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wanna one’s reaction to you being jealous

yoon jisung

jisung is completely and absolutely in love with you so it wouldn’t be hard for him to reassure you that you’re the only girl he has eyes for. he wouldn’t want you to feel like you’re not good enough, so he’d compliment you a lot that day and try to make you understand that his feelings for his friends don’t go anywhere beyond platonic friendship. if you still wouldn’t believe him he would most likely scoop you up in his arms and sit you on the couch so he can cuddle up to you and give you a pep talk if needed.

ha sungwoon

sungwoon would actually be a little flattered by your jealousy. maybe it’d get to his head a little that you were worried about him interacting a lot with other girls, so he’d tease you about it for a little while. however, as soon as you make it clear to him that you’re less than amused by the whole situation he’d try to put himself in your shoes and apologize. he’d pull you close and place light kisses all over your face all while repeating over and over how much he loves you.

hwang minhyun

honestly, it’s pretty easy to get jealous when you’re dating hwang minhyun. he’s incredibly handsome and it doesn’t help that most girls love to fawn over him whenever he sets foot in the room. when you first voice your concern and tell him that you’re jealous, he might find you’re overreacting and not think too much of it. he’d wrap his hands around your waist, kiss the top of your head to calm you down a little and say something along the lines of “you shouldn’t be worrying babe, i only love you” and then that’d be it for the moment.

ong seongwoo

seongwoo loves seeing you jealous. it inflates his already big ego like nothing else, so he’d definitely be a huge dick tease about it, maybe even to the point that you get upset with him and leave. even though he is a dickhead, seongwoo can be quite sensitive when it comes to you, so he’d immediately know that he crossed a line. he’d apologize profusely and maybe confess that he gets jealous when you talk to other guys as well because boy he really does

kim jaehwan

here’s another boy that’d just love to tease you for a little while if he found out you’re jealous, however, he’d be a little sweeter and more low-key about it. you probably wouldn’t even tell him, so you just sulk on the couch for a little while and not talk to him until he figures out what’s wrong. when he notices that you’re actually pretty down, he’d be very affectionate and try to show you that you’re the only one for him. sometimes he gets kind of cheesy and cups your face in his hands to kiss your cheeks a lot. he’d probably say something dumb but adorable like “listen you’re really damn cute when you’re jealous but you’re even cuter when you’re smiling so please be happy again”

kang daniel

to daniel, your jealousy would come as kind of a shock. he’s honestly so fixated on his love for you in a good way obviously that he doesn’t even have time to think about other girls anymore. his friends are friends, that’s it, and that’s what he tells you as well. if you’re really upset about it, he’ll hold you close, wrap a blanket around the two of you and speak reassuring words to you in a low voice and if you’re still not convinced he has other ways of proving his love to you tbh have fun

park woojin

woojin still isn’t that experienced when it comes to relationships, so he wouldn’t really know what to do if you ever told him that you get jealous whenever he hangs out with other girls. he’d, of course, apologize without really knowing what he did wrong or what he can do to change it, however, he’d try to show you a little more affection and grip your hand a little tighter than usual or kiss you a little more frequently.

park jihoon

jihoon is another young ‘n pretty boy with a lot of female fans, so it’s not that hard to get jealous for you. he’d be less sweet about it and get annoyed if it happens often, because he can’t do anything but tell you that you’re the only girl he loves in hopes that you’ll believe him. sometimes your jealousy will result in a fight between the two of you, and it’s just generally a touchy topic between the both of you.

lee daehwi

daehwi would honestly be on the verge of tears lmao, he would never want to see his girlfriend hurting because of something he did, even if it was unintentional. he’d loop his arms around you from behind, bury his face in the crook of your neck and whisper sweet ‘i love you’s’ and things like ‘oh no baby please don’t be upset because of things like these you don’t have to worry’ in hopes of making you feel better. 

bae jinyoung

tbh baejin is a fucking emotional rock when it comes to these things so if you don’t come out and straight up tell him that you’re jealous he’d never be able to tell. he’d be a little confused at first but wouldn’t really make a big thing out of it even though he’d feel just the tiniest bit flattered, he’d just grab your hand and go like ‘aw babe that’s not neccessary i love you’ and it’d be settled with that.

lai guanlin

guanlin is, just like the rest of the maknae line, pretty inexperienced when it comes to relationships. when you tell him that you’re jealous he’d laugh it off, quickly peck your lips and tell you that you’re the most beautiful girl he’s ever laid eyes on which honestly makes you melt a little. he’d be happy that you like him enough to be protective over him, so he’d wrap his entire body around you and take a nice nap with you because what better way to show someone you love them amirite

my inner wolf -jimin

Evolution of Infinite
  • Sunggyu: Bullied grandpa to sassy bullied grandpa
  • Dongwoo: Laughing angel to laughing angel with different colored hair
  • Woohyun: Adorable puffy cheeks to adorable greesy puffy cheeks with abs
  • Hoya: Amazing dancer with 6 packs to amazing dancer with 6 packs and fire variety skills against Sunggyu
  • Sungyeol: Cheeky 1 liner to Cheeky 3 liner
  • Myungsoo: God given beauty but no abs to god given beauty with no abs but a few derp photos floating around on the internet
  • Sungjong: The pretty maknae who judges the rest of his members to the maknae who's a lot prettier than you who judges the rest of his members
EXO Reaction when they call you noona and they find out you're younger but they still do it

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*Acts like a baby so he can continue doing so* “Please take care of me noona~”


*Mentally slapping himself because he didn’t realize sooner you were younger* “I can’t not call her noona now… what do I do…”


“But but… I’m the maknae…. pretty please???” *Who would say no to him tbh*


*Embarrassed and nervous giggling* “I’m so sorry…. I just… you seem so wise I can’t help myself… please tell me every time I call you like that..”


