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Day 3 - Dreams

- Until we meet again, fair lady. I hope you sleep well and dream of me.
- But that’s a contradiction, for if I manage one, I certainly shan’t be doing the other.

My small contribution to the 7kpp week! I love how this is the second year in a row that I have painted Zarad for Valentine’s Day. Yay sassy princes with doubtful intentions!

I was originally planning to do something serious bordering on tragic but then the latest game update clubbed me with my feelings, and the theme got switched to ‘GOD happiness pleaSE’ pretty quick

Movie theatre stories featuring: a police arrest at the end.

I’m the floor trainer for the entire theatre, so I’m really protective of my babies even when I’m working in a different area that day.

Yesterday (2/11) a guy tried to sneak in by saying his GF had his ticket. One of my newer boys © said he’d come with him into the theatre to help find her (yay!!) The guy starts asking random people to borrow their tickets, C says “okay you gotta go”.

The guy starts screaming In the movie and goes to punch C and misses, and threatens to kill him.

The police are called and the guy was arrested on Attempted Assault / Intent to Assault.

C got to spend the last 45 of his shift talking with the cops instead of cleaning Lego Batman so I think he was pretty happy. Also our managers sent him on break immediately and bought him a poutine.

TL;DR dude tries to sneak in, gets caught, tries to punch employee and gets arrested and banned.

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Rfa+Saeran going to Pride with MC (who is LGBTQ) either as friends or bf/gf~

hey anon, thanks for stopping by!(⌒▽⌒)happy pride month!!*`*`* I hope you like it!~

I knew if I didn’t answer this during pride month, I’d be so upset with myself lmao. especially since my tiny island had their first pride!! i wasn’t there, but the thought is amazing

ok so real quick, if you haven’t read my sexuality headcanons for the rfa then some of this will seem like they came from nowhere; so i linked them there ;) 


  • zen was really nervous to go to Pride
  • not because of his “semi-famous” status, though. oh no.
  • he was nervous because he never came out to anyone besides mc 
  • and even that took a long time for him to admit to them
  • but he was so excited too! 
  • on the day of Pride, he’s sitting at the table with a coffee cup, trying to calm his nerves
  • mc walks up to him and kisses his head. “ready, my knight?” he looks up at them and nods
  • the two of them show up to Pride, all grins 
  • zen’s fans are really surprised to see him there, especially with a little bisexual flag painted on his face 
  • his hand is holding on tight to mc’s, who has a matching bi flag on their cheek as well 
  • they have lots of fun!! zen and mc take a bunch of pictures of each other and with the fans
  • they dance a lot, at one point mc is lifted onto zen’s shoulders 
  • they also kiss a lot. like, a lot. zen’s in one of his “i feel extra love for you please let me kiss you” moods
  • at the end of the day, when they get back home, zen is literally hanging onto mc 
  • “did you have fun zenny?” they ask and he nods. “i had…the best time”
  • they both laugh. and zen feels a bit more confident in himself


  • yoosung is so hyped and he’s not even part of the community
  • yes i know what my sexuality hcs say shhhhhhhh he doesnt know yet
  • but he’s so excited to support his trans girlfriend!
  • joins mc in dressing up for the occasion, but he has rainbow pins
  • absolutely makes a sign
  • its one of those simple, “i love my trans girlfriend” signs
  • but with yoosung’s decorations, which include stars and even an emoji of himself
  • literally becomes mc’s hype man for the day
  • he really enjoys the day! 
  • mc does too because he makes it his mission to make mc have the best day ever
  • someone give yoosung the most supportive bf award


  • it’s jaehee’s first pride! 
  • mc is so excited for her 
  • there’s a little bi-colored ribbon in jaehee’s hair 
  • as well as a little lesbian flag painted on mc’s cheek
  • when they go out, you bet they have an amazing time
  • they dance like pros omg
  • jaehee also becomes more open with pda for the occasion! 
  • the whole day she’s giving mc cheek kisses and even lets them take a picture of them in an actual kiss
  • mc is ecstatic omg
  • they are the cutest girlfriends
  • jaehee has never felt this confident and free before and mc can see it in her face
  • she’s happy and free 
  • just like she should be


