. Then you started to hear his voice echo all around you. It was just as soft and full of love as you remembered it being.

Don’t worry…


I’ll take care of you…


I’ll always take care of you…


Even if I’m not here with you…


I’ll take care of you…


As long as I’m around…


You’ll live…


You’ll live… with me…


Forever if you want…


“Of course I want that Gabe… But” you say just as you had the day it actually happened. Though this was just a memory within a dream. “To be with you forever… but… I’m… and… You’re an angel. I won’t be able to live… as long as you,” you added while avoiding his gaze, but he took your hand in his. You looked up and he was smiling confidently. You hadn’t even realized when his image appeared before you.


I know…


I know you’re sick…


“It’s not something you can heal Gabriel. Even if you’re an amazing angel. You can’t cure me. I wouldn’t want you to… I just… When I die… I want you to just move on,” you tell him. He smiled sadly


If I were to die… would you like it if I asked you to move on?


You shook your head, “Of course not. How can I ever move one from you?”


Exactly. I feel the same way. Plus… I may not be able to cure you but I have second best solution.


He was so excited. “Gabe…” you say with a sigh. You had given up hope many- many years ago. Gabriel only made your remaining life happy and fun.


Look just humor me okay?


You nodded slowly, “Okay.”


There’s a spell. It will connect your life span to mine, by giving you some of my grace, but… You’ll still feel a bit sick at times. You up for it?


“Gabe that… that sounds dangerous… For you I mean. If I die… won’t you die too?” you questioned.


No- no It’s the other way around. If I die, you will die too… But you don’t have to worry about that. I’ll never die. We can be together forever.


You sighed, but, for the first time you felt the slightest sliver of that bright light called hope. “I can… be with you… forever? Can I really be alive with you by myside for years and years? You won’t… You won’t get tired of a plain human like me?”


Of course not. I love you. If I’m gonna live an eternity then, as cheesy as it is, I wouldn’t want to live with anyone else besides you.


Tears welled up in your eyes and you couldn’t contain them even if you wanted to.


Is that a yes?


“Of course!” you responded.


Great! We can get married too. Maybe even have a little squirt or two. Or adopt, I wouldn’t mind. Of course we’re going to need a dog, unless you want a cat then we could have both. A pet dragon would be amazing and-


“Gabe! Gabe! Calm down. We’ll… get there when we get there. We don’t even know if this spell thing works,” you said.


Of course it will work! You gotta have a little faith.


A few minutes and several strange words later, he pulled an orb of light from within him. He slowly placed it in you, and though it hurt more than you let on, you felt better almost immediately. Not only were you somewhat healed, but you were able to see Gabriel’s wings.

Then you woke up.

You sighed, “I’ve been having that dream all week… I hope Gabe is alright,” you whisper to yourself.

It was a week ago that Gabriel told you he wouldn’t be around for a while. Saying that he had to help some Winchester boys and fight his brother Lucifer. It all seemed so scary to you and you were strongly opposed to him doing anything dangerous since he no longer had all his grace. It was years since that day. He was used to his shortened grace, but you, you didn’t even know how much of his grace he actually gave you. He had told you a small chunk size, but the fact of the matter was that he gave you a little more than half. He knew that, had you known, you would decline the offer entirely, and he was right.

‘Babe? Thinking about me again?’ you heard his voice in your head.

“Huh? How’d you know?” you questioned.

He chuckled, ‘I’m an angel darlin’ I can sense your longing,’ he responded.

You covered your face out of sheer embarrassment. “Oh sorry about that. Um… but… I have this bad feeling… Well it isn’t so much as a bad feeling but… I guess…” you start but let your words fall.

‘Miss me?’ he asked, and you shook your head as if he could see. ‘I miss you too babe. Don’t worry your pretty little head. We’re almost done here. Just gotta meet some gods, they’re havin some meeting. It should be fine. I’ll tell you all about it when I come back to you alright?’

“You will come back to me right?” you question.

‘Of course I will. You gotta have a little faith,” he said. ‘I gotta go now alright. Hang tight a little bit longer and I’ll be there before you can say Gabriel is the best angel in all the world and I love him more than anything in the world. OKAY! I really have to go-’

“Okay… be careful” you whisper before sighing. You closed your eyes, “Gabriel is the best angel in all the world and I love him more than anything in the world…” Slowly opening your eyes, you were sad that he wasn’t there. You shouldn’t have thought he’d actually be there after saying it.


“Oh I’m loyal… to them-” Gabriel told his brother, angel blade in hand.

“Who? These so called gods?” Lucifer questioned.

“To people Lucifer,” Gabriel answered, as if it hadn’t been obvious before.

Lucifer scoffed, almost smiling at his answer. “So you’re willing to die for a pile of cockroaches, why?”

“Because Dad was right… They are better than us,” Gabriel responded, with more conviction than he had ever had in his life. He was thinking of you. He thought you were better than anyone, angels included.

“They are broken, flawed, abortions-” Lucifer almost shouted.

“Damn right they’re flawed,” Gabriel said, pausing a little before continuing, “But a lot of them try.” Again. He thought of you. All he could think about is you. Why was he here facing off his brother? If he died here, you would die with him. He didn’t want that but, if he ran away now, and went back to you. You’d be angry that he did. He was doing this for you.

They continued to talk as Gabriel stalled for the real version of himself to sneak behind his brother and finish him off.

“But I know where your heart truly lays,” Lucifer said.

Gabriel, for a second, feared that Lucifer knew about you. Gabriel swung his arm down, but Lucifer turned around and forced it into him.

“Here,” Lucifer whispered.

Gabriel was shocked and gasped, looking from the blade back to his brother.

“Y/N I love you,” he said softly, though it was inaudible to his brother before him.

