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Hello! These blogs are so super helpful, and yours is here just in time for me to begin writing my story! So thank you so much for your help in advance. I'm writing a story about a soldier that was captured during war. Part of the story is him struggling to trust his therapist enough to open up about what happened. During this time where he refuses to talk to anyone, how would PTSD affect his everyday actions, his thoughts, etc.? Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend!!!

Hooboy. I’m going to just list several symptoms of PTSD and explain how they would each drain his energy and limit his ability to do things and how to include these in your writing. 

1. Hyper-Arousal

  • Hyper-vigilance: Every little sound and shadow is going to make his brain go into overdrive. It is going to kick his fight-or-flight mode on high and its almost never going to calm down. This is EXTREMELY draining. His brain and body is going to be a coiled spring, ready for danger, at all times. This is physically exhausting and drains spoons incredibly quickly. 
    • Some ways this will change his daily life - he won’t be able to spend as much time in crowds or even just outside his house because there is too much stimulation for him to handle for to long. He probably won’t sleep well because again, all those little noises houses make at night is going to make him panic and lose more spoons - he could combat this by getting a white noise machine. 
  • Emotional Outbursts: Many individuals with PTSD may experience unstable emotional states. 
    • It wouldn’t be odd for him to suddenly feel very angry or irritable with no recognizable reason or target. He may also swing the other way and start crying without any warning. These episodes are extremely draining and there frequency may prevent your character from getting things done. 
  • Lack of Concentration: High levels of distraction, the hyper-vigilance, the adrenaline constantly running through his body is going to make if difficult for your character to concentration for an extended period of time.
    • This lack of concentration may make it difficult for your character to work, attend school, do homework or fill out things like medical forms for doctors appointments. This could lead to him pushing such appointments back because he is unable to prepare for them.

2. Avoidance 

  • Situational Avoidance: Your character is going to try to avoid any situation that might remind him of his trauma.
    • If he was in a tank that was bombed, he may go out of his way to avoid driving. If something happened in a wooded area, he may take a longer route to avoid a similar area because it reminds him of his trauma. This could make your character miss deadlines, appointment times, or cause a significant amount of time to be dedicated to this avoidance which means other things will not get done. 
  • Social Isolation: Another type of avoidance is social avoidance - this means your character may avoid his family and friends, either because he doesn’t have the energy to be social or being around other people cause him to panic. Being forced into these situations would drain his energy very quickly.
    • This may cause him to avoid things like birthday celebrations, holiday parties, any type of gathering. These events are going to be extremely exhausting as your character is already tired and the amount of people and noise are going to exhaust him. 
    • Something else that might influence his social isolation is his PTSD influencing his view of other people - he may begin to mistrust others and feel as if the world is a dangerous place. This mindset is extraordinarily draining and would significantly impact his energy levels. 
  • Triggers: Triggers are sights, sounds, smells, situations, items; pretty much anything that reminds your character of his trauma. 
    • Before he is aware of his triggers, he will most likely stumble upon many of them and suffer from flashbacks or anxiety attacks, which is extremely exhausting.
    • When he knows his triggers, he is going to try his best to avoid them, which may mean changing his routine, getting up earlier to go shopping when it is quieter, not going to fun events like fairs or the movies because he doesn’t want to fun into a trigger. 
    • Triggers are often unavoidable or unexpected, prompting exhausting anxiety attacks or flashbacks multiple times a day, eating up time to get things done and exhausting your character.
      • Consider what his trauma consists of - does it involve guns? If so, it might not be just real guns that can trigger an anxiety attack or flashback. Plastic guns, guns in movies or TV shows, sounds that are similar like a car backfiring or fireworks, the smell of gunpowder, even just something that shoots something, like a Nerf Gun. Think through his potential triggers and then think about all the situations those could be found in - he is going to have to schedule his entire day around avoiding these triggers, especially when he is not actively working with his therapist on his trauma at this point.

