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I’m really hoping Alison is the mastermind behind all of this.

I really hope Alison was the one to murder Bethany, team up with Mona, started the A team, convinced CeCe to take the blame, murdered CeCe and now is teamed up with another character recreating the game.

Otherwise this is bullshit and I wont be apart of it.



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It was hard date Toby after his past with Spencer, after all they had passed over a lot of things together and they always had stayed together, for that reason you doubt if you boyfriend had really stopped loving your sister. But you trusted him, and you knew that he wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t love you.For that reason you would stay with him no matter what, even if your sister was a little bit angry with you, because as you knew Toby you knew her, and you knew she would forgive and accept you in a while.

One thing about PLL that really pisses me off (besides the jumbled timeline) is the fact that people can forgive Ezra over characters like Paige, like are you fucking kidding me?

Out of all the love interests, Ezra is the fucking worst. I don’t know how people could forgive him after he stalked Aria and her friends with blatant lies for a creepy as fuck book. He was a liar and manipulator, he knew Aria’s age and took full advantage of the situation.

Paige made one mistake that’s she immediately apologized for. It was not an ongoing situation. I don’t give a fuck if he apologized or claimed he stopped writing the book because he fell in love with Aria. It took him well over a year to get to that point.

The fact that huge Ezra and Ezria lovers think they are they healthiest relationships and all the other lover interests are unhealthy and manipulative is absolutely mind blowing. Paige, Alison and Toby get so much more hate than Ezra and I have never understood why. I am not saying any of them are picture perfect relationships because they aren’t but I hate that the relationship and “mistake” is pretty much ignored but people forgive Paige or Alison for that matter.

“I hate Paily because Paige tried to drown Emily but Ezria is so romantic, he stopped writing a creepy book when Aria caught him”

When I see statements like that I just roll my eyes. What Ezra did not all affect Aria, if affected all of her friends. Even though it took me awhile, Alison was more forgivable, grew up to be more mature than Ezra

Ian Harding is awesome though. Ezra is just a bitch.