pretty little liars 3b

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why is it 2011 in the pll world? please clarify...

Because Alison disappeared Labor Day weekend of 2009, the start of her sophomore year in high school. That school year lasted from 2009-2010 which takes us to the pilot episode. The liars were beginning their junior year of high school in Fall 2010. That school year lasted until the end of Season 2 meaning Maya St. Germain was murdered in April 2011.

Season 3 starts with the girls entering their senior year of high school Fall 2011. The Season is split into summer and winter which means the summer 3A part lasted up till October. They picked up with their annual Halloween Special with a current Halloween episode that was actually in real time for the PLL, 3.13 This is a Dark Ride. Winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars takes place in 3B which is actually the events that took place after the Halloween train, meaning 3B is considered November 2011. Season 4 starts on the same night as the Season 3B finale, therefore, the episodes were going on a day by day basis throughout the entire season of Season 4. Which means the Season 4 finale ‘A is for Answers’ ended with the Liars in the month of December and the beginning of Season 5 takes place on the same night as Season 4 left off. Therefore, they are in December 2011, the first semester of their senior year.

I hope that helps you Love ;)