3. Flashbacks/Remembering the Trauma

  • Nightmares: When he does fall asleep, he is most likely going to have nightmares. 
    • He may or may not remember the specifics of the nightmare, but he will most likely wake up in a panic, shaking, sweating. It’s going to take him a long time to fall back to sleep, if he even does. If he does fall back to sleep, it may be a very tense sleep, waking up frequently and not allowing his body to relax - this means he is going to wake up in the morning already exhausted, anxious, and running on panic. 
  • Flashbacks: Flashbacks are often one of the stereotypical symptoms of PTSD, however they are extremely common. Flashbacks may happen multiple times a day, at varying severity each time. 
    • One type of flashback is an emotional flashback - these flashbacks only affect the individuals emotional state, not their senses. So if your character is triggered and reminded of his trauma, his emotional state may quickly move to match the emotional state during the trauma - so intense fear, adrenaline, anger, sadness. These intense episodes that may come at anytime, last up to an hour, and are extremely exhausting. 
    • The common type of flashbacks you see in media are sometimes called ‘full flashbacks’ or ‘psychological flashbacks’. This is when the brain believes that it is back during the traumatic event, and the individuals senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste - are going to be taken back to the moment of the trauma. Your character will not be fully in reality at the time and any attempts to touch or otherwise break the individual out of the flashback could result in a negative or fearful reaction. These flashbacks can also last a significant amount of time and be draining. 

Now, you said that this was before your character began working with his therapist, but these symptoms won’t go away suddenly. As your character begins to work through his trauma and develop coping skills, these symptoms may decrease in severity or disappear all together eventually. However, some PTSD sufferers will always have some of these symptoms and have to cope with them. 

I hope this helps!

- Mod Riley


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Back in the fall I got super inspired by this outfit from @cosmashanti​ (the outfit link goes to a reblog on my main blog because the original post has been deleted) and decided I needed to recreate it for my mayor! And then when I was done I realized it was October and my mayor would freeze in the short sleeves… so I made a long-sleeved version to match!

Mairin likes to wear this dress with the star hairpin, black tights, yellow buckled shoes, and heart i. balloon - but it goes well with a pretty wide variety of items~

If there’s a wide enough demand for it, I might try to make a matching umbrella pattern… (or I might just make one either way because I want it) And if anyone wants a darker skintone edit just let me know & I’ll hook you up!

Not a fuck customer story but a cute one.

So this story is from my previous job at a thrift store. 

There was this old guy who came in and he didn’t speak a lick of English but he was still trying to ask for help finding an item. Asked pretty much every employee and, since none of them could understand him he just kept getting passed to the next person.

Well, finally he got to me and when he asked for the item again I realised that this whole drama could have been avoided if he had come in a day earlier because the one employee who spoke Polish was off that day. 

How did i know he spoke Polish? Because I know exactly one word in Polish, Czajniczek. And what was he asking everyone for? Czajniczek. A teapot. 

Anyway, he finally gets his teapot and I move on to the next customer. Two days later he comes back in and gives me a really cool present: a hand made apron with lace edged pockets. Polish speaking coworker translates the mutual appreciation between us. Never saw him again but he was the sweetest old man.

Am I... Evil?? AU

Character A wakes up one day with no memory of who they are. After a quick look around, they find some pretty disturbing items, such as body bags, shovels, and a strange assortment of weapons. Character A quickly comes to the conclusion that they’ve been kidnapped and either drugged or sustained a head injury.

As they continue to search for an exit, Character A comes upon a door that leads them to a basement, the corner of which is occupied by a group of tied up teenagers. To Character A’s surprise and confusion, the teenagers all seem to be terrified of them.

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Breath of the Wild has made me think a lot about emergent game design - particularly how several of it's mechanics such as weapon degradation and stamina, while iffy ideas on paper, kind of facilitate a sort of variance in challenge that would be necessary for players to be able to go and do whatever they want in an organic open world and feel rewarded. Do developers often think about having to add even the most minor elements that can be seen as "negative" to bring about a better experience?

Sure. We do it all the time. In fact, in a lot of games, drawbacks and negative elements are an excellent way to add texture to a play experience because they force the player to make decisions. In Breath of the Wild, there’s a whole world of ingredients, recipes, and items out there for players to find and use. However, encouraging players to use these items is the tricky part. 

What we usually want is for players to weigh options where they don’t always have a clear-cut solution. Breath of the Wild’s item degradation system does this - you can either use the item now for a temporary advantage, or hoard it for later. And, because players regularly get pretty awesome items, it behooves them to try them out and use them… at least a little. The hard part is encouraging players to do this without making it feel bad. They do this by making inventory space limited, thus encouraging you to use up your items in order to keep collecting and crafting new stuff. When it comes to games, I (like many) fall under the item hoarder side of things. I always want to keep the useful items I find in reserve “just in case”, and typically end up with an inventory full of potions, elixirs, revives, one-time stat boosts, and other consumable items at the end of the game because I just might find something better to use it on later. If I don’t use it now, I retain the possibility of using it in the future “when I really need it”.

