pretty little liars 4x09


I think CeCe was there the night Alison’s grave was dug up!

Sara as Red Coat also still could have been there but I think somebody saw CeCe that night!!


Remember in season 4 when Jenna was attacked and thrown into the lake? And Spencer asked Shana, “then who is Jenna so afraid of?” And Shana’s answer was, “CeCe Drake.”

In 3x09, when it was Spencer vs Jenna in the truth telling game at the party they went to with CeCe, Spencer said, “What you told us about Emily, you never mentioned that Noel was with you that night. What else did you lie about?” Jenna then looked at CeCe and had to take a minute to compose herself. 

Then Jenna said, “you know what mutually-assured destruction is, right? You promised me something the day I told you about Emily.Are you going to keep that promise?”

In 3x03 when the girls found out that she could see from the first operation, she says, “if people think that you’re blind, they get careless. You see what they don’t think you can see.”

They had promised to not tell that she was able to see. Because she needed protection because somebody was still after her.

What if she saw CeCe the night Alison’s grave was dug up? What if that’s why she was at a gun store in 3x03? What if that’s why she looked at CeCe in 3x09? WHAT IF THAT’S WHY JENNA WAS AFRAID OF CECE AND ENDED UP ATTACKED IN THE LAKE?


Hey everybody! I’ve been out of my city lately so I;ve been absent. Glad I’m here for a brand new episode of PLL tomorrow night! So sorry I didn’t made a recap, theories and best phrases for 4x09; tho at this point I can always say a few things.


*I’m actually a lil please from Emily’s attitude with Paige, I’ve never liked Paige she’s so sketchy. If it happens to be the over to that relationship I will be okay; #TeamEmaya [not to offend or annoy anyone]

*Shana knows more than she tells (what a surprise)

*Team Jaria! So sorry, I love Ezria and Ezra himself but it is also old like 3 seasons time to end, and he has being suspicious about the girls and makes me work on a theory! wait for it SOON!

*Everyday I love this show more.

*I love Sparia working together!