pretty in pink ;)

  • Remus: Are you going to class today Pads?
  • Sirius: I don't know if I'm emotionally ready
  • Remus: For Merlin sakes! Its just a haircut!
  • Sirius: Just a haircut? JUST A HAIRCUT!? Those strands were my friends!!
  • Peter: Aren't we your friends?
  • James: We don't help him land dates Wormy.
  • Sirius: PRONGS GETS IT!!

echoloca  asked:

For that Pokécare tag: My Sylveon is hugging their body with their bows, and is avoiding the garden constantly. What would be the problem?

This is a classic self-comfort strategy for Sylvies and could indicate anxiety or nervousness.

If they’re specifically avoiding the garden, it might be worth getting it checked out for stinging pests and Poison-type Pokemon that might have moved in. Snake-types like Ekans and Seviper, as well as Bug-types like the Beedrill family, can sneak into gardens quite frequently if they’re not properly managed and represent one of your bow-buddy’s biggest vulnerabilities. Steel-types are another problem but they’re usually larger and based in less human-developed regions.

It’s possible therefore that one of them snuck in and had an encounter with your friend that has left them nervous of returning to the area.