This is a known psychological effect called “loss aversion”. The human brain is genetically wired towards loss aversion - humans hate to lose stuff they had more than they getting more stuff. Psychological experiments have shown this effect - people would much rather reduce their chance at loss than take a gamble that has a much higher chance of benefit.  There’s more than one element at work here - first, you’ve got all these things out there to pick up and try, and second, you can’t hoard them permanently so the subconscious loss-aversion parts of the human brain kicks in and says “Well, if you can’t save it, you’d better use it up so you don’t waste it.”

Because your animal subconscious says “I’d better use this because it’s the least interesting thing I have right now that I might need later”, you use it. You experiment it. And then you start having some fun with the experimentation, and you start thinking about other ways you can use your stuff. After all, if the metal sword can be used to conduct electricity in addition to stabbing things, maybe you can solve this puzzle in a different way…

That’s where a lot of the fun in BotW comes from. You find a lot of different toys to play with and some psychological encouragement to use it up to make room for more, and suddenly you have to make a bunch of interesting decisions on whether it’s worth using the last few charges of your thing to get to that island in the middle of the lake over there. Making decisions is interesting for a player only if they have to make a judgement on the results. In the case of Breath of the Wild, it comes to a question of “This item is really cool, but maybe I can get something else over there that’s even cooler”. By removing the option of getting both this item and that one from the player, it turns a trivial solution into a lot of interesting ones.

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Viktuuri + money headcanons

Since the first round of headcanons went down well:

  • Figure skating is hella expensive okay like, even with the many sponsorship deals and prize money you wouldn’t be making an extortionate salary 
  • Despite being a bit of an airhead, Viktor is smart about money and invests it in the right places, leading to his sizeable fortune 
  • Though of course Viktor would make more money than the average male figure skater anyway considering he’s pretty much confirmed male model thanks to Yuuri’s bedroom
  • Viktor not attempting to be extra or anything, he just buys what he likes, whether it’s Gucci sunglasses or a high street branded sweater though we know he has hella fashion sense
  • Who are we kidding though this man probably gets gifted stuff by designers
  • All in all though it’s not like he just throws money away or anything 
  • Until he gets together with Yuuri 
  • Sugar daddy mode activate
  • Viktor appreciates Yuuri so much, he’s his muse and inspiration after all, the first person Viktor has ever truly loved like that 
  • It starts pretty innocently, with items Yuuri happened to show a liking to during window shopping showing up as surprise gifts 
  • Opera tickets and a fancy meal whenever Yuuri has an incredible day of training 
  • Surprise plane tickets back to Hasetsu in time for Hiroko’s birthday 
  • Viktor just really likes spending money on Yuuri because he’s literally his world and he deserves everything he could ever want 
  • Yuuri secretly feeling a bit out of place and embarrassed with all the expensive gifts and dates out though Viktor never lets him see the price tag 
  • The one time he saw how expensive the pink Cadillac was he screamed
  • Yuuri not wanting to just be some trophy husband 
  • So he gives back in his own way
  • Ultimate college student Yuuri teaching Viktor the art of couponing and sneaky voucher combinations 
  • Making the best home cooked meals ever because Viktor spent the majority of his adult life living off salads and the occasional take out 
  • Little crafted gifts that are really kind of dumb but make Viktor’s face light up like a Christmas tree 
  • Yuuri making a little origami ninja star thing (which he used to be good at as a distraction from his anxiety) and though it’s really not complicated, Viktor absolutely adores it 
  • Just… Viktuuri appreciating and showing their adoration for each other in their own way 

Bonus: you’d expect the whole gifts for sex thing to go down but no like they’re both too busy wiping the tears from each other’s eyes and hugging each other, whispering words of love 

This fun so feel free to request a topic or whatever I like doing these

This might not fit your site standards, as I bought it at a yard sale, not a thrift store. Here’s a short version of the story that goes with it. “ TheClone and I bought this at a yard sale (from someone who bought it at an auction for unpaid storage units). You can’t really tell in this picture, but it was a pretty old medical school item, with brass fixings holding all the bits together. I sold it on eBay and part of the deal was I would deliver it for basically the cost of gas (which one could afford back then). So my mom and I went on a road trip to Florida with Skully, here.

Luckily we had a swell time. Because about an hour after we dropped our pal off at her new home, the transmission blew out in Brownie the pickup. It cost almost exactly the same amount as I’d gotten on the deal.”

