pretty little poem

Spencer’s favorite french poem


[Jacques Prévert - extrait de Paroles]

Une orange sur la table
Ta robe sur le tapis
Et toi dans mon lit
Doux présent du présent
Fraîcheur de la nuit
Chaleur de ma vie.

An orange upon the table
Your dress on the rug
And you in my bed
Sweet present of the present
Freshness of the night
Warmth of my life

If eyes are the windows to the soul,

Then please tell me,

Is it darkness you see,

Or is there a light left,

Shining within me?


Summer is finally here
Longer days, warmer weather, baseball season and the all dreaded shorts.
Shorts are such a challenging thing to wear.
You can wear long shorts and be a prude or you can wear short shorts and be a slut
But it’s even harder in school.
Somewhere today a girl is being pulled out of class for distracting male teacher by wearing shorts
Somewhere today a girl is being sent home for distracting male students by wearing shorts.
Somewhere today a girl is being taught that her fellow male class mates education is more important.
When you pull a girl out of class for shorts you are taking her away from her education because a boy wasn’t taught some manners.
We are taught not to cover up our beauty and our bodies but we are taught to be ashamed if we show to much of our beauty.
I will not be ashamed for loving myself.
Today I wore shorts

they will name chemical reactions
after your firestarter heart.
I believe
is an art.
An ugly, beautiful, lie of an artwork;
the kind you hang up in an art gallery
the kind you buy for millions of dollars
the kind that is prized for millennia.
—  J. Kris
(inspired by the characters of Pretty Little Liars)
your little voice
                   Over the wires came leaping
and i felt suddenly
    With the jostling and shouting of merry flowers
wee skipping high-heeled flames
courtesied before my eyes
                            or twinkling over to my side
Looked up
with impertinently exquisite faces
floating hands were laid upon me
I was whirled and tossed into delicious dancing
with the pale important
                         stars and the Humorous
dear girl
How i was crazy how i cried when i heard
                                           over time
and tide and death
         your voice
—  e. e. cummings, your little voice

i hope you see constellations in my eyes even as the stars blind me

i hope you see solar systems in my thighs when a cacophony of freckles and bruises is what plagues the skin inhabiting them

i hope you see shooting stars when i run to you crashing and burning

i hope you see the sun when you see my dry lips and think to yourself that gravity is real and that its a shame that sun is only ever circled by the planets

i hope you see a supernova when every word on my tongue becomes reckless and my actions cease to define me and the red in my fingertips becomes more relevant than all the colors in my eyes

i only ever see blackholes in my irises and an uninhabitable planet where my feelings once rested

i hope you remember me for the phosphorous and beautiful chemistry i create with you, and i hope that you don’t fade away as this collection of stardust descends into aphelion

—  his orbit around her was constant until her planets realigned
I wish you were here right now. Like, I wish you could hold me tonight. I wish for a moment that I see you laugh because it makes me smile like nothing bad ever happened. I wish I could hold your hand to feel a little bit more safe but what I wish the most is that you were not only a wish anymore.
—  My wish

If the famous info leaking weibo account is right, and we DO get a new unit, i want new kids and previous smrookies . I also want 127 to be there DUH but I want them to show that weird VCR like audio that was leaked from that SM conference back in 2016 before johnny was introduced, and i want them to make this addition DRAMATIC AS IT CAN BE. Then after johnny says that little pretty poem like description about NCT and he’s like “I…am Johnny from Neo Culture Technology.. and we are *STATIC NOISES*” i want all of them bust out a giant screen or fly out the floor and come together and perform BLACK ON BLACK the FULL version, or the new song i dont care, and i want them to leave EVERYONE SHAKEN TO THE CORE, I want people to see them pant after their performance and cheer their lungs out because a group as talented and diverse as NCT deserves this type of recognition thats taken them way longer than its had to

dearest persephone,

there will be a time you wish you weren’t so quick to stain your fingertips with that pomegranate juice

there will be a time when you wish that dandelion seeds dance on the palms of your hands rather than ash

there will be a time when you realize that a garden full of unplucked roses is a garden too beautiful to be disturbed, a garden that is well tended and loved

there will be a time when you realize that the untouched field of flowers that you once took claim to is better than the graveyard of lost loves you inhabit now

and although demeter has lead you to go places where the sun doesn’t shine, the light of the moon shines upon you, graceful and unwavering

your sister in hearts (not arms),

—  for l.s.

how to build a deity:

i. let their silence mean more than their sounds. romanticism is built on empty space and false assumptions, so let their ambiguous silence say more than all the thoughts you let them consume.

ii. let their beliefs become your moral code. cynicism is born from misguided hope and the loss of naivety, so let their rusted beliefs guide you away from your lackluster sense of overindulgence, and lead you into a world of hedonistic numbness

iii. let their pleasure fuel your penance. masochism originated when the cosmos saw how beautiful stars were as they burn out, so let yourself become a walking sacrifice and set your skin aflame. make your bruised knuckles an altar. for every scar on your body gives joy to the one you exalt, and this god you’ve made sees immense beauty when they see their temple covered in ichor as it crumbles and know that they’re the one who triggered the world around it to fall just as quickly.


Recently, I’ve been trying to expand my knowledge on poetry of all kinds. My connection to written poetry is very intense and so I regularly seek out poetic resources to find inspiration and emotion. 
A few weeks ago I realised I never had anything on Haikus in my bookshelf, which I had to change, of course. Now this pretty little collection of Japanese poems has arrived. Included are over one hundred Haikus and an essay on them. I am very excited to read everything!

xo liza