pretty jelly

Chibi! I know you’re in college so please read this! I’m sorry I made ya post those embarrassing pictures I drew for my future blog which I’m still working on, but you’re the only one who could do it because we both share your blog and I pretty much don’t know anyone else. Also I saw that you got pretty jelly because you’re not getting praised as much as other ask bloggers (yes, I knew what it was about, we’re practically brothers now, Chibi, BROTHERSSS) but you don’t need to feel so sad about it, love you for you and things’ll be fineeee, that’s how I did it. As for that urgent hiring… WHY DON’T YOU COUNT ON ME ANYMORE??!?! Ps copy paste that if you want for your blog lol

You never cease to impress me… And get back to class.

Flying through the galaxies, handshaking everywhere, but I, I want you by my side… 

So this is really late, but I did this right after watching the last season of Voltron because I had Freesia (from Guilty Gear) on repeat. Touched it up today. 

Humans in Space

I’ve been reading a lot about the whole “Humans are weird” to aliens thing going around and I love it all. Like completely, 100%. I particularly love how we, as humans, interact with other species because we consider them cute. Like how we have dogs and lizards and such.

Could you imagine an alien coming to earth and seeing just all the PETS that we have. Considering how most of them came to be, they’re dangerous animals. Like snakes (pythons that squeeze their prey and grow so large and we just accommodate for their growth, showing them off to other humans like they’re our children and we’re PROUD of their size), I mean we keep sharks and fucking puffer fish in tanks to look at cause they’re pretty! Jelly fish man! We keep those sucks despite their sting and name them! And we can identify which one is which!

It also got me thinking because I was playing with my dog, Valkyrie, and she likes to play bite. Not hard and the worse I get are scratches on my hands when she gets rough but I will literally put my hand in her mouth just to play. Or to grab something she’s not supposed to eat. Animal training guys! She’s trained to soft bite. And if a dog were to go for a hard bite, my immediate response is to try and teach them that’s not ok. We train tigers for circuses! Aliens having no clue how to react to use literally training these wild animals out of their instincts so they don’t hurt us. Granted with lions and tigers its really hard and they do end up attacking someone but still! That not only takes balls but also stubbornness. We take these killers and rewrite their behavior.

I like to think that a human goes and meets a new species, one known for being aggressive to others. They try to interact with a small one and gets like bit or scratched and the human goes into training mode. Popping it on the nose and telling it “no.” Everyone else in their squad is freaking out because the human just smacked the animal but the human keeps at it until the creature will allow it to pet them, hell even hold them. The animal is unhappy but no one likes being smacked in the nose! Just animal training guys.

Here have a grump~!

Prolly made him a tad bit too shiny, but in my defense I’m still getting used to new markers and I was referencing a bunch of oiled up muscles images and it’s certainly not because I need to see him flexing every 5 sketches .

Saitama © ONE & Yusuke Murata

Art © Anjelzjelly129