Now and then I toy with making business cards where I list myself as a dealer in human body parts. Skully here is NOT my only qualification!

Civil War: Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man - a comparison of damage done (Pre-Siberia)

After reading some posts I probably shouldn’t have been reading - I decided to put together a little something - like a spreadsheet of sorts on damage and attacks done by each team. For the sake of accuracy, I am including everyone and EVERYTHING (pre-Siberia, which warrants a post of its own). Let me know if I missed anything. This was difficult – especially since the fight in Leipzig has so many people and everything was moving so quickly. It also doesn’t include Lagos (again, that warrants a separate analysis). I also attempted to keep the ethical debate out of it entirely and tried to stick to the actual facts.

Team Iron Man

Iron Man – fights WS during his rampage (sonic attack and hand to hand); Leipzig: blocks Clint and Wanda’s retreat with missiles (no damage done); fights Steve (hand to hand, why?); minor confrontation with Sam; minor confrontation with Clint; expels Ant-Man from armor; minor confrontation with Sam (repulsors, don’t seem to hit); brings Giant-Man down with War Machine and Spidey; shoots Sam with repulsor post-battle.

T’Challa - repeatedly attacks Bucky in Bucharest and Leipzig; fights Steve in Leipzig (both instances, vibranium claws and martial arts attack) – visibly more violent against Bucky (obviously); fight with Clint (martial arts and claws)

War Machine – not sure how I feel about the electric bat thing (not crazy about the “sorry, Cap, this won’t kill you but it won’t tickle either) – although in the end, it doesn’t hit Steve; apparent confrontation with Sam (not very clear); bullet bombardment against Giant-Man, sonic waves against Giant Man, more bombardment against Giant Man (bullets etc.); sonic waves against Wanda Maximoff, brings Giant-Man down with Iron Man and Spidey.

Vision - overpowers Clint in the Avengers compound (physical strength, next to no damage done); vibranium body attack against Giant Man; attempts to block Bucky and Steve’s escape by bringing down tower; shoots Rhodey out of the sky while attempting to down Sam Wilson (energy blast).

Spider-man: de-shielding Cap; fights Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in Leipzig (limited physical damage); throws item at Bucky (return throw), webbing (the Falcon jetpack – causes Falcon to crash – possible contusions, although none really show, the glass should have at least scratched him – comic fighting at its finest) and fall: both Falcon and Bucky; fights Steve (webbing up and some classical punching and kicking), fight with Giant-Man (webbing and kicking), brings Giant-Man down with War Machine and Iron Man.

Natasha Romanov: fights Bucky during his Winter Soldier rampage (hand to hand combat); fights Ant-Man in Leipzig (hand to hand and Widow Bites); fights Clint; Widow Bites against T'Challa.

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5th House - Hobbies

If the signs on your 5th House cusp is…

Aries: You are likely to enjoy anything that gives you adrenaline. Racing or any type of sport that requires a lot of energy if not any type of game that is about cars or guns. Think NFS, GTA.

Taurus: Watching movies, staying at home with your partner, shopping for pretty but practical items, probably enjoys candles or anything that smells good. 

Gemini: Very diverse interests, reading books, watching top 10 videos on youtube, learning new facts, going to social events, partying and meeting new people

Cancer: Anything that a cute grandma would do.Baking cookies, babysitting, staying at home, sewing patches or just any type of D.I.Y, the type to enjoy cuddling with 5 blankets

Leo: Likely to be in an acting class or go to singing lessons or musical instrument lessons, enjoys making art and decorating their home, loves social events and partying, probably has an interest in fashion

Virgo: They love having an organized and clean home or a work place, type to write their plans in a notebook a month ahead, usually obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle. Might work even in their free time.

Libra: Spends a lot of money on beauty products or clothes in order to look good. Likes to party. Loves fashion magazines and dressing games. The type to have the most beautiful garden as a grandma/housewife. 

Scorpio: Serial killer documentaries, listening to horror stories, browsing the Deep web(don’t do it though), Usually don’t enjoy partying but when they do, they do it hard. Love researching about forbidden topics.

Sagittarius: Travels in their free time, also likes to party and meet new people, they like to have fun and like Aries they are likely to enjoy hobbies that give them adrenaline. 

Capricorn: Free time means work, they don’t like to waste their time. The type to watch TED talks or any type of self-improvement videos or articles, Enjoy reading books or going to antique stores, love purchasing quality items.

