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little birdie told me there was a fever trend going around could we add Gaius to the mix please

[and so rises the next trend// x”D]

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 When he woke up in the middle of the night, it wasn’t because he had a problem. He knew something was wrong with you. He started from his sleep, brow furrowed in confusion. At least, until he looked over.

Your breathing was ragged, your face flushed and skin slick with cold sweat. You looked like you were feeling awfully uncomfortable. Almost feverish.

He barely made it through the night without going and stealing Libra from his home. Gaius did everything he could throughout the night, piling on blankets and trying to keep you hydrated. You didn’t want to drink anything, and you kept complaining about the heat.

All he knew was that was what you were supposed to do when someone had a fever. As if he hadn’t already been worried beyond comprehension, seeing you complain about feeling worse made him feel like more of a screw-up than usual. When Libra finally made it that morning, he nearly cried with relief.

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How to cure a #PLL hangover:

1. Drink lots of water!
2. Rewatch the episode
3. Write a theory or two about the last episode
4. Have some ice cream
5. Read a few theories from other people
6. Wear a black hoodie all day
7. Remember the next episode is LESS than a week away
8. Take a nap
9. Express your frustration in a way that works for you (scream, cry, discuss the episode with your friends, take a picture of yourself in a black hoodie or just go for a walk)
10. If you still have a hangover I suggest you have a PLL marathon

Should work.

Dear Nath,

first of all I’m really sorry about this edit. It’s so unquality! But that’s not the point, right?

Happy birthday! I just hope you had a great day. I sent you a giant fanmail at midnight saying a lot of things but basically how amazing you are and how much I love you. I don’t know if you received it, if you didn’t you’re probably thinking I forgot about your birthday or that I don’t care but that’s not the truth.

You are such a kind, sweet, beautiful and talented human being and you inspire everyone around you to be like that too! I am so proud to be your friend. Since February we’ve been talking and you became really important to me. I just want to thank you for always trying to help and make me feel better when I’m sad and to say that I love you, I really do! And you can always count on me for everything.

You’ve been going through a rough time with people always trying to make you feel bad here but you need to ignore that and keep your head held high cause there are so many people that admire you and look up to you and those are the ones that matter!

I wish I could give you more but we’re so far away from each other it breaks my heart. But along with this text and this edit I’m giving you a big hug and I hope you feel it, not phisically but in your heart. I love you baby girl! ♥

The Liars & The Beatles Abbey Road Clues: PLL’s Homage to the Famous Cover Abbey Road Album Cover Controversy

One of my favorite clues is this fun one, when PLL paid homage to the abbey road cover of the beatles, when the liars are walking down the street. So if you dont know, there’s a famous controversy with this cover , and many have analyzed it. The the controversy “The Funeral Procession” the cover is to have said it foreshadowed john lennons death, and that paul on that cover, is a fake paul, & the real paul died long time ago in a car crash. thats the story. Here’s what the cover represents :

From left to right is:

George (the grave digger)

paul McCartney (the imposter fake paul has no shoes on, is out of step)

Ringo Starr (dressed in black like a mourner or the undertaker)

John Lennon (dressed in white foreshadowing his death)

Fun right? now here’s where we compare to THE LIARS. Whether the writers want us to draw clues from this scene in season 5 or not , there are no coindences, let’s see what it can say about the liars. this is up for interpretation as to what order the girls are walking in, yes theres 5 instead the 4 ,but lets see what we can draw from this. feel free say who you think is who:

From left to right:

Aria (the gravedigger)

hanna (the imposter has on white booties , different from all the liars shoes)

spencer ( the person who will figure out what happened )

emily (the mourner or undertaker)

ali (represents john lennon, her death was foreshadowed in the christmas episode or could represent the time leading up to her “death”)

now whether you believe the controversy of the beatles, it’s a famous cover , well known, and as creative as the writers are, im sure they thought we would compare this to the beatles, it actual has some parallels here. imposters, grave diggers, etc. If you want to read more about this controversy, check here:

this new photo:

let me know what clues you guys got from this! HAPPY PLL FINALE DAY!