Lucifer twisted the blade and Gabriel was lit in a bright light as he screamed in agony. Leaving behind an imprint of two wings.

At the same time~

You were making or trying to make homemade chocolates for Gabriel. You didn’t even know if he was coming back that day but it was good to be ready just in case. You held the bowl against your hip as you mixed the chocolate, and read over the recipe in case you missed something.

That’s when you felt a sharp unbearable pain on your stomach. You screamed and dropped the chocolate as you were engulfed by the same bright light. Before you fell to the ground you whispered, “I love you Gabe,” knowing in the back of your mind that Gabriel was gone. But, because Gabriel have you some of his grace, you also left an imprint of wings on the ground. The wings Gabriel was initially missing. He had given them to you. Willingly so.

He knew you were more angel than any angel could ever be.

Hope you liked it!

eruri fic, 1.5k words. 

so my friend gigi was talking about a hurt/comfort thing where one person was forced to kill for the first time, and i wanted to do it for the eruris, but i had to majorly fudge with the plot to make it happen. so uh this is canon divergence au where erwin joined up w/ them for a showdown with kenny’s crew? or something?? just go with it shhh

also on ao3

“It was your first,” Levi says, and it’s not a question.

There’s still blood on the tips of Erwin’s fingers, and when he nods he rubs them together, making a tacky sound they both cringe from. Levi dips the cloth into the sink full of water again, wrings it out. He crosses the washroom to kneel in front of Erwin, who’s sitting cross-legged against the wall and staring like he can still see a body at his feet.

Killing is familiar to Levi. It bothers him, itches somewhere he’ll never be able to scrub clean, but it’s something he’s known since Kenny handed him his first knife. He hates taking human life more than most anything, and he can do it better than most anyone.

But Erwin. Erwin is the hand guiding soldiers to their possible deaths, not the hand of the titan crushing their bones. For Erwin, Levi knows, it makes no difference. He assumes every ounce of blame as if he’s personally taken every life sacrificed under his command. But he’s never struck a final blow. Not until today.

There’s been blood on his hands for decades, Erwin’s confessed in private. He likes his little metaphors, and now there’s one made visual for him.

“Give me your arm,” Levi says.

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Request: The Keeper

Request: Heyya, lovin the blog, could you do one where reader is really hurt in a hunt, and is stuck in hospital for days on end. They’re really bored so sam try’s to keep them entertained? Samxreader? Xxx

Word Count: 1,118

Thank you so much! I really hope you like it, have an awesome day!<33

It’s been more than a week and you’re bored off your head. The days of being loopy on painkillers are behind you, as are the days of nearly incapacitating discomfort. No, now, you’re just bored of this bed and the stark white walls and the stitches in your stomach stopping you from moving.

Damned werewolf. At least it’s the dead one in this party.

“Morning, Y/N.” Sam offers a smile as he steps into the room, “How are you feeling?”

“Bored.” You shift uncomfortably, and Sam sets the plastic bag on the floor. Only God knows what he’s brought this time – over the last four days since you came off the morphine, he’s been making it his mission to entertain you ‘til you get better. The mass of wires connecting you to drips and monitors stop you doing much, so he brings jigsaws and card games and books and films and you appreciate it, you do. Without him, you’d be stir crazy by now.

“Hey, babe. I’m good. How are you?”

“Better than Dean. Stumbles in about five this morning, hung over as hell, shirt on back to front…” Sam laughs at the memory, kissing your forehead and brushing hair out of your face, “I left him to his greasy sandwiches. Feeling better?”

“Much. I just want to be up and about – the nurse who was in this morning said she might let me start walking tomorrow.” You grin, ghosting a hand over your stomach. There are still white gauzy bandages wrapped around the ugly cut, but you can feel it each time you move. You prop yourself up on the bed, thankful for your increased mobility.

“So, camp leader,” You grin, running a hand through your hair, “What’s the word today?”

“I brought a new jigsaw. And a book, 'cause I know you finished the one I brought yesterday.” He smiles, taking the seat beside you and pulling the wheely-table over. You can’t help but laugh.

“It was a good book!” You defend, playing with the heart monitor clipped to your finger. Sam gives you a chiding look and you stop quickly – it’s not your fault you’re so antsy. You just want to be back out there, doing stuff – not stuck in this ten by ten room, unable to get off your ass unless you need to go to the bathroom, and even then, you’re lifted into a wheelchair and lifted back. It’s ridiculous, and all in the name of 'not straining yourself’ and 'being careful of your stitches’ – the damn overgrown mutt tore straight through your stomach muscles, nearly shredding everything. You’d needed fifty-eight stitches. Fifty-eight.

“Hey, quit thinking. It’s dangerous.” Sam brings you out of the world you’d withdrawn into, and you shake your head quickly.

“It’s all I’m allowed to do nowadays.” You lament, and Sam laughs.

“You’ll be on your feet before you know it. Don’t worry.” He takes your hand in his for a moment, “Want to try the jigsaw?”


He helps you into a better sitting position and you empty the box onto the desk. You begin by separating the pieces into edges and middle bits, then by colour – the image is a world map, filled with little writing. It’s 750 pieces, though, so it’s hardly easy. You sit in quiet for a while, and he begins telling you stupid stories and things people have said.

“Cas keeps apologising for not being able to help you and he’s driving Dean up the wall – I mean, it’s not his fault, right? It’s not like he can control his grace being gone. But anyway, he’s beating himself up over that. Oh, Jody sends her love. She says she’s going to come visit when you get home because 'you boys can’t look after her and the bunker at the same time as hunting’.” He imitates her shamelessly, and actually quite well, “Charlie says that you have to get your ass better soon because she has some LARPing thing or Comic-Con you have to go to? She’s way too enthusiastic about this whole thing.” He grins, “You’re gonna get a massive flurry of visitors when you get home, you know?”