  • (¬‿¬)
  • jumin han won’t get out of his suit 
  • but he wears an appropriately colored tie to celebrate 
  • which is the grey-scale colors
  • because he’s demisexual
  • u thought 
  • mc, however, is in full pansexual colors 
  • he doesn’t dance fully ever, but you can see him tapping his toes
  • he also smiles a lot! mc can’t believe their eyes
  • some people are really surprised to see Jumin Han there
  • the paps are also having another Story of Their Lives
  • jumin han is demisexual and his spouse is pan. amazing
  • but anyways, he is so clingy around that day omg
  • gives them a ton of back of the head kisses
  • he even laughs! he’s having such a good time. no guards or his father or work
  • “…can we go again next year?” 
  • of course juju

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • 7 -  0 - 7 + 6 - 0 - 6 (≖ᴗ≖) 
  • my boy here is decked out in pansexual colors
  • and he has a genderfluid-colors bracelet 
  • he is ready
  • mc is also decked out in their respective colors, which in this case is the nonbinary colors
  • they have the most fun, just spending the day partying 
  • its really where saeyoung can let go and dance
  • when they meet new people, he introduces himself as luciel, though
  • if they bring saeran along, he has on his colors too and are just watching these two dorks
  • but saeyoung is just really happy to be out and with his family 
  • there’s nothing that can make him happier 


  • he’s really shy about it, since he’s not one for huge crowds
  • but he’ll make an exception for Pride
  • him and mc are matching! both the asexual colors yay!
  • they don’t put themselves too out there, but they’re there.
  • mc manages to get saeran to dance too! he’s really cute and a pretty good dancer when he lets loose
  • they find some bubbles with the container wrapped in a little ace flag and spend most of their time doing that tbh
  • in the middle of the day, saeran is smiling! he’s having such a good time, it’s so cute
  • before the day ends, saeran taps mc’s shoulder
  • they turn to look at him, finding him tapping his lips
  • mc: *softly* holy shit
  • this is a rare opportunity, folks
  • mc leans in to kiss him softly
  • saeran smiles and kisses them back softly 
  • they hold hands the rest of the day
How Versailles Did “Arranged Marriage with someone of the opposite sexuality” Right

  My I guess you’d call it meta? on Versailles is getting really cool responses (wow thank you guys I didn’t actually think anyone would read them lol) so here’s another one I’ve been thinking about. 

Let me preface this by saying I love “The Magicians”. I’ve loved the books since they came out, I think the idea of a realistic take on Harry Potter/Narnia is brilliant. I think it’s a wake up call to all of us who have dreamed about having magical powers/going to a mythical land because it’s a series about what that would actually be like for your average millennial. It could be awesome but also suck balls. I think the characters are interesting, the writing is both witty and grounded yet doesn’t stay away from campyness and the Les Mis sequence is one of my favorite things I have ever seen on TV. 

 However, I find what they did to Eliot Waugh questionable  and borderline extremely offensive.  For those of you who are reading this and do not watch the show, Eliot is an openly gay young man who studied theater at SUNY Purchase and is a Magician. He  actually reminds me a lot of Philippe (damn that crossover would be amazing),  very sarcastic, very troubled, yet a truly good  person. He  becomes the High King of this mystical land called Fillory and so he and his friends can get a blade to kill this evil being called the Beast, he needs to marry the daughter of the blacksmith who made the blade. Which is made infinitely more complicated because in Fillory marriages are forever and he cannot physically have sex with anyone else except his wife ever again.  This is kind of a huge problem being that he’s gay.  Now you’d think that for such a progressive show they would find a way to make this not as awful as it sounds. Yeah no, they even go so far as to imply that he’s falling in love with her and his sexuality for about most of season 2 is erased or retconned to be Bi (nothing wrong with that but he was created as a gay character). That’s not good. Also Fen, the girl he marries, is kind of annoying. She’s desperate to get him to fall in love with her in the beginning and is honestly mystified as to why he seems reluctant to sleep with her. She wants him to love her and doesn’t grasp the fact that he’s gay. Anyway this is made all sorts of awkward, they are trying to fix it by also giving him a ‘husband’ because in this fictional land you can have one of each! Still…it’s awkward. 