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Ian Thomas. Making him make sense as a possible Uber A/twin candidate.

So as many people have posted today, the possibility of Ian coming back, whether in twin form or not are seeming slightly more likely than many of us would have thought a week ago. This being due to the fact that one of the PLL page’s countdowns misspelled the word ‘villain’ as 'VILLIAN’ followed by Marlene tweeting #fianlefever. This along with a few other bits that people have pointed out, including the parallel between IMK’s tweet and an A text sent in 1x22 right before Ian 'dies’ in the bell tower.

My thinking is that if Ian comes back, he had a twin. I think that it was the twin (let’s call him Bian) that was seen to have killed himself in season two and the suicide note left with him could have been written by Ian out of his previous A messages to the girls which is why the writing is the same as quite a few notes we’ve seen the girls get, including ones that Mona gets in the dollhouse from Charles.

Speaking of the dollhouse, I think that the Charles figure that was at the masked ball and the Spencer came face to face with could have been Ian too.
-the theme of the prom was the same as the year he and Melissa were crowned King and queen
-Spencer said she’s felt like she’d met him before
-there’s no way that was CeCe! Where would her boobs have hidden!?

My thoughts are that this could all connect back to the NAT club and that we might finally get more explanation on this. Maybe there was even more to those videos than the liars knew.

Why did he fake his own death? My thoughts are that he knew that the liars were getting far too close to him and one way to stop them from ruining his game was to take himself out of it. By killing himself off, he illuminated himself as a suspect, freed up all his time to focus on the liars, theoretically build a giant doll house and work out a way to get them there.

This next part is a little involved and some of it is a part of another theory I have but haven’t properly posted yet but here it goes. I’m not entirely sure how Ian and CeCe work as a duo yet or how that started at least but in this theory I think that they were working together. CeCe knew about Ian and was working beneath him. Ian, as Uber A would have been calling the shots. I think that Mona and Sara were just working for CeCe and didn’t know that there was a bigger A in the game. I think that when CeCe revealed herself to the liars, she’d gone off book, this wasn’t part of Ian’s plan and this pissed him off big time. When CeCe says “Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister” I don’t think this was directed at the liars as we might have previously thought. What if it was directed at someone else she knew would be watching too. She was telling Ian to stay away or else. This leads me to season 6, I think that Ian could killed CeCe/Charlotte that night. He arranged to meet her and got revenge..

Finally id like to mention the countdowns.

6- shippers will be shocked
Okay I’m struggling with this one

5- liar will be betrayed by someone they love
Okay so maybe Melissa found out about Ian at some point along the way. This would be a pretty massive betrayal on spencer

4- Epic mystery leads to epic romance
Melissa and Ian together again after all these years

3- a villIAN is unmasked

(And they’ve just added 2)
2- a liar loses her sanity
Spencer, after being betrayed and lied to by her own sister can’t take it anymore and snaps

I know this theory is incredibly patchy, incomplete and all over the place. This is just me trying to make sense of thoughts I’ve had all day on Ian! There’s probably more I’ve forgotten or things that I’ve got wrong. This is basically just a train of thought 😂

I’d love Ian to come back but I’m not sure if this is just another publicity stunt. I can see them making it work but I also think there are other possibilities. Let me know what y'all think!

