pretty little liars 4x11



So I decided to go back and dissect as much of the lair/basement that we seen 'A’ in at the end of 4x18… and to do so, I went and compared all the items we seen in it, to all the items we seen in Ezra’s lair in 4x12.


1.) The yearbook from when the NAT Club was still in high school is seen in both 4x12 (Ezra’s Lair), and in the 'A’ ending in 4x18.

2.) THE SAME EXACT MAP is seen in both Ezra’s lair and with A in 4x18. You can tell it’s the same because it’s a map that was printed out on two separate sheets of paper, and then taped together.

3.) THE SAME photo of Spencer is hanging in both.

4.) A PINK NOTEPAD was seen in Ezra’s lair in 4x12, and was now sitting in front of A in 4x18.

5.) THE SAME PHOTO OF WILDEN is hanging in both lairs as well.

6.) There is a tall GLASS MUG WITH RUBBER BANDS seen in Ezra’s lair in both 4x11 when Cece was there, and when the girls were there in 4x12. Now this SAME MUG is with A in 4x18.

7.) The same EXACT pair of SCISSORS were seen in Ezra’s lair when Cece was there in 4x11, and now with A in 4x18.

8.) There is a little ROUND SILVER TIN that was seen in Ezra’s lair in 4x11 and 4x12, and it is now also seen in 4x18 during the 'A’ Ending.

9.) THE SAME EXACT PHOTOS OF ARIA were in Ezra’s lair. One of the front of her face, a side shot, and one of her lips. AND they are all in COLOR… last time we seen these photos, Jason had them, but they were all in B&W. NOW we are seeing the exact same specific photos in COLOR in both Ezra’s Lair, and with 'A’ in 4x18.

ALSO, Something I noticed in Ezra’s lair from re-watching 4x12, is that on the board that is tracking Ali, there is a photo that says “body found” next to it. And the photo is of when the body bag fell out of the icebox on the Halloween train. I just thought it was interesting that we see that exact photo, when the only person that we know of who took that photo was LUCAS. He had that fancy camera with him all night, and he immediately snapped a shot of the body bag when it fell out. And now Ezra has the picture in his Lair in Ravenswood… does that mean Lucas IS helping Ezra?? Just a speculation.

BOTTOM LINE: The stuff we seen in A’s lair/basement-type setting at the end of 4x18, DEFINITELY belongs to Ezra. Which means it is most likely a part of Ezra’s lair that we didn’t see when Ezra went in his basement. I mentioned in my 4x18 review that we shouldn’t rule it out as being Ezra’s just because it didn’t look the same as what we saw in the episode, Because there was a side of the Lair that the screen never circled around to. Which means this other desk could still be in that lair.

IF IT’S NOT LOCATED IN HIS BASEMENT, then it HAS to be someone he is working with, in order for them to have all of his belongings that were once in his lair.

I seriously think that this is all the proof that we need that Ezra is somehow involved with the A team :)