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Are you looking for a female Salandit so you can get your lovely Salazzle for your Pokemon Sun and Moon team? Tired of dealing with that awful 87.5% male to 12.5% female ratio? Then look no further than this pretty mofo right here:

THAT’S RIGHT, YA BOY SYLVEON. But why this magnificent little ribbon twirler? Because of this:

When your Eevee evolves into Sylveon with 5 hearts in Pokemon Refresh, it will automatically get the ability Cute Charm. This is where the kicker comes in!


So go grab yourself a male Eevee off of route 4, love the shit out of the little man in Refresh, and go catch yourself some female Salandits to get that Salazzle! Happy Hunting!

Give me a Haikyuu!! dance crew!AU where the setters are the choreographers I MEAN:

  • Kageyama’s old crew disbanded bc the sets he made for them were too fast and nobody could nail them
  • And then he joins Karasuno and this little ball of lightning called Hinata has apparently watched Kageyama’s choreo and nails all of them “what like it’s hard?”
  • After Kageyama joins, Karasuno has 2 choreographers. Kageyama is the genius who thinks of all the amazing, near-impossible sets that are starting to make Karasuno infamous, and Suga is the one who ties all the choreography together into one cohesive unit.
  • Kenma doesn’t dance in actual performances but he knows production value. He takes care of everything from music to choreo to blocking and Nekoma’s performances always end up so fucking smooth like A+ work Kenma
  • Seijou is so fucking synchronized and on point with EVERYTHING and it’s all thanks to Oikawa who plays on all of his crew members’ strengths.
  • Fukurodani is all about power and chaos. Any one performance is a mix of quick, hard-hitting sets and slow-motion steps, angry and overjoyed, serious and comedic, and Akaashi is a master of making the transitions between the moods work.

This started out with me wanting to watch Iwa-chan dance but it blew up I’m not sorry

More Polyvore Shenanigans

So I was thinking about how I never do nice things like buy commissions for other people, and at the same time Ket asked me to do more Polyvore outfits but didn’t give me any (decent) suggestions on who to do (crossbow Bianca? Really?), and then this happened. (link)

@tel-abelas-mofo‘s Pangara Lavellan, featuring a sweater she knit herself and a leather necklace that looks suspiciously like a collar. She probably uses the bag to hold her yarn. (link)

@littleblue-eyedbird‘s Anise Lavellan, with her kitten heels and an arrow necklace. Sorry, I couldn’t think of a way to incorporate yoga into the outfit. (link)

Edit: After @thevikingwoman told me Iwyn has an olive skin-tone, I updated the colors a bit. Featuring leggings that look iced and gold accessories for the medal she hopes to earn. I couldn’t decide on a skate-practice outfit or something a bit more daring. (link)

My new piece by Jonathan Arrieta @jonflipsglass on Instagram! He even threw in a matching dabber, I was so happy and surprised. ✨💎

I frequently wonder if Dark has a name.

Like, his own legitimate name.

Sure, Darkiplier is a name, but that’s what we call him, what we the fans named him. But if you think about it from a perspective inside the lore, him being called Darkiplier or even Dark seems a bit odd.

There would have to be a reason for it, because it just doesn’t seem likely that he was just strolling along one day and went “I need a name. I’m a pretty evil mofo. I’m gonna call myself Dark.”

Dark sounds like the kind of name someone else would give when adressing a person you don’t know the name of, that starts as a nickname but evolves into a legitimate nomenclature after constant use. But if this were the case, Dark doesn’t seem the type to just accept a silly nickname. He would most likely correct it with an actual name. Which, given the nature of his creation, he wouldn’t have to begin with. I highly doubt he’d answer to Damien (although what if he did? That’d be super creepy and a nice kick to the gut for us. It’s interesting to think about. But I still doubt he would.) So logic would dictate that this conversation would proceed with him vehemently insisting he has no name rather than accept being called anything that could lead to ‘Dark’.

Unless, of course, the one calling him Dark is Wilford.

Wilford is just off his rocker enough to be oblivious to the aggression and irritability Dark would display at being called something so odd, while also being eccentric enough to call him Dark in the first place. So Wilford would ignore Dark’s reactions, refuse to accept he doesn’t have a name, and just keep useing the nickname until it becomes begrudgingly accepted.

Personally, I think it would have started out as something akin to a lighthearted mocking title, like “Calm your trousers there, Prince of Darkness, no need for temper tantrums here!” or “Oh? And do you have a better plan, you dark demon?”

Dark’s powers were (and still often are) most likely very obvious in the beginning, it’s just logical, so there wasn’t anyway Wilford didn’t notice the ethereal puddle of grey, the ringing and wood creaking, the weird glitches, that follows Dark around. So this aura of power/'evil’ is the most likely inspiration for the nickname in the actual lore.

But even still, that would be a name Wilford gave him.

I still wonder if at any point Dark named himself. Gave himself a title that no one else knows. A legitimate personal name.

Or would he not have cared? Names are fairly useless and mundane things for someone like him. He knows who he is, why would he feel the need to label himself? I guess it comes down to how human he actually truly is. A barely human being would want/care less for a name than someone who’s still pretty human. Humans care about being individuals and independent. One could argue evil house entities stuffed into a corpse might feel differently.

Him being technically nameless is as interesting as him having a secret real name. It’s all so neat to contemplate.

Remember kids: Being a man and recognizing that your gf (or in this case, ex-gf) is crazy because she was both physically and verbally abusive to not only you, but everyone she interacted with, makes you the misogynist, and is in no way a reflection of her and her pretty shitty character.

Mofos getting triggered by puppet frogs. Damn, what a time to be alive.

A cancer's opinion of the signs
  • Aries: gets really angry really fast?
  • Taurus: beautiful
  • Gemini: hit or miss tbh
  • Cancer: amazing lovely sweet best friend material
  • Leo: cocky mofo but pretty tight
  • Virgo: kinda boring but whatevs
  • Libra: overrated but alright
  • Scorpio: sexy af
  • Sagittarius: meh
  • Capricorn: what are you even doing here?
  • Aquarius: i guess you're okay?
  • Pisces: pretty awesome but you need to stop overthinking shit

HOLY SHIT it’s this guy again!

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