pretty littie liars

I wish Troian had won specially because this is one of the few awards the show gets nominated for but unfortunately the TCA’s isnt based solely on talent and performance, its based on popularity which is why teens vote for their favorite. When it comes to talent, there’s no doubt Troian kills it on screen but it is what it is :(  Troian will always be my #1


**NEW** Troian Plays Two Truths and A Lie  

Thoughts after watching that promo….

-Spencer gets arrested (look at the black nails and arms) in the canadian promo she says shes an accessory to murder 

-I have a feeling (I hope im wrong) Caleb or Mona because its probably someone close to hanna  that gets hurt looking at the the way Hanna is crying and no one else is. Also at the end of 5x12 someone is watching Caleb after the Ouija board said “goodbye”  

-I dont think Melissa dies because she seems to be in Europe and theyre making it TOO obvious which PLL tends to do and then surprises us