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@stripeybelly  You’re making judgments without being informed.  Greyhounds have extremely fragile and vulnerable skin that tears literally like tissue paper.  A play nip can end in an ER vet visit.  All the dogs in the photo are greyhounds and all are muzzled for their own safety.  I personally would not take my hounds to any larger play group without all the dogs being muzzled.  I can show you pretty gruesome photos of hounds with skin tears from simple playing.  It does not indicate dog aggression or viciousness.  Every greyhound event where the dogs mingle to play has a rule that all must be muzzled.

A few of my own photos from fun run meets:

My newest (and best?) Labradorite Find to date? Is a nearly 4 x 4 inch polished, faceted feng shui style cut. Please see other Awesome pics from my collection, and Follow me for more great crystal pics to come!

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Hey i was wondering if you had any thoughts on the whole Icarus' pride/fall analogy for fahc Gavin that seems to have gone around a bit? If you feel like it of course!

Oh Ramsey’s perfect little frontman, all polished shine and pearly whites, mouth dripping charm like poison, like promise. How fitting to dress him up in ancient fables, a cautionary tale that has stood the test of time, how apt to deem him doomed from the start.

Is it any surprise that the people can’t stop talking about about him? Can they really be blamed when he goads them into it? When he wears vanity like the finest cloak, teases rumours out of thin air, when he seemingly lives to be in the limelight no matter the cost.

They’ve named him Icarus, like hubris. Like ill-fated glory hound. Like pretty fool with his head in the clouds. Like the fatal fall is inevitable and he has already lost. It’s funny how no one ever talks about the fact that Icarus was running, hurled into the sky to escape the fickle fancies of a cruel king, less human trying to play god than prisoner willing to risk everything for one more day in the sun. Child still naive enough to believe his father could never steer him wrong.

They call him Icarus, and it fits.

At birth he was named Gavin and as a child he’d have given anything to fly. A tyrant needs no crown and cruelty has never been limited to kings; Gavin outgrew blind faith years ago and since that day he has been running. It’s made him cautious, most would never know it now but he has always been calculated where it counted, has never needed another to build his escape route.

He’s as skittish and distrustful as an alley cat, as anyone who has ever been powerless, who is determined never to be again. He investigates every outcome, he does his math twice, and though many laugh when he sets his sights on America Gavin has always known exactly how perilous his wings are. By the time he arrives he has been reborn; all that swanky blasé confidence didn’t come naturally, was built piece by piece, fragile feather by fragile feather, stitched together with fear and need and the hardened resolve of someone who has run out of options.

They say Icarus, like hubris. Like there is any pride in desperation. Like ambition is the enemy, and chasing the brightest, purest thing you’ve ever seen is arrogant. Like that first winged boy wasn’t absolutely aware of what he was doing, like he didn’t aim upwards on purpose, didn’t swear that after a lifetime in the dark he was going to kiss the sun whether it killed him or not. Salvation or bust.

In Los Santos he is golden. Ramsey’s boy, untouchable boy, brilliant, brutal, menace. He is vital, important, he is vicious, he is streaking towards the sun blazing so brightly no one can look away, burning up right before their eyes. Gavin is higher than he’s ever been but he can’t stop now, not when death is coming from above and below and behind, not when everyone knows it’s better to go out on top. Better to choose it, to taunt it, to die laughing with the sun on your face.

He knows what the people call him, knows what they all expect, and can’t quite stop himself from laughing at them; no one ever seems to talk about the fact that Icarus didn’t die in the fall. It was neither height nor folly that that got him in the end; Icarus drowned. Blinded by hope and dropped into an environment he had no way to prepare for, dragged down with no way to help himself and no one around to save him.

For all Gavin’s many faults, real and affected alike, no one can say he is alone, not anymore. Not after he built himself a safety net out of hard eyes and loaded guns, leather jackets and bared teeth, weaving desperate affection and steadfast protection so deeply into the most ruthless crew he’d ever met that they’d drain the entire ocean before they’d let him sink.

They call him Icarus, and it fits, but they are missing half the story. Gavin built his own wings, omitting wax in favour of blood and bone, coated them in bullet casings and gold leaf so they’d catch the sunlight and blind any who tried to look too closely. Who can tell, then, if he is climbing or falling? Who can see clearly enough to know when the ocean is rushing up to greet him? Gavin who is always two steps ahead, who could talk a fish out of water, could charm gravity, who has never feared the fall. Gavin who dreamed of flying, who spent his whole life learning how to swim.

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Brittana 37.

“Wanna dance?”

