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You have a Hispanic and Latinx movie/tv show rec? Could you link me to them? Are there any on Netflix?

this is the post the other person was referring to and i’m not sure if they are all on Netflix, i’m pretty Y Tu Mama Tambien is there and Under the Same Moon is too but the others i don’t think so 

OH BUT if you want Netlfix shows watch Narcos (it’s just,,,,so good tbh like it’s just good) and One Day At A Time which i’ve rec’d like 235237237 times but that’s because it’s like SO GOOD and it’s in english but it’s about a cuban family and it’s amazing and please watch it 


The wonderful, sweet, and amazing moms of magical girls/magical boys who are also kinda dead or like in spirit form IDK how this magical life/death stuff works in cartoon/anime

Mamá, papá, no me odien por ser homosexual, solo necesitan saber que soy feliz así, ya ustedes tomaron muchas decisiones en su vida, es tiempo que me dejen tomar las mías.

Ponkuno’s Dojo - Fashion Collab 

“I eat ass on Thursday”

Hey there peeps who got chosen for the “I eat ass on Thursday” raffle follower draw thing. I finally finished!~ It’s hard juggling work, school, and art all at the same time so sorry if it take so long~ But I really hope you enjoy it. I also want to thank all of my followers again. Thanks for all the support and attention you have given me~ You guys really make my day sometime with your compliments and interactions~

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