  Back to Versailles. There were some people when Liselotte was introduced that thought she was going to be THAT girl, the girl that gets in the way of the OTP. One person on twitter even called her a “blonde cow” (do NOT get me started on that…that was beyond disgusting). Now knowing history, I knew that was not going to happen, those two are together until death do them part (quite literally look it up it’s sad but doesn’t happen for a long time don’t worry everybody!). Yet having experienced The Magicians, I was a teeny bit hesitant as to how this whole thing would be handled as Philippe did have children with Liselotte. How would Liselotte come off? Would she come off as clingy or not understanding of the realities of the situation? 

I was SO impressed by the writing of her character, the writing of their situation, and the resolution between Liselotte, The Chevalier and Philippe. I really didn’t want a freaking love triangle of awfulness to last an entire season, especially when Liselotte was such an amazing character. I think that it was genius that they made her someone most people can identify with and even aspire to be. She’s fun, she’s down to earth, she’s courageous, she’s blunt and she’s a damn good person. She walked in fully knowing that Philippe had a boyfriend and though I know she was probably disappointed to realize that he was not attracted to her whatsoever and physically never would be, she came up with a solution that ultimately got her what she wanted (aka kids so she didn’t get kicked out of Versailles and sent home in shame) and  was a great influence on both Philippes. She had the right idea all along, that this whole mess would work better if the three of them could stop fighting and if the Chevalier would just calm the fuck down and realize she didn’t want to take his place. I love the scene between her and the Chevalier, I think it’s an eye opener for both of them. She comes into things with a very business-like  mindset…and he gives it to her straight, that this isn’t about just sharing a bed or sex, it’s about love and that his heart is broken. His monologue to her is heartbreaking. And I think she kind of knocks some sense into him very gently when she says that the reason he’s acting like this is because he’s terrified and that Philippe loves him but he’s going to lose that love.

   The writers made her important to both men, and I think, at the end when she realizes that she’s in a fucked up situation where her brother in law actually had most of her family killed, at the very least she knows she has two people who she can count on.  Philippe loves her, maybe not physically but definitely loves her as a person. The Chevalier knows she’d never hurt either of them, and that she wants nothing more than to make all of them happy so he has someone to talk to as well. I think the fact that Philippe basically tells both of them that should anything happen to him (IT WON’T) that the Chevalier will marry her and raise their kids says it all.  And the last scene where they are both watching Philippe leave and Liselotte clutches an obviously distraught Chevalier’s hand, you see Philippe smile knowing the two people he loves are going to be ok. And then the final scene of the season, which I assume is some time later, you see the two  of them again together and it’s clear that they are both leaning on each other for friendship and support while Philippe is away. I think the progression from all three fighting  to working together  and ultimately love is so different, and such a breath of fresh air and also shows just how awesome a person Liselotte is. She’s a bit disappointed, but she’s a damn fine human and she wants the people she cares about to be happy. She becomes sort of the missing ingredient to making those two work, the one who will knock some sense into either one of them when Philippe gets too moody or the Chevalier gets too possessive and I hope they’ll get her to also have more fun and embrace the ridiculousness of it all. Yay great character arcs for everyone!

Also SO happy they made it clear that Philippe is pretty exclusively gay and does have trouble having sex with a woman since he is not attracted to women. He doesn’t just magically perform cause ‘welp now I have to’. That was amazing. 

TLDR: Liselotte is a gift of a character, Versailles stayed away from the stupid love triangle trope, and gave us a pretty polyamorous marriage that is respectful,loving, and not uncomfortable. 

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Thanks to you my love for Luro was awaken and I seriously keep looking through your blog. Aaahh. A question from my side, what face would Kuro make if Lance is the one confessing to him? Would he stare at him being all speechless?

