Pretty Little Liars 7x08 "Exes and OMGs" official press release-

“Emily’s ex Paige unexpectedly returns to Rosewood, as does the ominous Mrs. Grunwald, in “Exes and OMGs,” an all-new episode of Freeform’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” airing TUESDAY, AUGUST 16 (8:00 – 9:00 p.m. EDT)

Emily goes up for a position as the Rosewood High swim coach, only to learn that her ex-girlfriend Paige is also up for the job. Hanna is visited by Mrs. Grunwald after she has a vision that the PLLs are in danger. The girls track down the doctor who delivered Mary’s baby in order to get answers. Ali decides to go back to work to help bring some normalcy to her life again.”

PLL: 7x08 "Exes and OMGs" press release thoughts:

1. So obviously Paige returns. Ugh. Buuuut, that’s good for emison.

2. Emily goes for a job at Rosewopd High as the swim coach. So does Paige. That’s where they see each other - blah blah.

3. Alison decides to (conveniently) go back to work in Rosewood High in her teaching position.

4. BOOM. EMISON. Alison will see paily interacting and she’s gonna be so fucking jealous. And the bitchy Ali returns #thankyou

that is all. i cannot wait for this episode.

A Delayed Proposal?

After the Ezria proposal, Marlene said that they had considered having Ezra propose in season 5, but decided against it. This had me thinking–what if Ezra HAD been planning to propose, but we never found out about it? We mostly see the story from Aria’s point of view, so if Ezra had been secretly planning something that never happened, we never would’ve known.

What if he had picked out and purchased the perfect ring? What if he knew exactly when he was going to propose, and exactly how he was going to propose? Perhaps he was planning to pop the question on her graduation day when he had a moment alone with her. Maybe he thought they’d move away together, have a small wedding; she’d attend college while he worked, and they’d live happily ever after in their new life together somewhere far away from Rosewood. Everything was going to be perfect.

And then, Aria couldn’t get accepted into a college. She began to struggle with her plans after high school. She began to panic and her anxiety got the best of her. She wrote the letter to Jackie Molina. And, as he read the letter, this is when Ezra realized that the woman he thought he was going to marry would be better off without him. They weren’t in the same chapter of their lives. Her happiness was his priority, so he wanted her to know that she had the option to find her own independence in college, away from anyone or anything that could hold her back from reaching her full potential. Including him.

Imagine how painful that would’ve been for him? He’d reach into the secret compartment in the back of his bookcase and find the ring where he’d been hiding it the past couple months and know that it would never slide onto Aria’s finger. He’d never see her smile when she saw how beautiful the ring was. 

So, to distract himself and occupy his time, he decided to travel the world with Habitat for Humanity.

Knowing this, the scene where Ezra sees Aria for the first time five years later, suddenly has a new meaning. Maybe his wish to spend the rest of his life with Aria Marie Montgomery isn’t so far-fetched. She just needed a few years to catch up so they could be on the same page, no pun intended. ;)