“Mm.” You nod agreeably, tossing another piece back into the box upon the discovery that it had no straight edges. Sam looks at you for a moment.

“Am I boring you?”

“No! No, you’re not. I just like listening to you talk. It’s nice to hear a voice that isn’t saying, 'so does this hurt?’ while poking at my stomach, like, yeah, it hurts, it got slashed open a week ago. Want to try it out?” You shake your head, “Honestly.”

Sam laughs, touching your shoulder affectionately, “You poor thing.”

“Yeah, very poor.” You pout, “They keep telling me to rest and sleep – I’m not tired!”

“I’ve noticed. It’s nice to see you with some colour back in your cheeks.” He smiles brightly, “Suits you.”

“What? You’re saying I wasn’t beautiful when I was colourless and half dead? Gee, thanks, Sam. Best boyfriend ever!” You fold your arms in mock offense, but you can’t help but collapse into giggles. You spend the rest of the day together, until about seven in the evening when the nurse comes in.

“Sorry, kid, you gotta go.” She says apologetically. You whine in annoyance, and Sam laughs.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be back in the morning.” He promises, laying a kiss on your lips, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

In all fairness, the nurses have been great. It took you three days to wear them down when they insisted that Sam comply with visiting hours, but you moaned and whined consistently, even in your weakened state, and eventually, they allowed Sam in pretty much whenever on the grounds that his presence was the lesser of two evils. Plus, you’d listen to him more willingly than you would the staff in your stubborn ways.

The nurse insists that you lie down as 'you’ve been sitting up for eight hours, and you need to take it easy on those muscles’ and just before she leaves, she looks back at you with a smile.

“Tell you what, Y/N, I reckon you’ve got yourself a keeper there.”

“I’m just lucky he puts up with me.” You offer a smile, pulling the blanket up around yourself like a cocoon. She nods with a smile.

“He’s in love with you. It’s something you don’t see very often, not like that. Keep a hold of him.”

“I plan on it.”

400 Follower Prompt Batch

“Maybe you should start paying more attention to the road.”

“Something has come up and you need to hear it in person.”

“When the forecast said it was going to be stormy, I didn’t think they meant you.”

“I didn’t know. I’m sorry.”

“It wasn’t even theirs to begin with.”

“Who did this to you?”

"I hate when you try to act cooler than you actually are.”

“You mean you don’t recognize me?”

“I have a bad feeling about you going to look for the body.”

“With all due respect you want me to do what exactly?”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

“Can I ask what happened?“

“I’m pretty sure this is the real thing this time.”

“I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“You don’t have much of a concept of personal space, do you?”

“I hurt your shoulder, remember? I kind of owe you one.”

“Are you going to give me a bad pickup line as punishment?”

“Gotta say, most of my first dates don’t involve me getting kicked out of a movie.”

“Have you been like this all day?”

“I thought you seemed like someone who needed a friend, is all.”

Lucy's Letters | X

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Dear Natsu,

This has to be one of the most beautiful days of the year! The summer has just passed its peak, I think - and it’s great.

I’ve done enough moping around, too. The last month seemed to be a small low point for me, but I’m back up on my feet! Literally. I’m still working that waitress job, and it feels like I have barely any time to sit anymore. 

I still manage to find time for the occasional training, though! My stamina definitely has increased!

And now that autumn is slowly but surely approaching, the job luckily is a little less busy. In general, everything seems calmer. There’s been heavy winds lately, bringing fresh air from the north.

That reminds me - Gray and Juvia returned! They were gone for a long time, weren’t they? I am going to meet up with them later. I should get ready for that - gotta look pretty for the loverival, right? Ah, I’ve missed her, honestly. Though she seemed so solemn when she left… But she didn’t want to talk about it unless she had talked with Gray first.

But I’m starting to ramble on now. Gosh, there’s just so much to tell you!

Make sure you come back soon, or I might actually have to fill a whole novel to keep track of all the things going on.

Ah, and about what I almost said in that last letter - don’t worry about it. I got a hold of myself. Must have been the feelings overreacting, haha. Of course we’re friends, right? Just friends. Yes.

What a silly thought that was. Never mind it.

Anyways, I did some nice redecorations around your place, now that I have settled in. You’ll love it! Probably.

In fact, I’ve come to like it so much here - I might not even move out.

You’ll have to build your own house. You owe me one, right? It’s the least you could do. Ah, and fix the roof of this one while you’re at it.

Love, Lucy

Earned It // S.W.
Anonymous requested:
Hey can you do an imagine where you and your best friend go to coachella and you run into a very drunk Samuel

“Coachella day two!” I sang to my phone with my best friend as we recorded a snap video. It was nearing sundown, and we’d surprisingly been off our phones all day, so now it was time to spam our snap story. We were on our way to Hozier’s set, dancing and humming along to whatever music was currently playing. It was midway through another snap story that I spotted a rather attractive-looking group of boys, and I blushed as I brought my phone down, knowing I had been caught. A few of them snickered, but it seemed to be in amusement rather than ridicule. I hadn’t realized I was practically frozen until my best friend tugged on my arm.

“Come on, girl, you’re drooling!” She teased, speaking loud enough for probably the whole crowd to hear. With one last glance towards the boys, I smiled then scrambled along with Y/F/N. “These Coachella boys are fine as hell.” She gushed as soon as we were a good distance away.

“Then why’d you make me leave?” I joked, playfully rolling my eyes. We weren’t here to hookup with random boys – we agreed on that before the trip. This was us time and music time. Speaking of the music, we were soon mixed into the crowd for Hozier, and suddenly all thoughts about those boys were thrown from my mind.

