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Day 3 - Dreams

- Until we meet again, fair lady. I hope you sleep well and dream of me.
- But that’s a contradiction, for if I manage one, I certainly shan’t be doing the other.

My small contribution to the 7kpp week! I love how this is the second year in a row that I have painted Zarad for Valentine’s Day. Yay sassy princes with doubtful intentions!

I was originally planning to do something serious bordering on tragic but then the latest game update clubbed me with my feelings, and the theme got switched to ‘GOD happiness pleaSE’ pretty quick

Okay well I’m actually in love with this pic. Any ways this is PART TWO of the Disney!Luke imagine. There will probably be a part three then that’s it!! Yay! Thanks guys for liking. Love you

Rating: PG
Warning: v cheesy

When you got back downstairs your manager only asked you how bad it was. No one else thought anything different of it.

You proceeded to tell them the bathroom was pretty gross and it took a while. They didn’t want you to go into anymore detail which you were thankful for because Luke’s took wasn’t messy at all.

You thought about him the rest of your day at work. While doing your rounds on rooms you were sad you weren’t assigned his floor.

The day went quickly though, you practically ran out of there at 5 and up to Luke’s room. You barely even knocked before the door opened.

“Hi.” He smiles.

You had changed from your work clothes into a outfit you had in your work locker. It was just a pair of jeans and a ‘I met god and she’s black.’ T Shirt but it was much better than wearing your uniform around.

He exits his room, he had changed into a plain black tee with a zip up over it and a pair of tight black jeans.

He looked very good and the t shirt made his shoulders look even more broad.

“So do you want the personal tour of Disneyland?” I raise my eyebrows at him.

He tucks his hands into the pockets of his hoody.

“I would love that.” He grins at you.

You take him to the big castle, taking pictures of him and all of the Disney pictures. You laugh snapping a picture of goofy and him hugging.

“Wait.” He walks up to me grabbing his phone back. He walks up to the next stranger. “Can you take a picture for us?”

The women happily nods. “Let’s get one with Mickey and Minnie, yeah?” He asks.

You nod, standing next to Minnie. Luke stands next to Mickey and you both smile at the lady holding Luke’s phone.

“You two are very cute together.” She says handing his phone back.

You look away, pretending you didn’t hear. It was embarrassing having someone think you and Luke were together. You barely knew him to be honest.

He was someone you wanted to get to know better but in reality he probably wouldn’t be here longer than a couple days.

You two kept walking, “let’s go on a ride.” You suggest.

“You choose.” He says.

The big roller coaster was a must. You two arrive at the line and it is easily and hour wait.

You start walking behind the ride, where most people weren’t allowed. It leads right up to the front of the line.

“Hey y/n.” The ride monitor greets you.

“The upside of working here.” You whisper to Luke, waving at David(the ride monitor). “Mind if we go next?”

David nods “Of course.” When the ride ends you and Luke are the first ones on.

“I knew I liked you for a reason.” Luke jokes and you giggle.

You are pretty close with your coworkers. They know you are a hard and good worker so they are happy to do little favors for you.

You and Luke do this multiple times. You go on many other rides that would usually take all day but with your nice coworkers it was no time at all.

You two went on the roller coaster at least twice. Luke asks if you are hungry and you nod.

“We could go back to mine and order room service or go to somewhere near by.” He says.

You Watch as he brushes the end of his nose with his finger. He’s looking straight ahead but you can’t seem to take your eyes off of him. He is so attractive it’s hard to think he would want to be spending time with you.

“Whatever’s fine.” You shrug, finally looking away.

He looks at you. A slight smile on his face, he seems like he wants to start laughing.

You glance back at him, “What?” You ask, turning red slightly.

He shakes his head and you start laughing. “What?!” You ask again, this time bumping him with your shoulder.

“I just- would it sound… creepy if I told you I had a dream about you the day before coming to America?” He asks.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “What do you mean?” I ask, he stops walking.

He takes a seat at an unoccupied bench and you Turn around, sitting next to him.

“It was the night before I left Australia to come to California. I couldn’t really sleep in the first place, because I was really excited to come to disneyland. But when I finally did fall asleep I dreamt of a girl in a dress getting a drink as I walked into the room. I was automatically interested in her and she just looked so beautiful. I wanted to talk to her but as soon as I started walking to her… I woke up.” He says.

It does sound kind of crazy.

“Like this girl in my dream didn’t just look similar to you. She was a spitting image. That’s why when I saw you in my hotel room I was so infatuated.” He says.

You look at him, for any signs he is joking. He looks completely serious. He is almost studying you face to try and see what Your thinking as well.

“Well faces you see in your dreams you have seen in real life. It’s impossible for your brain to engineer a complete stranger. Even faces you don’t recognize are people you have at least passed on the street or seen in the background of a movie. You brain might not make the connection to where you recognize them from but it has to be somewhere.” I say.

“Well then I guess the question is where have I seen you before?” He raises his eyebrows.

His arm moves to the back of the bench, stretching out behind you. You wish he would wrap it around you but he just rests it behind you so You can ever so slightly feel It resting on your back.

You ask him if he’s ever been here before. He tells you he’s come here with his family once a year for the last 5 years.

“Well than probably here. We’ve most likely passed each other in the halls or you’ve seen me on my lunch.” You tell him. You feel like You’ve worked here your whole life. In reality it’s only been about 3 years but it feels like so much longer.

