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150424 Sukira (KTR) with DJ Ryeowook and Heechul [Transcripts]

RW says he hasn’t eaten… ramen sounds really good!

lady guest: first time meeting m&d, (referring to heenim) really pretty, and jungmo ssi very handsome

heenim ask lady guest if she know where is dangildong, she say Seoul? heenim laughed at her

heenim talking abt dorm and moving out now

listener say jungmo’s pink hair very nice, jungmo said it was painful RW suddenly said Yesung also had pink hair

(about Yesung) heenim: why suddenly you.. jungmo: is this super junior radio heenim: will be fun if Yesung can have sukira comeback lol

abt dorm: RW:can say now? HC:what? RW:abt that (in informal language) HC:why are you using banmal? RW:abt dorm! HC:everyone knows alr!

RW said heenim wanted him to keep it a secret at first but rw doesn’t know everyone alr knows abt it HAHAHH

RW said sth wrongly just now, heenim said ryeowook must be realllyyyy tired lol

RW: there’s a grp with similar name as M&D.. that’s.. D&E!!! JM: ahhh stop it, it has become SJ broadcast hahha

RW: she met D&E too lady guest: yeah! these two groups has really different feels!

RW: ok now M&D ‘s song HC: ahh stop it! RW: no must play this song, it’s really nice.. m&d m&d song HC: ahhh okok

jungmo failed his mission heenim said jungmo really can’t sing. heenim sang wonder girl’s tell me In trot version.

Heenim said that if they win 1st place anywhere he’ll cut his hair and jungmo will sing.. & come back to KTR

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