pretty little liar rp

Am I the only one pissed off that it’s 10 EPISODES and we are getting nothing! Dealing with some irrelevant ass little girl, taking up the time they could be using to figure out who the FUCK A.D is ….now we only have 8 left. Marlene is killing me.

Can we please just talk about how quickly the Liars were to forgive Charlotte but still act like Mona is the devil

✰ * º ❛ pretty little liars quotes ask meme. ❜

‘  two people who love each other that much should be together.  ’
‘  you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.  ’
‘  i’m fine. nobody really cares anyway.  ’
‘  i can’t go around without a phone! that’s like going around without a brain.  ’
‘  if there is someone in your life who cares about you then i’m happy for you, no matter who they are.  ’
‘  i’m going to listen to every sad song i’ve ever downloaded on repeat.  ’
‘  who cares how a cell divides? it just does.  ’
‘  you lied to me, so i don’t trust you.  ’
‘  you’re not lying – you’re just pre-telling the truth.  ’
‘  people change, okay? they grow.  ’
‘  oh god! i look like a demented creamsicle.  ’
‘  we need some bubbly.  ’
‘  did i mess it up even more?  ’
‘  i’m tired of thinking about things.  ’
‘  i wish people would be more specific with their clues.  ’
‘  great. everyone’s got a life except for me.  ’
‘  i miss how easy things used to be.  ’
‘  you deserve way better.  ’
‘  i just can’t talk about this anymore.  ’
‘  fool me once, shame on you. and fool my best friend, you’re dead freakin’ meat.  ’
‘  i swear to god i will rip your head off!  ’
‘  you’re not allowed to look at me like that.  ’
‘  you know what they say about hope: it breeds eternal misery.  ’
‘  that’s immortality, my darlings.  ’
‘  you think you know people… and then they surprise you.  ’
‘  i’m getting really tired of losing people.  ’
‘  what are you doing here? i almost killed you!  ’
‘  you almost killed me, with a furry pink lamp?  ’
‘  you don’t have to feel this way.  ’
‘  you’re gone and i’m so over missing you.  ’
‘  you were the best friend i ever had, and that meant a lot to me. you meant a lot to me.  ’
‘  you were also the worst enemy i every had… and i can’t believe it took me this long to realize that.  ’
‘  when i hide something, it stays hid.  ’
‘  pretending not to love you was the hardest thing i’ve ever done.  ’
‘  are you pregnant?  ’
‘  we get it. we understand you have a boyfriend. we’ve all had them.  ’
‘  is that a gay thing?  ’
‘  you think the truth is some big, shiny disco ball of purity? then go ahead and try it.  ’
‘  be honesty. see where it gets you.  ’
‘  we’re your friends, we’re not your punching bags.  ’
‘  i know you don’t want a friend right now, but that doesn’t mean your friends don’t need you.  ’
‘  why enjoy today when you could be worrying about tomorrow!  ’
‘  when has being dishonest ever helped me, or you, or anyone?  ’
‘  i really don’t let myself cry in front of anybody.  ’
‘  i wasted so much time on you.  ’
‘  one wrong move and we all go up in flames.  ’
‘  she was a stranger… and i buried her alive.  ’
‘  i’m starting to think that bitch has superpowers.  ’
‘  aren’t you sick and tired of being you?  ’
‘  i’m pretending to be someone else.  ’
‘  you’re always better off with a really good lie.  ’
‘  girls fight much dirtier than boys.  ’
‘  i screwed up on a global scale.  ’
‘  the stupid brain is small, but it’s willy.  ’
‘  does that mood have to do with the party that we’re not going to tonight?  ’
‘  i wouldn’t go to that party if you paid me.  ’
‘  i have never seen you turn down free food and a chance to dress up.  ’
‘  don’t have any fun without me.  ’
‘  don’t touch me.  ’
‘  and now, i just really want to be happy.  ’
‘  keep your mouth shut unless you wanna go back to spending weekends with dance dance revolution and a bag of chips.  ’
‘  if i accept you, everybody does.  ’
‘  why does every woman think that she can change a guy?  ’
‘  shy on the streets, sexy in the sheets.  ’
‘  you clearly don’t know me that well.  ’
