pretty little minho

jong-fetti  asked:

did u meet minho? are u guys best friends now?

I JUST MET HIM AGAIN AT TIMES SQUARE LESS THAN AN HOUR AGO ;; holy shit i cant believe he’s so cute in real life, i came up behind him, tapped him on his arm twice, and asked for his autograph because i know they dont allow photos and he was startled because i was speaking so fast but he saw the album and pen and he understood and grabbed it and went “whats your name?” so he could spell it (like holy shit choi minho just asked me what my name is) and i said “Casey” and he wrote “K-” and at first i didnt want to correct him but i was so shaken i did by accident and i was like “actually its a c!” and he went 


and i freaked out inwardly because wtf minho just apologized to me

and he was smiling his signature minho smile in front of my face ok and then when he finished he said “thank you” cutely to me and started backing away and i wanted to let him know how much i appreciated it but i didnt know what to do so i just attempted to say “thank you” in korean and bowed really fast and he did a lil’ bow back

and basically this was the best day of my life so far and the manager gestured at my friend not to take photos but they still got this photo of me and minho im shaking

*・♡ Noonas think Minho is pretty and cute ♡・*
  • Taeyeon: My Pretty Dongsaeng♥
  • Choi Minhye: Person who is prettier than a woman. You.
  • Taeyeon: My super cutie pie Minho ;)
  • Ivy: (selca w/ minho) I didn’t know I was this ugly!
  • Mdm Park: I like you! Minho’s so very pretty~
  • Jung Ryeowon: I like Minho. He acts cute frequently.
  • Ryu Hyunkyung: Minho-goon is simply a positive-dol, pure-dol, passionate-dol, aegyo-dol, ideal-dol, a beautiful beauty-dol--
  • Oh Yeonseo: I feel a little pressured because Minho is prettier than me. I don't know what to do as a woman.
  • Park Misun: (fixing wig on minho) how pretty.
  • Ivy: You’re pretty!
  • Lee Sora: Doesn’t Minho have the most innocent smile?
  • Ahn Sunyoung: My mom wants me to buy him for her.
  • Lee Youngja: If he could be bought, I would have bought him.
  • He pretties more than the woman
  • Tiffany: Ming Conan who is even cuter than Myong Conan <333 #MINHO #SOCUTEOMG
  • Sooyoung: #my cutie dongsaeng
  • Youn Yuhjung: In case of Minho, I thought he is really pretty even if he is a man.
  • Han Sooah: Lovely #Minho -goon~ a good cutie pie who turn on a fan to me bc of hot weather. #YouHaveWorkedHard