pretty little liars 3x13 this is a dark ride

Who tried to push Aria off the Halloween Train? + Sequence of Events

A question that still, after 4 seasons, remains unanswered. This is our take on what went down and who REALLY tried to push Aria off the Halloween Train. 

Keep in mind, Mona was giving Wilden orders. And Mona was giving these orders because she herself was receiving orders from the New Big A, aka Cece/Charlotte DiLaurentis.

At the beginning of 3x13 This is a Dark Ride, Mona gives a black hoodie (who we can presume was Wilden) a bunch of bullets (one of which was used to shoot Garrett) and a bunch of drugs (which were used to drug Aria and put her in the crate with Garrett’s body). 

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Aria 'Queen of Hearts' Clue

So, I know that Wilden and Melissa were both dressed as the Queen of Hearts in 3x13 “This is A Dark Ride” which was the Halloween episode. However, there were some interesting ‘Queen of Hearts’ clues in the first five episodes of season 3 of “Pretty Little Liars” and they had nothing to do with Wilden or Melissa. They were all about Mona and Aria! It might be nothing, but it might be everything, so here is what I found - 

In 3x03, “Kingdom of the Blind” we see Mona lying on the bed at Radley Sanitarium. She is holding a card - a queen of hearts, to be exact. It might as well be foreshadowing Wilden and Melissa being dressed as the ’Queen of Hearts’ in the Halloween episode - 

 - however, this is what I noticed in 3x05, “That Girl Is Poison”,  aka the episode where Jenna can see again and she decides to throw a huge birthday party.

Not only is Aria wearing a dress with hearts all over it to Jenna`s party…

…but, if you take a close look at this scene, you`ll see that there is a card hanging to her left. A queen of hearts!  

There has always been this weird tension between Mona and Aria`s characters. It`s like Mona and Aria are more connected than we think and this might be just another one of those connections. Not quite sure what to make of it though. Is this a clue that Aria is Big A? Is it the creators of the show messing with our heads? I don`t know but I thought it was worth sharing :) 

PS.  Interestingly enough, the “Alice in Wonderland” Wikipedia page describes the 'Queen of Hearts’ as foul-tempered monarch. Kind of like how I`ve been imagining 'Big A’ …

PLL Timeline

I blame myself. I got too invested & too excited for this finale. Of course their timeline doesn’t add up! Let’s all remember that the month of November during their Senior year was dragged out foreverrrr

3x13 This Is a Dark Ride
Halloween of Senior Year

5x12 Taking This One to the Grave
Thanksgiving of Senior Year

I think of this often…

This is probably nothing but...

In 3x13 “This is A Dark Ride” mama Marin says (in reference to the ghost girl) “she was so cold, I can still feel how cold she was,” Then, in 6x08 “FrAmed” Aria says “I’m still cold, I’m freezing cold, all the time,” What a weird coincidence, maybe Aria is the one with a twin, or the one who killed someone? Idk…