pretty little liars 3x23


“Ali’s turn at the game forces her to face a monumental personal decision, made even more difficult when A.D. triggers Ali to remember a forgotten trauma.”

How great would it be if the “forgotten trauma” related to the “bloody lip” Ali got in that flashback scene from Season 3 with Veronica Hastings. 

Side note: These final 10 episodes should have been used to answer those questions going all the way back to Season 3, rather then spending half an episode talking about a stolen dress design…

Ali knows who Wren is (!?)

“Wren can’t be -A because Ali doesn’t know him.” - 50% of PLL fandom

Do you seriously think she NEVER heard his name or saw his face while she was stalking/trying to protect the girls?

Yes? So let me show you “proof”.

Let’s go back to the time when Spencer was at Radley in 3x23 and Ali showed up there.

Ali was standing there watching Spencer and she probably heard something and hid herself somewhere. She didn’t leave the room because SECONDS later Wren shows up at the same exact spot she was standing. Check out:

LITERALLY seconds later…

Is it possible that Ali made a deal with Wren to get in Radley? (Obviously she could easily get in there without help, because she’s Ali, but anyways)

Even if she didn’t know Wren, after this scene is almost IMPOSSIBLE to think that she doesn’t know him.

She was hid somewhere and probably saw his face walking in the room and when he started talking to Spencer, Ali left.

AND even if she didn’t see/heard him, Cece probably talked about him.

AND when Emily hurt her shoulder… Do you seriously think that Ali wasn’t worried about Em? Do you think she didn’t see/hear about the doctor that was taking care of Emily? 

Anyways.. Let me know what you guys think! :)

Pretty Little Liars 3x23: I'm Your Puppet

The Faustian Hypothesis:

Faust: A German legend about a highly successful intellect who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for unlimited knowledge.

It would make for an interesting explanation for why Spencer has joined the A Team. Could she be “selling her soul” to Mona in order to take out the A Team from the inside? 

Faust, after all, is about the surrender of morals to achieve a goal - which is exactly what Spencer has done here. Faust is a metaphor. There is always a why with PLL, and they would have just used any old puppet show if there wasn’t some importance to it. Take Hoefgan in the 1980 film Mephisto, for example - he gave up morals to achieve his success in the theatre with those he was ultimately against: the Germans. Faust is interpretative, and I believe this is what they have done here.

Pretty Little Liars 3x23 ''I'm your puppet'' Official Synopsis

As “A” continues to play games, the stakes are raised higher as each girl is forced into difficult positions. Aria starts to seriously contemplate her relationship with Ezra as his new family situation continues to eat away at her. Hanna is thrown into the middle of Caleb’s family drama when Jamie’s shady past comes back to haunt him. Emily is determined to prove Spencer wrong in hopes of helping her, but she might not be ready for what she finds. In the end, will the Liars be able to get out of their sticky situations or will “A” have them right where he/she wants them?

Meanwhile, Spencer searches for answers about Mona’s time in Radley Sanitarium.