Throughout the next few hours, we went to various shows to pass the time. The acts we were intent on seeing were Tyler the Creator and The Weeknd, and finally the time had come. We arrived at the stage for Tyler half an hour earlier, although we didn’t care about how close or far we were; we just wanted to hear the music. As we were in the midst of small talk and updating social networks, a sudden eruption of noise sounded behind us. At first, I ignored it because it wasn’t unusual for groups to be loud and unruly, but then I felt a rather large figure bumping into my back, nearly knocking me and Y/F/N to the ground.

“What are we talkin’ here? We’re talkin’ big guns! Only the biggest guns!” The source was yelling, followed by melodious laughter. I admit I was a little peeved that this guy hadn’t been watching where he was going, but after a quick glance at him and his posse of four, I could tell some alcohol and marijuana were the cause for it. I recognized the group as the boys I had taken an interest in earlier.

“Yo, I’m sorry about him. He’s a little under the influence.” One of the taller guy’s friends apologized. This guy seemed to be a little more in control of himself. I looked at him again, laughing a bit.

“A little?” I questioned with a raised brow.

“This is the biggest Mike around!” He announced to the sky before hanging his arm around another tall blond guy. 

“Yeah, alright, he’s had a little too much of everything.” The second guy chuckled, shaking his head. “You here for Tyler the Creator?” I nodded, slinging my arm around Y/F/N.

“We’ve been waiting all day.”

“Nice. Mind if we kick it together? Swear I won’t let drunkie over there pull any dumb shit.” I laughed, shaking my head.

“It’s fine, you guys can stay. I’m Y/N, by the way, and this is my best friend Y/F/N.” I greeted with a smile. The male nodded as if to take note, then pressed a hand to his chest.

“Name’s Nate. These are my homies Dillon, John aka Swazz, Big Mike, and the crazy one’s Sammy.” They all gave their own salute, and then we all looked at Sammy who seemed to be in his own world. He was quite the show, I had to say.

“Is he always this way when intoxicated?”

“Mostly, yeah.” They all confirmed. Y/F/N laughed beside me.

“Seems like a lightweight.” She commented. Before any teasing could commence, the introduction to Tyler suddenly blared through the speakers, and our attention turned towards the stage as the music began. Dismissing the whole fact that we had just met, Y/F/N and I were one hundred percent comfortable turning up with the boys. Sammy in particular had caught my interest, however. Not only did his altered state amuse me, but he just seemed to be having the best time. He didn’t care that he was rapping all the lyrics wrong, and he sure as hell didn’t care about anybody judging him.

Time appeared to escape us, because before we knew it, his set was over and we were all hyped up. Looking at the way Sammy was able to actually form coherent sentences now, I assumed he had sobered up a bit, but I knew there would still be a little more of that in the near future. Meanwhile, Y/F/N had taken a slight interest in the other boys. It wasn’t anything serious, she told me, but I had a feeling that our pact would be broken tonight.

“Hey, pretty lady, how you doin’?” Sammy strode over to me as if he had just noticed my presence, which I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

“I’m doing great. You having fun yourself?” I laughed softly as our group began to head to the main stage for The Weeknd. Suddenly Sammy’s arm went around my shoulders and half his weight was slung onto me. “Oh god,” I laughed as I struggled to help him walk in a stable manner. Thankfully I had Nate to help on the other side.

“What’s your name?” Sammy slurred, moving closer to my face. The boy had no consideration for personal space, that’s for sure.

“Y/N.” I answered politely even though he’d probably be asking again later.

“My name’s Sammy. I’m a rapper!” He hollered, causing the rest of us to laugh. We’ve heard him say that at least a hundred times since we met earlier. “D’you like rappers?”

“Yeah, they’re cool!” I said enthusiastically, as I would if I were speaking to a child. I mean, he sort of was one at the moment.

“Oh, d’you like me then?” Laughing, I gave a small pat to his chest.

“That I do, Sammy boy.” All of a sudden I was handed a plastic red cup from Y/F/N. I rose an eyebrow and gave her a look, to which she responded with a cheeky smile.

“What? Who says we’re not allowed to have a little fun ourselves?” She bumped cups with me then took a drink, raising the cup in the air and ‘woo’ing afterwards. I guess since everyone else did it… I shrugged then took a quick swig.

“Ayy! Now it’s time to turn up!” Nate hollered as we arrived at the main stage. The Weeknd wasn’t set to play for another twenty minutes, so we hung back and drank some more. Within that time frame, we talked a lot about each other and music. I learned that Sammy and Nate really were rappers, and they had stuff of their own. Having just done a show in Vegas, they were only going to be at Coachella for the night and a couple hours tomorrow, unfortunately. I was hoping to get the most out of hanging with them because they’ve honestly made this experience ten times better.

Right as The Weeknd started his set, I had my phone up to Snapchat for a bit until Sam took my phone right from my hand.

“What are you doing, crazy?” I laughed as I tried to get it back.

“Adding my snap and my number so you can hit me up after we leave.” He answered with a smirk. I smiled, grateful that I didn’t have to ask him. This led to everyone else exchanging numbers and social networks, and eventually we were all connected. I prayed to God that we’d be able to hang out sometime again soon. But for now it was time to vibe out to good music. It started off with the classic Wicked Games, and I couldn’t help but sway a bit as I poured myself another cup of alcohol.

“Don’t get too fucked, Y/N.” Sammy teased, watching as I downed half my cup. I swallowed thickly and squinted a bit at the burning sensation in my throat.

“Says Mr. Big Guns himself!” I yelled over the music, laughing. He gave a guilty shrug, flashing that charming smile of his.

“Oh, I’m always talkin’ big guns, baby.”

“Yeah? What does that even mean?”

“Uhh– Honesty, I don’t even fuckin’ know.” We laughed, and suddenly his arm went around my shoulders as we turned back towards the stage. I curled my arm around his torso as well, and we bumped cups before cheering for the music.

