pretty good point i have eh


The same can be said about Paladins, Swordmasters, Dark Knights, Heroes, etc…

I’m the kind of person who likes to think that they are funny, but when they finally get around to the funny part it just seems to fall on it’s face

Anyway, I bet Jakob is sick of my strategic mediocrity by this point

an in-depth review of all of the FPS games i have played this year
  • overwatch: nice. everyone's a gay trans lady. very colorful. pharah and are fun to play. 9.5/10.
  • battlefield 4: too many guys. too many guns. physics are too boring. i hate modern FPSs. 3/10.
  • doom - the new one: everything is orange and gray. lots of blood. nice unreleastic guns and physics. glory kills are fun. 8.5/10.
  • titanfall: eh. giant robots are kinda cool. boring military theme. 5.5/10
  • unreal tournament 3: pretty good. graphics are still pretty nice. not quite as good as 2k4. 7.5/10.
  • bioshock: why do i have to play as a man. i like that i can save creepy little girls. nice ambience. 8/10
  • destiny: why can't i play it on my computer. i hate FPSs on teh xbox. bonus points for almost being kinda an MMO. i like the cool super power lightning shit. 7/10
  • unreal tournament 2004: still better than most games made today. super-unrealistic. nice. 9/10.
  • halo 3: ehhhh. 6/10

Gabriel: Eh, it was kinda like having a heard of pet lizards. Most of ‘em sat around in the sun all day, but they were pretty cool.

Raphael: I found them quite fascinating. As beings that flourished before humans, they had quite a unique means of inhabiting the planet and to have them wiped out so suddenly…

Michael: I was not terribly engrossed with them. I had other more pressing things to worry about. They were a good starting point with the mammals that we see on the planet today.

Lucifer: Ah dinosaurs, they were certainly a lot quieter then when humans came around. It was fascinating that such beasts were able to dominate the planet with nothing but their sheer will to stay alive. Certainly fascinating.