I kind of wanted to tie some of these together since I really liked the Brittana 6  “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” prompt.

The couple weeks follow, what Santana called the incident, were pretty quiet between her and Brittany. Santana still had a week of night shifts left. But luckily for her, tonight she was off. She had been thinking about Brittany way more than she should have. Worst of all, she was thinking of her in ways she shouldn’t. 

The mess that she likes to call hurricane Brittany had cleaned itself up at the apartment. Santana just assumed it was from Brittany actually having time to get stuff together between her classes and internship. 

It was annoying to come home to a mess, but it was nice Brittany cleaned it up on her own usually within 48 hours. She would had to hound Sam pretty frequently to get him to do anything.

Groceries in hand, Santana pushed the door to her small apartment open the door. She was happily greeted with the smell of something really good. She gulped a little bit when she say the lights were dim and there was a candle on small dinette table. Brittany must be having company. 

Santana decided to scurrying off to her room to be unseen was probably a good idea. It was still fairly early, so Brittany’s company probably wouldn’t be by for a while. She froze in her tracks when she saw Brittany coming out of the bathroom in only a towel.

“Hey,” Brittany said softly with a big smile on her face. “I didn’t think you would be back until after 6.”

“Hi, Britt.” Santana shifted her wait and started to play with the strap on her back pack. “I decided to just have drinks with my friends Kurt and Rachel. My eyes have been bothering me so I didn’t want to sit through a movie.” The med-student motioned her head towards the kitchen. “I’ll stay out of your hair tonight though since you’re having company.”

“Oh no. That’s okay. I think you look good in your glasses.” The blonde said with a sympathetic smile. “Oh, I made us dinner. It’s kind of as a thank you for putting up with me the last few weeks.”

“Thanks, Brittany.” She blushed a little bit and started to fidget a little more. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know I didn’t have too. I wanted to. Especially if we still have half the summer to go. I would rather have more to talk about then class and work.” Brittany seemed to suddenly realize she was just in a towel, “How about you get settled while I change and dinner in about an hour?”

“I think you’re right. I know we both basically have opposite schedules, but we should try harder.” Santana nodded and offered a small smile, “Sure sounds great Britt.”

A few minutes later, Santana was sitting in her bed head leaning against her headboard. She was wondering if she should change for dinner. She was probably over thinking the whole thing. Brittany was obviously just trying to be nice. She might not just been over thinking. Maybe a little bit of day dreaming too. Brittany had just broken up with her boyfriend less than 2 months ago. She also was her roommates cousin.

She did decide to change. But that’s only to hide the fact she that she had a superhero t-shirt on under her hoodie. Black skinny jeans, three quarter sleeved black and white striped shirt, and of course her glasses.

She emerged from her room after about twenty minutes, when she heard Brittany clattering around the kitchen. As soon as she saw Brittany she was glad she decided to change. Brittany was in a short black shirt and a while button down that was too big of her.

“I was wondering if you fell asleep in there,” Brittany laughed out softly. “I like that shirt. It’s cute.”

Santana gulped a little when Brittany turned and eyed her outfit up and down. “Oh, thanks Britt.” She shuffled nervously around the kitchen, “I did close my eyes for a few minutes, but that was because of the contacts.”

Brittany grabbed the spatula and brought it up to Santana’s lips, “Taste it.” She held her hand underneath to as to not get any on the floor.

Shocked for a second, Santana brought her mouth to it and tried the pasta sauce. “That’s really good Brittany.”

“Good,” She put the spatula back down on the counter. “I hope you like chicken parm. It’s one of the few things I can make without burning down the kitchen.”

“It’s great, Britt. Do you want any help?” Santana asked softly looking around. It looked like the table hadn’t been set yet.

“You want to get us some wine?” Brittany motioned towards the fridge. “Maybe get some plates down? It still has about a half hour or so to cook.”

“Sure, Britt.” Santana grabbed them two glasses and poured some red wine for them. She sat one down next to Brittany by the stove. “For the master chef,” she said softly offering a smile. She made quick work of setting the table. “How was class today?”

“It was good. But it wore me out.” Brittany took a sip of her wine and shrugged. “I’ve been dancing since I was 3 but this modern dance teacher is super intense. Like it’s go go go until you die basically.”

“Sounds pretty crazy,” Santana leaned against the opposite counter. “I was in Glee in high school and we did some cool stuff, but I’m sure nothing like what you do on the day to day.”

“Sam said you were also a cheerleader?” Brittany smiled a little when she sees Santana shift to a somewhat uncomfortable stance.