Season 3 episode recap: 3x17 "Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno"

~ Emily got a package from the James family containing some of Emily’s things that she gave to Alison, including a notebook
~ The notebook contained a conversation between Alison and CeCe - talking about a ‘beach hottie’ and Toby
~ Spencer didn’t tell the girls about Toby yet but they picked up on her weird behavior
~ Flashback: Alison visiting Toby in juvie
~ -A tricked Spencer into telling Ezra he has a son
~ CeCe told Emily she doesn’t know who the beach hottie is, but that Alison told her she was pregnant when they were in Cape May
~ Emily turned the notebook to the police but found out Wilden was also in Cape May right afterwards
~ Spencer hired a private investigator to find out where -A’s lair was
~ Ezra left town to meet Malcolm
~ End scene: Red Coat burning some dolls’ heads

Messages by -A:
~ Ezra freaked. He broke up with me. Can you meet in the park? (-A pretending to be Aria)
~ Thought you needed a little push, so I pushed “send” for you. -A

~ We found out Caleb put the brain in Mona’s locker

Potential clues:
~ Ashley seemed kinda overprotective of Hanna. She always asks a million questions, specially compared to other parents.
~ As far as what I remember it wasn’t confirmed that Wilden was actually the beach hottie, so even though CeCe failed to mention he was also in Cape May, maybe she was telling the truth when she said she doesn’t know who the beach hottie was. We still need to find out who else was in Cape May.

Best quotes:
~ Aria: Why don’t you just ask him? Be honest.
Hanna: Wow, that’s like the world’s fattest man giving dieting tips.
~ “Who cares how a cell divides, it just does” - Hanna
~ Emily: You were at a club?
Hanna: More of a bar.
Emily: What bar?
Hanna: Oh, it was more of a club. You wouldn’t have heard of it.
~ “What’s a pink drink? Is that code for something gay?” - Ashley

Season 3 episode recap: 3x18 "Dead To Me"

~ The picture of Wilden in Cape May disappeared
~ One of the postcards from Ali’s grave showed up with a message on the back: “Stop digging. The police already know it’s you who’s capable of murder.” (The message was originally in French)
~ Emily went to see Dr. Sullivan and had hypnotherapy
~ We met Caleb’s dad
~ Ezra was still away and Wes was staying in his apartment
~ Spencer’s PI told her where -A’s lair was, but it was empty when she got there
~ Spencer told Jason about Ali being pregnant and Wilden possibly being the father
~ Emily remembered that she was with -A and Red Coat the night Ali’s grave got dug up
~ End scene: -A buying whiskey

No messages by -A in this episode.

~ During hypnotherapy Emily had a weird vision about seeing Ali the night she disappeared, and it seemed like she hit her with the murder weapon. Obviously we didn’t see everything so someone else could have been there too. Emily later said that she got some nightmares mixed up but I don’t believe that for a second. I think there’s more to it but I don’t think it was just some nightmare.
~ The -A who was with Emily that night turned out to be Mona

Potential clues:
~ You know how there’s always a chessboard in Ezra’s apartment with chess figures on it? Well the chessboard was still there, but this time no figures were on it. Hmmmm.

~ Like I mentioned before I don’t believe that stuff from the hypnotherapy session was just some mixed up dream. Have you ever wondered why -A chose Emily to be there when Ali’s grave was dug up? That + the hypnotherapy thing makes me think that maybe, just maybe, Emily actually buried Alison. Imagine this: -A drugs Emily (just like that night) and Emily gets violent and doesn’t know what she’s doing, so she hits Ali and buries her. So what if the person pulling Ali out of the ground was Jessica? And since Alison died later anyway, maybe Jessica thought Emily or one of the liars killed her later (finishing what they started). And this supports my Jessica-is-big-A theory.
~ I don’t like the idea of Ezra being -A at all, but since -A blackmails others to do their dirty work for them, maybe Ezra is one of those people (like Lucas for example). The chessboard was empty so since Ezra was out of town maybe the -A game was missing some important pieces ;) Plus, when -A was buying whiskey he/she had to show an ID and Ezra is old enough to buy alcohol. So maybe that wasn’t -A, but just Ezra in a hoodie - having to do some dirty work.

Best quote:
“I once killed a cactus. I thought the only way to do that was with a gun.” - Wesley