I think Kuro would actually start crying. Because on the outside he tries to be all tough and mean (especially towards Shiro because he always feels like he has to prove something to him) but on the inside he’s super soft and caring and wants to be loved just as much as Keith’s loved by Shiro.
I’m not sure who’d confess, or if there will be something like a huge confession at all, but if Lance was to be the one, then Kuro would experience a major meltdown of happiness.
He’s not that good with expressing his feelings, so it’d be a relief for him if Lance did the confessing part and finally put into words what Kuro felt for some time now.
So… Yeah. He’d pretty much start crying and shower Lance in kisses and hugs afterwards. :D
*new idea for a comic* yay!

One of them is either flying upside down or they’re flying sideways.  I hope they’re being careful

I wanted to draw a happy pretty lady. 

So I did!

I was kind of lost on what was supposed to go on with the neck when one wears hijab, but i swear I remembered people wearing it wrapped around the neck like that so. I’m happy with how she came out. 
EDIT: i looked it up [i hadn’t before because net was spotty] and the neck is covered so yay. Please forgive there being no texture to the part around her neck– but her hair is covered, so that’s good. 

Happy soft lady.

Bed Side Manners Ch.4

(Juice x OC Charlie)

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(Gif not mine)

 When Charlie left to do her rounds and look up Chibs’ room for him Juice couldn’t stop feeling a little bit happy despite voting YAY on Jax’s nomad request. He knew it was Charlie making him feel that way. ‘God she is so pretty, and smart,and funny, she’s both sexy and adorable.’ “Jesus Christ” Juice grumbled to himself. There was no point in trying with her, he was going back to jail eventually, and she was so kind she deserves better.

 Juice was so lost in his thoughts of her that he didn’t realize that an hour and a half had passed  until there was a soft knock at his door. “Hey” Charlie announced herself as she came though the door with a wheel chair.

 "Hey" he perked up at the sight of her. ‘God how does she do that? Just her presence makes everything lighter’ ugh 'I’m no good let it go man’ he thought to himself. “What’s with the wheel chair?”

 "Well, your friends room is a little ways away and it’s gonna be your first big walk, I thought we should have it handy. I don’t want you to exhaust yourself.“

 'Damn it she’s amazing’ he was beginning to wonder if she had a flaw because being considerate just got added to the list. “That’s.. wow… thank you.”

 Charlie just blushed with her shy smile. “Come on, let’s go.”

 Charlie had been right he did start to feel a bit tired by the time they made it to Chibs floor. She noticed to and practically forced him into the chair. He had to admit it was nice to sit because despite being proud of what he worked on it was getting a bit drafty in nothing but his hospital gown and boxer briefs.

 Coming to Chibs room Juice practically had Charlie crying with laughter. “Don’t laugh I know what you were doing.”


 "You were checking out my ass when I was getting the chair, don’t deny it baby it’s ok.”

 Charlie was beat red laughing 'Oh God if he only knew how true that was’ “Oh wow! Some ones a bit sure if themselves.” She laughed

 "Juicy Boy!! 'sat you lad??“ Chibs would know that New Yorker accent anywhere.

 "Brother!” Juice replied in greeting taking Chibs outstretched hand, once Charlie had wheeled him close enough. A friendly hand shake was all they could muster as Chibs was in bed and Juice was in his chair. “God it is so good to see you man.” Juice was beyond relived since the last time he’d seen his closest friend he had been blown up and bleeding from his head. “I was scared bro. I’ve never seen anything like…”

 He couldn’t go on, it bothered him just to think about it. “Aye, I’m alrigh’ Juicy. Leavin’ tomorrow in fact.”

 "Aye, it’ll be taken’ more than a wee car bomb ta take my Filip from this world.“

 "Juicy Boy, meet Fiona, ma wife. Fi this’ll be Juice and ahh…. sorry lass you are?”

 "Oh Charlie.. I’m Charlie, Juice’s nurse.“ Charlie introduced herself with a shy wave from behind Juice.

