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Bratz 15th Anniversary by Hayden Williams

15 years ago today, Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha & Jade - The BRATZ AKA “The Girls with a Passion for Fashion” debuted in 2001 & changed the fashion doll game becoming a global success!!! Sassy, fashion forward, edgy & diverse, these girls were the most fierce friends ever!!! I’ve loved them since they launched & always will!! Happy Birthday Bratz!!

bravebeargg  asked:

Is it wrong that I have become obsessed with you only after 1 hour of watching all your cute posts? I really love soft and curvy girls, specially when they are as cute as you @.@

Not wrong at all cutie!! 💋soft'n curvy girls can be pretty kool ^~^

Basically the Plot of Lord of the Flies
  • Ralph: hm scar ha no adults
  • Piggy: hold up I'm slow
  • Ralph: ha no sucks to your assmar oh look shell
  • Piggy: look children let's not get any of their names or count
  • Ralph: lol kool
  • Jack: I can sing C#
  • Ralph: nobody cares ass wipe ha lok who's chief now loser
  • Jack: *cries internally*
  • Simon: *passes out*
  • Ralph: lok guys we need to go explor
  • Piggy: pls me pls
  • Ralph: hm jack and me
  • Piggy: pls
  • Ralph:
  • Piggy: pls pls pls
  • Ralph:
  • Ralph: kid who just passed out then
  • Piggy: you fukin ass
  • Ralph: Omg guys it's so pretty we so kool
  • Jack: yeah rules and stuff
  • lolz
  • Ralph: Fire guys and stop peeing all over the place
  • Jack: piggehz
  • Ralph: bitch you ruined being rescued
  • Jack: lolz but meat tho
  • Ralph: guys be better at fire
  • Jack: ha beast no
  • Sam N Eric: BEAST YES
  • Jack: k I go kill it now
  • Ralph: jack stop being a bitch ass and come with me up castle rock
  • Jack: ha k
  • Ralph: up mountain now BITCH THATS THE BEAST
  • Jack: *internal screaming*
  • Ralph: we can't defeat beast jack ur hunters are crap
  • Jack: bitch wat
  • Everyone: *leaves*
  • SamnEric: yay we all alone now #ralphtribe2014
  • Littluns: we don't do shit
  • Piggy: partay
  • Ralph: this fukin sucks
  • Jack: join me for feast
  • Simon: hay guys came to partay-
  • Everyone: ...
  • Simon: *ded*
  • Ralph: we f-ed up
  • Piggy: no shhhh
  • Jack: we kill u guys now
  • Piggy: me glasses noes
  • Ralph: let's fight
  • Ralph:
  • Ralph: shit
  • Samneric: shit roger no
  • Piggy: shit *ded*
  • Conch: *breaks*
  • Samneric: guards now
  • Ralph: *hiding*
  • Roger: two sided stick
  • Everyone: kill Ralph
  • Ralph: beach tho
  • Navy dude: hah fun playing
  • Everyone: we killed two people
  • Navy dude: hah boys will be boys
  • Everyone: *sobs*
  • Navy dude: ah love my job