pretty light skin girls

Being black is a damn blessing and one hell of a gift, fuck you mean? Tell whoever makes you feel like it’s a curse or something bad to get they lives checked. We poppin, fam.


I’m at a loss for words… 😐 You know why other races don’t “respect us”? It’s partially because we don’t even respect ourselves. This makes others think it’s okay to shit on our race. We can’t get rid of racism & colorism because it exists in our OWN community. These “jokes” aren’t funny. So with that being said, can we stop the light skin vs dark skin beef?


 ikilledtherpc’s alternate fc suggestions

Wælcome To Mai Kïtchenn. We have bananis…and better faceclaims.
Don’t wanna play an overrated pedophile* but think you have no choice because no other pretty white passing girls could ever play your Spunky Punk or Funky Flower Child the way Ashy Frankenfurter could? How does it feel to be that wrong? This list has faceclaims of different ethnicities instead of just black girls because—let’s be real for a second—you didn’t pick Ashlee Windowpane for that excellent #representation. You just like her because she’s a light skinned girl with pretty hair who whisper sang her way into your heart with tumblr edit lyrics and tragic backstories, right? Right. 

ASAMI ZDRENKA (21) Pour one out for Neon Jungle. Asami has plenty of resources and I’d love to see her more!

FERNANDA LY (20) She’s a model so if icons are more your style, you’ll definitely find more icons than gifs in this tag. Her gifpacknetwork tag is here.

SKY FERREIRA (24) You don’t see her around enough at all but she definitely has enough resources to be playable!

RITA ORA (26) “But, Raven!” you say “She doesn’t have colorful hair!” Well it’s a good thing blonde hair is real easy to color in photoshop so all your edits can have a blue haired rita or a rainbow haired rita if you want it. 

*like my previous alt post, this isn’t an invitation for you to try and defend your #problematicfave. reblog this post with some bullshit and you will be blocked.