Aquarius: Likes documentaries about anything that is a myth or a theory, are the kind of people that like to read too, want to try many dangerous things. Usually purchase anything that looks strange or the complete opposite of what is tendy right now.

Pisces: Most likely to do drugs out of all of the signs if afflicted. Otherwise are the type to stay at home, love sleepovers and inviting their friends over, .Makes art or enjoys going to galleries or museums. Have an interest in the outer-worldly.

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your robbie rotten headcanons? c:

well let’s see…

• back when Robbie was in school, he took chorus but unable to keep up with the stress and demands of the classroom environment, he decided to just keep singing as part of his personal life

• he is extremely smart - in fact, almost genius level - but he didn’t perform well in school. he left sometime in middle school

• he is nonbinary / gender nonconforming. he’s obviously very comfortable in feminine clothing (heels aside, ahaha) and he’s comfortable with his gender

• he likes wearing pretty items like garters and frilly lingerie. he orders from an online lingerie company for masculine body types. ps: he looks amazing in lace camisoles and stockings

• Robbie does go into periods where he can’t care for himself (whether it be from depression or stress) but when he’s feeling up to it, he likes taking long baths with lots of bubbles and scented stuff (and he likes things like Lush bath bombs)

• one of the few sportscandies he has eaten and enjoyed are berries but rarely without being altered or sweetened in some way. Sportacus is both intrigued yet terrified when he sees Robbie down 4 maraschino cherries straight from the container

• Robbie has a lot of skill in tailoring so he uses that to modify all the clothes he buys (if he even buys them; most of the time he makes his clothing and costumes)

• after working with Bobby, Flobby, and Tobby, Robbie decides to pay them visits at their workplace and he often brings them coffees or takes them out to lunch to talk. Tobby once brought Robbie a set of flowers just to be nice and Robbie broke down into a fit of sneezes

• he is the type of person who has monthly subscriptions to food and dessert magazines so he can try out new recipes. he can also cook, but he hates putting forth the effort

• Robbie is touch starved. at first he’s uncomfortable with physical contact but Sport and the kids help him warm up to it. he very much enjoys getting hugs from the kids - especially from Stingy and Sportacus

• he relates to Stingy the most; he sees himself in the little brat and he can’t not care about him

• Robbie most definitely sings and dances when he’s baking. he’s at his happiest when he’s in the kitchen as he dips fingers into cake batter and carelessly sings at the top of his lungs

• his favorite season, he will tell you, is autumn because, of course: dressing in costumes for Halloween, candy, and the delicious food! what he won’t tell you is his favorite season is also spring because he enjoys seeing the kids running about, looking for easter eggs and watching the kids enjoy themselves painting easter eggs with a silly looking Sportacus in bunny ears

• Robbie can’t stand the taste of eggs - it drives him crazy. Sportacus finds out about this accidentally and constantly forgets this whenever he cooks for Robbie. if forced to eat it, the only solution is dousing it in ketchup and swallowing it whole

• Robbie likes the night sky. he sometimes wishes he could live in space, where it’s quiet and dark and peaceful and he cries about it during the long nights when he can’t sleep

• he is a lot stronger than you think. sure, he is lazy and frail compared to someone with a healthier diet + lifestyle but Robbie is fairly strong. he can pick up three of the kids before he feels any discomfort. not to mention, one time when he and Sportacus were in deep trouble, he literally picked up Sportacus and ran to safety. Sportacus still compliments him about it and it drives Robbie insane. “It was one time, Sportaflop! I’m a noodle! I’m not strong at all.”

• Robbie likes animals… a lot. he tries to stay distant but he ends up falling in love with animals shortly after meeting them and gets emotional when he has to leave them

• he has very little experience when it comes to love. it’s still hard for him to process that people actually love him but he is getting there. Sportacus helps him with that

• surprisingly, he likes pineapple on pizza. Sportacus can’t believe it either

that’s all I can think of for now! thanks for the ask, rosadellic! <3

do you ever love one of your characters so much more than is necessarily appropriate ….


Some time ago I was began the Pahtfinder campaign “Rise of the Runelords.” In the beginning of the campaign, I introduced my own NPC which was a naked barbarian I once played named Hjalmar who carried a magical sword known as… Moonglum. Moonglum was a sword I had created loosely based off of Stormbringer from the Elric of Melniboné series by Michael Moorcock. Now, I had planned very early that Hjalmar was merely in the game to be a hired sword since I had a very small party, and knew that Hjalmar was very likely going to die, but before he did I wanted him to give Moonglum to one of the party members. However, introducing an awesome magic item at an early level means either you’re likely going to over-power your party/character or you’re going to put an expiration date on that magic item - neither of which I wanted to do. 