By the time the last few songs were being played, our group was practically gone in the head. We were on cloud 9, and I’ve honestly never felt better. So naturally, when Often pulsed through the speakers, my first instinct was to start dancing. It wasn’t long before I felt a pair of large hands on my hips, and I looked back to see Sammy. He smirked, nodding his head up as his teeth sunk into his lesser lip.

“What'cha doing there, stranger?” I questioned in an innocent tone, channeling my intentions through a sultry look instead.

“Just watching a sexy ass girl dance.” He answered simply whilst he danced along with me. As nonchalant as possible, I pressed my ass into him whilst moving and singing along to the music. “Gah damn, you are so sexy.” He muttered into my ear, eliciting a grin from me.

“You’re not too bad yourself, pretty boy.” Never in a million years would I have this much confidence whilst sober, but it was pretty freaking amazing to not have to worry about a filter. Before long, we had danced our asses off, and the set ended sooner than I realized. There was a last roar of cheers, and then the crowd began to move.

“Are you and your friend camping here?” Sammy questioned in my ear, moving his hands down to my waist. I nodded.


“We got a one-night tent. Y'all wanna come over?” Before I could answer, I suddenly felt him press his crotch against me, hard-on and all. “You gotta help me fix this, baby girl.” Even though it was dark, I was almost sure he could see my blush. I caused that?

“O-Okay, I think we can chill for a bit.” I nodded. As our group gathered up and began heading back to the camping site, I excused myself from Sammy to talk to Y/F/N. “He invited us to their tent.” I told her, attempting to seem less excited than I really was.

“Damn, he’s making hella moves.” She laughed. “You two gonna do the do?” My eyes widened as I hastily shook my head.

“We just met! Who do you think I am?” We both laughed, but I was completely serious. Besides, neither of us were fully sober, and that’d just be a mess in the morning. Y/F/N shrugged.

“He’s hot, and he’s totally into you. I mean, it’s simple addition here, Y/N. Or– more so multiplication if something goes wrong with protection.”

“Oh my god!” I hid my face as I laughed and shook my head. Laughing along with me, she put her arm around my waist and I did the same to her.

“Well if you change your mind, I’ll happily take the other boys back to our tent, so you two can have your alone time.” She flashed a wide smile. “But remember, the noise curfew’s at 1:30.”

“Shut up.” I laughed, playfully pushing her away as we arrived on the camp grounds. The boys led us to their tent and went straight inside. At this point the buzz was wearing off, although we were all still tipsy and wide awake. Following in after them, I crawled over to Sammy and sat criss-cross beside him. Not even a minute later, he shifted spots so that he sat behind me and I was between his legs.

“Too bad we can’t be alone.” He whispered behind my ear, laying a kiss there afterwards. I giggled at the feeling of his breath on my skin, moving my head away.

“We can later.” I told him quietly, uncrossing my legs and getting comfortable as I leaned back against his chest.

Alright, before somebody starts getting naked,” Dillon cleared his throat and all eyes were directed towards us. We just laughed, waving him off. “Y'all wanna smoke some?” He asked as he pulled a mini pipe out of his pocket. I looked at Y/F/N with a hint of a smile, to which she responded with a small clap. Free weed was difficult to get nowadays. After packing the bowl, Dillon took the first toke then passed it over to Nate. I watched as each person took a hit until finally it came to me. I lit it and took a hit, passing it back to Dillon as I blew the smoke out. The whole tent was hazy with smoke, and whilst the second round started, I played with Sammy’s fingers as if they were the most interesting things in the world. The pipe went around a few more times before the highs finally began to settle in. It was the most amazing experience I’ve had in a long while. When the pipe came around to Sammy once more, he suddenly sat up and moved back a bit.

“Come here, baby.” He spoke, pulling on one of my legs until I turned around to face him. He then pulled me onto his lap and wrapped my legs around him. I looked at him in confusion, but he just wagged his eyebrows once. He lit the bowl, his eyes gazing straight into mine as he inhaled the smoke. Then without much warning, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine, ghosting the smoke into my mouth. I’ve never had someone shotgun me before, but I can honestly say I have never felt more turned on in my life. As he slowly pulled away, that same smirk curled on his lips as his tongue smoothly rolled over the lesser. I blushed, giggling as I heard playful groans behind us.

“Boooo!” Nate teased as he snatched the pipe from Sammy’s hand. Suddenly the two of us were in a whole other world. I had my arms around his neck whilst his hands were stationed on the small of my back.

“You have soft lips.” He whispered as he pressed his forehead to mine. I laughed, scrunching my nose in the slightest.

“So do you.”

“Then I guess we’re perfect for each other.” He smiled at me whilst I laughed in a mix of my drunk and high glory. I would be laughing forever if it weren’t for Sammy’s lips on mine, inducing a whole new kind of high. The bitter taste of alcohol was still fresh on his lips, but if it meant that I could kiss him for as long as I wanted, I paid no mind to it. His hands moved all over my body, sending tingles in every place he touched. I was on fire.

The kiss felt like it lasted a lot longer than it actually did, but even as I pulled away, his lips continued on to my neck. I tilted my head on instinct, holding the back of his head whilst tangling my fingers in his hair.

“Sammy,” I breathed out, suddenly remembering that we weren’t the only ones in the tent. “I think I– I think I should get.. back.. to my tent.” The words came out slowly in between breaths, and I really didn’t want to stop, but I was becoming too aroused for my own good. He moved his mouth to my collarbones, pressing a trail of soft kisses across them before ceasing.

“Aw c’mon. You can stay with us tonight, can’t you?”