 "Well it’s lovely ta meet ya. Bot’ o ya’” Fiona cut in. “But I really should be getten back love, 'fore Jimmy sends tha goons on me.” Fiona leaned down and gave Chibs a soft kiss on the cheek. “It’s was nice meetin’ ya Juice. Glad to see ya well love.” She said giving the young man a pat on the shoulder before turning to Charlie. “Mind showin’ me to the lift darlin’ I’m always gettin’ lost in these bloody places.”

 "Umm..“ Charlie looked to Juice wondering if it was alright she left him. When he gave soft smile and reassuring nod she took that as an ok. "Sure” She smiled to Fiona who took Charlie’s arm and linked it with her own.

 Juice watched as the two women left the room. Once the door shut behind them he turned back to Chibs who had a shit eating grin plastered on his face and a knowing look in his eye. “What?” Juice questioned.

 "Taken’ advantage of the impeccable bed side manners offered 'ere at St Thomas, Aye Juicy Boy?“

 "Whatever man.” Juice brushed him off, but with a slight blush he couldn’t hide much from the older man.

  “Mmhmm” Chibs knew better.

 "So, your wife??“ Juice knew little about Fiona but from the things Chibs had told him he knew she probably shouldn’t be there. Also anything to negate the topic of conversation was worth a shot.

 "Aye, that’s ma Fi.” He seemed to reflect. “It was lovely seein’ her but now I wanna know 'bout you an’ tha nurse.” He said with raised eyebrows.  Juice just blushed a bit deeper and shook his head at his friend. “Aahh come on Juicy. Gotta gimme somethin’”

 "Not much to give brother, she smart, funny, beautiful, kind, caring, considerate, dabbles in pick pocketing..“ At Chibs bewildered look he decided to explain a bit more. "Ha, she ahh… lifted the cuff keys off a cop in the waiting room or something to unlock me so I could walk around some in my room.”

 "Juicy she sounds perfec’, wha’ ya waitin’ for?“ Chibs was bewildered the young man was clearly taken with the girl, and if his eyes hadn’t mistaken him he thought she was equally taken with him as well.

 "That’s just it she is perfect, and I… I’m going back to fucking jail man.”

 "Lad listen ta me, scrape ya balls up off tha damn floor, put 'em back in ya pants, an’ ask that girl out.“

 "Ok, how do I do that? Hmm? I don’t do that, I’m used to the girls around the club they do the work I just gotta show up in my kutte and that’s it. With her I turn into an idiot.” Chibs raised a single eyebrow at him. “Fine, more of an idiot”

 Chibs chuckled at his young friend. “Aahh tha best ones do that to us lad. When I first met Fi I was spinning ma gun round like a cowboy o somethin’ blasted thing wen’ off right in ma hand! Almost took ma own foot off!”

 Juice laughed at the image Chibs’ story painted.

 Chibs leaned over to put a hand on his young brothers shoulder. “Jus’ go for it lad. What 'ave ya ta loose. She says yes ya 'ave a nice time. She says no, well, ya goin’ ta jail won’t 'ave ta worry 'bout seein’ her.” They both laughed together.

 Mean while down the hall Charlie was showing Fiona to the elevators. “So ya got a thing for tha lad or no?” Charlie’s head shot up to Fiona a question in her furrowed brow. “Juice. Ya like him don’t ya?”

 "Oh, yeah..umm yes Ma'am, he’s nice.“ Fiona chucked as the elevator dinged and the doors opened.

 Fiona stepped inside and turned back to Charlie. Pushing the ground floor button she spoke up. "He a little more than likes ya love. If ya feelin even half tha same. Don’t let 'em go.”

 The elevator doors closed on her smirking face. With just a few words Fiona had Charlie’s feelings pot thoroughly stirred.

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Fun fact: you were one of the first blogs that really got me into BTS and kpop in general- 😌 anon


I am happy you like kpop! And I could help you out!

It’s pretty lit 😏

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Yokozawa and An-chan were ok, Haitani was acceptable, but Nao? Wtf is happening to this manga?? It's so cliche and the story is repeating itself over and over, can there please be a decent plot? It can't be that anywone falls in love with one of takano or ritsu... it is starting to piss me off and i used to love this manga so much.. please sensei stop this...