My solution was to create a magic item that “leveled” with the players. In the beginning, Moonglum was a simple +1 magic sword, but after a couple player levels when Moonglum started to lose its potency to other magical items or spells available to the players, something epic would happen (like a critical hit to kill a boss or something), and Moonglum would “level up” and upgrade itself. Instead of dealing 1d6 damage with a +1 attack bonus, it might change to 2d4 +2 atk - maybe even adding 1d6 cold damage. 

I had a whole progression for Moonglum (sadly gone now) that took it up to a pretty incredible intelligent item (once it reached so much potency its soul awakened), with the “Ominous” feature and such, but the point was to give Moonglum some STAYING POWER, which I feel is very rare in a game where certain players are constantly searching for that next piece of equipment that’s just slightly better. Not only that, but you’d be surprised how attached a player can get to a magical item that grows with them - and the lengths they’ll go to protect it.

I’m not sure if a feature like this exists in any RPG out there, but it opens up a lot of cool possibilities - like maybe a weapon that “evolves” to what it fights, like if your players are fighting a lot of demons maybe it develops a Cold-Iron skin or if you have a ranger with a favored enemy perhaps the weapon itself takes on a Bane enchantment. It’s an easy and fun thing to do and actually remarkably easy to keep balanced.

Hopefully you find this kind of thing interesting and if you ever decide to do this in your campaign, let me know! I’d love to hear about your new iconic weapons/items/armor, what its called and what it does! 


A little note about this masterlist before I begin, just to clarify: The things in italic are smutty/nsfw. So if you’re not into smut, then you should probably skip those. If it has a title/name but it’s not linked that means it’s something I’m thinking of writing eventually. I write as the mood hits me and most likely, it’ll wind up being done at some point.

I don’t take requests, sorry bbies! I just write whatever I want, whenever I feel like writing because it works best for me. I suck at handling things under pressure and I know if I did take requests, there would be pressure, so I’m not. I just write and share what I write as I write it, shitty as it may seem. Again, I’m really sorry, I feel like that’s disappointing but it’s just how I work.

In my fan fictions I use original characters that I’ve come up with and not reader inserts. I had a few questions about why I used names for Crave You / All I Want, Mad Love & An Awkward Love Story and I’ll address that now.. I do that because these are stories I’ve been wanting to write and only just got the guts too. And I came up with original characters as the ideas for these stories were born so yes, I’m gonna use them. Sorry if it bugs anyone that they can’t just throw their own name into the story, but like… I write them how they come to me. I hate that it sounds bitchy and I promise you, I’m not trying to be. I’m just answering the questions here as opposed to waiting until I get asks about why I didn’t make it a reader insert. I didn’t make them reader inserts because I wanted to use my original characters. Hopefully nobody hates me for it!

Again, I don’t take requests. I’m very sorry, I just do this mainly for the amusement it brings me and it’s an escape for me? Anyway, this is my new masterlist, updated and hopefully, organized.

                               FANFICTIONS – WWE

crave you

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Baron didn’t want an Omega.. But then Savannah stormed into his life and seemed like she wasn’t taking no for an answer. Baron finally manages to push her away and she’s doing what he wants when suddenly, Baron realizes that what he thought he wanted ( her to leave him alone) isn’t what he wanted at all. But when Ziggler steps up too, what will happen?


angst, romance, smut


Heavily implied !Alpha & !Omega dynamics. I mean it, guys. I’m doing my best to include literally everything I’ve found on the !Alpha & !Omega universe in here, ranging from nesting and heat cycles to knotting and claiming. If you don’t like !A/!O fics, you won’t like this because it’s not vague, it’s blatantly obvious that this is an !Alpha/ !Omega fic. SLOOOOW BURN WARNING. If you’re not the patient type, it’s not recommended. This is like… eventual porn with loooots of plot first. Yes, there will be smut and a lot of it, but… there’s a lot of plot before the smut starts.


body fluids, biting/marking, rough sex, light choking, possible light bondage, !Dominant Baron, sex in almost public places, lots of sexual tension, spanking, use of sex toys/food/ other items and pretty much anything else I come up with as I get to writing in the smutty chapters. I’m being serious, the smut will be full on smut. And sometimes, it might be angry smut.