He shakes his head. “I feel like I would remember a girl like you.” He says making you blush and laugh.

No guy has ever really shown you this attention, let alone someone as attractive as him. His deep eyes are staring holes in yours and you almost feel like he’s going to lean in and kiss you.

“You’re the girl of my dreams.” He says with a straight face.

You can’t help but laugh, looking away. This is all just too much and so unreal.

“You’re so clever.” You scrunch your face at him.

He shrugs, a slight smirk playing on his lips but otherwise he doesn’t seem to be kidding.

We continue to walk for a little longer. He buys me a pretzel and he gets a corn dog. I ask him tons of questions about Australia, I’ve always wanted to go but he seems to think it’s nothing special.

It’s getting dark outside, the lights lit up Luke’s face as you two walked again. You haven’t really been on any rides after you two ate.

You have just been talking as you wandered the park. You can hear people screaming on the rides and kids running around when you two were quiet.

You knew you still had to bus home but you really didn’t want to leave. You were having a wonderful time with Luke and wanted to just stay and talk with him. He is so funny and sweet.

You watch the roller coaster go around. You can feel Luke’s eyes watching you, he smiles. You glance over at him and he looks at you for a bit longer before looking down.

“You are… you’re beautiful.” Luke says nervously.

You laugh, your face turning red and you covered it with your hands.

Not many boys have told you that, other boys haven’t really taken much interest in you.

You hear him chuckle as you lift your head back up.

You look at him, his hair hanging over his eyes.

“So are you.” You wink at him making him laugh louder.

His smile is almost brighter than all the lights. You can’t help but just stare at him just as he was staring at you.

How is it that this boy has made you feel so much in the little time you have known him.

Man Face Monday - Nocking Point Face Edition

Whew. I am still tired. But happy and grateful to have just returned from a lovely weekend in Atlanta, meeting friends in person, making new friends and hobnobbing with all the pretty. 

Here are some brief impressions, face-wise. Stephen Amell is still a good 15% better looking than the best looking man you’ve ever seen, even with head-butt damage. Day One was a treat because, as had been my experience in the past, he spent most of the day without a dumb cap on his head. Yay! Day Two was backwards baseball cap day. ::sigh:: In any case, there were many handsome men there to take up the non-existent slack. David Ramsey (more on him later this week!) is one good looking man. And so freaking lovely. John Barrowman, also very fine and just a prince of a man. If it would be possible to clone JB and make a straight version, well, I would be all over that. Paul Blackthorne - there is a magnificent man face hiding under his scruffy adorableness. It’s probably safer for everyone that he keeps it muted, less we all swoon. Do I wish he wasn’t wearing the dumb hat. You bet. Oh well. Nothing can really downgrade the face. 

Enough of my silliness, here is a photoset from the Nocking Point party. Years of concert photography experience were deployed for these passable iPhone images. Ha. I am sorry I didn’t use my better camera, but I had been warned off photos at the party in advance, so I didn’t want to risk having to leave early.

Finally, a MFM bonus, not from the party. Just because it’s (he’s) pretty. 

Have a wonderful week, my friends! 

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One of them is either flying upside down or they’re flying sideways.  I hope they’re being careful

“There was the black solitude of the islands,
and there, woman of love, your arms took me in.

There was thirst and hunger, and you were the fruit.
There were grief and ruins, and you [were] the miracle.

Ah woman, I do not know how you could contain me
in the earth of your soul, in the cross of your arms!"
— Pablo Neruda, ‘A Song of Despair’

I’m such a sucker for pain This entry is four days late for the IchiRuki New Year celebration
but I’m pretty happy with how this aesthetic edit came. Not the one I have in mind; I had wanted
to write a fic instead. This isn’t meant to be sad or angst-y at all, I just love those lines in
Neruda’s poem and ever since I shipped Bleach’s most lovable dorks, I began to see Rukia as ‘the miracle’
that happened to Ichigo.
The lovely actors portraying IchiRuki in this one are Ji Chang Wook
and Hashimoto Ai.

Florist/Tattoo Artist AU based off of this and this from the incomprable @voguethranduil who is the Absolute Best™ and deserves the world

Warren Worthington iii x Reader (everyone is human and happy and yay flowers) (this is so long wtf brain)

