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anonymous asked:

Can you talk more about fushimi and awashima (serisaru?) in a relationship? It's been interesting me ever since that first person mentioned it, thanks!

I tend to see them more in a sibling-type relationship, but I can do romantic too ^^ I like the idea of Awashima being sweet to Fushimi but also stern and then he’s all awkwardly kind to her, like she probably catches him overworking himself and has to order him to quit it and go to bed but then she walks him all the way back to the dorms and maybe lets him lay his head on her shoulder all tiredly. Then one day post-ROK they’ve been super busy taking care of all the fallout and Awashima especially has been working extra hard due to Fushimi and Munakata both dealing with injuries and Fushimi walks in to find her asleep at her desk. He kinda huffs a little like ‘and you’re always yelling at me’ but he puts his coat around her shoulders anyway. Awashima wakes up and sees whose coat she’s wearing and she smiles a little, later on when she gives it back to him and thanks him Fushimi just looks away and clicks his tongue, telling her not to overdo it either.

Also imagine them on cute dates, I think Awashima would enjoy more traditional ‘girly’ dates and Fushimi doesn’t even know how you do those. Like they go to some kind of cute cafe and Awashima’s ordering sweet things with anko on top while Fushimi just goes down the menu vetoing everything because too sweet, not sweet enough, too sticky, too much glaze, etc. Awashima finally puts on her superior officer voice as she orders him to eat some food and Fushimi eventually ends up having to eat a nice slice of cake or something. Awashima offers him some anko and Fushimi’s just like 'no thanks.’ Awashima is determined to get him to eat tasty healthy anko at some point though, like she knows her boyfriend is an unhealthy little shit and she is determined to get him into shape by any means necessary – oh, imagine her inviting him to the dojo to like practice kickboxing with her and Fushimi can’t even make more than one round because he’s not good at that type of fighting. Actually it’d just be cute in general with them since Awashima could probably snap his skinny nerd body in two, imagine them getting into some situation like what happens in Case Files and this time it’s Fushimi who gets to be princess carried by Awashima, blushing slightly and grimacing the whole time.

dreamdancer-22  asked:

What do you think would drunk remus be? btw your blog is gold!!!;)

Oh my god, he would be hilarious. I picture lots of stupid corny jokes and “James, sod off nobody cars.” He’d be uncharacteristically blunt. And also super super touchy, like more so than usual, especially in public. “Remus-” “Just, lemme lemme kiss you. Please. You’re so pretty with your pink lips.” *puckers lips*

anonymous asked:

Today my cousin and his girlfriend were in my house for lunch and I was watching SWC and everytime there was a close up on Taemin my cousin would talk about how pretty his lips are or how cute he is in the talking parts

tell your cousin he’s not alone and he has great taste