Teen to Mature, I posted it in the Mature section on just to be safe. I just felt I should give it a warning label here because I don’t want to offend / trigger anyone. So you all know what you’re getting into when you read it, right? Good, great.

Mad Love - on hold for now, sorry guise. Gotta figure out just how the hell to do what I want to do without rushing it.

[1-2-3-4 -5


Kristina is in a fwb ( friends with benefits) relationship with Dean Ambrose. She wants more than just his friendship though. After another one night stand, as he’s leaving, it hits her ( and him) and rather than talk about it, both of these stubborn little shits proceed to do the things that result in an angst filled love plot with a few twists ( and more awkwardness).


angst, romance, smut




Angsty smut on some occasions. Sex with different parties ( like Dean with another woman and OFC with another man), as well as light biting / marking, food play, light choking, light bondage, toys, sexting, masturbation, uhm… pretty much anything and everything I can come up with as I go really. Occasionally, Dean will be !Dominant and he’ll seem more like Moxley than Dean at times.




Teen to Mature, I posted it in the Mature section on just to be safe. I just felt I should give it a warning label here because I don’t want to offend / trigger anyone. So you all know what you’re getting into when you read it, right? Good, great.




Okay, so… This came to me earlier and yeah. I had to do it. It’s the classic room mate / best friend trope with a twist.. Pete and Mira ( an OC I’m using for this)  have had crushes on each other since they were 14 but it was never really the right time. Now, they’re sharing an apartment and Mira is dating, was dating rather, the textbook toxic guy. Pete and Mira still have low key feelings for each other but both have buried them ( because Pete’s not good with emotions, poor bby boo and Mira’s too afraid to mess up a friendship to try again ) and things come to a head with Mira’s ex.

Angst, Fluff and eventually, smut will ensue. Probably more light angst and fluff first. I think that at best, this might have three or four parts. So not a full on mini fic but not just a one shot, either. Title came from a Theory Of A Deadman song that I listened to a lot while writing this.


angst, romance, smut, fluff


Heavy fluff ahead. I mean teeth rotting fluff. Lots of rom com drama too, I took a little from every silly romantic comedy I’ve ever seen and liked a little bit and I smooshed it all into one story? 


Same as the others, I’ll post the warnings as needed on the smutty parts. Most likely though it’ll be slow and intense and fluffy and or awkward sex.




Teen to Mature




Sami Zayn is moving into a new apartment. On the day he moves in, he meets Livvie ( an ofc, and no idec what anyone thinks, I gave her my name because a) not so good at coming up with them and b) I just really love Sami, okay? Okay? Alriiiight. ) who was stood up at the altar on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life not even an hour before. Sami is going to be her next door neighbor and somewhere along the line, it leads to friendship which leads to a mutual crush which leads to… you get it, happy ending.

Basically, it’s like a rom com. Expect loooooots of fluff and a little angst and smut, ( because it wouldn’t be my story if smut wasn’t in here somewhere? I mean, I write more smut than anything, lmmfao, even if it’s shitty.) and of course, a happy ending.


angst, romance, smut, fluff


Heavy fluff ahead. I mean teeth rotting fluff. Lots of rom com drama too, I took a little from every silly romantic comedy I’ve ever seen and liked a little bit and I smooshed it all into one story?


Same as the others, I’ll post the warnings as needed on the smutty parts. Most likely though it’ll be slow and intense and fluffy and or awkward sex.




Teen to Mature

                              ONE SHOT COLLECTIONS:


These are sort of little prompts I find or make up on my own and use. I write them as the mood strikes me to write for that certain person, and again, no requests please? If they’re on the list, eventually, they’ll be written for. If I add names or you see one and they’re not linked to, that means I want to write one for them also and I’ll do it sooner or later.

They’re all reader inserts, no original characters here I promise. Italics denote smut but not everything will be smutty. Some will be funny, some will be angsty and others will be fluffy as fuck. I try to write one each for the same guys in all categories buuuut, some I might not feel inspired to write in one category or the other for if that makes any sense?

If this made sense, you have the general idea.