“God, I really would like to, but I can’t leave Y/F/N alone. Not to mention we paid an assload for our spot.” A distant pout settled on his lips, but he nodded in understanding. I gave him one more kiss on the lips before crawling off his lap and fixing my hair and clothes. Looking over at Y/F/N, I saw that she was practically knocked out beside the other boys. Damn, they must’ve smoked a lot more whilst we were occupied. I shook Y/F/N’s leg. “C’mon, sleeping beauty. We’re heading back to our tent.” Almost zombie-like, she sat up and had a woozy smile on her face.

“That was some seriously good shit. Props to you, bros. We gotta hit it again sometime soon.” She was starting to talk like them. I couldn’t help but laugh and agree with her. After she gathered her bag and said her goodbyes, she crawled out of the tent and waited for me outside. I looked back at Sammy.

“Wanna walk us back?” I grinned, raising my eyebrows to signal that we’d have a little more alone time then. He nodded enthusiastically, then informed the boys before we got out.

“Don’t tell me you’re bringing him to fuck in our tent. ‘Cause if you are, I’m keeping my ass here.” Y/F/N groaned. Despite Sammy’s look of interest, I shook my head and pushed him along.

“He’s just walking us.” I gave him a stern look, then laughed as he pulled me to his side. We had bought a car camping spot, so it was a bit away, but we managed to find our way through the dark. As soon as we got there, Y/F/N went into the tent and promptly crashed onto her sleeping bag. Meanwhile, I brought Sammy over to our car so we could talk without disturbing her.

“Do we really have to say goodbye?” He questioned dramatically, his hands finding my waist as he leaned back against the car door.

“Unfortunately.” I told him as I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Will you even remember me tomorrow? I don’t think there’s been a single moment that you were sober.” I laughed, shaking my head.

“I’ll remember you.” He promised, laying a single kiss on my lips. I went in for another one, stretching up to reach him whilst he leaned down to meet me halfway. Before long, we were at it again. There was just something about his kisses that made me never want to stop. As his hands moved down to grope my ass, I moaned softly, feeling a blush rise to my cheeks as I paused in embarrassment. “That was hot.” He chuckled.

“I’m not usually like this. Like– This is such a new thing to me.” I admitted. I don’t think I’ve ever made out in public, actually.

“Well then I better let you go before I drive you crazy, huh?” He teased, causing me to smile. With one last kiss, he let me go and held my hand as we walked back around to my tent. “Come find us tomorrow, alright? I wanna chill before we head off for San Diego.”

“Of course. Tonight was fun, thanks to you guys. Oh, and make sure to thank Nate and them. I had a blast, and I’m sure Y/F/N did too.”

“Fuck yeah I did!” She called from inside the tent. We laughed. Giving Sam one last hug, I looked up at him with a smile.

“See ya tomorrow, big guns.”

this is so long omg and it was a little difficult for me to write bc I’ve never been to a music festival let alone Coachella, but I actually did a lot of research in the process of writing this lol. technically they weren’t allowed to smoke or drink, but shhh this is fiction. anyway ahaha I hope you liked it, anon! I wasn’t sure if you wanted Y/N to know them or not, so I did it this way whoops

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Requested by anon! Somebody to You by The Vamps:) Prompt requested: “Oh my god, is that a poster of me?” SUPER NERVOUS ABOUT THIS ONE SO PLEASEEEE FEEDBACK WOULD BE SO AWESOME!!!!

I used to wanna be

Living like there’s only me

But now I spend my time

Thinking ‘bout a way to get you off my mind

I used to be so tough

Never really gave enough

And then you caught my eye

Giving me the feeling of a lightning strike

“Oh my god, is that a poster of me?” You asked, jaw dropping. Peter quickly looked over from the door- which Tony had just exited to convince Aunt May to let him accompany them Germany- and cursed as he shot a web, pulling the poster depicting you working in your lab at Stark Industries off the wall.

What? No poster.” Peter stammered, quickly and clumsily shoving the poster behind his back. He blushed bright red, helplessly praying that you would drop the subject.

Truthfully, he’d had a crush on you for years. Ever since Tony Stark had come out as Iron Man and introduced his niece Elizabeth Stark, who not only had incredible healing abilities, but a genius IQ and perfect body to match, he’d been smitten. Sure, there were the typical posters of the female avengers, depicting them in their tight fitting suits, but Peter had really liked the one that Stark Industries had released of you, encouraging more and more women to get involved in the science and medical fields. You were in a simple lab coat and jeans, with your hair tied up loosely as you worked on a medical experiment in your lab.

“Peter, why do you have a poster of me on your wall?” You asked with a teasing smirk, inching closer to him. He gulped, face flaring a bright shade of scarlet.

“Okay, but it’s not even a bad one! The guys at school have one of you in a bikini taped up in the locker room, which, don’t get me wrong, you look really, really good in- uhm, I mean… I really didn’t mean to say that, but-” He nervously stuttered, running a hand through his hair in embarrassment. “But- you know, I’ll shut up now.”

Your heart melted at how adorable the young superhero was, barely even a few months older than yourself. You smiled softly at him, reaching a hand out to gently rest it on his shoulder in the hopes of calming him down. “Relax, Peter! It’s actually really sweet.”

He froze at the sudden contact, and you felt his pulse quicken rapidly beneath your touch. “I, uh- thank you?”

You took a moment to admire the boy that your uncle had brought you along to recruit, flattered by how nervous you seemed to make him. Most guys that you were around tended to act rather cocky around you in the hopes of gaining your attention, but Peter, with his blushing and awed gazes, was incredibly refreshing.

“You’re welcome, Spidey. Now, about that new suit…” 

Look at me now, I’m falling

I can’t even talk, still stuttering

This ground of mine keeps shaking

Oh oh oh, now!

You giggled as you landed yet another blow on the teenager, this time knocking his legs out from beneath him. A grin tugged at your lips as you pinned him to the ground, and he let out another round of expletives.

