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May or may not do a mini-series of this McHanzo!Au.

I have so many headcanons, some really happy.
… And some really really sad.

But don’t worry, everything’s gonna end well. <3

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There was a time before the Pocket Mortys craze when C-382 and D-416 actually got along pretty well. 

Third Years Vs Second Years!!!

“Who will win?  What will the deciding factor be?  How will victory be obtained?  IT’S A MYSTERY!”  

Translated from Kouhei’s twitter.  

shoutout to the people with npd who are “sore losers”

to those who honestly don’t think that it’s fair when they don’t win

to those who have their mood destroyed by what should be a fun and casual game

to those who feel nothing but hurt and fury towards the ones who did “better” than them

to those who are straight-up told that they are indeed “sore losers”, and are made fun of for it, even in a playful manner

nobody understands the crushing blend of rage and panic you feel when you’re not better than everyone else. nobody understands that, to you, not being the best feels no different than being the worst piece of shit failure imaginable. 

i just found out what bothered me about a lot of indie horror games (besides the ‘jumpscares over atmosphere’ thing because everybody knows about that)

so incoming rambling

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A Normal Photo

Sonde: Let’s finally take a normal photo.
Judai: Seriously?!?!
Sonde: As you’d expect.

So he was kidding!  lol
I’m not naive enough to think, ‘today’s the day’ just because Sonde-san said so.
Good work today too ^^
I’m going to sleep a lot!!!

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

Mona has a twin?

I will probably add to this at a later date, as this is not a theory I have sat on for months and collated a lot of pictures and evidence, it’s just something that just came to me (ironically as I was reading a ‘Spencer’s twin is A.D theory). I will always stand by my Aria is A theory, as that’s been my thoughts hope from the beginning.

However, what about this…

Mona has a twin. Stay with me here.
Several people have commented on the fact Mona’s voice changes half way through this monologue from the season finale of season 2 (after she says “toffee, tango”). People have spectated this is CeCe following the FAKE reveal from Season 6.

However, I think the majority of PLL fans are with me when I say the whole CeCe thing needs to be a clever plan made by A.D/Big A/Uber A if the writers want to retain any credibility… as that was such an awful way for the story to go.
But wait a minute. What if (and I am going out on a limb here!) the writers are actually very clever… and knew we would hate the CeCe storyline, and we would try to pick holes in it. Hence throwing us off of the actual scent of who A is…
And if the CeCe storyline was fake… that means someone put CeCe up to this. And who was the one left remaining in the room to “see how the story played out”…
But anyway, one point at a time.
So in this monologue, Mona’s voice changes. And fans have been speculating over who this second person is. The writers know how eagle eyed (and eared!) the fans are. So I definitely think this was not an accident. And whilst we are all sat here trying to work out who the second voice belongs to, Janel is laughing her head off swinging around on her ribbon as the second voice is actually her… well. Her twin.
Though the voice changes, it definitely still sounds like Mona.
We’ve been told so much crap from the cast, we’ve seen A, we haven’t seen A, that it is looking as though a twin is going to be the ultimate A. So as much as I didn’t want this to be the case, with this theory, let’s just go with it.
Also don’t forget, we clearly know there are two Monas. We’ve been told this from the beginning. “Loser Mona” and popular Mona.
We were told Mona had a personality disorder. I don’t think this is the case. I think the reason she had these two difference personas is because they are two different people.
In the clip, she says “Loser Mona is going to the nut house” as opposed to “I am going to the nut house” crazy girl speaking about herself in third person - perhaps? However, in PLL, I think we should always assume nothing is a coincidence.
This would explain her relationship with Hanna, and why she seems to sometimes care about her and sometimes not.
Also, let’s not forget what I believe was the biggest clue ever given in the form of Alison’s quote “The bolder the move the less anyone questions it”. Which had everyone second guessing Alison’s true motive, and the initials being A.D etc… HELLO - MONA REVEALED HERSELF AS BEING A. HOW MUCH MORE OF A BOLDER MOVE CAN YOU GET.
This show has messed us around now for so long… and we’ve been pleading and pleading for A.D/Uber A/whatever they are calling A this series, to be a character we have known since the beginning. A character… or atleast a face we are familiar with. And I just think it would be the ultimate twist, for the writers to give us what we want, by giving us what we’ve already had. If that makes sense? By giving Mona a twin, and making that twin ‘A.D’ I think it could answer a lot of the unanswered questions we have.
I mean let’s face it, Mona is and always has been around. She’s always just there. Always manages to worm her way into an episode some how or other. She always knows what’s going on.

Mona’s twin could be blonde, and could have been the Mona we thought we saw in the doll house. A blonde twin would explain all the blonde red coats etc we have seen in various episodes. Also how funny would it be if the blonde that ‘killed’ Mona was Mona’s twin!

Also, let’s not forget this…

Also, remember in the doll house when Emily touches ‘Mona’s’ hair and mouths that “it’s her hair!” and we just assumed that A made her dye her hair to look more like Alison… well that scene could also foreshadow Mona’s twin being blonde.

Of course I know there must be holes in this theory, but as I say, it’s just a theory I came up with tonight so by all means please send me any holes in this theory and we can try and work them out.