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BeFour (M)

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Min Yoongi. Fake Dating AU. 4 576 words. Smut. Fluff.

Warning:  “You can’t just pull a ring out of nowhere and propose, we’re not even dating!”


It’s a strong word. 

You would prefer using ─dislike. Yes, you and Min Yoongi dislike each other with your entire being, with every fiber in your bones, with every breath you take. Kinda.

“Where are you going?” A gravelly tone asks you, prodding, as if you’re going to flee the scene the moment he takes his eyes off you.

To leave him there to answer his extended family’s relentless prying on how long he’s going to take to put a ring on it. You almost physically scoffed at that. If only they knew.

“The dessert bar, anything you need, boyfriend?” Your reply is tinted with dismay and irritation.

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