  • You own a small flower shop in upstate New York and it’s doing pretty well
  • The lot next to yours has been empty for a while
    • Jean and Kurt moved their bakery to a bigger location with better kitchen space, and when they come by for a chat they bring cupcakes
    • You send them on their way with flowers (daisies for cheer and yellow carnations as a fuck you for leaving) (flower symbolism makes you happy and you think you’re hilarious)
  • One day, a ‘sold’ sign appears in the window and then a few days later you arrive to open up for the morning and large moving truck is parked outside
    • You can hear Metallica playing from inside the truck and there’s a new sign by the door reading ‘Four Horsemen Tattoos’ and you have to supress a groan because it doesn’t exactly look like the kind of place that’ll boost your business and you think regretfully of Jean and Kurt’s picturesque bakery, now firmly entrenched in the next neighbourhood over
    • BUT THEN two guys climb out of the moving truck and they’re both covered in tattoos, and one of them has a Mohawk and facial tattoos and yeah they look like trouble, but there’s something about their particular brand of trouble that makes you a little weak at the knees, and then the one with the Mohawk looks over at you and smirks and your knees are definitely weak now
    • You flee to the safety of your shop where you try (and fail) not to think about your new neighbours all day
  • The day they officially open you bring them flowers as a gift (cattail and wisteria for prosperity and welcoming)
    • When you enter the shop, the one with the Mohawk, whose name you find out is Warren, is at the desk and looks up when you enter and w o w you did not expect his eyes to be that blue or for him to look so damn good up close
    • And then he smiles and you actually have to focus on not collapsing, and maybe he seems a little flustered, but you don’t notice because hey, you are too
    • He twists round and shouts for the other guy to come introduce himself and the other guy from the truck comes through from a back room, followed by a new guy, with darker hair and you meet Alex and his brother Scott, who’s working there for the summer
  • A couple days later, Jean and Kurt come by to say hello, and they tell you about Peter, the new guy they hired to do deliveries for the bakery you tell them all about your new neighbours
    • Jean asks you what you think of them, eyebrow arched mischievously and you definitely don’t flush a little and she laughs at you and Kurt looks a little confused, but doesn’t push it
    • And when they’re leaving, so is Scott, and Jean actually stops, and then it’s your turn to laugh at her because ‘do you want me to introduce you? You’re staring’
  • Over the next few weeks you strike up an easy friendship with your new neighbours
    • You take turns getting each other coffee from the little shop up the road
    • They close later than you, so sometimes if it’s a slow night for them, you hang out in the shop for a while, chatting with them
    • You can feel yourself acquiring the smallest of crushes on Warren (okay it isn’t all that small but jfc he’s stunning) but more than that, you genuinely enjoy his company and you find yourself making excuses to be in the shop while he’s around, and maybe he seems to be making reasons to visit you in your shop, but you try not to read into it
    • And Scott thinks he’s subtle but whenever Jean and Kurt come round, he finds a excuse to head over to your shop so he can talk to Jean and when he leaves you tease her mercilessly
  • It’s summer, and it’s sweltering (you had all your outside stock covered by canopies and had to find ways to bribe yourself to actually go out and tend to them)
    • But Warren just came down from clearing off the roof/gutters and his shirt is not actually on his body, but held loosely in his hand as he leans in a window to talk to Alex and your mouth is suddenly dry and it has nothing to do with the heat
    • And that’s how you learn Warren has huge wings tattooed across his back and shoulders and that you are wayyy more attracted to your neighbour than you tried to tell yourself you were
  • And one day it’s late and you’re in the tattoo parlour and Alex and Scott left a couple of hours ago, so it’s just you and Warren and you’re standing just outside the door, enjoying the slightly cooler evening as he finishes locking up
    • You’re looking at the stars, trying to find constellations, and you feel him move to stand beside you
    • You sort of lean on him a little and point up, gesturing to a grouping ‘I think that’s Orion’s Belt’ and he hums in agreement and you’re still looking at the stars but you feel his gaze on you
    • So you look up at him and o h he’s so very close and suddenly his arms are tight around your waist and his mouth is on yours and he’s kissing you and you’re kissing him back and nothing else matters
    • When he pulls back he’s got this happy little smile on his face and your breathing is definitely shaky and he’s still so close
    • ‘Go out with me’ ‘Yes’ ‘Tomorrow. Let me make you dinner.’
    • And he does and it’s perfect and he’s perfect and you want to exist in your bubble of perfection forever and everyone is merciless in teasing you two but they’re also thrilled because ‘God you’re idiots, you both had it SO BAD since, like, the moment you laid eyes on each other’
  • You start saying ‘I love you’ through flowers w e e k s before you actually say it out loud (bellflowers and forget-me-nots, red chrysanthemums and gardenia), leaving them in a vase in his apartment
    • And one day you’re both lying on the couch and you’re kind of dozing, kind of watching TV and then
    • ‘Most flowers have meanings right?’ ‘Yeah, most do’ ‘What do these ones mean?’
    • And he points to the small bunch on the coffee table and you flush a little ‘They, uh, they mean I love you’ and there’s a pause and then he’s twisting you slightly in his arms and kissing you absolutely breathless ‘I love you too’

I’m ALMOST finished with one whole side of trim!!!!
I still have to add the gold bullion inside the boarders, like it is at the bottom and in the second to last picture, but I hate that, and it is super tedious and time consuming, so I’m ignoring it until I get the other side done!! Yay!

I’m hoping to get the leaves for the other side all finished this weekend. We’ll see how that goes. They usually take about 20 minutes a flower, but that’s still 5 hours.

It’s taken four weeks now to almost finish this one side. I can’t believe I’m not even half way done. It’s beautiful though, and I’m very proud of it.
I’m actually especially proud of how strong that collar is to stand up with all those beads.
But I would like to move onto the armour and cloak.
The thing is, I can’t work on multiple things at once. I focus on something until it’s finished then move on, so it will be me and this thing for another long while yet.