It almost feels like it was done for shock value? Like they set Nao up as a character you expect to be a big brother sort of friend character (like that scene where he mentions his brother that died in an accident then says he’s reminded of him when he sees Ritsu’s situation??) . He was similar to Yokozawa already, but this is literally the same thing all over again.

Also, it always pisses me off when Nakamura just kinda always makes her “uke” characters wrong in what they think is going on. Like it can be hard to recognize someone’s feelings for you when they’re not actively trying to make you understand them! My guess is Nao didn’t want to force Ritsu into a relationship like some rebound after the Saga, because he understood how much he was affected by the relationship. He was acting as a good friend, as he was when they met up again. Now that’s gonna be screwed up because he just happened to walk in at the wrong moment, and I’m just disappointed. When he was introduced I was so happy, because yay!!!! A connection to Ritsu’s past and a friend who wasn’t at one point interested in him!! (There’s Saeki but she’s barely brought up lol) It just turns into pretty much belittling Ritsu and turning it on him like “oh you should just listen to me” “you’re too naive” “you’re slow” and I’m tired of him getting treated like that by the people who want to be closest to him like??? Nakamura pls

I'll Remember You (Part 3)

Wc: 562

a/n: yay! New chapter! Sorry it took so long I had a major writers block on this fic. But only one more chapter! I know its ending already boo but I got some fics and oneshots prepared so happy reading!!

also im on mobile so ill make its pretty and add the links when I get to my laptop and sorry its short

Warnings: angst, mild violence, concerned and sad Bucky

Part 1, Part 2

“Призрак” (ghost), “Джеймс” (James , “Солдат” (soldier) , “Возрождается” (reborn}, “Сирота” (orphan), “nineteen” , “актив” (asset) , “Смертоносный” (deadly) , “Зима” (winter) , “дорогой” (my dear)

“Солдат?” (soldier?) “Готов выполнить.” (ready to comply.)

The man smirks. “she’s ready”. Everyone applauded and laughed evilly around you. You had no idea what was going on nor where you were. All you knew was your “the new asset” and you protect and obey these people


“Bucky, you ready?” Steve asked. Bucky only sighed and nodded. The ride to the base wasn’t very long. As the quinjet reaches the ground dozens of Hydra agents flooded out of the facility, they expected them. “Cap, we got trouble.” Clint calls from the cockpit. Before Steve can even turn his head around to see what was wrong, a grenade hits the side of the jet, revealing the avengers inside. All of them lung toward the approaching agents. It take long for the super soldiers to get through and into the building. “We’re in” Steve speaks through the comms. Steve turns to his friend only to find him not by his side. Steve starts to panic but faces the other way to see Bucky standing and staring in front of a long, dark hallway. “Buck? What are you-“ “This way.” Bucky cuts him off as he starts running down the hallway as fast as he can. The two soldiers run down for what it felt like hours until they reached a large metal door. Steve reached out his hand to place it on the knob but the door opened before he moved. Both super soldiers look at eat other before rushing in. It was cold and dark, the only light was a single, dim light bulb shining in, what it looked like, the middle of the room. “I know this room” Bucky breaks the silence. Steve turned with the most concerned look on his face to his friend, he knew this room too. “Captain Rogers, Sergeant Barnes, good to see you again.” The voice made Bucky cringe as he saw the man come into the light. Alexander Pierce. Bucky could make out that voice anywhere. He had the ugliest smirk on his face when he came into the light which made Bucky cringe even more. “Where is she?” Bucky choked out. He, for some reason, couldn’t make out his words, his mouth turned dry when he spoke. “I’m sorry?” “WHERE IS SHE?!!” Bucky screamed, he was about to lunge toward him but Steve stopped him just in time. “Easy Barnes” Pierce said, “You don’t want to make this worse on your self do you?” Bucky furrowed at his words. Suddenly all the lights in the room turned on, slightly blinding everyone for a moment. When vision came clear, so did the room. The chair. The cryo chamber. The IV’s. The syringe. Bucky sighed in somewhat relieved to see the cryo chamber open, they didn’t put you in there, but what he noticed is the chair, the restraints. They were broken, he didn’t remember leaving them like that nor did he remember Hydra leaving them open, they always closed them. “Now актив (asset)” Pierce said. He slowly backed away and exited the room with a menacing grin. The soldiers hear shuffling and turn to a sight that they never, ever wanted to see, that ‘Bucky’ never wanted to see.

