pretty little liars*

Lucy and Sasha talk about the musical number:

Lucy : “Funny enough, neither of us are singing in it, I’m in the sequence, it’s not one of the singers – well, she is a singer… You’ll see, you’ll see. It’ll make sense when you see it, but it was very fun to shoot. It was shot like a music video, and yeah, something different.”

Sasha who isn’t in the scene said: , “We were all recording it on our phones. It was a really special day, took up the whole set.”

Dating Alison DiLaurentis

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Before her disappearance

● Secretly dating at first but when Alison saw a guy flirting with you at your locker she walked up to you and kissed you, therefore making sure everyone would know that you’re already taken.

● Meeting at your locker every morning.

● Alison flirting with you 24/7 to see you blush.
♢ Winks
♢ Compliments
♢ Whistling when you walk past her.

● Alison always being there when you need her.

● Alison being protective of you.

● Her getting jealous very quickly, she usually makes the person, who was flirting with you, cry.

● Jealous!Alison
♢ Pulling you towards her.
♢ Kissing you.
♢ Her glaring at the person flirting with you.
• Her gathering any dirt about them and threatening them with it.

● Her kissing you on the cheek everytime she sees you.

● Alison holding you’re hand all the time.

● Being nervous when Alison wanted you to meet her parents as more than a friend.
♢ Her mom absolutely adores you, while her father didn’t approve of you and Ali dating at first (but he’s warmed up to the idea now).

● Jason trying to flirt with you evertime you go over to Ali’s house.
♢ Alison telling Jason to go play with his loser friends while she slips her hand around your waist and drags you to her room.
♢ Her being pouty about it while you two are in her room.
• Kissing her to make her stop.

● Alison tutoring you in French.
“What does that even mean?”
“(Y/N) if you were paying attention you’d know that I said ‘Kiss me you dope’”

● Alison telling you about France and how you and her should go there together.

● You seeing through her mean persona.

● Becoming friends with the girls.

● Hanna calling you (Y/N) DiLaurentis, which leads to Alison smirking while you become a blushing mess.

● Stopping her from making rude, off-hand comments about the girls.

● Alison putting anyone into their place if they say something rude about you.

● Going shopping together.
♢ Alison buying everything you look hot is, so everything you tried on even if you protest.

● Alison stealing some of your clothes, without you knowing, and her wearing it to school the next day.

“Ali isn’t that my hoodie?”
“Hmm? Oh yeah, don’t you think I look hot in it?”

● Going to the kissing rock regularly.

● Alison planning dates carefully.
● Alison being the first to say “I love you”.

● Alison sitting next to you in every class you share.

● Being worried when Alison starts receiving random texts that make her panic.
♢ Becoming even more worried when she tells you not to worry about it.

After her disappearance

● You went out of your mind when you heard Alison disappeared.

● The girls comforting you.

● Never giving up hope that Alison is alive.

● Mrs . DiLaurentis giving you some of Alison’s things, because she knows you miss her terribly.

● You and the girls receiving messages from A.

● Thinking that you’re going crazy when you think you see Alison.

● Feeling like you couldn’t breath when they found ‘Alison’s body’.

● You and the girls trying to figure out who A is.

● Being one of the first to know that Alison is alive.

After her disappearance

● Being there for Alison.

● Staying over at her house, because you don’t want her to be alone.

● Sex, when nobody’s home.

● Alison becoming even more protective of you.

● Alison clutching onto your hand, like her life depends on it, while you go to town.

● Hanging out with Ali and the girls.

● Still helping them to find out whose A.

● Forgiving Charlotte after everything she’s done, because you know Alison wants to get to know her sister.