The impromptu sparring session had been going on for the past half hour, as Peter had been looking to test out the new suit you’d designed for him and you were trying to give him an outlet to burn off his nervous energy. He’d been making you laugh the entire time with his constant chatter and cheesy jokes, and you couldn’t remember the last time you’d had so much fun in a fight.

“You sure you’re from Queens?” You asked with a smirk.

“Yeah, why?” He asked with a breathless laugh, wrists straining to escape from your grip.

“Because you’ve got a mouth like you’re from the Bronx.” You teased, your body pressing tighter to his as you attempted to keep him pinned down. He sucked in a sharp breath at the close contact, and you moved to tuck the hair that had escaped your braid behind your ear.

Peter immediately flipped you so that he was now pinning you down, and you could practically feel the triumphant smirk on his lips from beneath his mask. “You sure you’re from Manhattan?”

“I feel like I’m going to be vaguely offended by the next words that come out of your mouth.” You replied, huffing at the position switch. “But yeah, why?”

“Because you’re fixing your hair like you’re from Staten.” He shot back, seemingly immensely satisfied with himself as you groaned.

“I take it back. I’m immensely offended.” You kneed him in the groin, using his momentary shock to shift his weight, but he caught your hips with his hands before you could flip him over.

He moved again quickly so that his hands were resting on the mat on either side of your face, ensuring that his weight was no longer pressed against you. “Shit! You okay?” He asked, hoping he hadn’t hurt you. You stifled a giggle at just how adorable the boy was, softening at the concern in his tone.

“I’m fine, Peter.” You promised, smiling up at him. Your hands moved to the base of his neck, and you gently tugged off his mask. His dark brown eyes roamed your face, smiling down nervously at you as he noted the close proximity of your faces.

“Spidey, can you promise me something?” You asked quietly.

“Anything.” Peter answered, perhaps a tad too quickly.

“These next few days… I want you to be careful. Just- promise me you’ll be safe?” You whispered, and Peter’s eyes were trained on you in wonder as he heard the faint undertones of vulnerability in your words.

“Yeah, yeah, I promise, Stark.” He smiled at you.

Good.” You grinned, hand moving to his chest. You adjusted your body beneath his, and then flipped him over, pinning him yet again. “Because I plan on kicking your ass again next time we train.”

“So not fair.”

All I wanna be, yeah all I ever wanna be, yeah, yeah

Is somebody to you

All I wanna be, yeah all I ever wanna be, yeah, yeah

Is somebody to you

“Hey doc!” Peter grinned cheekily at you, nursing a black eye with a cold pack. A faint giggle escaped your lips at his cheerfulness, and you knew the source of his excitement to be the fight he’d just taken part in.

You greeted him with a bright smile, motioning for him to lay down on his hospital bed within the infirmary. There were plenty of healers around, but Peter had specifically requested you.

The thought made you blush, although you’d fiercely denied it when Natasha had smirked at you.

“Shirt off, I need to look at your chest.” You told him, shrugging off your lab coat. “And I saw the footage. I’m impressed, Spidey." 

His grin only brightened as he chucked his shirt across the room, exposing his bare chest to you. You eyed his defined muscles, and he winked at you as your gaze returned to his face. "Still impressed?”

“Shut up, Queens.” You scolded him with a laugh, placing your hands on his chest and ghosting your fingers across his skin to feel for any abnormalities.

“Whatever you say, Manhattan.” Peter breathed out, relaxing beneath your touch. Your gentle hands hands glided across his chest, the intimate sensation sending Peter’s heart rate off the charts. Your bottom lip slipped between your teeth as you concentrated intently on the area surrounding his ribcage, and Peter stopped caring that he was shamelessly staring at you.

It’s been a good day, he though to himself, grinning stupidly at you, still incredibly beautiful with your hair in a messy bun and no makeup on your face, kicked some superhero ass and Elizabeth Stark thinks I look good without a shirt on.

“I never said you looked good without a shirt on.” You replied, a smirk toying on your lips as you continued to observe for injuries. He cursed lowly as he realized he had spoken aloud, causing your smirk to widen. “Although, I also never said you looked bad without a shirt on.” You teased, peeking up at him to watch as his eyes widened in shock.

“I-” He began, a hopeful yet nervous look in his eyes.

“But currently,” You began, cutting him off as you moved your hands to rest over his ribs, “My opinion on your shirtless-ness is irrelevant. Looks like you have a few broken ribs. Have you ever watched any of those videos explaining my powers before?” You questioned, cocking an eyebrow at him.

He shook his head, and you breathed a sigh of relief. “Good, because they’re all completely wrong.” You both chuckled, used to the general public creating their own far out theories concerning both of your powers. “It’s simple, really. Knits bones back together and all that. I can cure most infections, but diseases like cancer are harder to fix. I’ve been working on a medication that might be able to cure that too, though.” You explained, your hands glowing a vibrant shade of blue as that familiar pins and needles sensation flared throughout your body.

Peter groaned as his ribs healed beneath your fingertips, the feeling uncomfortable at first but soon fading to little more than a dull tingle. He watched you as your worked, mesmerized by the amount of care and determination that you put into each simple movement.

“Finished.” You declared, letting your hands linger on his chest a little too long. He gestured to his eye, sitting up so that you could get a better look at it.

“I can take away the pain, but it looks pretty badass to me. You should keep it.” You giggled, placing your thumb gently on his closed eyelid.

“My aunt is going to kick my ass when I get home if she sees this.” Peter laughed. “You know how much Tony worries about you? Multiply that by ten and you’ll get Aunt May.”

“Just tell her some guy came at me on the street, and you jumped in to defend me. She likes me, and she’ll be proud to hear you kicked some Manhattan ass. Gotta defend that fragile Queens reputation, after all.” You teased, and he raised an eyebrow at you.