We are such stuff dreams are made on- Peter Maximoff x Reader

A/N: Thanks so much for helping me hit a hundred followers guys, ily. I kinda combined the two imagines I got sent mainly bc I wasn’t particularly happy with how my Stevie Nicks one was going, and the second prompt I got send pretty much crossed over with how I wanted to re-write the first. So this one’s extra long, yay :)

Also, I know the fandom usually headcanons his younger sister as Lorna Dane, but given it’s the x-men!verse and (apocalypse spoiler) I personally headcanon Nina as Polaris (ish) and I kinda like the idea of Wanda not necessarily being Peter’s twin in this verse, but still sharing the same mum, while Nina’s still Peter’s sister by blood through Magneto- anyway, it’s just how I’m rolling with this one. Though if any requests asks for Wanda as his twin, then I’m all game.

Also, yeah, please send in requests, they actually give me life and I’m so ready for Peter imagines or any others, just check my blog if you’re unsure ^.^

Rating: T (I’m sorry but you’ll never be able to stop me from swearing.)

Warnings: Fluff!!! teensy angst, can never seem to get rid of the angst. And my terrible wonderful taste in music.

We are such stuff dreams are made on

Friday night was unnaturally quiet at the Maximoff household. No, the spacious house just didn’t reek of the usual scent of disappointment (from Peter forgetting to wash the dishes) and destruction (Wanda accidentally making all said dirty dishes suspend mid-air before cracking them in a cacophonous disaster upon the patterned tiles).

Well, it was a grand improvement to when you’d first been asked to babysit by Ms Maximoff, she had stated outright that she didn’t trust Peter with being home alone with his sister. Of course, somehow, Peter had made it sound like after all these years that you were the responsible friend. Well, you were to some extent, but there was that one time…

Anyway… You tried something different tonight apart from the usual sugar-fuelled chaos and monopoly game which Wanda would somehow win despite yourself and Peter pooling the finds together. You honestly feared the bank Wanda Maximoff would one day inevitably be CEO of. Pulling your adorable best friend and his equally as adorable little sister towards the basement, you’d begun to assemble a blanket fort. Oddly enough whenever you’d run out of clothes pegs, Peter would be back with a handful in a blink of a tired eye, face down-turned towards the ground, making awkward eye contact with you then staring back to the tips of his exposed toes.

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d i s n e y ladies - Meg(ara)

anonymous asked:

i just got a new job and at the interview they asked about deescalation strategies and i talked about a time at my last job when some belligerent a-hole called me a bunch of fatphobic slurs and said he wouldnt leave til i admitted i was fat (wtf like i dont know?) and both the (thin) managers reacted pretty much as if i had said the guy was being homophobic or something else more socially unacceptable. it was really nice to find out theyre accepting on day one, especially bc i'm trans too. yay!

This is awesome! I’m so happy for you to have found a supportive workplace!

-Mod Egg

After All This Time

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: The reader and Sam meet at a creek when they were little and quickly become best friends.

A/N: This was just an idea I had and I thought it was pretty good so I sat down and wrote it. Hope you love it!

Warnings: Teency weency bit of John Winchester hate, but not much.

Song pairing: Down by the River” by Milky Chance

Originally posted by lonesomesam

Your name: submit What is this?

The story of Sam and you was a long time coming. It was intricate and detailed and beautiful and chanced. It was so unique and fateful that it seemed as if the heavens had planned out your first meeting for many, many millennia before your time. But then again, maybe they did.

You were about the age of seven on that unusually hot day. The sun shone bright through the leafy trees of South Dakota, a whispered breeze rustling the branches together gently. You ran through the forest, lost in your imagination, letting your legs carry you wherever they pleased. The clump of trees you’d spent a good part of the day exploring now broke off to reveal a small clearing, a decent sized creek running through the flat, grassy terrain like a vein.

With a delighted smile you rushed across the plain and landed right in front of the muddy banks of the creek. Your dainty hands soon dove into the water, the cooling sensation calming how hot you felt. You sat there a few moments, catching your breath and relishing the cold liquid rushing over your skin.

Your eyes bolted up from the ground to the small brush just above the incline of the grove. Something had rustled. You watched for a few more minutes, ready to dismiss it as just some birds making a home in the bush, until a small boy timidly emerged from the branches.

You gasped, not expecting that to happen. But he looked just as startled as you, his eyes wide and his steps small and apprehensive as he slowly neared you. “It’s – It’s okay,” he tried, raising his hands up in surrender. “I just wanted to play.”

You recovered from your shock quickly, brushing off the fact that a random stranger was approaching you, and gave him a small smile. “Sure,” you shrugged. “What’s your name?”

“Sam. Sam Winchester.”

You nodded, accepting the name and putting it deep into your mind, making sure you wouldn’t forget it. “Well, Sam Winchester, I’m Y/N. It’s nice to meet you.”

He gave you a small smile, cheeks dimpling as he did so. He soon joined you at the edge of the creek, though he was still quiet and a bit shy.

“Where do you live?” you asked absentmindedly, bored of the quietness that had settled over you. The two of you had delved into the mud, both your hands covered in muck as you slapped together mud pies.

“Oh, I live across the field,” he said, his eyes glancing up at you and back down to the putty in his hands. “But I don’t really live there. We’re just there for now. At Bobby’s.”

“You’re staying at Mr. Singer’s?” you asked a bit louder than you’d meant to. “I know him. He’s really nice. He fixes up my mom’s car when it’s broke.”

Sam smiles faintly but says nothing, still a bit out of place.

