pretty iphone 4 cases

Okay, I will admit it. I went through a phase of phone case collection addiction. I would browse through online shops and order as many as ten cases together. I was cuh-ray-zy!!! 

Anyways, I was cleaning my room yesterday and I just had to sort through all my things including my phone cases which are just sitting at the corner of my room because I no longer have my iphone 4!). Then I suddenly got the idea of doing a phone case collection blog post!

I had fun grouping them together according to kinds and colors so you will see them in groups of pinks, blues and etcetera. Haha By the way, if you still are using an iphone 4 or 4s, message me if you want to buy some of them. I’m selling them for a really, really low price even if I bought them at a much higher price. These babies just have to go. *tears up* 

So yeah, photos below the cut! 

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GIVEAWAY (if you can call it that)

My pile of failed DIY attempts is getting out of hand, so I decided to give some stuff away.

RULES or whatever: must be following me. I’d like to just give the stuff to one of my current followers, but its whatever.

note: at anytime if you really want any or all of these items, you can make an offer. and you’d win the item(s). even if its like a buck or two. idc, im not in this for followers or money.

reblogs only.


1 basement patch (not my best work).

1 touche amore patch (also not my best work).

1 touche amore iphone 4/4s case (pretty fucking terrible if you ask me).

plus some stickers i dont want/ have multiples - turnover, sainthood reps, harms way, modern life is war, plus some no sleep and deathwish stickers (not pictured).

ok i think thats it.

this ends tomorrow (march 11) at like idk, 7ish pacific time. if it gets 50+ notes. otherwise i’ll do it the next day.