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i have officially gone off the deep end

Nice, the power is finally back on in my house so I can post this ;7;

A gift for @x-i-l-verify , Shiro and Tadashi and their daemons! Shiro has a Pyrenees Mountain dog, while Tadashi has a St. Bernard (thanks for typing him for me, I really love what you came up with <3)

They’re having fun chatting and sharing funny stories about their families :’)


You haven’t qualified yet, Charlie.

Hugh Dancy as Charlie Paige, Dangerfield - Paths (S05E07)



Colour Theme Meme - Cancer + Shinomiya Kojirou requested by @csdump


on one hand I’m pretty glad to see indie games are moving towards emulating the retro FPS aesthetic, like Delver and Cthon

on the other hand i don’t like how they’re more closely emulating wolfenstein 3D instead of games like Doom or Duke 3D

i can only assume they’re going more for Wolfenstein because Wolfenstein’s mechanics and level designs are much simpler, but like… Wolf 3D is shit. There’s a reason people still play Doom but not Wolf 3D. Wolf 3D sucks. 

I also don’t like how indie devs are bringing along the “roguelike” and “randomly generated levels” crutches they love to lean on for artificial longevity. i like a good randomly generated roguelike game on occasion, but the only reason indie devs make so many of the damn things is because it artificially lengthens the game. 

basically, why make a game with carefully planned levels and a clear difficulty curve when you can make carefully designed rooms, a few different tilesets to slap on those rooms, randomly string your rooms together, and advertise your game as hard? making a randomly generated room string with high difficulty right out of the gate makes the game last longer.

And I knew something else then, too - this place was holy because people had made it holy. They’d brought God there themselves.

- Black Dove, White Raven by Elizabeth Wein

Human!Outsider for the Month of Void. Sort of based on my AU where he is turned human by the Abbey and has to slowly regain his connection to the Void while trying to survive as a complete noob at being human.


How do you trust again,

When you’ve been hurt by the ones you trusted the most?

How do you love again,

When you’ve been abandoned,

By the ones who claimed to love us the most?

How can you get up again,

And face the crowds of disappointment, blame, and anger?

How do we wait out the bad times,

And wait patiently for the good?

We cry,

We bleed,

We brake,

It’s just in our nature,

But some never return from that,

Most seem to find a way though,

To smile and stand tall,

Even though they just wish to fall.

So I ask myself in the quiet night,

When I feel ready to give up my fight,

How can I pull myself back together,

When I don’t want to.

thatnerdychef  asked:

This is gonna sound slightly creepy and I apologize, but, I started following you because I follow Ambris, and I saw that he kept reblogging stuff from you and that got me thinking, hey this Scarlet person looks really fun, and she gives out cool advice and is rather sassy. Lemme check her out. I'm glad i ended up following you because you're all sorts of amazing :)

Glad to be more than just a pretty face~

(but having one does help!)