“Noona is so pretty…” *Probably won’t even realize you are younger unless you tell him or something*


“Well… you know… I like noonas… so I hope you don’t mind”


*He might not be able to call you noona but he can sing Replay by SHINee to you all he wants” *Noona neomu yeppeo..~”


“Wait… you are not my noona? But… I’ve been calling you noona for three months… why didn’t you tell me… does it bother you if I continue doing so?”


*Honestly he’s a baby and you don’t mind at all he calls you noona because you somehow always seem older* “kekekeke sowwy noona, but you will always be my noona, noona or not” *What xD*


*Mental breakdowns at the end of each day* “I called her noona again… what was I thinking… I bet she thinks I do it on purpose… how am I supposed to win her heart this way.. ugh Kyungsoo… concentrate!”


“I am really sorry Noo-ehh.. Y/N… I didn’t mean… eh… I’ll be more careful next time! You can call me oppa if you want.. maybe it’ll be easier that way for me to stop calling you noona…” *Trying really hard here*


*Honestly why telling him you are not his Noona when he looks like this* “I swear I’m not a baby noona! I just.. like doing… things children do xD”

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BTS - Reaction to You Getting Attention from the Other Members

You thought it would be a nice idea to surprise Jin at a photoshoot. You okayed it with the manager beforehand so you didn’t think there would be any issues. However, when you got there Jin was the only one being photographed at the time and the boys had swarmed around you. When Jin saw, he couldn’t help but just want you to himself. He made his way pushing through the boys to stand in front of you. “Y/N, you came to surprise your boyfriend huh?” You giggled and agreed as he pulled you into a hug. He made sure to hold onto you whenever he was free for the rest of the day including a variety of skin ship including cute back hugs, fingers intertwined, and placing an arm around your back.

Yoongi had invited you to eat dinner with him and the boys at the dorm for the night. He looked over as he was helping Jin in the kitchen and noticed that Taehyung was sitting particularly close to you. Yoongi knew how Tae could be so he kept an eye on you both until he was free to come join you. As he was walking over he heard Tae asking you, “So Y/N, are you and Yoongi hyung a thing?” As you glanced up you saw him making his way towards you and started to answer, “Well..” Then Yoongi sat next to you and placed an arm around your shoulder, “does this answer your question?” You then placed a kiss on his cheek to help prove the point.

Hoseok could not help but notice the affection that the maknaes were showing towards you while you were hanging out at the dorms. They kept trying to get your attention and making you laugh. He tried to hide his jealousy but was sure to wrap his arms around you whenever he could. You ended up laying your head on his shoulder and he ended up smiling like an adorable idiot. “Hobi,” you would say quietly turning your head to look up at him, “this is really nice.” He would agree and then kiss your forehead.

When Namjoon left the room to go to the restroom and returned to find Hobi and Jin flirting with you he couldn’t help but interrupt whatever was going on. “Hey guys, what are you talking about?” Joon said placing an arm around each of the boys. “We were just talking to Y/N about work,” Jin responded while giving you a wink. “Well I hope you had a nice conversation, sadly I’ll be stealing Y/N, we were going to visit a café for lunch.” He casually moved forward and placed an arm around your waist, “Ready babe?” You nodded and you both made your way outside. “Babe?” You questioned. “Yeah, you like it?” You giggled and he pulled you closer.

Jimin noticed that you and Kookie were looking quite cozy while you were waiting in the rehearsal room his practice to be over. He would glance over and see you laughing at something Jungkook said which would take his mind off practicing. He wanted to get your attention away from Kookie. So, he starting dancing very provocatively in front of you. When he noticed that you were staring at him and that your cheeks became flushed, he felt very accomplished.

Tae and you were sitting on the couch at your apartment when your phone kept lighting up on the coffee table. You moved forward to check it and burst out laughing. “What is so funny?” He asked wondering what made you so delighted. “Oh, nothing, it was just something than Jimin sent me.” He noticed that you and Jimin had become good friends during the time that you had been spending with the boys. He knew that it was nothing romantic but it still made him jealous from time to time. So, to get your attention back onto him he moved forward and wrapped his arms around you. Then he proceeded to start kissing your neck. You put the phone down turned around to kiss him on the lips. “I have your attention now.” He said in his deep voice with a sly smirk.

“Y/N, you look really pretty today.” The maknaes were showering you in complements. You had dressed up in a very nice outfit for your date night with Kookie. As he was finishing getting ready is his room he left you to relax in the living room of the dorm with the boys. He was walking towards you when he heard these comments and felt a spark of jealousy. “Of course she does,” he said as he wrapped an arm around you, “she always looks beautiful.” You started blushing and the boys made oohs and aahs at their youngest brother’s PDA. He playfully kissed you on the cheek as not to draw to much more attention to you. “Shall we?” You let him lead you out of the dorm hand in hand.