Another silence settles over you, and you can’t keep the question from your lips. “Hey, do you wanna be, like… best friends?” you ask plainly, looking up to him, a blush heating your cheeks. You didn’t have many friends since you’d just moved here, and your parents were always telling you to go make good friends. What better friend, you’d figured, than Sam?

He giggled before answering. “Sure,” he nodded, “Best friends.” He liked the sound of his very own, very first real friend.

And so, from then on that’s exactly what you were. Every day right after school both of you would bolt into the woods, rushing to get to the creek, always ending it in a competition of who could make it to the waters first. Sam would usually win, as he was always taller than you, his longer legs giving him an unfair advantage that you would always make sure to complain about after you lost the daily race to your spot. “Someday,” you’d say, usually pointing an angry finger at him, “I will be taller than you and I will beat you.”

But too soon, the leaves of autumn fell from the branches, the air biting colder as the days progressed, bringing winter. Sam and you had promised to meet each other at the creek every day at precisely the same time no matter what life may bring; rain, sleet, or snow.

But it was after the first snow had fallen, the white powder blanketing the ground in what turned out to be a beautiful struggle for your short legs to trudge through. You had begged your mother to let you go, claiming you “had an important meeting to get to. Something that could absolutely not ever be missed.” And it was true. You had what you thought, at the time, was the one thing you couldn’t forget about, no matter what. In all of your long seven years you knew there’d never be a more important part of your day. A meeting with Sam. So, she’d dressed you like an Eskimo, at least three layers of jackets wrapped around you, a fluffy scarf that you could barely stand, and a heavy pair of boots, and let you get to your most important meeting that could absolutely not ever be missed.

The snow was a good two feet thick, and after about thirty minutes more than it usually took you, you finally arrived at the iced over creek. Sam wasn’t there. Probably going through the same struggle you’d just endured, you figured. So, you plopped down at your usual spot, just before the frozen waters of the creek, the cold, hard banks beneath your heavily clothed body.

You waited and waited, eyes wondering from the whitewashed landscape all around you and back to the brush where your best friend had first appeared to you that one fateful summer day. You waited and waited and waited, anticipating your scheduled meeting with Sammy, excitement still coursing through you thirty minutes into your sitting and watching for him.

But it was after an hour that worry pricked at you. You wondered if anything had happened to him. You wondered if he was just not coming. But you told yourself over and over the words he’d said: “We meet here at this creek every day, no matter what. Rain, sleet, or snow, we meet here.” You knew he’d come. He would be there.

An hour and a half later and you were cold and crying. You had stretched your patience farther than any other seven year old could, and finally tears began to roll down your cheeks, soaking up into your wooly scarf. It was just one day he was missing, but after the months you’d spent here with Sam, after this had become a ritual for you, part of your routine, the highlight of every day, you were extremely let down.

You gave up and marched back home that day, tears still pouring from your eyes, mad and hurt and unreasonable. But you were seven. And your best friend had left you. True, he could’ve been sick or not allowed to brave the cold, but you hadn’t thought about that. And even if you had thought about it, no reason seemed good enough to ditch your meeting.

Little did you know, that Sam did have a good reason. He had begged and pleaded for his father to let him stay at Bobby’s, to leave him out of this hunt, but John Winchester had just crossed his arms and gave him a harsh, “Get your ass in the car.”

He’d cried most of the car ride to the town, his teary eyes glued to the window, watching the trees flash by, growing sadder after each mile, the more he thought about how far away he was from you. His older brother, Dean, had just rolled his eyes and scoffed, telling him to “suck it up,” but really, Dean hadn’t meant it. He knew exactly what Sammy was going through. His little brother had told him all about the pretty girl he’d met at the creek – how kind and funny and enjoyable she was, and most importantly, how they were best friends. Dean knew exactly what it was like moving from town to town, making friends only to lose them a few months later. He was sorry for his brother.

The two of you spent the rest of the winter months miserable. Often you thought of each other, missing one another’s company terribly. There were so many things you wanted to tell Sammy. You wanted to tell him what happened every day at school, you wanted to ask him about his favorite TV shows, you wanted to share comic books with each other like you used to, you wanted to yell at him for not coming back to the creek like he’d promised – because you knew he wasn’t there, you still walked to your spot every day, despite losing hope that he’d still meet you there after the first month; but most of all you just wanted to hug him and tell him how much you missed him.

These were incredibly strong feelings for a couple of seven year olds, but somehow you maintained those feelings until he came back to Bobby’s the second week of spring. Right after the Impala’s door had opened, the youngest Winchester bolted out into the woods, his now longer legs carrying him faster than he thought they could. “Y/N!” He yelled your name as soon as he saw you through the branches of the brush.

He saw your fallen head shoot up as he exploded from the bush, a huge smile stretching wide across both your faces as he raced toward you, erasing the saddened feeling the two of you had carried all throughout the cold. He took in how beautiful you still looked, how you’d changed since he left.

All the anger you’d felt toward him diminished to ash as he came toward you, his arms wrapping around you as soon as he reached you, enveloping you in a bone crushing hug that you returned with just as much strength, if not more.

You laughed against his jacket as he lifted you from the ground and squeezed you a bit tighter. “I’m so sorry, Y/N!” he immediately apologized. “My dad wouldn’t let me say goodbye. I missed you so much.”

You laughed. “It’s okay. I missed you, too.”