“I took gymnastics as a kid, but my high school was so small we didn’t have a team. So the next best thing was tumbling for the cheerleading coach,” Santana shrugged a little bit. “It kept me busy and looked good on transcripts. Even had 3 national championships.”

“I’m sure a bunch of colleges were looking for you.” Brittany smiled and put her glass down. “I bet you can dance better than you think. Especially after learning cheerleading and gymnastics routines. It’s really not that hard.”

“I don’t know Brittany,” Santana rubbed the back of her neck nervously. “I haven’t done any of that since high school. I don’t count drunk club dancing either.”

“Alexa, play my slow dance mix . Set a thirty minute timer too.” Brittany stood in front of Santana and offered her, her hand. “Wanna dance?”

Santana just sighed and took Brittany’s hand. They might not have known each other very well, but she had learned Brittany usually gets what she wants. “Alright, just don’t laugh at me.”

“I promise I won’t laugh.” Brittany put her arm around Santana’s waist and pulled the shorter girl close to her.  “I’m telling you,” she slowly started to lead them in a slow sway. “You’re not as bad as you think. Most people aren’t. I’ve thought a lot. Most people are just scared of embarrassing themselves.”

“Thank god we are in the apartment,” Santana just giggled a little bit as she placed her hand awkwardly on the Brittany’s shoulder. “I would not be doing this in public.”

“You need to relax. You’re so tense.” Brittany moved her hand from Santana’s waist to her bicep and gave it a small squeeze. “Relax, it’s just the apartment like you said. I won’t tease you I promise.”

Santana tried to relax over the course of the next couple songs, but she couldn’t. Brittany really was a fantastic dancer. She was always a fantastic teacher. It didn’t help Santana that she was pulling her closer by the hips and leading more with her body. It was very distracting. But Brittany was explaining the whys over the movements and steps. She was really trying to teach Santana. “Santana,” The brunette was dragged out of her thoughts by Brittany’s voice. “Hmm?”

“See, I told you!” Brittany giggled to herself. “You’ve been unconsciously leading since the last song.”

“Oh sorry,” she said nervously. “I know you were trying to teach me.”

“I don’t think you needed much teaching. You just needed a little coaxing.” The dancer smiled softly and pulled Santana a little close. “I told you so.”

Santana felt her body starting to heat up slowly. Brittany obviously was a physically affectionate kind of person. But with the way Santana had been thinking about her since she found her in her bed a couple weeks ago, this was not helping. “I’m glad I listened. It was fun.”

“Now the next step is to get you to go out clubbing with me,” Brittany laughed a little bit and ran her hands up and down Santana’s arms. “You need to relax. You’re so tense.”

“I might go if we pre-game a little at home. I’ll need at least a bottle of wine.” Santana sighed a little bit at Brittany’s touch. “I guess it’s work mostly.”

“Well hopefully tonight helps you relax,” Brittany leaned forward and kissed the brunette on the cheek. “You’re much more beautiful when you don’t have your eyebrows wrinkled and your shoulders at attention like you’re in the army.”

Santana turned her face towards Brittany. Still in a little bit of shock at her action and her words. “Britt.” She inhaled deeply when she realized Brittany was closing in on her lips.


The both jumped away from each other. Santana looked like a deer in headlights. Brittany just turned way and stammered something about checking on dinner…Next time Brittany asked her to dance. She wouldn’t even think twice about it.

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A Sandor Clegane request. When Loras gave Sansa the rose (instead it was the reader) but she rejects it suprising everyone. So king robert asks why and to show who she loves and she kisses him? But she's too shy so after she runs off? But later he finds her and she tell him she doesn't care about his burn she still loves him and finds him handsome? Fluffy and sweet. Confessions of mutual feelings. Maybe even marriage and a baby if you'd like

It’s a tiny bit different than the request but I hope you still like it.

Did You Mean It? (Sandor Clegane Imagine)

“You shall be attending the tourney today with the Stark children (y/n).” The Queen voices as she enters the hall, joining her own children for breakfast.

“Of course as you command Your Grace, may I ask why?” I reply giving Princess Myrcella her food.

Queen Cersei takes a seat across from her daughter and takes a sip from her wineglass. “You are now a handmaiden for Lady Sansa and will accompany her around Kings Landing until I say otherwise. You have been great with Myrcella so I can trust you to keep an eye on our little queen to be.”

The little princess starts to make a fuss and I gently pat her hair and she looks up at me with those big eyes. “Princess we need to do as you mother says alright? I may not be with you all the time anymore but you will still see me around I promise. Please be a good girl and finish breakfast for me.” I say softly to the little one. She pouts but nods and starts into her meal. “Shall I go to Lady Sansa’s chamber now and help her get ready?” Her Grace gives me a nod as well and I’m off.

