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23.03.17 - forgot I even ordered these pens but I’m really impressed with them considering how inexpensive they were!! 🌈🖊📚📝

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🌼 (I'm so glad to finally meet you, dear! Jolyne's told me so much about you, and I couldn't wait to meet my new daughter-in-law!) --@regularlyscheduledjolynemom

Heya Ms. Kujo!!!

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🌼: (Heartcatch) Precure


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When the weather gets warmer I'm going to attempt spray painting a Nerf Zombie Strike sword so that it's not green and black. Since you're sword lesbian 'suggestion', do you have any suggestions for this sword lesbian for colors?

Hmmmm well my header is the lesbian flag. I personally would have a silver/grey blade and a patterned and colourful hilt. Purple - violet and lavender in particular - is a pretty gay colour. Have fun with your sword painting!! Tag me in a picture or submit it when it’s done, I’d love to see it