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AU Thursday: As Long As You Love Me -- I Don’t Care Who You Are

Yes, another installment! I’m sorry, I just had a HUGE burst of inspiration for this particular AU after coming up with it, and there’s a lot of snippets to share! This one comes right after last week’s Bullet Time and is inspired by this clip: How could you possibly not know that? (I’m assuming this bit came after her killing the mechanic, since at the end we’re very clearly getting into the biker gang kill). Alice is obviously rather more worldly than Bart, but there’s still things she doesn’t know…

“I’m not going to apologize for killing him.”

“I know you’re not,” Victor said quietly. “And I am glad you saved my life again. It’s just…” He waved a hand in the air, attempting to find the words. Just the way she’d stalked up to Tannen, utterly sure of herself in a way he’d never been. Just the way she’d stared death in the face and hadn’t even blinked, completely confident in the universe’s ability to save her. Just the way she’d so methodically beat the man to death, killing as if it was just another day at the office. “…a lot to take in.”

Silence descended again, even more oppressive than before. Alice grunted in frustration and switched the radio on. “You’re listening to K109, where the rock and pop don’t stop!” the overly-chipper DJ chirped. “Here for your noonday pleasure, it’s the Backstreet Boys, with their hit, ‘As Long You Love Me!’”

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