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Happy Birthday Kanan! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡


Happy 26th birthday, Thiago! (11.04.1991)


Just another day where our favourite 91-liners take pride in dissing each other.


|| What is your reason to live? ||

This was suppose to be a Joker vs Joker concept, but it turned out a lot sadder than it should have been. Commissioned the first piece from Zenithsan on Twitter! The first idea I had in mind was weird, but glad the second one worked out <3 Zen did a great job. c: Really liked the sketchy version.I also did some editing on the other gifs. ^^ Both hold onto something really dear to help them move along. (Things aren’t looking so good though. |||
This is my first time doing something like this and I’m pretty happy about it. ////

As one of the first persons to ship Daring and Rosabella (Darabella), I so happily welcome all you new people to the ship! I’m so happy to see so many people starting to like and ship this pair. Come! Let us all enjoy the wonderfulness that is this Beauty and the Beast! Let us adore them together with gifs, fanfics, fanart, etc.! <3


Dedicated to Amy.

Cross my heart and hope to die
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Underappreciated MPHFPC ships || 3/??
Claire & Olive

→ The X-Files college au (x)

In his beat up car, Mulder has six eight tracks dedicated to Elvis alone. Scully is reminded of how he is never quite in the present; always either in the past, bobbing his head to Elvis with a sheepish grin and banging on about Roswell, New Mexico 1947 or else is so far ahead of everyone even she has trouble keeping up. 

By the end of their first year, she can’t remember how many weekends they spent out of town. He buys her strange trinkets (he has a particular penchant for gifting her keychains from every state) and takes her to even more peculiar places. In an outer-space themed bar he orders them double drinks with something neon green dripping inside that looks suspiciously like alien goop. They spend a drunken night in a motel room avoiding each other’s lips.

He takes her to a museum of oddities, where there are precisely three Fiji mermaid look-alikes, nine pieces of bug wings claiming to be scales of prehistoric beasts still roaming deserted swamps, and twenty-six identical moulds of clearly fake alien bodies. He grabs her hand as they stare into the glass cases of mystery creatures. Neither of them say anything about it.

They argue frequently, about what is real and what is not, about what he wants so badly to believe he’ll see anything and about what is under her nose but she refuses to acknowledge. But they keep driving, keep moving in a way that makes them both feel like they exist outside of time and space and there is nothing among them but a few bright lights above, the tapping of her nails on the dashboard, and both of them trying desperately not to fall in love.

                                                Happy belated birthday, Vel! ♥♥


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*pssst how's that d/s zimbits fic coming along? super looking forward to it!*

it is done!!!!! (finally orz)

Whatever You Like (8934 words) by fragilehuge
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann, (implied/background Ransom/March)
Characters: Eric Bittle, Jack Zimmermann, Justin “Ransom” Oluransi, March - Character, (dang i wish we knew her last name :///), other teammates exist as per usual but they’re the only other two with major speaking roles haha
Additional Tags: Under-negotiated Kink, D/s themes, Face-Fucking, First Time, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot

Bitty even doesn’t think about it before he says, “Jack, go get me a soda.”

Jack freezes in front of the couch, knees slightly bent, halfway to sitting down. He straightens up slowly.

“What kind of soda do you want?” he asks.

Or, Jack likes to be told what to do.