For hours the two of you talked. You made up for all the time you’d lost, gushing about all the things that had happened while he was gone.

For the rest of the summer the two of you became even closer than before. You explored through the woods, played in the creek, and a few times Sam had even taken you to Mr. Singer’s car yard, where you played hide and seek for hours on end.

Bobby had watched you through the windows of his house that day, a small smirk on his face. He admired the smile you put on Sam’s face, something that the boy had been lacking before he’d met you.

From then on Bobby had fought John a little harder to let Sam stay at his house. He knew that Sam needed to be kid. He wanted Sam to be a kid.

He would still sometimes have to leave for months at a time, his dad “out on business.” Neither you nor Sam knew what he was really up to, and as you developed your own opinions, you grew to dislike the man, strongly disagreeing with what he was putting your Sam through.

One day, a week after Sam had come back from one of his dad’s trips and over a year since you had first met at the creek, on an afternoon like any other, you walked to your usual meeting place. The sun was bright and the birds were blaring their song of coming winter from the trees. As you neared the creek you caught sight of your favorite person. Sam sat at the creek, hunched over with his legs curled underneath him while he threw pebbles into the drying creek.

“Hey, Sam!” You waved, not hiding the smile you always got when you saw him. His brown head perked up from the waters, a small smirk developing on his lips.

“Hey,” he replied, a sadder note in his tone.

Immediately you sensed that something is off. “What’s wrong?” You asked, not wasting time as you hopped over the withering vein of water that flowed through the small indentation of the field and you plopped down beside Sam.

He shook his head, looking back down to the stream. His eyes were reddened. You knew Sam well enough by now. You didn’t want to pry and ask again, so you waited for him to speak on his own time. In the meantime, you picked up a stone, tossed into the small creek, and reveled in the “ploop” sound it made as it splashed into the waters. The sun was hot and marvelous on your back, the breeze that swayed gently through the trees cooling you just enough to keep from sweating.

“You know, Y/N,” the boy said, his voice strained, “things aren’t… how they seem.” He didn’t want to burden you with this. He didn’t want you to have to go to sleep at night with the same nightmares rattling through your brain as he had. But he couldn’t keep it in him any longer. Dean had been right all those years. He didn’t want to know the truth.

“What things?” you asked after a long silence. Your eyebrows were furrowed in confusion, your eyes straining at the water ahead of you.

Sam had been testing out different approaches to the speech he would give you before you’d gotten here. He wasn’t pleased with any of the preambles he’d thought up. So, much like his brother would have, he just went for it. “Monsters are real,” he blurted out.

The air was heavy between the two of you. You didn’t laugh. Though, for a split second you thought he might have been joking. But it was the tone he used. He only said things like that when was serious.

“My dad – those business trips he goes on… he’s not a salesman. He’s a hunter,” he said, and as you looked over you could see the tears forming behind his eyelids. “He hunts monsters. Those things they tell you about, the stories. The monsters in your closet, the demons at the crossroads, the vampires in the caverns. They aren’t just kid stories.”

You narrowed your eyes at him. “You aren’t messing around?”

He shook his head frantically, looking at you for the first time since you sat down.

You think on it for a minute, letting all of your questions shoot through your brain. “I knew it,” you scoffed, shaking your head, beginning to draw random designs in the mud as if nothing had happened.

“Wait, what?” he asked incredulously. This was a whole new world for him, something that was very real and very scary, and you just brushed it off like it was yesterday’s news.

“I said, ‘I knew it.’ This whole monsters thing, I kind of always figured they weren’t just made up fairytales. Weird stuff happens too often,” you shook your head.

“Y/N, I don’t think you understand. This is my life. And it’s scary and dangerous and…”

“Sam, it’s okay. We’ve made it this far without any bad stuff happening. And it may be your dad’s life, but you just have to go with him. It’s not your life. It doesn’t have to be, at least. You always have me,” you said shyly, wishing there was something better you could have told him.

He let out a short breath of a laugh. With a small smile he grabbed your hand. It wasn’t much but it somehow made everything better for the both of you.

As the years progressed, Sammy and you became inseparable, something that you were sure would last you to the end of your lives.

You watched as Sam grew, his long, lanky legs becoming even ganglier, his voice dropping deeper and deeper. Every day at the creek you would always meet.

You were about eleven years old when Sam suggested running away. He said he was tired of his family. He wanted something new. Something promising and exciting.

You had been a bit apprehensive at first, but soon you came around and realized how much worse off Sam might’ve been if he stayed. You offered to go with him.

He didn’t mind. In fact, he was happy you wanted to come. But he couldn’t allow you to give up all of your chances at a better life just because Sam needed to leave. It was on the day the two of you set off to leave for good that Sam had changed his mind.

It broke your heart that he picked the hunter’s life over his life.

Was it only you who saw all his potential?

After a few weeks of icy silence at the creek, you’d decided to forgive him. After all, it was Thanksgiving. You invited him to come over that year. Somewhat unexpectedly, he agreed.

You saw it in his eyes how much he enjoyed himself. It was his first real taste of what normalcy was, you could see. More than anything, you wanted him to realize what he could have; but just a nice Thanksgiving with your best friend was just as amazing.

He talked about it for months afterward, never ceasing over how delicious the food had been and how nice your mom was. Soon it was a regular thing for you to invite Sammy over for dinner.

