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im kinda hoping that playing as spectre knight is just him trying to be edgy and mysterious while everyone calls him out on actually being a huge lame-o who makes stuff up on the spot

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An Actual List of Colonial Names

I decided that I really wanted to find a new way to waste my own time, so I used this list of Founders to conduct an extremely unscientific poll. There are 140 men on that list, from all of the thirteen colonies, so at the very least there’s some geographic variety (an important thing to note is that every single one of these names belonged to a white Christian). I then surveyed the names of their wives—if they had multiple wives in their lifetime, I counted all of them, and if I really couldn’t find any record of a wife, I used their mother’s names. There are 171 names on that list. A lot of women went by nicknames, so I’ve noted the nicknames I’m certain were in use next to the names. 

The most popular male names are:

  1. John (22)
  2. William (14) [including a William Williams]
  3. Thomas (11)
  4. Richard (8)
  5. George (7)
  6. James (7)

Some of the odder male names are:

  • Button 
  • Caesar 
  • Eliphalet 
  • Gouverneur 
  • Gunning 
  • Titus

The most popular female names are:

  1. Mary (31) [Polly, Molly]
  2. Elizabeth (29) [Betsy, Bess, Eliza]
  3. Ann/Anne (21) [Nancy]
  4. Sarah (14) [Sally]
  5. Catherine (5) [Kitty]
  6. Hannah (5)

Some of the odder female names are:

  • Annis
  • Euphemia
  • Phebe
  • Mehitable
  • Huldah [apparently it means “weasel" or “mole”]

It’s pretty notable that the women here are far more likely to bear one of the more popular names (a lot of the guys married multiple Elizabeths). In fact, though 31 more women were included in my count, men still had 51 unique names to their 44.

61.4% of the women bore one of the 6 most popular names, while only 49.2% of the men could say the same. 

The names I haven’t mentioned are below the cut, along with the number of bearers, just in case you wanted a better sense of what kind of names people had around the time of the Revolutionary War. 

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One Hundred Points to Slytherin (Cora & Stiles)

eternalsterek-broughttolife Cora / Stiles brotp for “If we get arrested, it’s your fault.” 

I had so much fun writing this! I really hope you enjoy it, bb! There is pre-Derek/Stiles of the pining variety as well as pre-Cora/Allison in the same pining way. Oh, also, this is not a Harry Potter AU or anything. They’re just Potter geeks. LOL This is Fic #48 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

One Hundred Points to Slytherin. Cora & Stiles BrOTP. Teen. Also on AO3.

Cora and Stiles are a great team whose latest assignment is recovering a magical vase from the guy who stole it.

“If we get arrested, it’s your fault.” Cora loops the bungee cord around her hand and tugs, testing the strength.

“How exactly did you come to that conclusion again?” Stiles asks curiously, typing the codes needed to hack into the security system. “I’m getting us video access so we avoid running into any of Callahan’s goons. That means I’m doing my best to prevent us from getting arrested.”

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there’s still good in him

What if non force sensitives had a different afterlife, i think that would be sad but han and padme can bond over getting hurt by their force sensitive loved ones, and he’d be the only kid of her’s she’d get to meet and talk to so

During a conversation on @that-one-tea-anon‘s stream, I asked @pupperoni-pizza if I could possibly draw her design of Asriel, which I found absolutely adorable because she drew him with absolutely adorable floofy big ears, which lead to an interesting conversation where with some egging on, I was encouraged into imagining, quote
“omg imagine if he still had SUPER LONG ears like they stay proportionate to his face as super long when he becomes the Absolute God of Hyperdeath
like, he’s trying to intimidate Frisk
but they’re too busy flopping his big ears around
and he’s bleating “I AM THREATENING GOSHDANGIT!” but his ears like flop around as he’s shouting
and Frisk just bops at his ears like he isn’t trying to kill them at all.”

I ended up doing exactly that with Opal’s design of Frisk I admittedly am a loser for remembering to dig up (and I’m pretty sure the mole was just me interpreting a stray line wrong but it looked nice), and I… may have gone a bit overboard with how long Asriel’s ears got, but… I couldn’t help it. Floofy long ears are my weakness. And this was how the Absolute God of Hyperdeath became the Absolute God of Hyperfloof

@pupperoni-pizza I apologize for this utter disgrace of adorability and a joke gone on far too long.

just like asriel’s ears