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my name is rebecca, i’m 16 and from england. i have a wide range of interests, from books, to fashion, to music, to writing. i’d love to be a journalist (or perhaps a lawyer) someday and it’s my dream to travel (specifically to australia or some island like the maldives. i like most popular tv shows, such as (and get ready for a long ass list) friends, big bang theory, how i met your mother, riverdale, 13 reasons why, pretty little liars, gossip girl, teen wolf, gilmore girls, the 100, shadowhunters etc. i’d also love to learn the guitar or piano after my exams are finally over and it’d be great to have a penpal who can speak French, as i’m going to take that for a-level, but anybody who is chill and doesn’t have a closed mind (so homophobic/racist and such) is totally great!

as a warning, i’m very socially awkward irl, so like with calls and video chats etc. i also currently suffer from depression (sorry, not to attention seek but just as a precaution i have my off days yknow). until june 15th i won’t be online quite as much because r e v i s i o n UGH. i also have a habit of coming to my friends with boyfriend issues, and also gushing about him a lot (heart eyes ^-^) sozzie!

things that make me happy: animals. literally all animals. fluffy dogs, goats, persian cats, birds, deer, otters, hedgehogs (just a few examples hehe) so don’t get annoyed if i send you a constant flow of cute animal videos;), tea, rainy days, aesthetics, cuddles and snuggles, Disney movies.

so yeah, that’s about it for my super long ad lol. i’m always happy to give advice about anything and everything and i promise i won’t ghost you!

you can contact me primarily at my tumblr wasted-curiosity and i’ll happily share my other socials like Instagram and snapchat there.

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