Too fast, you saw Sam slipping away from you. So hard had you fought to show Sam what he could have with a normal life; but you lost. Before you knew it, he had started to talk about his first hunt like he talked about his first real Thanksgiving. It crushed you, but you persevered for Sam.

He went away more frequently than ever, and you soon found your days at the creek alone outnumbering the days with Sam by your side. It bothered you, but you figured it was all a part of growing up.

Years went by with Sam coming and going from Bobby’s house. The two of you were still friends, but you hardly ever talked. Whenever Sam was in town, though, he’d always make sure to run right over to your house, just like he’d done when he was little.

As the years grew with the two of you, you soon discovered how they were changing little Sammy. He had filled out somewhere in between the age of thirteen and fifteen, and each time he’d stop by you could see how well he was getting along. “Little” Sammy was soon no longer little, passing you way up so he now towered above you.

It was your sixteenth birthday when he stopped by your house after a few months away. He came bearing gifts of flowers, chocolates, little trinkets from all the cities he hunted in, and your favorite, a small stone from the bed of your creek, both your initials carved into the rock.

The two of you were sprawled out on the bed after you both delved into your present of chocolates. Your hand played idly with his hair, his head resting casually on your stomach as his fingers looped and unlooped with yours.

“I’m thinking about going to college,” he said out of the blue, bringing you immediately into a sitting position.

You smiled at him, proud. “Really? Which one?” Your eyes twinkled as his hazel ones reflected worry and nervousness.

He sat up from the bed as well, walking across the room to sit on the windowsill. “I don’t know,” he shrugged, his eyes looking out into the world past the glass. His chocolatey hair shimmered in the light that bled through your curtains, the sun’s rays dancing off his irises, making them glow with brilliant hues of brown and green and blue. “Maybe a law school. Like Harvard or Stanford or something.”

You beamed with joy. Maybe you had gotten to him, showed him that there was life past hunting. “That sounds wonderful, Sam. You really should do it.” You milled around your room, looking for some paper and a pencil. “We could start making your application, maybe put in all your outstanding grades and stuff.”

He chuckled at your enthusiasm. “I said I’m thinking about it, Y/N,” he reminded you gently. “I may not even get the chance to go, with my dad up my ass all the time, and Dean… I can’t leave him with dad…”

Your face fell. “Sam, all your life you’ve been dragged around the country with them, doing whatever John tells you. You’ve done way more for that man than he deserves. It’s time you did something for yourself,” you said, your voice stern, holding back a few more statements you could have added, because you knew all that went on during those hunts, all the traumatic and scarring horrors Sam went through – because Sam told you everything. “I don’t want to see you throw all your talent away for some –“

“Hey, hey,” Sam whispers soothingly, coming off his perch to sit with you one the bed, wrapping his arms around your shoulders. You quickly sniffled away the unexpected tears that threatened to spill. But one did, and it fell slowly down your cheek. Tenderly, Sam wiped it away. “I’ll be okay. We’ll be okay.” He rested your head against his chest and you closed your eyes, tired. “I hear you. I know.”

You picked at a piece of fuzz that stuck to Sam’s clothes. “I just want you to succeed.”

You felt his chest contract with a small laugh. “God, you make me strong. You keep pushing me and I love you for it.”

“I love you, too,” you whispered.

His head slowly looked down at you and you met his eyes. Wordlessly and without any warning, the two of you slowly closed the small gap between your lips, sparking the kindled flame that had been there, unseen, for years. Your lips crashed together, conveying all the hopes and dreams you had for each other with the simplicity of just skin against skin. Years of friendship had brought you two closer than you could describe, and it made it all the more perfect.

His hand moved up your arm to rest behind your neck, bringing you slowly forward so your whole bodies were up against each other. You smiled into the kiss. It was so weird to have known him since you were little, having played together for countless hours, shared all thoughts and feelings even since you two were young, and now you were kissing. You were overjoyed.

From there Sam always fought harder to come home to you, for that was what you were to him, home. He’d still go with his dad and brother and fight monsters, but when he couldn’t take it anymore he would drive or hitch hike back to you, to spend his time in your arms rather than risking his life for a father he felt hated him.

It was almost two years after you’d first talked about his college dreams that he came to you with more news. He knocked on the door of your house that you’d lived in since you were little and you ran to answer it. “Sam!” you cried, immediately throwing your arms around him after not having seen him for the routine three months. He moved his head from your shoulder to give you a sweet, long kiss, something that almost made up for all the time you had been separated.

“I missed you so much,” he breathed.

You both walked into your living room, making yourselves comfortable on the couch as your parents weren’t home. “I have news,” he told you, a happy smile on his face.

You grin, instantly excited for whatever he would tell you, a curious glint flashing in your eye. “What is it?”

“I got into college!” he burst, his cheeks dimpling with joy.

You squealed and threw your arms around him once again, elated that he acted on his wishes. “I’m so proud of you,” you praised, showering him with kisses. “What college?”

“Stanford,” he said, running his hands up and down your arms.

“That’s the one you wanted! Oh, I told you that you were going to get in!” you giggled, pressing yourself against him. “When do you start?”

The smile on his face faltered. “In fall.”

