pretty healthy food

Currently dreaming of this breakfast 😍😍 whilst eating a messy bowl of oatmeal at my college cafeteria 😂  creamy oats cooked with chia seeds and almond milk, grilled crispy banana, berry compote, coconut yogurt, peanut butter, granola and maple syrup served with fresh ‘prune plums’ (hybrids between plums and prunes), chia pudding, nuts and peaches from the farmer’s market 🌻🌱🌱 #vegannnn

instagram: @veganzoejessica

Absolutely loving having eggs and avocado at the minute, such a high protein filling meal, great vegetarian option too 😊I could eat this for breakfast lunch and dinner if I was getting enough calories 🥑

  • Emma: We're giving up rum!
  • Hook: But--!
  • Emma: And dessert
  • Hook: Aw okay.
  • Hook: Wait does that include pop tarts?
  • Emma: Well...
  • Hook: And onion rings?
  • Emma: That's not dessert...
  • Hook: But they're very unhealthy!
  • Hook: What about grilled cheese? It's so fattening!
  • Emma: Oh wow I did not think this through.
  • Hook: And no more hot chocolate with whip cream and cinnamon? That's a dessert for sure!
  • Emma: Okay fine! We're giving up rum and that's it!