‘  this isn’t yahtzee, sweetie. this is some seriously messed up stuff.  ’
‘  friends share secrets. that’s what keeps us close.  ’
‘  i hear breakup sex is the best.  ’
‘  do i look dead to you?  ’
‘  you deserve an oscar for that performance.  ’
‘  you are the queen of not helping.  ’
‘  it was like my heart just stopped. and i felt that way for a very long time, until you.  ’
‘  everything i have done was to protect you.  ’
‘  you gave someone a second chance. that’s never stupid.  ’
‘  i need to stop caring.  ’
‘  could you, like, not be here?  ’
‘  how do i say this without sounding rude?  ’
‘  why are you still hating on me?  ’
‘  i need to learn to stop caring.  ’
‘  i don’t want to be here anymore. is that legitimate enough?  ’
‘  i stopped worrying about me a long time ago.  ’
‘  i decided i didn’t want to be a victim anymore. that’s not who i am.  ’
‘  that’s what’s so great about friends. they’re not your family. they accept you for who you are.  ’
‘  all good things must come to an end.  ’
‘  i made a terrible mistake and i need you.  ’
‘  don’t you shut me out too.  ’
‘  the rich girls steal, the pretty girls lie, the smart girls play dumb, and the dumb girls spend their days trying to be all of the above.  ’
‘  i feel like i only exist in half of your life and that’s not good enough for me.  ’
‘  trust me, you’re not the first person to hurt me and you’re certainly not the last.  ’
‘  there’s a difference between being honest and being suicidal.  ’
‘  assume it’s me… you know, sluttin’ it up!  ’
‘  you’re leaving because it’s easier to walk away than to fight for what you really want.  ’
‘  we all get it wrong sometimes.  ’
‘  am i just destroying everything that i touch?  ’
‘  for the record, if you hurt her, i will crush your scones.  ’
‘  friends don’t let friends sneak into insane asylums alone.  ’
‘  the more i see of men, the more i want to get a dog.  ’
‘  i would ditch school for a hangnail.  ’
‘  say it enough and you’ll actually start to believe it.  ’
‘  what the hell just happened?  ’
‘  i’m sorry, okay? i’m not perfect.  ’
‘  nothing works under water. it’s a scientific fact.  ’
‘  i think you’re the one who needs a trip to oz. see if the wizard can find you a heart.  ’
‘  sometimes you poke the bear and sometimes the bear pokes you.  ’
‘  i was always a romantic.  ’
‘  wow, that was an eleven letter word.  ’
‘  right, yeah. we’re all one big happy family, i forgot.  ’
‘  we’re being mocked by a damn cartoon.  ’
‘  i was saying that facetiously.  ’
‘  i was cutting a carrot and the knife slipped.  ’
‘  wait, why am i beeping? i haven’t even stolen anything yet!  ’
‘  i wanted to be spontaneous.  ’
‘  you’re not spontaneous. you make a pinterest board before you change your nails.  ’
‘  hey, i wear three inches or i wear nothing.  ’
‘  be careful! and wear sensible shoes!  ’
‘  i don’t need things to get any weirder.  ’
‘  it’s a funeral, not a nicki minaj concert.  ’
‘  so what, i can’t dance on his grave?  ’
‘  just promise me you won’t do anything stupid.  ’
‘  you’re not going to lose me. i promise, okay? i love you.  ’

I wonder if Marlene King ever just sits and reads theories and is like, ‘lol no’ 'wrong’ 'oh that bitch is way off


Life After A’s MOST WANTED

In Rosewood they remain, picking up the pieces after the fallout of the A reveal. This canon based roleplay takes Pretty Little Liars and makes it a little gayer.

All the playable characters in this rp are female, including genderswapped versions of your favorite characters including Erin Fitz, October ‘Toby’ Cavanaugh, Caley Rivers and more.

Given that A has yet to be revealed in the show, but will be soon, that fact should only be referenced vaguely until we know who it is. Given who is in the roleplay at the time, we may change A.D.’s identity.

This roleplay is meant to be life AFTER A, so there is no more drama, at least not involving some anonymous creep, and instead focuses on picking their lives up and living normally, which they’ve never been allowed to do.

open / taken / apply / rules