The two of you knew what that meant. You only had to the end of summer together and it was mid-June. But it was what needed to happen. He needed to carry out his dreams just as you needed to carry out yours. So the two of you spent the rest of summer together, no hunts or anything. Sam hid from his father and refused to go back until he had to break the news.

Every so often Dean would call and the three of you would head out for lunch or something. His brother didn’t understand why Sam would leave hunting for being a lawyer, but he tolerated it, barely. You could tell Sam loved Dean dearly and would do anything for him, and it warmed your heart to know that Dean was the same way.

Sam and you had the time of your lives that summer. You were both eighteen and free from responsibility, so you hung around South Dakota, mostly crashing at Bobby’s house except for the nights you knew John would stop by. So many memories were made that it was hard to count them all, but you still remember them to this day.

But too soon, as all good things do, summer came to an end and you were left teary eyed as you watched Sam leave. He didn’t want to, in fact he hated leaving you more than anything. But you told him he came too far to stop now; you reminded him that he deserved so much more than this. And you were proud of him. And you still loved him unconditionally as he did you.

You knew also that you had to follow your path just as Sam did, so you decided to apply for a college as well. You had to move away, but Sam and you still sent each other letters whenever you had the time and you still visited one another every so often. But long distance relationships are hard. Granted, you spent most of your relationship with Sam away for months at a time, but this was different. You were always miles and miles apart and responsibility seemed to keep piling higher and higher.

So after your second year of college, you never saw each other again. You still loved each other, yes, but you were both sensible people. It broke Sam to pieces losing you; he saw you as the one perfect thing in his life, the girl who showed him he was worth more. But it was healthier for the both of you.

You never saw Sam again, and he became something like a lost memory, a dream. You always thought about him, you always reminisced about all the time you’d spent together during your childhood. You hoped he graduated, hoped he made something of himself like you always wished. And you figured he did. You could see him marrying a pretty girl, getting a fantastic job as a lawyer, kicking butt and taking names in the courts, settling down for a life in the uptown suburbs. You wanted with all your might for that to be his life now.

But as you sit in the living room of your apartment, far from the small creek in South Dakota that had brought you two together and parted you still, your thoughts are interrupted by a knock on the door.

It was years and years ago that you had seen him in all his teenage glory, admired his shining hazel eyes that would change color with the seasons, ran your hands through his silky chestnut hair, and it was on a passing thought that you’d caught yourself thinking of him that day, something that you hadn’t done in a while.

It was by sheer chance that he’d been brought to your town that week on a hunt with his brother, because after all your wishing, he had been dragged from his life of normalcy to a life of hunting again. And it was against the odds that he’d be anywhere near your door that day.

But he was.

You twisted the knob to an outrageously tall man, his brown hair almost to his shoulders, tucked behind his ears. He was looking down at his pen pad, jotting some notes down when he spoke. “Hello, ma’am. I’m Agent Banner and I – “

Sam?” You ask in shock, your eyes wide and mouth hanging open. Almost immediately you recognized his voice, quickly putting together his appearance. The boy from the creek, the boy whom you once loved, maybe still do.

The man looks up. It was Sam. “Y/N?” His eyes flash with the realization of lost lovers. Without warning he throws his arms around you in a big bear hug and you do the same.

“Oh, my God, I missed you so much,” you cry into his chest.

It was by fate that you’d met that day at the creek. And it was by fate this day that you’d meet again at your front door.

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Your aesthetic is pastel green and pink, tiny wildflowers, and feeling content🌷


*takes a deep breath, smiling and happily imagining that* Oh gosh that is gorgeous and so happy!!! Oh my gosh!!! So pretty!!! I’m curious why people associate me with pastel now! :D

workingfor140  asked:

7, 15, 33 :)

7. what was your life like last year?

Uhm.. Pretty much the same as now.. Same job, still don’t have my own place.. I was still in school though..

15. personality description

I’m a very caring person and I always seek to make others smile and happy. Though, I always seek to be loved just as much as I give others love. I’m very protective of those I consider my friends and loves ones. I’m very stubborn and I prefer things the way I’m used to.. I do not like change even though change is good, I’m just not sure how to handle change most of the times.. I’m a planner. I plan everything, my daily routine, how much time I have for everything and If I can save a minute I will,  I need to get things done for the day before I can relax. I’m a dreamer. I day dream a lot.. and I might have planned out my entire future already and get easily disappointment if it doesn’t turn out that way..

33. something you want to learn

I want to learn.. to love myself, to not give a damn what people think of me or say and to control my emotions more. I’m a very emotional and sensitive person.

Thank you for your questions!

ultranos replied to your post “Can’t…quite put my finger on why I find the Luthor hype so unappealing…”

I’m mostly pleased by the announcement, for McGrath and the storytelling potential. Also because currently Lena is NOT a romantic interest so we might have less of that by definition. But otherwise agreed.

iamdeltas replied to your post “Can’t…quite put my finger on why I find the Luthor hype so unappealing…”

I’m pretty happy about the announcement because it means Kara actually has one female friend who is not her sister. Yay… But yeah, that alone isn’t going to salvage the show. Honestly at this point, if Chris Wood is still on the show next season, I may just quit.

I will readily admit that I’ve been turned off her character largely due to Fandom Nonsense (same thing happened last season w/ Cat and Astra) so I didn’t even think of the positives (storytelling potential, female friend for Kara, etc.) So very good points there, I appreciate that perspective on it.