So the girl I am sitting across from kept looking up at me repeatedly and i noticed. And I asked her why she was looking at me. She looked up blushed and said, “Oh.. I’m… Um.. This is awkward… I’m drawing you.”

Immediately I said, “Show me!” No one had ever drawn me before. I was excited beyond belief.

So she showed me.

I swear. It’s been 4 hours and I still can’t stop smiling. I feel so special now.

Thank you Girl Across from Me

You made my day. 

Tag Game

So my twin @deanssweetheart23 tagged me to create a mood/aesthetic board using only pictures on my phone…

Ta Daaaa… most of these were previously saved from facebook/tumblr/pinterest and only the pretty lake one is actually mine. Clearly depicted here are my two loves: Dean Winchester and Horses… And while I have eight hundred (exaggerating) quotes on my phone, that one snagged my attention as being related to Dean.

I don’t know who has been tagged already, so please just ignore me if you’ve done it or don’t want to do it… @lipstickandwhiskey @bringmesomepie56 @emilywritesaboutdean @atari-writes (I know you’re away, hun but I couldn’t leave you out…) @trexrambling @amoreagron @feelmyroarrrr

If anyone else wants to make one, go right ahead! I’ll be happy to reblog it.

We are such stuff dreams are made on- Peter Maximoff x Reader

A/N: Thanks so much for helping me hit a hundred followers guys, ily. I kinda combined the two imagines I got sent mainly bc I wasn’t particularly happy with how my Stevie Nicks one was going, and the second prompt I got send pretty much crossed over with how I wanted to re-write the first. So this one’s extra long, yay :)

Also, I know the fandom usually headcanons his younger sister as Lorna Dane, but given it’s the x-men!verse and (apocalypse spoiler) I personally headcanon Nina as Polaris (ish) and I kinda like the idea of Wanda not necessarily being Peter’s twin in this verse, but still sharing the same mum, while Nina’s still Peter’s sister by blood through Magneto- anyway, it’s just how I’m rolling with this one. Though if any requests asks for Wanda as his twin, then I’m all game.

Also, yeah, please send in requests, they actually give me life and I’m so ready for Peter imagines or any others, just check my blog if you’re unsure ^.^

Rating: T (I’m sorry but you’ll never be able to stop me from swearing.)

Warnings: Fluff!!! teensy angst, can never seem to get rid of the angst. And my terrible wonderful taste in music.

We are such stuff dreams are made on

Friday night was unnaturally quiet at the Maximoff household. No, the spacious house just didn’t reek of the usual scent of disappointment (from Peter forgetting to wash the dishes) and destruction (Wanda accidentally making all said dirty dishes suspend mid-air before cracking them in a cacophonous disaster upon the patterned tiles).

Well, it was a grand improvement to when you’d first been asked to babysit by Ms Maximoff, she had stated outright that she didn’t trust Peter with being home alone with his sister. Of course, somehow, Peter had made it sound like after all these years that you were the responsible friend. Well, you were to some extent, but there was that one time…

Anyway… You tried something different tonight apart from the usual sugar-fuelled chaos and monopoly game which Wanda would somehow win despite yourself and Peter pooling the finds together. You honestly feared the bank Wanda Maximoff would one day inevitably be CEO of. Pulling your adorable best friend and his equally as adorable little sister towards the basement, you’d begun to assemble a blanket fort. Oddly enough whenever you’d run out of clothes pegs, Peter would be back with a handful in a blink of a tired eye, face down-turned towards the ground, making awkward eye contact with you then staring back to the tips of his exposed toes.

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