pretty lightstick


The lightstick is sooo pretty! 😍

blue night radio (garden studio) ♡ 160526

jonghyun: shinee has been debuted for a full eight years. it’ll be our ninth year now. i debuted when i was nineteen and now i’m twenty year years old. [note: this is in korean age. it’d be eighteen / twenty six otherwise.] since today was the day of our debut, it’s a day that is meaningful to us. so, i’d been wondering if i should play our debut song, “누난 너무 예뻐 (replay)”, or if i should play “love sick”. but, since, many people brought their lightsticks (to the studio) with them, i thought that maybe i should play “colorful”. i’m not sure if you guys prepared an event or anything but the lightsticks are really pretty - and seeing the lightsticks reminded me of when we’ve performed the song during our concerts. i don’t usually play shinee songs for this corner, right? but i’ll play “colorful”. it’s a song that’s refreshing and it matches the summer well. (source: cosmicsticks)