pretty hair

So I’ve been teasing this on Twitter for a bit.  Ever since she dyed her hair, I’ve wanted to do a portrait of @lindsayjones.  How could I turn down to opportunity to paint such saturated hair.  And the dip dyed effect was fun!

Plus, I’ve been given that she is now the general manager of AH, That much be acknowledged!  HUGE congrats to her!  

And, finally, I also did a screen recording of this so I can upload it to the new LPCommunity channel.  I don’t know how long it’ll take before I have it ready to go as I haven’t ever really edited and the video file sizes are pretty big.  Plus, I’m planning to do commentary* but I’m on the tail end of a cold, so I might need to wait.  But I’ll let you all know when its up!

Hope you guys like it and thanks for the continued support!

*If there is something you’d like me to address in the commentary, let me know!