“I feel like that was an insult, but it’s sort of hard to feel offended when you haven’t taken your hand off my chest yet.” Peter winked at you, and you quickly retracted the hand that you had allowed to rest on his upper body.

“You’re insufferable.” You groaned, removing your hand from his face after quickly taking away the ache.

“Insufferably attractive, Manhattan.” Peter shot back, chuckling softly as you buried your face in your hands to hide your blush.

“Shut up, Queens.”

Everybody’s tryna be a billionaire

But every time I look at you I just don’t care

'Cause all I wanna be, yeah all I ever wanna be, yeah, yeah

Is somebody to you

The apartment Peter lived in was small, but it had a certain sense of warmth that made you feel incredibly at home. Paired with Peter’s hilarious Aunt May, who’d invited you to stay for dinner after taking Peter home, and the hot chocolate she’d placed in your hand, you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to spend your Friday evening.

You stuffed your faces with Chinese food to celebrate Peter’s acceptance into the grant program that Tony had told her Peter had been placed in (which he actually did follow through on), attempting to eat with chopsticks in the living room as you spent the night playing board games and telling stories.

And then Peter mooned the-” Aunt May laughed, cut off by a furiously blushing Peter.

Okay, I think that’s enough!” He declared, shooting a pointed look at his aunt, who merely smiled knowingly at him.

“As much as I would love to hear more embarrassing stories about Peter, I’m afraid I really have to get home.” You glanced down at the watch on your wrist, grimacing as you noted the time. “I have an early morning meeting before I’m picking you up for a tour of the tower.”

Aunt May frowned before making her way over to you to pull you in for a tight hug, which you returned with a smile. “Thank you for everything, Elizabeth. Peter’s in good hands at Stark Industries.” She pressed a motherly kiss to your forehead before bidding you goodnight, winking at Peter before walking into the kitchen.

“Let me walk you out.” Peter exclaimed, running a hand through his hair nervously as you tugged your coat on. You nodded at him with a smile, following him out to the elevator and stifling a giggle as he tripped on the carpeted hallway.

“I always figured Spider-Man would be a little more graceful.” You teased, nudging him with your hip playfully as you boarded the elevator.

“I always figured you’d be a lot nicer, Manhattan.” He retorted with a smirk, leaning his back against the elevator doors once they’d closed.

“I’m very nice. I haven’t even teased you about the poster yet tonight.” You smirked at him as he groaned. “I signed it while you were in the bathroom.” You added triumphantly as he buried his face in his hands.

“You didn’t." 

Ah, but I- Peter!“ You shouted abruptly as the elevator dinged to signal your arrival at the ground floor. You reached out to try and grab his jacket, but the doors opened too fast and Peter was sent sprawling on the ground.

"You know, at least what I lack in grace I make up for with my devastating good looks.” He groaned from his place on the ground.

Well, at least you’re funny.” You smirked down at him, reaching your hand down to help him up as you let loose a giggle. “And I guess you’re cute.”

“You thinks so?” He grinned widely, “Enough for you to go out with me?” Peter smiled hopefully at you, brown eyes wide as you pulled him up and his face neared your own.

You paused, stunned by the question, but he’d taken your silence as a bad sign. “Or you know, you really don’t have to, because I’m just me, and you’re Elizabeth Stark, and you could have anybody in the whole world, and I totally get it so like don’t feel-” He rambled, face flaring bright red.

Peter!” You cut him off, smiling fondly at the bumbling teenager. “I would love to go out with you.”

“You would?” He asked in disbelief, a grin breaking out on his face as realization dawned upon him. “You would!”

He picked you up in tight hug, spinning you around in a gesture that tugged a little too hard at your heartstrings. A giggle escaped your lips as he placed you back down gently on the floor, that same heartbreaking smile still on his face.

You deliberated your next move for a second, staring deeply into the deep brown eyes that you’d grown so fond of.

And then your lips were on his and your hands in his hair, your heartbeat thudding a million miles a minute. He froze for a moment in surprise before responding with much more enthusiasm than you’d anticipated, making you giggle into the kiss.

“Did that live up to your expectations, Queens?” You murmured breathlessly as you pulled away, his hands still gently resting on your lower back.

“I could have never pictured something that perfect, Manhattan.”



The Adventures of Harold the Elephant, chapter 1
Part 2 of the Seeking Friendship ‘Verse

In honor of Asexual Awareness Week

Dean and Cas have been dating long enough to be comfortable together—and by comfortable, Dean means lazy.

Sure, romance really never had that much of a chance with Cas being aromantic and all, but that doesn’t mean that intimacy is dead, too. Just because they’ve been living together not having sex for two years doesn’t mean they should act more like roommates than boyfriends.

Dean’s been trying to think of things he could do to keep their relationship alive and unpredictable—OK, well maybe unpredictable is too much of a reach when they literally go through the same routine every day of their lives and are actually pretty happy with it. (Whoever wakes up first makes coffee, kiss on the way out the door, Dean makes dinner four days a week, Cas moans around his food like it’s the first time he’s had Dean’s cooking, sit on computers, fall asleep together in front of the TV, curl up in bed giggling at each other like idiots, date night every Saturday.) But so far, Dean’s got nothing. He’s already doing all the ways to Cas’ heart he knows of—food, cuddling, kissing him in public, whispering cheesy things in his ear—but it’s all just gotten complacent. Lazy.

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anonymous asked:

I need advices. I'm scared that my bf would fall for my friend is it me or am I thinking too much? Bcos she's pretty and she dosent even have to try I'm just my bf would be attracted to her thats all. I'm getting so troubled by this can you help me?

You gotta have some self-confidence babe. Your boyfriend is with you for a reason. He likes things about you that he hasn’t found in someone else. Your friend may be pretty but that doesn’t mean you’re not stunning in your own way. Give him some credit and stop worrying about something that’s not even a problem.