pretty much all of asgard

sons-of-asgard  asked:

Thor went from "My brother denies our relation" to "My brother calls me Daddy too" and I am desperate for fic recs where Thors new look is in it! Can you please help out :33

Pffffff I love the way you put that :D I just posted a post-Ragnarok rec list, so pretty much all of them have Thor with the new look

Anonymous said:

Oh no Steve Tony what did you guys do in Asgard that not even poptarts can appease Thor XD

“Um, you know.. Bow chika wow wow.”

“In our defence, all bedrooms in Asgard are pretty much the same. We didn’t mean to be disrespectful and use Odin’s bedroom.”

“Yeah, that was so hilarious! I mean, it was pretty ugly back then, but now.. Do you remember how mad Thor was and how he started to call us tourists?”

“Tony, shut up, it wasn’t funny.”