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Mona is working against AD

Obviously at first thought, Mona looks guilty af, but think about it, she could also be working for the girls against ad. Copy of the game board? To learn more about AD and the game board. Why’d she have the shovels? To keep it FROM the police so the girls don’t go down. Why’d she have all those pictures? Possibly to eliminate suspects and also keep tabs on what people are doing. Idk this could be wishful thinking because I super don’t want Mona to be evil and love her so much, but I honestly don’t think she’s AD at all. Maybe a helper… but not AD (hoping at least)

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A/N : “ hey all! So this is a semi request lol the imaginer came up with Jason trying to find you. While you and the girls are locked in the doll house. And then being saved and a big hug. Hopefully it’s good. Like 90% of my imagine I didn’t proof read. Theirs a reason. It’s a heat wave here and I just don’t have it in me to proof read lol but hopefully its good and you enjoy!
“This isn’t happening!” That is the only thought Jason Dilaurentis had. Jason watched his sister on trail for murdering Mona. Was tough But for him to watch you! You! his only reason to stay sober, for living! The love of his life. You! who’s only fault was when A came knocking. And offered you the chance to get your revenge. On Ali. You refused A’s offer because hurting Ali meant hurting Jason. It was a simple decision. You loved Jason more then you hated Alison. Those Everyone loved and hated Ali. Ali mocked Hanna for her weight, Spencer with her taste in her sisters boyfriend , Emily being gay , Aria for her dad cheating on her mom. And you. Out of all the girls Ali mocked you the most. You have theories why Ali hated you, you stuck up for yourself, you been madly in love with Jason since you moved across the street from him. Whatever reason Ali hated you. It was mutual!
Alison tried kicking you out of the group. The other girls enjoyed your company and wouldn’t let Ali kick you out of the group. But that only meant Ali bullied you 24/7. If it weren’t for your friends or Jason you would of left he group. When Ali “died” you went to a wicked witch is dead. Party. Cruel yes. But you hated Ali as much as Jena, Melisa, Paige. All of them. To be fair to Ali. The wicked witch is gone party happened two days after she left. You all assumed Ali just ran off.
That’s when you found out Jason loved you. He was walking by the house party as you and others were screaming / singing “Ding dong the witch is dead.” Jason caught you. He dragged you out of the party. Screaming at you . You had no problem screaming at him back. The two of you screamed at each other until you let it spill that you were in love with him The rest is history.

Jason was pacing in Ezra apartment all the loves of the girls were in the apartment. Trying to find the Liars. Ali, Toby, Caleb, Ezra. Even spencer’s parents were there. In the back corner looking thru boxes of information that Ezra collected for his book. Ali made a snarky comment about asking to do a exchange. Herself for aria, spencer, Emily and Hanna. Toby mentioned your name. Ali just rolled her eyes saying you were probably dead already. Jason snapped. He loved his sister. Even for all her faults. But he also Knew Ali. A liar would be a compliment for her. Ali tormented you for years. And he knew. The only reason the girls were even bullied, blamed for murder or hell even kidnapped was because of Ali. It started with her. Selfishly he wished it was Ali who was kidnapped vs you. But he would never admit that.
~in the doll house~
Stretched out on your bed. Well not your bed! Your bed wasn’t trapped in a creepy life size Doll house. And your window looked out to a small park. This “bedroom” for windows was just a picture of the park on the wall. You had to give it to A./ Charles / asshat. He decorated your room perfectly to match your room at home. On the mirror were pictures of you and Jason. On the wall around the mirror photos od everyone you loved. Minus one photo of Ali on the wall.
Hearing the generator go off. You got up to your door opening it seeing the other girls all run out. You all charged towards down the hall. Spencer didn’t fallow Mona (who surprises everyone that she was alive) you follow Spencer into a vault like room. Seeing a picture of Jason with a boy. They were little kids. Spencer played a video. Seeing Jason, and Charles. And a Baby Ali. The other girls came in and one commented Hanna “ So A has a soul”. That was something Hanna use to tell you about Ali. The girls started a fire. Burning everything of Charles.
You tried stopping them not because Charles didn’t deserve this. It was Charles the sicko who’s been tormenting you for years now. But because of common sense. Your locked in a creepy Doll house with no idea how to get out. With No windows. Once spencer noticed what you did. The fire was too large. When you finally found the exit. You were last up. Turning to see Charles in the hall. He stared at you wearing a Mask. Hiding his identity.
You were about to climb up to escape. But your stomach stopped you. Well more your knowledge. Only four people knew this. Jason, some how Charles, the doctor and you. You were pregnant. Charles first day there gave you a note. “raise and shine bitch. That baby saved your life.”
A has a soul that repeated in your mind. He knew you were pregnant. He feed you only ridiculously healthy foods. He just watched you escape. But you knew deep down. Somehow Jason was related to this freak. He reminded you too much of Ali not to be.
Getting up to fresh air. Seeing Jason he rushed over pulling you into a hug. You hugged him tightly crying. Jason held you closely asking how you and the baby were doing. You said fine. Everyone hugged each other. Cried while the police were charging into the doll house.
Three weeks later

Sitting on in a small booth. Your parents learned about your pregnancy and gave you a option. Abortion or move out. So you decided to move out. Jason instantly offered you a home with him. You both decided to leave. Your town was only murders and creeps. But you got a text from A. Wanting a face to face with you and Jason. Sending you to the middle of no where. Here you sat. Seeing A. Unmasked the only thing you could say was “holly crap” A explained their reasoning to do everything. But since you were pregnant and you were now family decided you were no longer a fun doll. The deal was simple. Never come back to Rosewood. And you and Jason could live a happily ever. The choice was simple. You agreed.