pretty little lairs

Mona is working against AD

Obviously at first thought, Mona looks guilty af, but think about it, she could also be working for the girls against ad. Copy of the game board? To learn more about AD and the game board. Why’d she have the shovels? To keep it FROM the police so the girls don’t go down. Why’d she have all those pictures? Possibly to eliminate suspects and also keep tabs on what people are doing. Idk this could be wishful thinking because I super don’t want Mona to be evil and love her so much, but I honestly don’t think she’s AD at all. Maybe a helper… but not AD (hoping at least)

My Fadoms:

Hello dear lovely followers,

here is a list of all of my fandoms.

I will do every aesthetic related to one of them:

·         Disney

·         Game of Thrones

·         Harry Potter

·         LotR / Hobbit

·         NCIS

·         Once Upon A Time

·         One Tree Hill

·         Orphan Black

·         Percy Jackson

·         Pretty Little Liars

·         Reign

·         Riverdale

·         Shadowhunters

·         Shatter Me

·         Sisterhood oft the Travelling Pants

·         Supernatural

·         The Dark Artifices

·         The Infernal Devices

·         The Mortal Instruments

·         The Vampire Diaries

·         The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

·         Thirteen Reasons Why

·         And a lot more I don’t recall right now

For the last point:

Just ask if I’m in the fandom.