Getting Sansa ready takes little to no time. She seemed to have her dress picked out and had the Septa dressing her when I had entered. I tell the older woman I can finish up and the two of us meet her downstairs.


I already miss the little princess but Sansa’s excitement keeps my spirits up. As we take our seats at the front I look through the competitors, seeing some I knew but many I didn’t. When I spot one particular face I blush. I swiftly turn my attention past the Septa on my right and to the giddy young Stark. She is going on and on about some of the men getting ready. She seems to have taken a particular liking to the Knight of Flowers. Too bad for her that Renly has already spoken for him.

A couple rounds go by. The next one is Loras vs the Mountain. Loras and I aren’t all that close but I am still worried for him. I wouldn’t wish for anyone to go up against Gregor. The young Tyrell makes his way by the stand with a rose in hand. How original Loras… He slows as he approaches us and Sansa doesn’t bother at all to mask her eagerness. Sadly he passes the young redhead and stops in front of me; holding out the flower.

He is just trying to keep up appearances but I blush none the less and shake my head. He seems taken back that I would reject his offer. A handful of other people have a similar reaction. Unfortunately King Robert is one of them. “Why are you causing a fuss. Take the damn thing and let us get on with the jousting.” I look to the king sheepishly and he lets out a loud sigh. “You better have good reason to ignore a request from your king!”

“I’m sorry Your Grace for making you wait but I can’t accept it when I have feelings for another.”

“And who might that be (y/n)?” I blush and look down. “The name! We don’t have all day!”

“Sandor.” I say loud enough for His Majesty to hear.

The big bearded man lets out a roar of laughter. “The Hound!? The pretty Knight of Flowers was turned down for the Dog! I’ve seen something impressive things in my day but this.” I look away from His Grace only to have my gaze land on Sandor himself who looks perplexed. I turn as red as I think I can get and exit the stands.

Cersei is going to be so cross when she learns I left Sansa. What am I to do? My thoughts are interrupted by a hand grabbing my shoulder. My eyes widen in panic as I turn around to see who it is. “Did you mean what you said or do you just not like Pretty Boy?” Sandor! Good thing I’m already red as can be. I’m not sure what to say so I look down to the ground. “Please I want to know.”

“Why?” I reply softly not looking up.

“Why?! Are you being serious? How often do you think I get confessions looking like I do (y/n)?” He retorts, clearly in anguish. I peer up and see the distressed look upon his face. I’ve never seen him this vulnerable before. I guess the pity in my eyes is too much because he looks away.

I lean up place a quick kiss on his lips. His eyes snap to mine in shock. “Yes, I meant all that I said to the king. I couldn’t accept a token from another man when my heart belongs to you.” I confess meekly, terrified of what he will say.

Something uncommon occurs, a smile lights up his face. He takes my hand and looks into my eyes with such warmth. “So the Seven actually decided to throw me bone, how ironic. I never thought anyone would be able to look at me with any sort of kindness much less love and especially not someone as lovely as you. I’ve loved you for many years (y/n). I’m not really sure what else to say?”

“You don’t need to say anything.” I say with a rare bit of confidence as I kiss him again, a little stronger this time.  

Part 2

Translation  Drama CD for Takigawa Chris Yuu Character CD

Daiya no ace Vol 6 Character CD Part 1 Drama Takigawa Chris Yuu feat. Miyuki Kazuya, Sawamura Eijun, Furuya Satoru

So, I didn’t see anyone translating this drama line by line from Chris’ character CD so here you go. I have the audio re-blogged onto my blog. My translation isn’t perfect and there are some parts I’m meh on but you’ll get the most of it.

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Balloons! Balloons have been tied to every hound in Wilson's pack! Balloons tied to their tails, to their legs, to their snouts! And the mound itself... Balloons flood the inside of the very mound! A hound mound full of balloons! It seems impossible that someone could have managed to do all of this! The level of speed and stealth required to have accomplished such a feat without being seen is unimaginable! But it's no mystery who did this. They all can smell his scent clearly.....

Rough laughs delightedly when they see the balloons. Pretty bright colours!

Hound Wilson isn’t so pleased. He’s the only member of the pack that can safely traverse the floating objects and get them out. He thinks it’s funny but He’d rather his pack remained unharmed. It takes a while but the balloons are safely ushered out. Well, most of them. He left the ones tied to hounds for the sake of amusement.

Rough immediately adopts all the balloons and they are scattered across and around the campsite.