TO THE RESCUE:[AJ Dean - !AlphaBaron - Cesaro - !DemonFinn - !AlphaRoman - Sami -  Seth - TJ - Dolph Ziggler , Sheamus – Jeff Hardy – Shannon Moore – Big Cass – Jon Moxley – Sami Callihan – Pete Dunne- Surprise Ending]


Baron Corbin - Dean Ambrose - Finn Balor - Sami Zayn - Jeff Hardy / Shannon Moore Antonio Cesaro - TJ Perkins Seth Rollins - Roman Reigns – Sheamus – Dolph Ziggler – Big Cass – Sami Callihan – Jon Moxley - Pete Dunne]


Baron Corbin - Finn Balor - Sami Zayn - Antonio Cesaro - Dean Ambrose -AJ Styles – TJ Perkins – Seth Rollins – Sheamus – Roman Reigns – Seth Rollins – Dolph Ziggler – Big Cass – Sami Callihan – Jon Moxley - Pete Dunne]


[Baron CorbinFinn BalorSami Zayn – Antonio Cesaro – Sheamus – AJ Styles – TJ Perkins – Seth Rollins – Dean Ambrose – Roman Reigns – Dolph Ziggler – Big Cass – Sami Callihan – Jon Moxley – Jeff Hardy – Shannon Moore- Pete Dunne]


[ Baron Corbin – Finn Balor – Sami Zayn – Antonio Cesaro – Sheamus – AJ Styles – TJ Perkins – Seth Rollins – Dean Ambrose – Roman Reigns – Dolph Ziggler – Big Cass – Sami Callihan – Jon Moxley – Jeff Hardy – Shannon Moore- Pete Dunne]


[ Baron Corbin – Finn Balor – Sami Zayn – Antonio Cesaro – Sheamus – AJ Styles – TJ Perkins – Seth Rollins – Dean Ambrose – Roman Reigns – Dolph Ziggler – Big Cass – Sami Callihan – Jon Moxley – Jeff Hardy – Shannon Moore - Pete Dunne ] 


                                REGULAR ONE SHOTS

QUICK NOTE, AGAIN. I don’t take requests and these are all ideas I get that I want to write but they’re just too finite ( complete) to make into a fanfiction or a mini series. So basically these are just different smol plots that come to me and I share them.







under mistletoe -





baby it’s cold outside* -


summer lovin - 


scruffy bad boys - all i want for christmas - the quiet game - scream for me


angry sex - 


friends to lovers - snowed in - makeup sex


oops wrong room - body heat


[stormy nights -


awkwardly yours - a dominant male


[ love you better - 1:30


don’t be gentle i love you - got your attention - i saw you - shut up - kitchen quickie - better man won

Pharaoh Atem has a very large harem filled with lots of pretty Millennium Item wielders (for their protection because each holds a seriously powerful duel monster spirit ka, and also because everyone wants to bang the Pharaoh). This, however, doesn’t mean a certain personal guard doesn’t hold Atem’s affections more than anyone else. 

Seto and the others just fucking run around shirtless like flamboyant peacocks swooning for Atem’s affection while Mahad just has to walk in the room and Atem is all excited. I mean I totally get it though, he’s the Dark Magician, Atem’s favourite; no one can compare. Still pisses Seto off though.

anonymous asked:

What do you think about Betty and Jughead together so far? What do you think they would be like together?

I think they are honest, I think they are authentic, I think they have a great foundation to build on. Betty has this darker side to her, how dark that side is we as an audience aren’t totally sure of yet, but we know its there. And she is so persistent and desperate to hide it from literally everyone else because she feels like needs to portray this certain version of herself…for her parents, her friends, Archie. But with Jughead, he has darkness in him too. He’s open about it and he’s okay with being exactly who he was meant to be and I think that trait alone has the potential to help Betty grow into her true self. I also think that with how much they have in common and how well they get along and how interested Betty is in spending time with Jughead it helps him not feel so ostracized from the rest of the world. 

It’s a good story so far with two characters who are written to fit together like puzzle pieces, even if at first glance it seems like their grooves don’t match. There are a lot of ways they could go with that relationship and I am interested to see where they take it. I also think that if they decide to make Jughead asexual there is really no other character for him to navigate that with other than Betty, someone with such a pure and accepting soul who understands vulnerability and how it feels to be…different somehow from everyone else. 

As a couple I think they will make a  pretty badass team that will really aid in each others development as the season progresses and my prediction is they become a pretty solid item by the season’s end (of course, after inevitably dealing with Archies jealousy because y’all KNOW that’s going to happen). 

My theory? S1 ends with a Bughead canon relationship and a Ronnie/Archie pairing (albeit probably not as far along)/possibly cliffhanger.